House: Who Says 13's Unlucky? (FF,oral,anal)
by Insomniac

Thirteen was a great doctor and a beautiful woman. She stood about 5'6" with long brown hair, big green. Eyes that you could stare in the whole day, skinny figure with perky breasts and tight butt. She liked men but also occasionally fooled around with women, the whole hospital knew she was bi-sexual. She actually liked woman more, they are better lovers and cared more about foreplay and snuggling after. Unfortunately finding women to sleep with was harder than finding a man.

She was working late and she was the only one left in the department, her and her boss Lisa Cuddy who was the dean of medicine at the hospital.

Cuddy: Thirteen, can I see you in my office for a moment?

13: Ya, sure, hold on a sec.

Thirteen followed Cuddy into her office where she shut the door behind her. No one was on the floor besides them, so as Cuddy sat down and motioned for Thirteen to as well, thirteen wondered what was up.

13: So what can I do for you?

Cuddy: Well, Thirteen, I need you to play a game and humor me for a minute.

13: Ok? What do you mean?

Cuddy: Well, go over and get that book on the bottom shelf and we can continue

Thirteen then walked over to the bookcase as Lisa followed her.

Cuddy: Yeah, that red book on the bottom.

Thirteen bent over to pick it up and noticed that Cuddy was very close to her and her pelvic region was rubbing up against her butt. She didn't think anything of it as she was just standing there. Now as she stood up with the book Lisa reached out for it and tipped over the water on the shelf above.

Cuddy: Oh, I'm so sorry. I didn't even see that cup there, let me get you another shirt from in my work dresser.

13: Oh, thanks, don't worry about it (she said while unbuttoning her blouse to put on Cuddy's shirt)

Lisa handed Thirteen the shirt as she was standing in just her bra in her office.

Cuddy: Wow, you have really nice perky breast!

13: Haha, thanks. Yours aren't so bad either (she said giving Cuddy a little wink, mostly to be funny but flirt at the same time. She knew Lisa wasn't into girls but she loved to tease anyway possible)

Cuddy: Are you kidding me? Look at mine.

Cuddy took off her shirt and unhooked her bra exposing her bare breast. She had nice large 36C breasts with a dark pink nipple. They hung a little lower than Thirteen's but were by no means saggy. Thirteen stood amazed that her boss was exposing her boobs to her even though she was complaining about them.

Cuddy knew that she was into women, maybe she didn't stop to think because it was just a harmless girl to girl beauty complaint session. Though Thirteen could feel a tingle in her panty region. She had always been attracted to her boss but for obvious reasons never tried anything.

Cuddy: See what I mean, they hang down like three inches from what they use to. Look lets see yours.

13: um... ok. (thirteen was willing to find out just where this was going, she knew where she wanted it to go.)

Thirteen removed her bra to reveal very perky 32C breast. Small light pink nipples placed at the center of her breasts. They were quite a sight to see.

Cuddy: See that's what I need mine to look like. (She walked over to Thirteen and grabbed her boobs, which caused her to gasp. Cuddy smiled and said) Yours are so firm and nicely shaped. Here feel mine. (And with that Cuddy took Thirteen's hands and placed them own her own tits) See what I mean, nothing special about them at all.

Thirteen was now getting very horny and could not really control herself any longer. They're actually pretty amazing thirteen said.

Cuddy: Wanna see how they taste?

Thirteen knew it now, Cuddy wanted to have sex with her and she was all for it. She bent her head down and stuck Cuddy's left breast in her mouth, swirling her tongue around the nipple; flicking it and giving it small nibbles while her hand teased the other nipple.

Cuddy: Ohhhh, that feels so good! I knew you would so good at this, but hold on a second lets get completely naked.

Cuddy stepped back and took off her scrub bottoms and panties. She had a small mound of hair that completely covered her pussy, somehow had guessed that she did not shave entirely. Thirteen soon followed and pulled down her jeans and thong. She however had a clean-shaven innie. Her clitoris was already erect, as was Cuddys.

Cuddy: I want you to eat me out.

13: Lets 69 so we can both get what we want.

Cuddy and Thirteen arranged themselves lying on the desk facing each other most private parts. Thirteen took her index finger and started rubbing Cuddys clit. Then after a minute or so lapped it with her tongue.

Cuddy: Oh my god! That feels fucking amazing. You're so hot I want you to lick my wet pussy dry baby. Shove your fingers in me and make me cum.

13: Ok, but you gotta return the favor. (she said wanting some pleasure of her own.)

Cuddy: I'll do whatever you want baby.

13: Eat me out while you stick two fingers in my pussy and one in my ass hole.

Cuddy obliged and started furiously licking up and down Thirteen's wet cunt. She inserted two fingers deep inside her vagina and one inside of her ass. It was so tight but Cuddy liked the way it felt, like it was squeezing her hand whenever she went deeper.

13: Oh fuck, that's it, lick it with that sexy tongue of yours uhhh ohhhhh, Liisaaaaa!

Thirteen continued to finger and eat out Cuddy, but it was only a matter of minutes before she squirted in her mouth.

Cuddy: OH MY GOD OOOOOHHH! You're so fucking amazing I cant believe you made me cum so quick.

But Thirteen wasn't done, she sat up grabbed Cuddy's face and dragged her face to hers. She shoved her tongue down Lisa's throat and gave her a taste of her own juices. She rolled her tongue all over the inside of her boss's mouth until she felt she had tasted enough cum.

Cuddy: Wow that was amazing.

13: I had no idea you were bisexual, we could have done this a while ago sexy. (she said winking at her newly acquired lover)

Cuddy: Nope, even though your the hottest fucking thing I've ever laid eyes upon and it felt amazing this was a one time thing. But who knows maybe you'll work overtime again when I get really horny. Now back to work, you've lost an hour of work you still need to finish.

Thirteen left Cuddy's office once she had gotten her clothes back on with Cuddy's shirt since her was wet from when Cuddy evidently, spilt water on her purposely. As she left she swayed her hips and shook her ass causing Lisa Cuddy to smile. Now all I need is Cameron to fuck me and I'll be all set they both thought to themselves.

The End


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