Gen 13: Part 1 - Bedroom Encounter (ff)
by PJ ([email protected])

Caitlin walked into her bedroom, wiping her forehead with a wet towel as she made her way to the bathroom. Entering the white-walled room, the red-haired, young woman tossed the towel atop a clothes basket, then pulled her sweat-sodden tube top over her head. She quickly removed her skintight workout shorts, then took off her sneakers and socks. Completely naked and covered in sticky perspiration, the tall, lithe heroine slid open the shower door and turned on a stream of water. As she waited for the water to grow nice and hot, Caitlin untied her ponytail, allowing her rich, fiery hair to fall past her creamy shoulders. She regarded her tightly-muscled body within the bathroom's mirror, then winked at herself with one bright, green eye as she cupped her right
breast with a gentle hand.

The shower indicated its readiness with a cloud of warm mist. Caitlin walked into the stall, then slid the door shut beside her. She moaned with pleasure as the hot water poured over her naked body, washing the sweat and grime of her workout away in a river of indulgent bliss. Caitlin pushed her face into the water stream, stroking her red hair with her hands as the liquid cleansed and relaxed her. The nude female picked up a bar of soap, then lathered it over her tight stomach and large, jutting breasts. Washing clean her stomach and torso, Caitlin rubbed the soap bar over her round, shapely ass. She moaned softly as the water poured down her butt and inbetween her ass cheeks, stimulating her pussy inadvertantly. Caitlin had been taught never to masturbate, and she had followed that lesson all of her life. However, with her many adventures, being tied up and put in bondage time after time, being exposed to Grunge's and Freefall's lewd behavior, and having Sarah look at her hungrily every day, the redhead found it more difficult to restrain her budding sexuality. Tentatively, almost fearfully, Caitlin slowly lathered her pussy, keeping the shower stream pouring over her bare bottom. The melting soap felt good on her cunt, it made her warm and tingly with sensual pleasure. She pressed the soap more firmly onto her snatch, rubbing back and forth with greater strength and speed as her body grew warmer with arousal. Caitlin's breath grew louder and quicker, small gasps escaping her full, red lips as she thrust her ass towards the showerhead. Replacing the much reduced soapbar to the wall, Caitlin pressed the fingers of her right hand inbetween her slim thighs, caressing her throbbing pussy urgently as her womb grew hot with excitement.

"Cat, are you almost done?" inquired Sarah as she walked into the bathroom and gasped at her friend's hunched, compromising position.

"Oh, Cat," murmured the dusky-skinned indian girl as she regarded Caitlin's obscured form with wide eyes and an emerging smile.

"Uh, yeah, I'm done now," stammered Caitlin as she quickly rinsed off her slick pussy, then slid the shower door wide enough to grab a nearby towel and pull it inside.

Sarah grinned slyly as the redhead carefully left the shower, fastening the large, white towel around her body. Caitlin smiled sheepishly, then hastened to leave the bathroom as swiftly as her long legs could carry her. Sarah turned to watch her friend and teammate leave, then she followed, swaying slightly like an advancing predator. Caitlin spun to face Sarah, then lowered her green eyes to the carpeted floor.

"It's not what you think," murmured Caitlin shamefully. "I don't normally act that way."

"Why not? It's perfectly natural," replied Sarah as she drew close to the tall girl and placed warm hands on her shoulders. "We all need a sexual release now and then."

"But it's wrong," insisted Caitlin as her face grew hot with embarrassment.

"No, it's right. It's oh so right," whispered Sarah in Caitlin's left ear as she hugged the young woman close to her own lithe body.

"Please, I'm not a lesbian or bi like you," protested Cat as she gently struggled to get away.

"I'm just flexible, it makes life much more interesting," replied the indian with a smile as she held on to Caitlin, slowly kissing the back of the girl's neck as she slid her right hand down to the redhead's crotch.

Caitlin slowly went limp, leaning against Sarah's warm body as the raven-haired girl kissed and licked the white flesh of her shoulders and back. Sarah pulled away Caitlin's towel, allowing her to caress and admire the tall girl's lush figure. The tanned girl gently pushed Caitlin onto the bed face first, forcing the young woman's round ass to thrust upwards. Sarah ran her hands over her friend's warm, smooth skin, sliding probing fingers down to the prone girl's quivering cunt. Caitlin bit her lower lip as Sarah ran her fingers up her slit, caressing moist, pink labia lips with a slow, savoring motion.

"You're so sexy," purred Sarah before she knelt down to kiss Caitlin's ass, licking the girl's creamy flesh and relishing the taste. Caitlin moaned softly, her hands clenching uncontrollably until she grabbed the edge of the bed and held on firmly. Soft, red hair fell across her face as Sarah tentatively licked her pussy, then more insistantly lapped the lips of her vagina. Caitlin's ass pumped up and down as she thrust her cunt wantonly on Sarah's mouth, her body hungry for attention as her lover nuzzled deeply into her fuckhole. Sarah's tongue slid deeply into Caitlin's womb, her probe caressing and stroking hot, pink flesh until streams of honey flowed onto her waiting lips.

Sarah backed away from Caitlin's glistening, twitching body, then helped the redhead turn around to lay on her back. After quickly disrobing, the raven-haired heroine slowly climbed on top of Caitlin's prone form, then lowered her head to kiss the girl passionately on the mouth. Caitlin could taste her own cum on Sarah's lips, but she didn't stop sucking slutfully on her girlfriend's mouth. The two young women entwined their tongues in a lustful coupling, then their mouths parted so that Caitlin could sample Sarah's pert, round breasts. The redhead inhaled Sarah's strong, intoxicating musk as she licked and sucked on the tanned girl's tits, gently biting the brown nipples until they grew hard with arousal. Sarah moaned with pleasure, grinding her black-haired bush against Caitlin's red mound of pubic hair. After Sarah's breasts were sore and slick with Caitlin's saliva, the indian girl spun around so that she could see the redhead's dripping slit. Sarah lowered her naked body on top of Caitlin's pale flesh, then both girls proceeded to eat out each other's pussies. Female moans and pants of sensual pleasure filled the dark room as the girls buried their faces in each other's muffs. Breasts were crushed against sweat-slick skin, limbs shook and writhed in orgasmic ecstasy, and taut stomachs slid across each other as the girls pleasured each other endlessly. After several orgasms each, Sarah finally dismounted from Caitlin's nude form, plopping down next to her on the perspiration-soaked sheets.

"Not bad for a virgin," panted Sarah as she brushed away a strand of slick, black hair.

"I'm not one anymore," retorted Caitlin with a grin as she laid a bare arm across Sarah's heaving breasts.

"Not with women, but someday we'll have to find you some cock to suck on," remarked Sarah with a slutful smile. "Maybe Grunge or Burnout, huh?"

"No, maybe someone older," said Caitlin with a wistful glance at the ceiling.

"Yeah, whatever," replied Sarah with a wary expression. "Let's talk about something else for awhile."

* * *

"You've been given a generous amount of funds and resources, we expect nothing less than complete success," said the richly dressed executive coldly. "Aztechnology does not accept failure lightly."

"And I'm not accustomed to failing my contracts," replied Ivana with an icy glare before she took a long drag on her cigarette.

"Good. Then we should both get what we want from this deal," retorted the suit as he rose from his chair, picked up his leather briefcase, then left the room with merely a nod of farewell.

"Asshole," muttered Ivana darkly as she rose from her own seat, then left the private room of the uptown club for her waiting limo. As the vehicle slid into motion, the black-haired woman tossed her spent cigarette into the street, then closed her window before lighting a new one.

"How did it go?" inquired Bliss from her seat next to the pale-fleshed former director of a secret U.S. service.

"About how I expected it to go. They wittled my asking price down, but I took that into account when I made my estimates. We'll make a nice sum after this is all over," replied Ivana coolly.

"You still don't want to use DV8 for this?" asked Bliss curiously.

"No. Gen 13 knows them too well. I'm going to hire some free agents for this one. There won't be any ties to me, plus no liability if things turn to shit."

"Who do we hit first?"

"Freefall. That little bitch will be the means of Gen 13's destruction," said Ivana with a vicious grin.


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