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Scarlett must learn to deal with the fact that she is in the far past. Meanwhile, mutual attraction grows between 2 red haired warrior women from different times.

This chapter Rated NC-17 for F/F sex, cons.

G.I. Joe/Red Sonja: Red And Scarlett! Part 2
by Tara a.k.a. Shelly ([email protected])

No matter the time or place, when it came down to it, Scarlett was a soldier. Despite the unreality of her current situation Scarlett trusted her instincts. The first rider fell, a bolt in his chest, the second clawed in vein at one in his throat. Falling from his horse he gurgled and died. With no shot from her current position Scarlett moved, a third bolt already loaded.

Running towards the huge well, she rolled, coming up behind it and fired, this one going right into the lead riders mouth and out the back of his skull. Sonja, glancing back, saw the diminished numbers and wheeled around the well drawing her sword.

"My thanks sister!" Sonja yelled as Scarlett fired again felling a fourth man.

That shot had been a little low because of the dust. This one was taken in the gut of a skinny filthy man. He fell screaming, clutching at the bolt. In Scarlett's time he could be saved, here he was a dead man. Sonja charged beheading a man on the left, slicing open the throat of a man on her right. Half of their number down, and realizing they faced 2 opponents the other marauders reigned up.

"Come and dance with me!" Red Sonja taunted, "Dance to the death!"

Scarlett came out of cover, loaded crossbow steady. The remaining murderers had no chance of winning at this point. They stupidly chose death. Two charged at Scarlett, 4 at Sonja. Scarlett had an easy shot right into the first mans heart. Sonja had decapitated yet another man. A dagger appeared in Sonja's free hand from a sheath on her thigh. Sonja threw the dagger into a thug's chest.

The other man riding at Scarlett attempted to leap on top of her, but he telegraphed it so badly Scarlett simply stepped aside. The goon sprawled face first into the dirt. Coughing and sputtering, he got to his feet attempting to draw his sword. Scarlett's side kick snapped his neck. Sonja had finished her last 2. Leaping from her horse Sonja extended her hand to Scarlett smiling.

"I thank you sister," Sonja smiled.

"Shana O'Hara, most people call me Scarlett," Scarlett took her hand, returning the smile, feeling like she could trust this woman.

"Scarlett, a good name," Sonja said, "I am Sonja of Hyrkania, known to some as Red Sonja. I can tell you are a soldier, an experienced one at that."

"Sergeant, U.S. Army special forces," Scarlett said, no longer bothering to mention the Joes.

She heard a low moan and remembered the man she had gravely wounded. She turned thinking to give whatever aid she could, but the man had actually been fortunate and died. In this time there was no one skilled enough to have saved him. Sonja stood over one of the fallen, bending down she took a bag of coins. The purse of this time.

"Marduks men," Sonja spat, "Paid to kill me to keep me from reaching Prince Fa Choi."

Scarlett's mouth dropped open as Sonja retrieved her dagger, but also took the purses of those she had killed, also checking them for anything else of value. Sonja looked at her funny.

"You fight like a professional, why are you shocked?" Sonja asked puzzled, "Half of them are yours along with your pick of horses. Not like any of them need it anymore."

"My, the army of my land, we do not loot the dead," Scarlett sadly said as she weighed the harsh reality of her situation, "But I am far from my land, I must eat and I must have a horse."

"Sensible girl," Sonja nodded, "Wish I had the luxury to even think like that. The villagers even make out like bandits as they get what we leave. Ten horses alone is a fortune!"

"Won't Marduk come looking for these men," Scarlett asked as she performed the grim task of retrieving her valuable bolts, "Fresh graves will look suspicious."

"Graves?" Sonja looked at her as if she was from Mars, "Where do you come from? You look smart, but you have such strange thoughts."

"I come from very far away, farther to the west than you can imagine," Scarlett felt a sudden weariness, this world was just too strange.

"It must be very far indeed for you to not know that peasants feed the dead to the pigs to erase all evidence of them, reshoe horses for farm work and melt down and reshape any metal," Sonja shook her head knowingly, "A few hours from now fat pigs will be the only evidence we were ever here. It's a simple fact of life everywhere I've ever been."

"I think my land would be just as alien to you," Scarlett grinned, "We have no king and both men and women vote on our leaders. One person, one vote, no slavery. Not perfect, but we have many freedoms."

"Then your land is truly stranger than mine," Sonja let out a rich, and very sexy laugh.

As gruesome and disgusting as it was to Scarlett she soon had nearly 100 gold coins, a fine well balanced sword she figured she was going to need, and Sonja had picked out the second best horse for her. As Sonja had predicted the villagers had come out, and after their own searches had carried the bodies off. A few men, including the village elder were carefully collecting the extra horses. To them the village had doubled in wealth.

"I would suggest using a few of those coins for a fresh bed roll and some blankets," Sonja suggested soothing her new mount, her previous one exhausted, "Unless you like being infested with lice. I've only been got once, pissed me off having to whack my hair off."

"I'm not," Scarlett didn't like the thought.

"Strange that women bathe, but except for nobility and the wealthy men don't," Sonja mused, "So stupid. More men die of infected wounds and disease than in battle."

"Even my country had problems with that for a long time," Scarlett wondered if teaching first aid, how to sterilize instruments, even the beginning of penicillin and blood transfusion would be a nobler cause for her than taking lives.

"What you are wearing is fine, but I learned a long time ago that the more skin you show, the more it distracts even the most dedicated of men," Sonja appraised her clothes.

"What if he's gay?" Scarlett asked.

"Huh?" Sonja asked, "What does being happy have to do with anything?"

"That's what men who like men and women who like women are called in my country," Scarlett flashed Sonja a smile, "I'm called gay because sexually I like other women."

"Oh! I guess I am too," Sonja clapped her hands, "The goddess saved me from being gangraped when I was 12 and told me that I could have 'no man save he who defeats me in battle but that I can have as many women as I want'! I am gay too then as I hate men."

"So, she saves you from rape then says you can only be with men who rape, screwy logic," Scarlett said.

"I pray that never happens," Sonja said, "Well, men like that are very rare, usually killed by their own families. But everywhere I've ever been, from far east Khitai, to far south in Kush, even the Cimmerians and Aesir, women are encouraged to be like us or at least like both men and women. Most men find it very arousing."

"Hmmm, would you help me with my outfit," Scarlett coyly asked.

It was near dark when Scarlett and Sonja finished tending to their mounts. Scarlett's outfit was now that of a 'fantasy kunoichi', (female ninja). They had bought some supplies and fresh bedding and would spend the night in the 'fresher' part of a stable. On the morrow they would both set out for Prince Fa Choi's territory.

"Ah, if only we could bathe," Sonja sighed

"Me too," Scarlett wearily said as everything was catching up to her.

"There's a river a few hours from here, we can afford to stop," Sonja looked at her, "Do you speak truth? Do you desire women?"

"Very much so," Scarlett looked deep into her eyes, "And I desire you."

"And I you as well," Sonja smiled.

The 2 flame haired warrior women kissed deeply, holding each other they fell asleep. Scarlett's old life began to fade away that night. Despite the impossibly of being able to speak and understand the language and the even more unlikely meeting with Red Sonja, she knew this was her world now.

Scarlett woke once that night. She had to know. Sure enough there was the same moon and stars she knew. There was no mistake, she was on Earth, but in an age forgotten. Steel where men should be using flint. Houses at a time when she had been taught men lived in caves. It was almost too much to think about. One thing was clear, she wasn't going home.

Scarlett knew she had to make a new life here somehow. But there were worse fates as she smiled and snuggled up to her new girlfriend. They woke up in each other's arms, kissing and stroking each other's hair. The sun was close to rising.

"I fear we shall never get going this way," Sonja laughed.

Scarlett smiled then another thought came to her and her smile vanished.

"What's wrong?" Sonja asked, curious.

"Yesterday I had thoughts about things I know that can heal," Scarlett said thinking, "But I also know ways, terrible ways, to kill."

"What are you talking about?," Sonja asked.

"I could make any warlord emperor of the world with my knowledge," Scarlett glumly said, "The names will mean nothing to you without seeing them, but guns, cannon, molotov cocktails, even crude rockets. Even simple things like hang gliders, hot air balloons, and bicycles could be turned to military use."

"You're right," Sonja said, "You're talking crazy again."

"Am I," Scarlett sadly smiled, "I will show you. And what you see is not magic, but simple science to my people."

Scarlett showed Sonja her watch, pressing a button the face lit up, Sonja flinched slightly.

"This is a watch, it can tell me what time of day or night it is even in fog or moonless nights," Scarlett took out her knife and showed Sonja the compass, "With this I can never be lost as it always points north. No matter where in the world I am. These are simple in my land. With this I can light many fires. The liquid is fuel. When it is gone I will throw this away, but I know about where more is and it can make terrible burning weapons. There is also a powder I can make. With it you can destroy a stone castle or many men at once."

As a demonstration Scarlett flicked the lighter on. Sonja almost jumped out of her skin.

"Sorcery!" Sonja gasped.

"No, simple science, um, think of a fire eater," Scarlett said.

"Oh," Sonja got it, "But I never thought of it as a weapon. I even know how to do it and Princess Fatima taught me a hot naked dance using the wands. Very sexy."

"Like I said, toys where I come from," Scarlett said, "Tell me, does Prince Fa have small things that explode?"

"Why yes, now that I think about it," Sonja frowned.

"The powder that does that can make a powerful weapon that no army in this world could withstand," Scarlett said.

Scarlett pulled out her wallet. There was an embarrassing picture of her naked with an equally naked Mariah Carey. Scarlett had saved the singer from a Cobra kidnap attempt and they had had sex. Scarlett blushed and flipped to the next one with her by a F-16.

"Those small paintings are so realistic," Sonja said impressed, "What is that thing you are standing beside?"

"Sonja, you are really not going to believe this one, I swear it's true, but my people, we can fly in great machines like this," Scarlett said, "I can't make one of these, but I can make a hot air balloon that can fly well beyond bow range and drop explosives or fire bombs on an enemy."

The next picture was a shot taken from another plane with Scarlett in flight. Then a picture of Scarlett firing a rifle. She pointed to it.

"Using even the technology of this day I could make single shots and use ranks like were used for centuries before repeaters," Scarlett continued, "And if bells can be made so can cannon. Sonja, you must understand that I know things that can used for good or for great evil."

"I confess that I am still confused, but know that as long as we stay together I will help you," Sonja put her arms around her and drew her close.

Scarlett finally let go and cried as Sonja comforted her. Scarlett was, unknown to her, potentially the greatest threat to her world. More than Marduk, more than Thulsa Doom, more than Kulan Garth. All Sonja cared about at the moment was that she had found a friend, quite possibly her soulmate.

Scarlett's tears didn't last long. For the moment she had a purpose, to help Sonja reach Prince Choi. If someone like Sonja was on his side, and what word she had heard was that he was the best of those around, then she would join there. She was a soldier. That was the life she had willingly chosen for herself.

Scarlett soothed her new horse as she brushed him. He had been fed and watered by the stable boy. The assassins had been dumb about many things, but smart in their pick of horses. Both hers and Sonja's choices were in pretty good shape. The women were much lighter riders which in itself was a plus for the animals.

Sonja stepped out for a moment to get some food for the trip. Scarlett took the time to examine her sword. She made a few practice swings. It wasn't a bad sword, but not to her liking. Still, she did a kata with it.

"Hmmmm, you might prefer a Khitai sword," Sonja commented returning with 2 bags of supplies, "Many of Prince Choi's men have adopted it. Truth be known I've thought about switching myself. Stronger steel."

"You're right. I'm no stranger to blades," Scarlett agreed, "My personal choice would be a katana from the land farther east of China, what you call Khitai. I am definitely more familiar with the Eastern swords."

"I got some extra water skins," Sonja said "We can fill up at the river. The water there is better, fresher."

"I hope we can bathe," Scarlett said.

"We should be safe enough," Sonja said, "That was the only batch after me that I know of that was on my tail. I'm very careful and all bragging aside I'm an excellent huntress."

The 2 women rode slowly away from the village It was a pleasant day and there was no need to hurry. Prince Choi and Marduk were not even at war with each other, yet. They chatted as they rode. Sonja laughed at what she thought were delusions as Scarlett talked about men landing on the moon, flying machines, horseless carriages, computers, cell phones and other fantastic inventions.

"We even have machines that wash and dry clothes," Scarlett continued even though she knew Sonja would never believe any of it.

"Hahahahahahaha," Sonja laughed, "Please, no more. Hahahahaha! Next you'll be saying the Earth is round like some Nemedian scholars do."

"Speaking of which, how do you wash that metal bikini?" Scarlett asked, just enjoying hearing Sonja laugh.

"Ah, you want to hear all my secrets," Sonja grinned, "There is a reason I dress like this, even though I hate, loathe, and despise men. And also why I helped you cut out your outfit. I have a speed and skill advantage in every fight, but while I'm stronger than most women, men are still going to have a size, strength, and weight advantage. In many cases we'll give up reach too. We're both about 5' 7" which is very tall even for most men which is fortunate. But as women we still need every advantage we can take. Anyway, I polish the metal very bright so that it serves 2 functions, first, the more skin I show the more distracted the man is, second I always try to face the sun so that the reflected glare will blind my opponent, or at least distract. The slightest hesitation
is alI I need. I also fight dirty. I go for eyes and groin. Men don't attack each other there. And in this world women are either beaten wives or beaten whores."

"My country is so different," Scarlett mused, "Women do just about every job men do. Then again, there are still places like this."

"I sometimes do wear extra armor if it's a big battle," Sonja continued, "But it slows you down and even light chainmail will tire you out. I know if I get hit solid even wearing chainmail I'll be cut in half. So I'm not losing anything dressing this. Speed is the best defense. I do have one advantage."

"What's that?" Scarlett asked.

"The goddess did something to me," Sonja said, "I heal really, really fast. I've taken many wounds, including some bad ones. I don't have a single scar. So I heal from just about anything. Unless it's a killing blow I guess."

"That's fantastic," Scarlett grinned, "Almost like some of the things I'm telling."

"Touch‚," Sonja returned the smile.

"You keep talking about this goddess," Scarlett said, "I can't help but be curious. You have no trouble with magic, but laugh at my talk of science."

"You have a point," Sonja said, "I guess my story is just as fantastic
as the things you say. And over the years it's grown even stranger."

"Please tell me," Scarlett asked.

"Well, I never knew my mother, and that comes in later," Sonja started, "My father told me once she died in childbirth, but would not mention it again no matter how many times I asked. All I was ever able to get out of him was that she was very beautiful and had flaming red hair like I do. My father had been a soldier until he almost lost a leg. He was fortunate and ended up with only the slightest of limps. I barely noticed. Anyway, he was also a great hunter. From a very young age he began to teach me everything he knew. I learned everything about tracks, spoor, setting traps, I loved catching, I wasn't crazy about killing, but I knew it was needed. By 8 I could bring down deer on my own. I
already hated boys and was attracted to girls. No bragging, at 11 I was better than my father. It was my 12th birthday."

"You don't have to continue if it's too painful," Scarlett said.

"No no, I'm fine," Sonja said, "In fact it helps to talk about it. It was a special day My father and I were on our way home. I had gotten the kill, a huge buck, 14 points. We were laughing, all we had were bows and knives. There was a clearing we were going to stop at. We were ambushed by 20 mercenaries with rape and murder on their minds. We fought. Oh how we fought. I had never killed a man. I killed 4 that day, 3 with arrows, 1 with a knife. My father killed 6 and gravely wounded 2 more before they overpowered him. They were angry we had cost them so much even as they dispatched their own wounded. I was forced to watch them beat my father to a bloody mess. It further angered them that we wouldn't beg. They finally tired of that and sliced my father in half in front of me.
That finally got a scream out of me. I was now alone with those monsters. The leader finally took notice of me. I was pretty and even then knew what they were going to do to me. I was barely 12, 12! And they were going to gangrape then murder me."

"That's terrible," Scarlett gasped.

"Their very touch repulsed me, they stank of shit and ale," Sonja continued, "I struggled. I still wouldn't beg, but I couldn't help but cry. My tears just spurred them on. They were 8 strong men, I was a 12 year old child, it wasn't much of a contest as they stripped me naked and held me down. I had lost my hymen hunting years before, but I was a virgin. It happens all over the world, hundreds of times a day, I would have been just another one. But they never touched me."

"How did you escape?" Scarlett asked horrified.

"I didn't," Sonja said, "The goddess saved me. Scathach, though I wouldn't learn her name until later. She's pretty minor, I've only rarely come across people who've even heard of her unlike Crom, Mitra, Ibis, and Ymir."

"Aha! Finally one I've heard of!" Scarlett exclaimed, "Ymir the Frost Giant! He will be slain by Odin. Odin's son Thor is a member of the Avenger's! I've seen Thor a few times in New York City. He disappeared for a couple of years and was thought dead, but he's back now."

"Is this Thor your god?" Sonja asked.

"That's, complicated," Scarlett said, her fingers touching her cross.

"Anyway, Scathach is some kind of 'Protector of Women', but because she's not very powerful there's little she can do, kind of here and there," Sonja said, "Again, at that time I didn't know my father was one of her followers, nor some of her later claims. The bastards were trying to get their pants down when she showed up. She waved her hands and the scum went up in flames. She told me then that if I wished I could be her 'sword of justice'. If I did then 'I could have no man save he who defeats me in battle. Something that no man was likely to do if I followed her'. it was almost an afterthought as she added, 'However you
can have as many women as you like'. That was what I wanted anyway! Here I was now an orphan waif, my prospects again were whore or battered wife. Wasn't hard to make a choice. I agreed. I took everything they had, rode to my house for the last time. Took my father's sword, the few coins he had hid, anything I could sell that I didn't need. I burned it down. I had managed to get 18 of the horses, kept the best one, sold off the rest a couple at a time to avoid undue attention along with weapons and anything else I couldn't use. I had quite a tidy sum a this point. The goddess started coming to me, directing me to swordmasters and others who could teach me. I studied with thieves to learn things like tightrope walking, Khitai monks to learn fighting with hands and feet, just anything I thought I could use. I had no shortage of female lovers."

"What's your favorite?" Scarlett asked.

"The whip!" Sonja smiled wickedly,

"Mine too," Scarlett returned her smile.

"At 18 I took my first job as a bounty hunter," Sonja said, "I also took jobs guarding caravans and the like. I was soon being called Red Sonja and getting a bit of a reputation. I wore a chainmail shirt during that time, but I was already thinking of how to best use my sex as a weapon. At 20 I had my first run-ins with a wizard. I won that round, but came away with a healthy respect for real magic. I learned a lot of that sleight of hand stuff so I pretty much know the difference between tricks and real power. It was at this time I even started doing some mercenary work in armies myself. I was picky about who I'd fight for,
still got fooled once. I've spent the last 5 years adventuring. Land to land, army to army, job to job."

"So you're 25, same age I am," Scarlett revealed, "We're still young, but eventually we're going to get too old to do that."

"You're right about that," Sonja agreed, "I've buried some small stashes, always a chance some will be found by others or the land will change and I won't find them. But Scathach told me once I would be a queen. But then again she's told me a lot of thing the last year. I used to see her rarely and she would say little, now she can't shut up."

"Like your father being a follower of hers?" Scarlett asked.

"That's only the beginning," Sonja shook her head, "Remember I mentioned my mother coming into play?"

"Yes," Scarlett said.

"Scathach now claims that SHE is my mother," Sonja said, "I guess I never really paid attention until she had me stand next to her in front of a mirror and we look almost exactly alike! She looks about 10 years older and I have a much more fit muscular body, but it's pretty obvious there's a lot of resemblance. But that's not the only ho."

"There's more?" Scarlett was incredulous.

"Scathach told me there was a great evil that needed to be stopped," Sonja said, "A wizard named Kulan Garth! She couldn't fight him herself. So even though she also hated men and was a lesbian she looked for a decent man who had many skills and would raise a daughter right Then it gets both better and worse. The better part is that I have a sister. Scathach tells me her name is Verona and that she is a year older than me. She's also a lesbian like us and a good woman. Thing is, Verona was born with wild magic. That was no good, father wouldn't be able to deal with that. So father had her take my sister. Scathach had to try again.
This time I was born. By the time Scathach told me this I'd already killed Kulan Garth 3 times. The bastard keeps coming back and I've killed him 3 more times since. Sometimes he's near godlike powerful, other times barely a threat."

"How?" Scarlett asked.

"I have no idea," Sonja shrugged her shoulders, "I fucking hate wizards. I prefer people who stay dead when you kill them."

"So what about your sister?" Scarlett asked.

"She's gone from wizard to wizard learning magic the same way I've learned to fight," Sonja explained, "Last time I saw Scathach she told me we would reunite, and also that I would find my true love. And that eventually I gather all my friends and we'd all be lovers. She told me my true love would be a warrior woman from the far future, love women, and have the same color hair."

"I think I'm guilty as charged," Scarlett laughed, "I resemble that remark. To the last detail!"

"Oh! YAY!" Sonja cried out, "I was hoping you were the one! I'm so happy!"

"I am as well," Scarlett said as both women were now lost in each other's eyes, "I think I knew the first second I saw you. It also explains so much. I was sent here for you. Magic, science, whatever the origin."

To both of them it seemed an eternity before they got to the river. Despite their raging desire they were professionals. First they picked a spot where they had a clear view in all directions so they couldn't be surprised. They hobbled the horses in some tall grass they could eat with enough line that they could drink. They went upstream of them a bit to avoid the you know.

Waterskins were filled in case of lack of water later, although Sonja knew the land well and many places with water. Weapons were then placed within easy reach. Sonja admired Scarlett's crossbow.

"I have seen many of these, but never one so well made," Sonja appraised, "I'm more into long bow myself, faster rate of fire, but you were pretty fast with this."

"Both have advantages," Scarlett said, "Crossbow can be fired in a prone or more concealed position and has the accuracy, power, and range advantage. I've had a ton of practice is why I'm so fast. The long bowman however will usually have 3-5 shots to 1 during the same time. Hawkeye once got off 10-1 against an Olympian at a charity event. But he's a phenom, the only man who's actually done the 'Robin Hood' shot!"

Clothes were soon discarded as they ran hand in hand into the shoulder deep cold water!

"Eeeeeeekkkkkk!!" Scarlett squealed.

"Wimp," Sonja laughed, used to the cold.

"Cold, cold, cold," Scarlett shivered, arms across full breasts topped with rock hard pink nipples.

Sonja laughed and dove. Swimming under the water she grabbed Scarlett's ankles and yanked her under. Scarlett came back up sputtering, but starting to get used to it. Being from Atlanta Ga. she was rarely in the cold save for the occasional mission, including the one where she had first met the noble Kwinn.

"I'll warm you soon enough my love," Sonja whispered in her ear as they embraced.

The 2 women bathed each other, fingers and tongue's exploring intimate places. Hands on each other's tits they kissed deeply, roughly kneading and milking each other. Fingers cruelly twisted and pulled nipples. The pain exciting them even more.

They could wait no longer. Kissing hotly, tongue's dueling, Scarlett pumped 3 fingers into Sonja's pussy and 2 deep in her ass. Sonja returned the favor with 3 in Scarlett's pussy and 2 in the Joe girl's asshole. The 2 women had been denied so long they came in moments.

Hand in hand they walked to their spread blankets. They lay side by side and again started frigging each other off lips together.

"Oh oh," Scarlett cried out, "Fuck me! Fuck me with your fingers! Fuck me! Fuck me!"

"Oh yeah baby," Sonja gasped, "Fuck me! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me! Ohhhhh!"

With cries of joy they came together. They held each other close, staring in each other's eyes. Stroking each other's wet hair lightly kissing. They had truly fallen in love with each other. Sonja moved next, kissing down Scarlett's neck, then down to her firm ripe tits. Sonja again began to roughly knead one tit, while she sucked and licked the other. Scarlett moaned in pleasure caressing her lover's back.

This quickly became a 69, Sonja on top. Both were shaved bare which most warrior women were. Tongue's flashed as they furiously sucked and licked each other's wet hot pussies. Clits were tongued and sucked. Up and down the licking went then probing inside. Scarlett rolled on top as they ate each other's pussies in a hungry frenzy!

They came but didn't stop. Sonja rolled back on top. They were starved for the taste of each other's pussy, greedily lapping up each other's tasty juices. They screamed in each other's pussy cumming again. Still they continued, tongue now in each other's assholes, Scarlett rolled back on top. They loved the taste of each other's assholes, rimming each other furiously! They licked around the puckered rings, then thrust pointed tongues as deep into each other's bowels as the could. Then in and out, tongue fucking each other's ass.

"Aaaaaaaaaa!" Sonja cried cumming.

"Ooooooooo!" Scarlett moaned as she came.

Sonja and Scarlett tasted each other's pussy and ass as they again soul kissed. They loved the taste savoring it. Fingers again cruelly twisting and pulling nipples. Still kissing they began slapping each other's titties. The blows became harder. They quickly came from the pleasure/pain.

"Aaaaahhh," Scarlett gasped throwing her head back in pleasure.

"Aaaeeee!" Sonja joined her in rapture.

Lips again met. Tongues again played as Scarlett mounted her love. Sonja spread her legs as tits and pussies met. The pussy-fucking began. Breasts and nipples pressed together then rubbed. Scarlett and Sonja expertly pussy-fucked, downward thrusts met with upwards. Clits touched, again and again, rubbed. They loved it!

"Fuck me darling!" Sonja cried out, "Fuck me! Ooooo! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me! Fuck me!"

"Ah, ah," Scarlett panted, "Yes! Yes! Fuck me baby! Fuck me! Fuck me, fuck me! Fuck me!"

Orgasm shook both women. They collapsed in each other's arms. They just kissed and cuddled for many minutes.

"I have a funny feeling we're not going to make very good time today," Sonja mischievously smiled as she started tickling Scarlett.

End of Part 2:


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