House: The Seduction Of Greg House (MF)
by Prentice_2005 ([email protected])

Dr Greg House limped back to his office. He had just diagnosed a case of
lupus in a 12 year old. The deep sense of satisfaction that he gets from
solving a case was beginning to fade already. His leg was starting to get
worse. He was worried that soon he wouldn't even be able to walk with his
cane. He reached his office, and his colleague Allison Cameron was sitting
at his desk. House smiled slightly, he enjoyed taunting Cameron, and she
was very gullible. He looked at the name on his glass door.

"Sorry Doctor House," he said, "Are you busy? I can come back later," Cameron
smiled lazily and stood up, giving House his seat. She noticed that he was
limping more than usual.

"Are you OK?"

"Well, my stomach's been feeling funny all day. Had some bad sushi last

"I meant your leg."

"I know," Cameron looked at him, pitying this great doctor.

"Don't look at me like that," he snapped. He wasn't being sarcastic, he was
genuinely angry at her. She forgot that his leg made him the bitter, twisted
man he is.

"Do you want something Cameron?" She shook her head, clearing her head.

"I need to ask you, do you actually care about patients?" House stared at

"Are you serious?"

"You told that kid he had lupus, and you didn't even LOOK sorry."


"So you don't care?"

"Well, this may come as a shock, but I think that dying children are a sad
thing. But care about an individual person, no. Never care about them,"
Cameron just stared at him. She could have slapped him, and she almost did,
but then something happened. A bubble in her chest burst, and all she could
think about was having this doctor.

* * *

"Tell me House...when was the last time you had sex?" House's face almost
broke its composure, but he managed to smile sardonically.

"Last night. Pam and her five sisters came round and." Cameron shuddered.
There was something repulsive about him, but there was also something hugely
attractive about him. She went to his door and locked it. She also closed the
blinds. They were almost in total darkness, so she turned on the light.

"Would to have sex with me?" she asked, taking off her lab coat.
She saw it there, House's composure cracked. His smile disappeared and his
eyes darted to her eyes, then her lips, then her curvy figure.

"Are you...trying to seduce me Miss Cameron?" he said, trying to gain the
advantage he needed. But it was too late. Cameron was taking off her blouse,
revealing a black bra. She also stared unzipping her skirt.

"I think I need a doctor," she said sexily, dropping her skirt, now showing
her black panties. She walked up to him as he popped a painkiller into his
mouth. She could tell he was trying to not be interested in her, to make her
back off. She knelt down in front of him and unzipped his trousers. She
pulled his cock out of his boxers and gasped. She had expected House to be
a well endowed man, but he was no more than 5 inches erect. She ignored this
and wrapped her lips round his member. He groaned as she started to move her
head up and down. She began rubbing his balls with one hand, and rubbing the
lower half of his shaft with the other hand. House was moaning in pleasure,
grasping the chair's arms very tightly. Then came Cameron's second shock.
After no more than 1 minute of oral sex, House came in her mouth. She
swallowed his cum in surprise. She had hoped he'd last longer then this.

House looked at her.

"That is the best oral sex I've ever had," he saw the disappointment on her

"Don't worry; I'll be ready in another minute. Take off your underwear,"
Cameron stood up obediently and removed her underwear, revealing her large
breasts and a tight shaven pussy. She also had, to House's surprise, a
tattoo on her hip.

"Didn't take you for a tattoo girl," he said, removing his clothes.

"Drunken dare," she said.

"Lie on the desk and open your legs," Cameron cleared the desk onto the floor
and perched herself on the edge, opening her legs. House knelt in front of
her, and slowly kissed up the inside of her legs. Cameron gasped. His facial
hair was adding to the sensation. She rested her back on the desk, moaning
slightly. House took his time moving up her legs, licking and kissing them.
He could see how wet Cameron's pussy was, and wanted to keep her suspended.
Cameron was almost screaming in frustration. Then House reached her pussy,
and put his tongue inside her, licking her inside.

"Oh House...yes...that feels good," she gasped, rubbing her breasts and
nipples with her hands. House took his tongue out and looked up to her.

"You're going to enjoy this," House began licking her clit, listening to her
moan and squeal in pleasure. He then put two fingers inside of her and found
his spot. House had found with his last partner a way to suspend orgasm,
while keeping the pleasure at a peak. He began licking her bud faster and
faster, listening to her gasping. He also rubbed his spot, stopping her

Cameron was in ecstasy. She had never felt pleasure like this, but her orgasm
never came. Her legs were jerking uncontrollably with the electric feelings
running through her. One hand was holding House's head between her legs, the
other was pinching her nipples. It was taking all of her energy to stop her
screaming. Her clit was so sensitive it was almost hurting her.

"," she managed to gasp, before gritting her teeth and
letting out a small squeak. House continued to rub the spot, until he felt
her fluids.

"Have you ever squirted before Cameron?" she couldn't talk, but shook her
head. House smiled stopped licking and let go of the spot. Cameron screamed,
louder then she had ever screamed before, not caring who heard. She looked
up, and saw her juices squirting onto the floor, leaving a messy puddle. He
legs were still jerking. She closed her eyes as her orgasm moved away, and
began muttering. House listened to her, and was shocked at what he heard.

"Yes...yes...oh good...oh Cuddy."

She likes Cuddy, House thought to himself. He went to his desk and took a
condom out of his drawer. He rolled it on as Cameron lay there, still

"Are you ready for round three?" he asked. Cameron looked up lazily.

"You can't do any better then that, can you?" she asked, almost hopefully.
House walked up to her and pushed his dick into her soaking pussy. Cameron
waited for it, but was surprised at how `empty' she felt. House must have
noticed the disappointment on her face, because he withdrew. He didn't,
though, start getting dressed. He went to his pills, and took two out. He
had one himself, and handed to other one to Cameron.

"Take this," Cameron looked at the small white pill for a second, then
swallowed it. Nothing happened for a minute, then BANG. Cameron felt as high
as a kite. Her head was swimming with thoughts and fantasies. When House
entered her again, she felt like she had a fire hydrant inside her. He began
to pump in and out of her, increasing and decreasing his speed randomly.
Cameron, who was still dizzy from her last orgasm, was in bliss. House's knob
was hitting the spot that held her at peak pleasure, which in turn increased
her pleasure ten fold. He started to pump faster and faster, harder and
harder, leaving her squealing again. Her orgasm came again, but this time, it
was followed by another, and another, and another. It may have been the
Vicodin, but this was the best sex she had ever had. She couldn't even squeal
anymore, all she could do is gasp, every time a wave of pleasure hit her,
which was over 20 times.

After only 5 minutes that felt like an hour, House began to moan.

"I'm going to cum," he muttered.

"Quick, cum on me, I want your cum on my face," House quickly withdrew and
tore the condom off. He began to rub his shaft, positioning his knob over her
face. Cameron opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue. After a few seconds,
House moaned, and sticky strands of cum spurted all over Cameron's face. Some
landed in her hair, but most on her cheeks. She caught a lot of it on her
tongue, and swallowed this. Once he finished, she got up and sucked his cock
clean. House pushed her head away.

"Turn over," he ordered. He seemed more bossy now, obviously a sign that he
was returning to his normal self. Cameron turned over, exposing her round ass
to him. She felt him part her ass cheeks, and insert a finger up her ass.
Normally, she would have slapped him, but the after effects of her orgasm and
the Vicodin made her more willing then normal. Slowly, he inserted more
fingers until she gasped in pain. He then took them out and replaced them
with his cock. She screamed quietly.

"That hurts," House began to pump in and out of her ass. She began to moan in

" really hurts..." House began to pump even harder, until she
screamed in pain. The desk was rattling with the force of his movements.
Cameron gritted her teeth, hoping this would end soon. Then she felt
something different. Something.nice. She turned her head, and House was
still fucking her ass silly, but was also rubbing the `spot" with his
middle finger. She began to forget about the pain, and focused on the
pleasure. Pleasure she had never felt before.

"Please...don't stop," she gasped, barely breathing. House began to go
faster, and rubbed her spot harder. Cameron gripped the edge of the table as
her orgasm came again, causing her to squirt again, spraying House's thighs.
House groaned again, and pulled his cock out of her ass (Cameron gasped) and
came over her ass cheeks. She dipped her finger in the cum and sucked it off.
She got up, her legs very wobbly. She turned round, and was shocked to see Dr
House putting his clothes back on, his face showing an expression as if he
had just woken up. He looked at her, sweating, breathing heavily and covered
in cum. She walked over to him to kiss him, and he pushed her away.

"I still don't like you," Cameron could almost cry. She got dressed slowly
and headed to the door.

"Cameron," she turned round, hopefully.

"Your hair," she felt her hair, and it was all messed up and still had some
cum on it. She wiped the cum of with her fingers and licked them clean, and
fixed her hair. She left House sitting at his desk, twirling his cane in his

His leg felt a lot better.


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