House: Wishes Come True (MF,MFF,F-mast,inter,anal)
by The Fan ([email protected])

Doctor Gregory House walked out of his office at the Hospital and went home.
He was a tall, dark-haired man in his early forties. Also, one of the best
doctors in the city, if not the world. The day was over and he wanted very
much to be in bed. He didn't know that he was being watched, by none other
than Dr. Lisa Cuddy, who worked for the hospital administration.

Dr. Lisa Cuddy was a tall, attractive woman in her thirties. She had long
black hair, alabaster skin and pale green eyes. She watched as House left the
building. He was something else. In the entire world, there wasn't a man who
pissed her off more. He walked with a slight limp and carried a cane but in
no way did this stop him from being the best damn surgeon in America. Lisa
smiled when she saw him walk out. In the entire world, there wasn't a single
man she wanted more. Doctor Gregory House.

Doctor Gregory House was a legend in the medical community. He was the
seemingly unbeatable miracle worker when it came to modern medicine. He had
saved many lives and healed many men, women and children in his day. For
this, he was considered the best. Still, nobody's perfect, least of all
House. House was a doctor with no bedside manners. At all. He just wasn't
one of those stereotypical goody-two-shoes doctors. Nah, those guys and girls
only existed in the movies and soap operas. Doctor House was a roughneck and
he was damn proud of it. He was excellent at his job, outperforming every
doctor, man or woman, who had ever worked for the hospital. Doctor Gregory
House was unbeatable. He was the enemy of death and disease and he rarely

So, what if he's an inconsiderate jerk who loves to play God? That only makes
him more interesting. Doctor House was a masculine and politically incorrect
kind of guy. He didn't play games with people. He told them the flat and
straight up truth, no matter whose feelings got hurt. He was a real tough
guy. Anybody, man or woman, who got in his way suffered a severe verbal and
psychological beating. Doctor House was a genius and in the operating room,
he seemed to have god-like powers. How many times had a man been on the brink
of death and all the doctors and nurses had given up on him, only to have
House come in and save him? Too many times to count. Doctor House was a

So what if he was rude, politically incorrect, brutally honest and extremely
cocky? He still got results. He saved countless lives. The hospital staff
both loved and hated him. They loved him because he got the best results. He
always won. He always saved the patient's life. He was the definition of

They hated him because he was rude, brutally honest, politically incorrect
and had an ego the size of Montana. Yes, House did not suffer from lack of
confidence. House was "the man". House was the king. Dr. Gregory House was
the man of the house. And he always won.

Lisa Cuddy had been thinking about having a child lately. Unfortunately, most
of the men she knew didn't do anything for her. Lisa wanted a manly man to
sire her child. A rugged, take-charge-kind-of-guy. In a time where corporate
America was rife with harassment lawsuits filed by women against men, few men
had the courage to stand up for their rights and be themselves. Doctor House
was such a man. He wouldn't take crap from anyone, man or woman.

He was the very definition of the arrogant, macho hero that could only be
seen in the movies. The kind of man who could make a girl go crazy. Gregory
House didn't look like a male model or a bodybuilder but he had all the marks
of a great man. For this reason, she wanted him.

Lisa Cuddy simply didn't know how to approach the world's rudest man and ask
him to sire her child. Doubtless he'd laugh in her face and tell her to get
herself checked into a stud farm with some college hunks. Yeah, House was the
kind of man who would say something like that. And he'd probably tell it to
the other doctors and they'd laugh in her face when she walked by them. No,
asking him outright wouldn't work. She wanted to have House's baby. She
didn't want child support from him. She had enough money to raise her son or
daughter on her own. No. She simply wanted to be mother to a smart,
competitive child and only House could sire such a one. As usual, Gregory
House had the goods and she had to find a way to get them from him. Unlike
most men, he wouldn't be easy to seduce. She couldn't trick him into knocking
her up. He'd see it coming. Doctor Gregory House was a paranoid misanthrope.
He saw the whole world as full of suspicious souls unworthy of his trust.

Lisa Cuddy went home. She sat on her couch and did something she rarely did.
She popped a porno into the DVD player. Turned it on. Instantly, the image
came on. A tall, older white man was fucking two sexy black chicks. Lisa
watched. The dude had one of the chicks on all fours with her butt cheeks
spread wide open. He slid his cock into her asshole and grabbed her by the
hips. He began fucking her, hard. He slammed his cock into her butt hole.

The other black chick watched, fingering herself as her friend got fucked by
the white guy's big cock. He fucked her for a long time, then pulled out of

The other chick, who was a bit chunkier and wider, sucked the cum out of the
dude's cock after he pulled out of her friend's ass.

Lisa watched, fascinated. The dude in the porn was good-looking, dark-haired,
in his forties. He reminded her of Gregory House, for some reason. She

How would House do in a porno? Now, there's a thought to make her day.

Lisa Cuddy's hand slipped into her panties and she fingered herself. She
closed her eyes and went to the land where dreams met reality..

* * *

Lisa Cuddy walked into Gregory House's office. He was sitting there, reading
a book. She looked at him and smiled seductively. He looked at her, and made
a disparaging remark about her blouse and skirt. Lisa winced. House smirked.
Instead of getting mad at him, she took her blouse and dropped her skirt to
the floor. House looked at her, not surprised at all. He was still smirking.
She asked him if he liked what he saw. He shrugged. Lisa turned around,
giving him a look at her sexy ass. She could feel his gaze on her butt. Yeah,
he liked what he saw.

Gregory House told her to turn around. She did. He gestured for her to come
to him. She did. House dropped his pants on the floor. Lisa looked at his
erect cock. It was big. Easily nine inches long and quite thick. Gregory was
a well-endowed man. She noticed that his dick was uncircumcised. Just the way
she liked them. Lisa once dated a Latino guy in college. He had a big,
uncircumcised stick and he was great in bed. Yeah, she wanted a piece of him.

Would House let her suck his dick? Would he let her kiss him? She tried to.
He grabbed her hands. Stopping her cold.

Lisa Cuddy looked into the eyes of Gregory House. His eyes were full of that
same egotistical smirk she was used to. Yes, House was the arrogant bad boy
to the bitter end. He wouldn't let her suck him. He wouldn't let her pleasure
him. Nor would he pleasure her, per se. He would take what he wanted and that
would be that. She wasn't surprised nor did she resist when he bent her over
the desk and started feeling her up.

Lisa felt House's big hands on her ass. Felt his hands grasp her butt cheeks
and spread them wide open. He applied some cold lube against her asshole.
Lisa went cold. Was he going to do what she thought he was going to do? House
put on a condom, then rubbed his cock against her asshole, and pushed. Lisa
gasped. She'd never been fucked in the ass before. When his big cock went
into her asshole, she almost screamed. He told her to keep her mouth shut and
she obeyed. He thrust into her, slamming his cock deep into her asshole.
House gripped her hips and thrust hard and fast into her formerly virgin ass.
He was taking his sweet time shoving his cock up her ass and she was loving
every minute of it.

Gregory House slammed his cock into Lisa Cuddy's asshole. Lisa felt his huge
cock sliding into her rear. It hurt like hell at first but after a while, it
started to feel good. She felt full. He fucked her hard and fast. She
fingered her pussy while he fucked her in the ass. Gosh, she loved having his
cock up her butt.

If only he didn't have a condom on, she would have loved for him to cum in
her ass. He fucked her like this for about half an hour, then pulled out. She
cried out as she came, solely from his cock up her butt. Man, that shit felt

Gregory House readjusted his clothes right in front of her. Lisa Cuddy looked
at him. He looked so composed. So authoritarian. As if fucking hot female
doctors in the ass was an everyday occurrence. Knowing House, it might be.
She looked at him and told him that he was the best fuck she'd ever had.

He didn't smile. He didn't smirk. He shrugged. Lisa grunted in frustration
and silently put her blouse and skirt back on. She left the office of doctor
Gregory House silently.

Inside Lisa Cuddy's apartment, her eyes snapped open. She looked around, a
bit disoriented. She felt a certain wetness between her legs. Grunting in
frustration, she grabbed a bottle of OJ and drank from the carton. It was
all a dream. She didn't walk into Gregory's office. He didn't fuck her. Her
ass was still virgin. Damn! She smiled to herself. Tomorrow, she would return
to work and see him. She would find a way to get him into her bed. Yes, she'd
find a way. She longed to have that cock of his in her mouth, pussy and ass.
She'd get him to sire her offspring and have some fun along the way.

The End


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