by [email protected]


Sunny Mann sat at his piano watching the girls prepare the restaurant for the
dinner crowd. He watched Amy's long blonde hair as it went right down to one
of the tightest asses he'd ever seen. She had told him in that sweet innocent
Texas drawl that she was a virgin, he imagined what it would be like to be
the first to break into her tight passage. As Amy left the dining room Sunny
started to watch Dot. She was the opposite of Amy's in so many ways, dark
haired with a flair for fun. He knew she was more then a bit of experience
with an incredible body. He drifted off in a daydream about having both Amy
and Dot at the same time.

"Wake up Sunny!" Jan pushed him.

Sunny looked up to see the attractive red head looking down at him. As she
walked away he noticed that even though Jan was a bit older then the other
two she still held her own. She was very attractive with large breasts and a
nice ass, but she was married so there was no chance there. Sunny turned back
to his piano, he picked up the lottery ticket he had gotten the other day
and started to check the numbers against those in the paper. As the numbers
matched up he got more and more excited.

"OH my god, I won!" He jumped up yelling.

"Won what Sunny?" Ginger had entered the dining room to see Sunny jumping up
and down. She pushed her black hair off of her dark face. "What's up Sunny?"

He looked into Ginger's dark eyes enjoying her dark features and wondered for
the thousandth time what this black goddess would be like in bed. "I won the
lottery! I can't believe it I won 11 million dollars, I quit!"

He raced out of the restaurant and down to the lottery office. Sunny came
back to the restaurant about a week later. He had spent some money but found
he missed seeing the girls and was getting a bit bored lately. "Hello girls
I'm back."

"What happened Sunny? The ticket from the wrong week." Ginger made the first

"No, I won 11 million now I'm just here to talk to my friends, show you I
haven't changed." He responded.

"Too bad," Jan gave him a shot.

"Really Sunny, what are you doing back here?"

"Well now that you ask. I've made a decision and it involves you four ladies,
I want to make you a proposition."

"What you gonna cut is in on you're winnings?" Dot asked sarcastically.

"Well maybe if you agree to my conditions." Sunny responded.

The girls were stunned for a moment, then started jumping up and down yelling
"we're rich" as they hugged each other. Jan was the first one to have a

"What do you mean conditions?"

The girls quickly calmed down.

"Well you ladies know I've wanted you for a long time."

"Wanted us for what?" Amy responded without thinking. When she saw the looks
the other girls gave her she realized what he meant and turned red with
embarrassment. "OH that go ahead."

"Okay I'm willing to give you each one million dollars paid out over twenty
years. That's roughly 50 thousand per year for 20 years and for that all I
ask is a couple of simple conditions." Sunny responded.

"What kind of conditions?" Dot asked.

"I want you to come to my hotel room 2 weekends every year. One weekend you
will all be together and I'll have you anyway I want you groups whatever. The
other you will come to me separately, but during those two weekends you must
refuse me nothing understood?"

"EWW gross." Amy responded.

"You want me to have sex with you, you want me to do it while my friends are
in the room with us?"

"Maybe I'll even ask you to have sex with each other." Sunny responded.

"Absolutely not, no way! Right girls!" Amy responded and marched away.

Jan thought about all the trouble the money would alleviate in her life no
worrying about old age, kids tuition etc. "I don't know, I might be
interested. Its a lot of money but I'd have to talk to my husband."

"I got no problem with that but the deal is for at least 3 of you or not at
all and Amy must be one of the three. That's non negotiable." Sunny wanted
her badly.

"Well what about the rest of you?"

"I'm in." Dot chimed in afraid of being cut out of the deal and also somewhat
excited at the thought of some sexual experimentation.

"Alright I'm no prude and I could use the money." Ginger responded. "You sure
you don't want us without Amy? I don't know if we can get her to go along."

Sunny couldn't believe this was going so well and didn't want to blow it by
being too stubborn. "I'll tell you what, if its just the three of you I'll
give each of you half a million. If you get Amy to go along it'll be the
whole million for each of you, okay?"

"Okay, I think I can get her to go along." Ginger responded. "Now when and

Sunny thought a moment. "I've reserved the best suite in the hotel for two
weeks from this Friday lets say we get together then, agreed."

"How do we know you're not bullshiting us to get into our pants?" Jan thought

"Here's the proof I won. By next Friday I'll have contracts drawn up that
will guarantee you're money if you meant my conditions." He responded having
thought it out.

"Wouldn't that be illegal paying for those conditions?"

"We'll leave the conditions unspecified that shouldn't cause too much
problem. I'll bring the paperwork by here on Friday, I'd appreciate knowing
how many copies so let me know about Jan and Amy. If that's all I'll see you
ladies next Friday."

Sunny arrived the following Friday and was happy to see most of the girls
agreed to his deal and signed a contract for half the money. The only
exception was Amy but the others promised she'd be there the following week
so Sunny kept the second contract for the second half of the money. Sunny
couldn't believe what was going to happen the next weekend every time he
thought of it he got a raging hard on.

On the appointed night, Sunny went to the hotel room he rented and waited for
the girls to show. He found he couldn't wait. Finally he heard a knock on the
door and went to answer it having trouble walking due to his hard on. He
opened the door and was a bit disappointed it was only Jan. "Hello Jan, come
on in where are the others?"

"Don't worry Sunny, their coming. Dot and Ginger are just convincing Amy to
come along, you have our second contracts ready."

"Right here, you can sign them now or wait for the others to show up." He
pulled the contract out of the desk drawer. He rifled through the stack and
pulled out Jan's.

"I'll sign it now." She went over the table and signed her contract. She
turned back to Sunny. "Okay, I guess we can get started. What do you want to

Sunny was dying for some release. "I think you should come over here." He sat
down on the couch. "Take off you're shirt, I want to see you're tits."

Jan unbuttoned her blouse and pulled it off. She unhooked her bra and let it
fall to the floor. "Satisfied?"

"Not yet," Sunny responded, he pulled down the zipper on his pants. He then
pulled his pants down exposing his prick to Jan. "But I think you can take
care of that, I've always wanted to feel you're tongue on my cock lets get to

Jan gasped as she saw the size of his cock, it was huge it must have been
almost a foot long and thick. She kneeled before him and thought this might
not be so bad after all. "My god its huge, incredible, I've never seen one so
big." Jan moved her hands up and down the length of the shaft. "I don't know
about this but I'll give it a try."

Jan lowered her mouth onto his cock. She ran her tongue over the bulbous head
and then down the shaft, around the balls and then back up to the top. With a
now or never thought she took the head into her mouth, she brushed her teeth
against the cock. She took only a quarter of it into her mouth before she ran
into difficulty. Then she started to ride up and down on his prick using her
hands to stroke all that she couldn't fit into her mouth.

"That's incredible!" Sunny moaned as he felt her tongue teasing his cock.
"You're a good slut aren't you Jan." He ran his fingers through her shoulder
length red hair. "I'm gonna cum." He felt her start to pull away. "No, I want
to shoot in you're mouth. I want you to swallow all of it." He held her head
in place as he shot load after load into her mouth. He kept her right on his
cock until he was finished. "Very nice Jan, an incredible start."

He heard a knock at the door. "That must be the others."

He stood, zipped up his pants and headed for the door. Jan grabbed up her
shirt and started to put it on. Sunny thought about stopping her but decided
it would be better to build up to that. He opened the door and the three
other waitresses were waiting there.

"Hello ladies, come on in."

Each woman carried an overnight bag, since they were spending the weekend
they had brought a change of clothes, some lingerie and assorted toiletries.

"Alright we're here Sunny. What now?"

"Well you can put you're bags in there."

He pointed towards the second bedroom. He watched as they put their luggage
away watching as they moved. Dot was wearing a short skirt and blouse, Amy's
was wearing a loose blouse and a skirt that went down to her ankles, Sunny
wanted to see what she had under there. Ginger was wearing a tight dress that
accentuated her big tits and ass. As they came out they stared at him waiting
for his decision. He thought a moment, he really wanted to try Amy but
looking in her eyes she looked like a deer caught in headlights, so he
figured she wasn't ready.

"I think I'd like to try Dot. Come on Dot."

He saw the relief in Amy's eyes and the resignation in Dot's.

"Okay, lets get on with it." Dot walked quickly into the other bedroom, Sunny
closed the door behind them. She looked at the bed with trepidation. "What

"Anything I want right." He came up behind Dot and reached around her. He
grabbed her tits squeezing them through her blouse.

"I'm going to take you anyway I want." He let one hand drop to her ass and
started kneading her ass cheeks. "Maybe I'll stick my cock in you're asshole.
Would you like that Dot?" He started to kiss her neck nuzzling her. "Well we
said anything."

Dot was starting to get hotter as he nuzzled her. "You can do whatever you
want. What do you want?"

"Take off your panties," Sunny ordered.

She bent over she pulling them off. He rubbed his crotch against her ass as
she bent, then stayed close as she came up. He rubbed his hands all over her
ass cheeks then reached around and started to play with her tits again.

"Open you're shirt."

Dot quickly complied and he found himself rubbing her naked tit flesh. He
pulled the shirt off of her and threw it on a chair then he pulled off her
skirt leaving her standing there naked but for a pair of high heels.

"Let me look at you." e went and sat on the bed, he watched her had her do a
few turns. "Lay down!" He stood as she lay on the bed. He watched her as he
started to strip out of his clothes As his prick came into view Dot was

"Sunny I had no idea!"

"Impressive ain't it."

Sunny stood next to the bed, "and it isn't even really hard yet. Why don't
you make it hard."

Dot took up the invitation and started to stroke his cock up and down then
started to lick it with her tongue.

"I'm ready for the main event. What about you Dot?." He moved and climbed
onto the bed between her legs. "Tell me what you want baby."

Dot felt that huge prick brushing against her thighs. She had never had
anyone so big and found she wanted it. "Stick that thing inside of me, I want
it." She reached between her legs and opened up her pussy for his weapon. She
felt the head of his prick slip inside of her. "OH GOD, its so big, fuck me!"
Dot begged, she felt more and more slide inside of her. She felt like his
prick was sending shock waves throughout her entire body. "Yes, yes more!"
She felt her orgasm rip through her. "You're so good Sunny YES!"

He pounded away at her cunt. He couldn't believe how tight she was. "You like
that don't you baby." He wanted to last as long as possible but he wasn't
going too. Sunny started to really pound away at her fucking as hard as he
could. He heard her groan in pleasure as her eyes glazed over and she started
to drool a bit. "I'm gonna cum," he yelled as he thrust deep into her and
shot off into her pussy. He fell off of her as his cock softened. "How was
that Dot?"

"Incredible! I think I'm going to enjoy our weekends together." Dot started
to laugh.

"What's so funny?" He asked.

"I was just thinking about Amy, her first experience is going to be with your
incredible cock. She'll never get over it. I can just imagine her face when
she first sees it, hell she might run screaming from the room."

"Well maybe you should stay in here and help me break her in?" Sunny

"You're serious, aren't you?"

"Hell yes." Sunny responded. "Haven't you ever thought of being with another
woman, and think about it wouldn't you like to see Amy's face as my cock
drives deep into her for the first time?"

"Yes I guess I'd like to see that, and I have had a stray fantasy or two
about breaking Amy in, as you say, but I don't know?"

"Come on we could even get the others in here to help. I mean Jan could help
you prepare her for my prick. While Ginger could videotape the whole thing."


"Yeah, we might as well have some record of Amy losing her cherry. What do
you say?"

"It sounds like fun. Why don't you call in Jan and we'll explain it to her."

Sunny called Jan in. Jan was a bit shocked at Dot laying naked on the bed and
then had another shock as they filled her in as to what they planned to do.
As they went through the plan Jan found herself getting more and more
excited. She had rarely considered being with another woman but being there
as Amy's was fucked for the first time was extremely exciting. She even asked
for a copy of the tape wanting to give something to her husband for letting
her do this. They called Ginger in and explained what they were planning.
Ginger quickly agreed since all she'd be doing was filming the event. Sunny
spent a few minutes going over how the camera worked.

"Alright we all set?" Sunny asked.

"I think you better cover up, don't want to scare her right off the bat." Jan

"Oh right." He pulled on a pair of shorts and a t shirt then headed for the
door. He took one look back at Jan and Dot laying naked on the bed then he
opened the door. "Amy could you come in here?" He called out, he watched as
she slowly walked towards the door. He could see she was trembling slightly
it was incredibly sexy her long blonde hair flowing over her shoulders a
touch of fear in her deep blue eyes. "Here put this on." He handed Amy a
blindfold and she put it on. "Yes that's right."

Amy was guided into the room. She couldn't see anything but she could hear
the others in the room her breathing was labored and she could almost feel
herself blushing.

"You look beautiful Amy." Sunny said from behind her she heard the others
echo his comments.

She felt hands rubbing her body. They lingered over her tits rubbing her
breasts through her shirt. The hands then maneuvered around and grasped her
ass. She jumped a bit at the touch but then tried to stay steady as the hands
rubbed her butt. The hands left her for a moment and she was left standing
there. "What's happening?" She asked.

"Not much." Sunny responded from behind her enjoying the feel of her body.
"I'm just getting started."

He reached around the front of her and moved to the buttons on her blouse. As
he opened the first button on her blouse he heard her expel a quick breath.
As he opened each button he heard a little gasp of breath come out of her. He
grabbed her long blonde hair and pulled it behind her and then moved to open
the front of her shirt. Amy knew her shirt was open but when she felt Sunny
try to open it she moved to stop him.

"I can't." She begged as she pulled her shirt closed.

"Now Amy you agreed to this, don't worry it'll be alright." Jan offered as
she walked up next to Amy. Jan pulled Amy's shirt open, with Sunny's help.
Jan pulled the shirt off of Amy's shoulders leaving her tits held back just
by her bra. "Just relax Amy." She could tell how tense Amy was. Jane walked
around behind Amy, Sunny let her unclasp her bra and pushed it off of her. As
the bra came off of her shoulders Amy's hands instinctively went to cover her
breasts. "Now Amy we agreed, put your arms down." Jan smiled as Amy lowered
her hands, she walked around to get a view of Amy's tits. "Not bad Amy, they
are magnificent, you've got nothing to be ashamed of."

Amy was mortified, she couldn't see but her friends were all seeing her
breasts. She felt a cold draft running across her breasts. She was somewhat
excited about what was happening but also deeply embarrassed. She felt like
her whole body was blushing. Amy felt hands cupping her breasts and playing
with her nipples. She hated to admit it but she enjoyed it. She tried to
stand still but it was tough. Finally the hands left her and she felt someone
working on her belt. it was quickly opened and was pulled off of her. She
moved as it was pulled away and hands pushed her back into place.

Sunny moved to her skirt, he found the connection at the back and unfastened
it. He could feel Amy's body tense as he unzipped the skirt. He pushed it
down her body revealing her fabulous legs, they were short but lean very
firm. He let her step out of the skirt, he threw it aside then ran his hands
up her legs pausing at the sensitive thighs. His hands went to the elastic of
her panties. He quickly pulled them off and down leaving Amy standing there
naked except for her boots. He ran his hand over her pussy cupping it between
her legs. He could feel how hot and wet she was. She gasped as he pushed a
finger into her pussy. He moved it in and out of her pussy just barely
penetrating it, he felt her flush and fidget as he played with her.

Jan and Dot moved next to Amy and started running their hands over Amy's body
spending time at her tits and ass. They each rubbed the outside of her pussy
getting some wetness on their hands. Amy was trying to adjust to the
sensations of her body, she had trouble keeping it straight but it felt like
there was more then one pair of hands on her body.

Someone took her hand and put it on something warm long and thin like a piece
of pipe. She wrapped her hands around it. She was pushed to start stroking it
back and forth, it took her a minute to realize she was rubbing her hand on
a penis. She had done it once or twice before but nothing like this.

Sunny pushed Amy's hands off his prick and then pushed it between her legs.
He ran his prick between her legs pushing it up against the outside of her
pussy. A couple of times he made like he was going to penetrate her but then
pulled back and ran it back and forth between her legs.

"Can you feel how big it is Amy, its soon going to be inside of you. Take off
you're blindfold."

Amy removed the blindfold it took her a moment for her eyes to adjust to the
light but then she was mortified. Ginger had a camera and was filming all
that was going on. She looked down, Jan and dot were both naked laying on the
bed. Then she saw the head of Sunny's enormous penis poking out from between
her legs.

"OH MY GOD!" She practically screamed as she jumped a way from Sunny. "I've
never seen one that big!"

"Don't worry I'll be gentle." Sunny responded, "and you're friends have
agreed to help."

He motioned over toward the bed. Amy looked over at Ginger. "You only lose
you're virginity once, I think it'll make a hell of a video. Now get on the

He pushed her down and she fell between dot and Jan. Dot and Jan quickly
pulled Amy up between them and started rubbing their hands over Amy's body.
Dot moved in a gave Amy a quick kiss, Jan followed with a kiss of her own.
Jan started to kiss her way down Amy's body spending extra time at her
sensitive nipples, dot had found the other nipple and was suckling at it.
Jan let her tongue roam over Amy's tight stomach going down toward the tuft
of brown hair between her legs. Jan ran a hand over her pussy pushing a
finger against and into her tight cunt.

"God she's tight, you're gonna enjoy this Sunny."

Amy spasmed as Jan's finger continued to probe her. Jan found her hymen was
gone as her finger probed into her. Finally she put her mouth to Amy's slit
enjoying the fresh taste of Amy. Amy's juices were flowing she was so

"I think she's ready Sunny, if you are."

Jan moved back up Amy's body.

"Ready as I'll ever be!" He climbed onto the bed between Amy's legs gratified
Dot and Jan pulled her thighs apart allowing him easy access. He saw Amy's
legs draped over Jan and Dot's legs. He pushed towards Amy's tight slit. He
rubbed his hard on around the outside of Amy's slit covering the head with
her juices. "You ready Amy?"

Amy just groaned and tried to hump against his cock.

"No you're gonna have to beg for it, if you want it, come on Amy."

Amy was so horny she couldn't think straight. "Yes I want it, please take me

"You can do better then that Amy." Sunny pushed his cock against her slit
almost letting it slip in but then sliding it across her sensitive pussy
lips. "I like it dirty."

Amy had felt the penis almost penetrate her and it gave her the greatest
thrill. She wanted to feel it deep inside her. "Fuck me Sunny. I want you to
fuck me hard and deep. I need it!" She begged, she felt her pussy being held
open and the head of Sunny's cock pressed against her cunt lips. "Please fuck
me now. I want you're cock in my cunt!" She begged and moaned finally after
what seemed like forever she felt the head of Sunny's cock penetrate her
pussy. "YES that feels so good more more."

Sunny answered her appeals by pushing more and more of his rod into her.
"You're so tight Amy." Sunny couldn't believe the pressure against his cock.
He practically had to wedge it inside of Amy's tight cunt. "Work it baby." He
felt her squirming against his assault. He got his prick about three quarters
of the way inside of Amy before he couldn't push it in any farther. "I'm
gonna fuck you now Amy." He pulled out so that just the head of his prick was
inside her then drove all the way in. Amy groaned as she felt him drive into
her pussy it felt incredible.

She moaned and groaned as he started to pound away at her. "OH YES, fuck me
good, harder." She felt an electric shock run through her body with each of
Sunny's powerful thrusts. She felt an orgasm well up inside of her. Before
she knew it she was overcome by the first orgasm of her young life. As she
came down from it she realized Sunny was still fucking her fast and furious
and was bringing her to a second orgasm which quickly went through her
leading to a third and even a fourth. Amy was in heaven and when Sunny
withdrew his huge dong she felt emptied.

"I'm gonna cum." Sunny moaned as he pulled out of Amy's tight slit and shot
his load onto her chest and onto Jan and Dot's face. He then slid up on Amy's
body dragging his semi stiff cock over her body. He let it drag across her
tits Dot and Jan each gave it a bit of a lick. He kept moving forward until
he was sitting on Amy's chest, putting his cock at the entrance to her mouth.
"Open up Amy."

He was a bit surprised how quickly Amy took his cock into her mouth playing
with the sensitive head playing with his pisshole stroking every inch of him
with her tongue, he was getting hard fast. "Amy you've done this before,
haven't you, oh god." He pushed his cock into her mouth a bit more getting
maybe a third of it inside of her mouth.

Dot and Jan both sucked at his balls. He felt a stirring in his balls and as
Amy opened her eyes and gave him her best sweet innocent look with her eyes.
With that he lost it and shot load after load into her throat and was amazed
as she willingly swallowed it all. He pulled his rapidly shrinking cock out
of her mouth then got off the bed.

"That was an incredible performance Amy."

"You aren't kidding I can't wait to see the tape." Jan commented. "Can we
watch it now?"

Sunny thought a moment. "I want to take a shower first. Ginger why don't you
dig up a menu and after I get out we'll call for room service."

He took his shower and as he came out put on a robe Dot then went into the
shower as Ginger showed him a menu. He quickly ordered, Ginger then called
down while Dot came out of the shower and was replaced by Amy's then Jan as
each finished showering Sunny gave them each small white robes. The robes
just barely covered the girls body's, belted at the waist they hung to just
below the crotch allowing Sunny to view their pussies and asses each time
they moved at all. While the front opened up all the way to the waist barely
covering the girls tits, if they moved much he got a good view of the ladies

"Alright lets watch that tape."

He had Ginger stick the tape in the VCR and the five of them watched the
tapes for a few minutes. He was amazed at what a good job Ginger had done.
Concentrating on Amy's body and her facial expressions when he pounded into
her. As he was getting hard from watching the tape he heard a knock at the
door he sent Ginger to answer it. A young man moved a table into the room,
Sunny almost shut off the tape but decided to let it go as the man strained
to watch the tape and take looks at the women sitting around the room.

"Thank you it all looks to be in order." Sunny could tell the man had a major
bulge in his trousers. He signed the check and handed it over. "Maybe Ginger
could give you an extra special tip, how about it Ginger would you take care
of the man. I'd feel bad if we made him walk all the way back like that."

Ginger hadn't had any sexual contact yet, so she thought what the hell. "I
think I could give him a blow if he wants it."

Ginger gave him her best smile and wasn't surprised to see the man was
nodding and grinning like an idiot. She moved over next to him and knelt
before him. She opened up his trousers then pulled down his shorts revealing
a somewhat small white cock. It was almost fully hard so she took it easily
into her mouth. The others all grabbed their food and started to eat as they
watched Ginger give what looked to be an expert blowjob. After a bit the man
groaned and they could tell Ginger was swallowing his load.

"I hope you found that an acceptable tip. I expect to have excellent service
the rest of the weekend." Sunny guided him to the door.

"Yes sir!" The man smiled and grinned as he tried to carefully zip up.
"Anything you want just ask for Jack."

"We'll do that, thanks so much." Sunny closed the door. "Well done Ginger eat
up, the foods great, in a bit we'll get back to some fun."

They ate for a while enjoying the food and then just sat around and relaxed
they watched Amy's tape a few times rewinding at the really hot bits. After
an hour or so Sunny was starting to get a familiar urge in his loins. He had
cum from fucking Dot and Amy and from Jan's blowjob. Now he wanted to try a
new hole.

"I think I'd like to try something a bit different."

"We've been doing everything a bit differently. What do you want to do now
get kinky?" Ginger asked.

"Very kinky, I think I want to fuck some ones ass, any volunteers?" Sunny
looked around Ginger was fidgeting a bit but no one really volunteered. Amy
had a look of fear in her face so he ruled her out maybe tomorrow he thought
but for now he wanted someone else. It came down to Dot and Jan since he
wanted Ginger to film again. He had fucked Dot so he decided on Jan. He ran
his eyes over each of the girls. "How about it Jan you ever been fucked up
the ass?"

Jan was a bit surprised at the question figuring sunny would want to go after
one of the younger girls, but was a bit proud her over thirty body held up
against these twenty year olds. "Well once or twice I let my husbands do me
back there but nothing the size of you're equipment."

"Well then I think its past time. Ginger why don't you get the video camera
again." Sunny turned to the other girls. "Anyone want to help?"

When they seemed to be a little reluctant he continued. "Come on, we had fun
before. Anyone want to help Jan enjoy her assfucking."

"Alright I'll do it." Amy responded wanting to see Sunny's huge prick reaming
out Jan's tight ass. She couldn't imagine seeing anything like that. Before
today she had never even seen anyone fuck, now she had watched a tape of
herself being pounded by a huge prick. She didn't want the sensations to end.
She had almost volunteered to be assfucked but the fear of the pain got to

"Alright I'm in." Dot responded she had gotten very hot being on the bed with
Jan as Amy got fucked. She had even managed to finger fuck herself to orgasm
as Amy was in the throws of her own orgasm. No one but her had noticed but it
was one of the best of her life. Now she wanted to try anything and

"Very good lets go ladies." Sunny ushered them all into the bedroom. He took
off his robe then watched as the girls peeled of their robes. They stood
there naked for a minute and Sunny enjoyed watching them. He noticed Ginger
had started filming getting a long look at the other girls lovely bodies.
"Okay Jan on the bed."

Jan moved to comply.

"Roll over, slide down so you're ass is just off the bed."

Jan quickly moved to comply.

"Yes lovely." Sunny walked around behind her rubbing her ass then he moved
his hand down cupping her pussy, he slipped one finger then another inside of
her. "A bit dry still Jan, Dot why don't you help her."

Dot moved to comply kneeling behind Jan putting first her fingers then her
mouth all over Jan's cunt. Jan couldn't believe the sensations as Dot put
her tongue deep in her twat. "Yes right there yes!" She yelped out as Dot hit
her clit. "Much better."

Sunny looked around the room. "I'm still a bit soft Amy could you take care
of me?" He was gratified as Amy moved to comply. Amy grabbed his prick with
her hand and started to stroke it. He put his hands on her shoulders and
pushed her down. She quickly got the idea and took his prick into her mouth
rolling it on her tongue he was soon hard as a rock.

"That's enough," he pulled out of Amy's mouth. "You set Jan?"

"I guess." Jan responded a bit nervously.

Sunny went to a drawer and pulled out a tube of ky jelly. "Here Amy spread
this in Jan's asshole." He walked her behind Jan and stuck his prick into
Jan's cunt. He heard Jan gasp as his prick slipped inside of her.

Amy started rubbing the jelly over Jan's ass then she moved into the crack
trying to slip a bit against her asshole. Sunny told her to cover her finger
and stick it up Jan's ass. She did as she was told and soon one of her long
fingers was driving deep into Jan's tight ass. Amy found she enjoyed the
sensation of Jan's asshole pulling at her finger. "Its all greased up Sunny."

"Alright now do my prick." Sunny pulled out of Jan's pussy and Amy covered
his prick with the jelly.
"All set Jan?" He put his prick against the tight rectum of Jan's ass. "Here
goes." He pushed the head against her asshole. it resisted at first but then
it slipped inside. "OH YEAH."

Jan felt the head of his huge prick slide into her asshole. "Hold it right
there a minute. Yeah let me get used to it." Jan felt Sunny start to push
into her asshole "Its too big its ripping me apart." Jan groaned but as Sunny
slowly and steadily forced his cock up her ass she felt the pain start to
turn to pleasure. Jan started to move back matching his thrusts. Sunny felt
Jan start to get into it, her hips were coming back to greet each of his

Soon he felt the last of his prick slip into her ass. "Baby I'm gonna fill
you up." With that he pushed into Jan one last time and shot his load deep
into her bowels. He stroked his cock in and out of her ass pumping the last
of his seed into her. He pulled out of her with a wet pop. He watched as
Jan's asshole adjusted in size now that his cock had withdrawn. He could see
his cum leaking out of her asshole. "God that was incredible! How did you
like it Jan?"

"Not too bad Sunny. I didn't think I could do it at first but it felt better
as it filled me. It felt incredible, I've never felt so full." Jan sat back
on the bed.

"I'm gonna grab a shower, I'll be right back." He quickly took a shower. He
walked back into the room and Jan left wanting to clean up. He was a bit
surprised to find the sight of all these naked ladies didn't have much effect
on his prick, it was just too tired. He looked around and noticed that Ginger
was still dressed in her tight dress. "Gee Ginger I think you've been left
out." He smiled and took the camera away from her. "Why don't you take off
that hot dress."

Ginger was incredibly horny she had watched so much sex and hadn't had a
chance to get off. Everyone else in the room had cum at least once she did
feel a bit left out. She removed her dress quickly. "How's this?"

"Not bad." Sunny ran his hand between her legs, her pussy was incredibly wet.
"It seems you're very hot Ginger. Do you want to get off?"

"Yes more then anything!" Ginger responded, hoping Sunny would fuck her.

"Alright then get yourself off." He motioned her to the bed.

"What?" Ginger hadn't thought of playing with herself. "In front of

"Well they've done it in front of you. Come on get up on that bed and get
yourself off." He ordered her taking the camera and focusing on her.

Ginger was so horny she just needed to get off and was willing to do anything
to get off. She climbed into the bed actually enjoying having the eyes of
everyone on her. "Here goes." She ran her hands over her breast playing with
her sensitive nipples then she ran her hand down between her legs she slipped
on finger then a second into her pussy.

"How do you like that Ginger?" Sunny asked.

"It feels good so good. I want to cum so badly." Ginger responded.

"Would you like a bit of help?" Sunny offered her.

Ginger stopped playing with herself for a moment and considered. "I'd love
some help. Please someone help me cum. I need it!"

"Well who would you like to help you?"

"You Sunny. I want you to fuck me hard."

"No not me." Sunny responded his prick just a touch sore. "Maybe Amy or Dot
would be willing to eat you out and suck on you're tits. Would you like

Yes I want Amy to eat me. Please Amy eat me out." Ginger moaned.

"What do you say Amy, will you help you're friend out?" Sunny asked.

Amy thought about it for a minute. "I really don't know what to do. Maybe if
Dot would show me how?"

Amy moved between Ginger's legs. Dot stood next to her and helped open up
Ginger's pussy. Amy quickly found herself driving two fingers into Ginger's
pussy as she sucked on her clit. Ginger couldn't believe how good Amy was
eating her. She was horny but the girl was a natural she thought. "Yes right
there, don't stop!" Ginger looked down her body and saw Amy's blonde hair
between her legs. She couldn't believe how erotic it looked when Amy looked
up at Ginger, she lost it, orgasm washed over her. "You're so good Amy."

"You should return the favor. How about it would you like that Amy?" Sunny

He couldn't believe it as Amy looked right into the camera with her most
innocent expression and said. "Yes I want it."

"Well then, get up there. I want to see a you two in a sixty nine." Sunny
commented and was surprised at the alacrity with which Amy climbed on top of
Ginger. He started taking videos of the two girls eating each other with
abandon. To his surprise he found his hard on growing.

Jan walked into the room and gasped at the sight of Ginger and Amy in a hot
sixtynine. "For a girl who was a bit reluctant, Amy seems to have gotten into
the swing of things."

"Yes she has." Dot responded. "I wouldn't mind if she did that to me."

Jan walked over to the two girls. "Amy's got a great ass, Ginger why don't
you stick you're finger in there." Jan was mildly surprised as Ginger quickly
followed her suggestion slipping one long black finger into Amy's tight white

Amy squealed as the finger penetrated her anus. After a few ins and outs Amy
started to enjoy the feel of Ginger's finger. Amy decided to do the same to
Ginger and slipped a finger into her asshole and was rewarded as Ginger
increased the tempo on eating her pussy.

Sunny couldn't contain himself any longer. He handed the video camera to Dot
and went to the foot of the bed. He pulled Amy's head up and inserted his
dick into her mouth after a couple of strokes he pushed into Ginger's pussy.
He rammed in and out of Ginger's pussy as Amy licked the top of his cock.

After a few minutes he wanted a different position. He went around the other
end of the bed. and took up position behind Amy. Ginger saw Sunny's cock
hanging over her head. She opened her mouth as Sunny pushed it down, she took
all of him into her mouth and down her throat. She was an expert cocksucker
and enjoyed it.

All to soon Sunny withdrew his prick, she held Amy's cunt open for Sunny's
cock, he pushed deep inside of Amy. Amy felt Sunny's length penetrate her. He
was going even deeper then he had the last time. She could still feel
Ginger's finger deep in her ass. "YES, fuck me hard!" She pushed her body
forward then drove all the way back onto Sunny's hard prick.

Sunny looked down and saw Ginger's finger push deep inside Amy's asshole. He
couldn't believe it, he slipped a finger against her cunt getting it wet with
her juices then he put it at the entrance to her ass. He pushed his finger
into her ass, she groaned a bit but soon his finger was sliding in and out of
her wet asshole. He found Amy's puckered asshole too much of an invitation to
ignore. He pulled his finger and Ginger's out of Amy's ass and then slipped
his cock out of her cunt. Ginger felt Sunny pull her hand away from Amy's ass
and wondered what he was planning. When he pulled his cock out of Amy's cunt
she got a good idea what he was planning.

She reached up and grabbed Amy's ass cheeks pulling them apart figuring to
give Sunny a good target. Amy didn't know what was happening. She missed the
fingers in her ass and moved her ass around hoping someone would put them

Then Sunny withdrew his cock from her abused pussy and she was really
disappointed. She felt Sunny's cock at the entrance to her ass. "I can't,
its too big." She groaned but Sunny was not to be denied. Amy felt the head
of his cock slip past her anus. "Its filling me up, no more." Amy felt Sunny
feed a bit more into her. The pain was incredible she tried to distract
herself by going back to eating out Ginger but as Sunny pushed deep into her
bowels she tensed up her back arching as her body pushed away from Sunny's
prick. "Its so big, I can't take anymore."

"Don't worry Amy, I'm all in." Sunny held his prick deep inside Amy's tight
ass. He couldn't believe how tight she was, it seemed like she was trying
to force him out, but he kept it deep inside her. "Its all over but the
fucking." He pulled out until just the head of his prick was inside her anus.
He drove forward deep into her body and then back then deep inside of her

Amy couldn't believe the sensations her body was feeling. Sunny's cock was
driving deep into her ass, as ginger was sucking at her pussy. As she
recovered from the initial shock and pain, she was surprised to find that
she was beginning to feel pleasure from being violated in this most dirty
way. She started moving her body in rhythm with Sunny's prick making it
pound into her ass even harder. "YES, fuck me I'm gonna cum!"

She screamed lost in ecstasy, an orgasm larger then anything she could
imagine rolled through her body it seemed to be endless as she was lost in
the orgasm some part of her mind registered that Sunny shot his load deep
into her ass. She felt his prick shrink and then fall out of her. After what
seemed like an eternity Amy collapsed on top of Ginger as her orgasm

"You were incredible, Amy!" Dot helped Amy off of Ginger. "Just take it
easy." Jan helped Amy lay on her stomach.

"It'll feel better in a couple of minutes just relax." She watched as Sunny's
cum leaked out of her asshole as it slowly started to shrink back to its
original size.

"If you ladies will excuse me a moment." Sunny went and grabbed a quick
shower. He was exhausted. He ducked back into the room with the ladies, he
was glad to see Amy was sitting up and smiling. He had worried a bit that he
had hurt her. "Glad to see you're up and about Amy. You okay?"

"Still a bit sore, but I'll be okay thanks for asking." Amy responded and was
a bit surprised that she was looking forward to her next dose of Sunny's big
cock. "What do you want to do next?" She said in a sexy voice.

"Honey, you've exhausted me. I am gonna go get some rest. We can pick this
up tomorrow. I've got a few ideas for some fun. How about one of you lovely
ladies joining me for the night? The rest of you will have to make do in
here." He looked over at the women. "Dot how about you?" He had always
thought he had the best chance with Dot, now to have a little fantasy
sleeping with her like they were a couple.

"Sounds like fun." Dot wasn't kidding, she actually was glad Sunny chose her.
She wanted to sleep outside of this room that smelled like a whorehouse and
three girls to one bed didn't sound like fun. She walked into the other room
and wasn't surprised there was one really large bed in there. They laid down
together and watched a bit of TV and relaxed, when they finally decided to
sleep they were quickly out like lights.

Sunny awoke in the morning. For a moment he was shocked that Dot was naked
and in his arms but then he remembered the previous night. He held her close
just enjoying the moment. Dot awoke with a start, looking into Sunny's face
she recalled all that had happened last night. She reached down and found he
had a raging hard on.

"My a good morning isn't it."

She rolled over onto Sunny and took his prick deep into her cunt. "My yes,"
she moaned as she rode Sunny's huge prick. After only a few minutes she felt
Sunny fill her with his seed. "Now that's a good way to wake up." Dot
commented as she slipped out of bed."What do you have planned for us today?"

Sunny thought for a few moments. "Shopping for some supplies, go get dressed
tell the others to get ready. We'll leave in a couple of hours." He was
thinking of what he wanted to buy, some dildos maybe strap ons, maybe some
costumes. He had always had a fantasy about cheerleaders maybe he thought.
Yes this weekend was shaping up nicely.

the end


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