Gen 13: Part 2 - Trojan Mare (MFf,ncon)
by PJ ([email protected])

Roxy tiptoed out of the dark manor house, clutching her small purse tightly to her pert breasts. With everyone asleep, the young woman had the perfect opportunity to slip out and enjoy a little illicit nightlife. Closing the main door softly, Roxanne used her power to affect gravity in order to make her body lighter, allowing her to run at a lightning pace across the smooth, well-kept grounds to the outer wall of the compound. With a running leap, Roxy sailed across the brick wall surrounding the manor, touching down lightly upon the street before resuming her swift escape from Mr. Lynch and his stifling discipline. Running effortlessly down nearly abandoned streets, Roxy travelled downtown, to a customer-choked club called the Sinner's Inn. Slowing to a normal walk, the petite girl scouted out the club, searching for an easy way to get in.

"Hey, sweet thing! Why don't you come party with me!" bellowed a wild-haired young man dressed in leather pants and a flashy vest.

Sensing an opportunity for an easy entrance, Roxy smiled charmingly, then sauntered over to the teetering man as he took a swig from a small bottle of booze.

"You are one fine piece of ass!" slobbered the partyman as he leered openly at Roxy's short skirt, knee-length socks, and torn blouse.

"Thanks, you're pretty hot yourself," replied Roxy in honeyed tones while she snuggled close to the drunk man and looked up into his bleary eyes.

"That's right! I'm one grade-A stud," preened the man as he wrapped an arm around Roxy's small waist, then peered down at her with blinking orbs. The couple moved rapidly up the line, until finally a burly club doorman glanced quickly at them, then waved them inside. Once inside the club, music poured over Roxy's slim body, making her flesh vibrate as ten-foot tall speakers punched the performing band's tunes into the writhing crowd.

"See ya later," shouted Roxy over the noise as she nimbly slid out of the drunk man's grasp, then quickly disappeared into the tightly packed crowd.

"Hey! Come back!" yelled the lanky man before he stumbled into a nearby couple sitting at the bar.

Roxy dodged and twisted around laughing and dancing people, making her way deeply into the milling throng until she felt safe from her clutching escort. Watching the band with wide, appreciative eyes, the young woman gave herself to the music, let it loosen her muscles and move her hips in swaying, seductive motions. An hour passed quickly as Roxy danced with many handsome men. She drank beer that was offered to her, slowly forgetting her problems and heavy responsibilities. Several hours past midnight, Roxy was leaning against the bar, her mind numb with liquor and loud noise, when an attractive redhead dressed in a skintight black bodysuit stumbled forward and crashed into her.

"Sorry," mumbled the fiery-maned girl as she laid a cool hand on Roxy's bare arm.

"That's okay..," began the brunette just before a sharp needle pierced her skin and flooded her bloodstream with a strange chemical. Roxy instantly grew woozy and limp, easy prey for the redhead who wrapped an arm around her waist, then slowly guided her out of the painfully loud club. Once outside, cool air brushed across Roxy's face as the strange young woman pulled her towards a waiting black van. The side door slid open silently, revealing a purple-haired girl with sharply pointed ears.

"Help me get the little bitch inside," snarled the redhead as she pushed the limp Roxy towards the van's interior. The violet-haired Elf didn't reply, but she did scowl darkly while she grabbed Roxy's small wrists and pulled her inside the dark vehicle. The redhead slid the sidedoor shut, then quickly ran to the driver's side and jumped within. The engine purred to life, then rumbled deeply as the girl accelerated and sped away from the busy club district. The Elf girl carefully lowered Roxy onto a fixed cot, then attached thick straps across her breasts, waist, and legs. The prone girl struggled feebly in her bonds, attempting to marshal enough strength to use her mutant ability. Before Roxy could focus her will, the Elf poured liquid onto a cotton cloth, then pressed the cloth firmly against her slack mouth. The young woman moaned weakly, helpless as the drug fillied her nose and throat, plunging her into black repose.

* * *

Slowly, Roxy awoke from her drug-induced stupor. The young woman grunted softly as she struggled to rise, prohibited by leather straps fastened to her wrists, neck, and ankles. The dark-haired girl's clothes were gone, only her red-bow panties and white bra remained on her. Pink bangs obscured Roxy's vision as the purple-haired Elf girl and a stocky, green-skinned Ork emerged into the sterile lab and stood regarding their bound prisoner.

"Nice looking little slitch," rumbled the Ork as he leered at Roxy's panty-covered crotch and teasing bra.

"Yeah, she's okay," agreed the Elf reluctantly.

"What's say we have some fun with her before the doc inserts the wire in her head," smirked the burly Ork.

"Whatever tugs your bobber, Kelly," replied the violet-haired girl with an uncaring shrug.

"Don't you ever get excited, Aleatha?" asked Kelly as he stomped towards the struggling Roxy with clawed hands clenching and unclenching.

"I like my lovers a little more enthusiastic," retorted Aleatha with a toss of her long tresses.

"I don't. I like them frightened and helpless," whispered the Ork before he reached the head of the metal lab table that Roxy was bound to. Kelly reached out to softly stroke Roxanne's short, black hair, then ran a dirty claw across her smooth right cheek.

"I definitely like you," murmured Kelly just as he lurched down and kissed the helpless young woman obscenely on the mouth. Roxy moaned loudly with wide eyes, her throat feeling violated as Kelly forced his large, slimy tongue past her red lips. Kelly savored Roxy's taste as he sucked loudly on her mouth, drool escaping to drip down the protesting girl's cheeks and chin. Aleatha watched the tableau without emotion, then she approached the underside of the cold table in order to lower it to the level of Kelly's crotch. The Ork released Roxy's lips, licking his black tongue across her face disgustingly. Roxy sputtered and gasped for air, her skin burning with repulsion against the creature ravaging her.

Kelly grinned cruelly as he unzipped his baggy trousers, releasing a dangling cock surrounded by green pubic hair. Roxy snarled with disgust, which made the Ork even more aroused as he moved his member closer to the bound girl's face. Aleatha knelt inbetween Roxy's tied legs, pulling the girl's panties aside to gaze at a mound of black pubic hair. Lowering her head, the Elf girl nuzzled Roxy's pussy, sucking hungrily on her trembling labia. Roxy gasped for breath, her body hot with unconscious arousal as her cunt was teased by Aleatha's wet tongue. Kelly rubbed his smelly cock across Roxy's nose and mouth, staining her pale skin with his sticky fluid.

"You like that, don't you bitch?" growled the Ork before he shoved his meat into Roxy's slack mouth, driving his pole so deeply into her throat that she gagged loudly in protest. Kelly grabbed Roxy's head tightly in his meaty hands, forcing her to take his cock into her mouth as he thrust back and forth into her. Aleatha sucked and licked on the pink flesh of Roxy's pussy, making the flowery oriface wet with honey as the girl's slit clenched with lust. The Elf girl tortured the desperate cunt, licking Roxy's smooth inner thighs, then briefly inserting a delicate tongue into the naked girl's asshole. Sweat dripped from Roxanne's pearl-hued skin, her flesh hot with sexual stimuli as Kelly's thick cock slid past her warm, red lips.

"Suck it, whore!" ordered the Ork violently, punctuating his demand with a painful pull on Roxy's black hair. Helplessly, the bound girl complied, tentatively sucking on her burly captor's engorged tool. Kelly groaned with pleasure, closing his cruel eyes as he thrust his crotch against Roxy's lovely face. Aleatha bit Roxy's fleshy labia petals, tasting the young woman's sex with relish. The Elf spread Roxy's labia folds apart, exposing the girl's dripping fuckhole and hardened clit. Aleatha moved her head between Roxy's firm thighs, plunging her tongue deeply into the helpless girl's pink vagina. Cum gushed over the Elf girl's mouth, filling her nostrils with musky, feminine perfume as she buried her face in Roxy's throbbing snatch. Roxanne trembled in anticipation, her body vibrating with impending release under the combined stimulation of Kelly's cock in her small mouth and Aleatha's insatiable tongue in her tight cunt. Roxy moaned around the Ork meat within her lips, her crotch melting as torrents of cream spewed from her womb into the Elf girl's open mouth.

"Are you two about finished?" asked Ivana coldly from the lab's entrance.

"Uh, sure," mumbled Kelly as he quickly fastened his pants shut, then walked carefully to where the slim brunette waited. Aleatha wiped glistening cum from her mouth with her right arm, then stood up and moved to the side of the large room.

"You may begin, Dr. Franklin," urged Ivana with a motion of her right hand, signalling a thin, old man with distorted spectacles and patches of white hair to move forward.

* * *

Caitlin and Sarah sat upon the living room's large couch, the tanned girl laying across the redhead's lap. Caitlin idly ran her left hand through Sarah's long, straight, black hair as they both watched the latest "Party of Five".

"I wouldn't mind licking out Neve someday," remarked Sarah with a lascivious smile.

"You're such a slut," replied Caitlin with her own soft grin.

Before Sarah could retort, bright lights snapped on outside the manor, heralded by internal alarms from the home's security systems. Both young women leapt from the couch, running quickly to the house's main door and swinging it open. Roxy stood just outside the outer gates, regarding the manor emotionlessly. Caitlin ran across the grounds while Sarah floated into the air and flew to her waiting friend.

"Rox, are you okay?" inquired Caitlin as she keyed open the gates, then rushed forward to hug the stationary girl warmly.

"I'm fine, if you let me breathe," mumbled Roxy from within Cat's crushing embrace.

Caitlin released Roxy with a chagrined smile, then turned as Sarah landed quietly and moved to stand next to the redhead.

"Lynch is going to kill you for going out," warned Sarah with a frown.

"I'll be fine," dismissed Roxy as she elbowed past the two girls, marching with determination towards the brightly illuminated manor.

"What the hell's going on?" asked Lynch as he emerged from the house's doorway. "Roxanne, where the blazes have you been?"

"Out," replied Roxy before she pushed past her irate guardian and walked towards her bedroom.

"This isn't the end of it, Roxanne," promised Lynch before he returned downstairs angrily. The yard lights went dark and the alarms turned silent as Caitlin and Sarah returned to the house. The two girls climbed the manor's wide staircase, then walked across a long hallway towards Roxy's bedroom when they noticed that their friend was in another room. Peering inside, Caitlin and Sarah stared wide-eyed as Roxy used a linked terminal to shut down all of the manor's alarms and security systems.

"Rox, what're you doing?" asked Caitlin with concern, since Roxanne had never had any interest in computers before.

"Trying to access a game," lied Roxy before she turned off the monitor and spun to face her two friends. She smiled innocently, folding her hands behind her back.

"Are you feeling well?" asked Cat as she entered the room, followed closely by Sarah.

"Couldn't be better," replied Roxy as she looked up into Caitlin's large, green eyes.

An explosion ended Roxanne's sentence, followed by the roar of an armored van as it tore through the outer gates and sped across the grass towards the main entrance. Before Caitlin or Sarah could react, Roxy used her power, making Cat so heavy that she slammed to her knees painfully. With a glance, Roxy turned Sarah light as air, sending her smashing into the ceiling, knocking the air from her lungs. Roxy ran from the study room, breaking contact with Sarah which sent the raven-haired girl plummeting to the floor. Roxy ran down the main staircase, heedless as the entrance door exploded into a cloud of wood shavings. Kelly entered the house first, armed with a rotary cannon and a backpack of ammo. When Burnout appeared on the second story balcony, the Ork opened fire, shredding the young man apart into a smear of gore. Aleatha came in next, her small hands glowing with eldritch energy as she searched warily for a target. A third man followed the Ork and Elf, dressed in jeans and a light black coat. He carried a lethal autorifle that he pointed in a sweeping arc, covering the entire foyer as Kelly and Aleatha advanced deeper into the house.

"We're in," reported the man into an active headset.

"Be careful, Shepherd. I want the females alive, you can kill everyone else," replied Ivana from a far-off command post.

"Roger," acknowledged Shepherd before he smoothly climbed the stairs, the laser sight on his rifle emitting a frightening lance of red light as he held the weapon tightly in both hands.

Grunge staggered outside his room, vainly trying to pull up a pair of shorts as Shepherd stabbed him with his beam sight. The expressionless, bearded man fired a long burst from his rifle, armor-piercing slugs punching into Grunge's yielding skin. The wounded hero pressed his hand against the manor's wall, unconsciously using his power to take on the texture of the wall's surface. Unfortunately, the wall was not reinforced, but very breakable as Shepherd emptied his clip into Grunge, punching fatal holes into the helpless young man's body.

Sarah staggered out of the study room, her head throbbing as she witnessed Grunge die in a hail of gunfire. Snarling with rage, Sarah raised her right hand, unleashing a stream of blinding lightning that coiled and burned Shepherd's flesh. The attacker screamed in agony, falling limply to the ground as his skin and clothing smoked. Sarah walked forward, lightning gathering in her hands as she prepared to release a killing volley at the prone invader. Without warning, a greenish bolt smashed into Sarah's body, making her go limp as she fell unconscious to the floor. Kelly charged up the stairs, holding his cannon at the ready as his gaze turned to his prone partner.

"Shepherd! I'll kill that fucking indian bitch!" spat the Ork while he raised his heavy weapon.

"Kelly! Don't!" admonished Aleatha just as Caitlin stumbled into the hallway. Instinctively, Kelly opened fire with the rotary cannon, thousands of rounds filling the passage as they tore into Caitlin's tall form. Armor-piercing bullets ripped into Caitlin, tearing her dress into strips of loose cloth. Naked but unwounded, Cat stalked forward, anger marring her alluring beauty as she closed in on the two intruders. Frowning with concentration, Aleatha thrust out her right hand, casting another Mana Bolt that shot forward and buried itself in Caitlin's flat stomach. Cat grunted in pain as magical energy overwhelmed her muscles and nerves, casting her brain into black numbness. The naked young woman fell onto her stomach, her limbs slack with unconsciousness as the Elf and Ork slowly walked forward.

"Shepherd's still alive, he's just severely shocked," pronounced Aleatha while she walked over the prone bodies of Caitlin and Sarah. Kneeling beside the helpless man, the Elf girl invoked Healing magic just as the house shook with an underground explosion.

"The little slitch did her job," commented Kelly with a terse nod of approval.

"Call the chopper in," said Aleatha as she poured some of her lifeforce into Shepherd's prone form.

Talking softly into a hand transmitter, Kelly communicated with their waiting transport, then looked down at the kneeling Elf girl.

"They're on their way," confirmed the Ork.

"Go back to the van and get the explosives. You know what to do," ordered Aleatha coolly.

"Yes, maam, Queen Aleatha," snarled Kelly before he returned to the staircase and descended to the waiting van. The Elf girl smiled smugly as she helped a groggy Shepherd to his feet, then moved to pick up Sarah and drag her outside. Shaking his head groggily, Shepherd stumbled to Caitlin's limp body, then whistled appreciatively at the naked girl's smooth ass and delicious legs. Grabbing Cat under the armpits, which unfortunately allowed him to cup her large, round breasts, Shepherd dragged the heavy girl down the stairs to the wide open grounds, where Aleatha waited with Sarah in her arms. A black helicopter descended nearly silently to the ground, a side door opening to reveal Ivana in a tight, black, rubber bodystocking and her hair in a severe bun.

"Move your asses, people!" urged the domineering female as she beckoned with her hand. Aleatha and Shepherd moved forward with their loads, reaching the open hatchway and pushing the unconscious women inside. Roxy ran from the manor, quickly reaching the chopper and climbing nimbly inside. Kelly emerged from the damaged house, waving his right arm before returning to the van and swinging the vehicle towards the torn gates. The helicopter rose into the clear, night sky, its blades making very little noise as it ascended into the heavens and charged south. Ivana squatted near the cockpit, pitching her voice over the chopper's engine.

"Kelly, blow the place!" ordered the raven-haired woman.

Nearly instantaneously, the manor house and home of Gen 13 exploded in a bright flash of raging fire. A violet shockwave expanded from the center of the blast, rippling the ground and shattering the outer wall like a toy fence.

"So much for Gen 13 and dear Lynch's little dream," crowed Ivana smugly as she watched the debris of the manor rain down into a large, smoking crater.


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