Gen 13: Part 4 - Interludes And Penetrations (Ff,MMF,F-dom,ncon)
by PJ ([email protected])

John Lynch narrowed his eyes against the glaring sun, searching the dense jungle foliage for the ancient temple reputed to be in the area. The journey to South America proved uneventful, allowing Lynch to gather supplies and weapons for the long trek into the untamed wilderness. At the moment, Lynch was dressed in full jungle attire, with a brimmed, brown hat and a bulky backpack. He carried an AK-98 rifle with integrated mini-grenade launcher, as well as an Ares Predator heavy pistol within a belt holster. Birds and other jungle denizens screeched and howled as the tall, thin man resumed his march, heading roughly southeast through the tall trees. An hour later, Lynch reached the edge of a large clearing, the ruined site of a once impressive temple.

Pumping a round into the firing chamber of the AK, Lynch quickly crossed the open clearing, then climbed the rubble-choked staircase to the dark opening at the summit. Snapping on a wide-beamed flashlight, John crept into the abandoned temple, playing the shaft of white light across decayed statues and wall carvings. Finding the main chamber empty, Lynch discovered a staircase leading down. Descending slowly, with flashlight in one hand and rifle in the other, John advanced into the stygian depths until he emerged into a round burial chamber. A central sarcophagus dominated the room, surrounded by dozens of alcoves within the walls filled with filth-encrusted skeletons. Heralded by a sharp, vicious hiss, a shadowy form sprang forward, knocking away John's flash while pinning him helplessly to a nearby wall.

"What are you doing here?" snarled a thin-faced woman with long, razor-sharp fangs.

"," choked out Lynch as he struggled vainly in the emanciated woman's grasp.

"My help?" sputtered the woman before she broke out into surprised laughter. "I haven't been out of this damned crypt in over a decade, and you want me to help you?"

The black-haired woman released Lynch from her throat hold, then backed away to lean against the dusty tomb in the chamber's heart.

"Thank you, Rachel," began Lynch as he rubbed his bruised neck. "I see that you've retained your memorable charm."

"You always did appreciate it," retorted Rachel with a gleaming eye.

"I need you to help me free three young women kidnapped by Ivana Baiul. She's taken them to one of her secret installations not far from here. It'll be heavily guarded, and I can't break in alone."

"I need something in return," replied the bony female.

"What?" asked John with a touch of apprehension.

"The only thing a vampire ever truly needs, blood," answered Rachel achingly.

Lynch stared at Rachel blankly for several moments, then sighed softly to himself in resignation.

"I'll do whatever I have to in order to save my girls," agreed the scarred man before Rachel came forward in a blur and stood so close her withered breasts rubbed against his chest.

"Then we have a deal," whispered Rachel as she slowly pulled away Lynch's jacket and shirt from his tanned neck. The raven-tressed woman sniffed John's musky scent, then slowly slid her fangs into his rough flesh. John grinded his teeth together as a cold numbness blossomed from his neck and covered his shoulder and left arm. Rachel sucked loudly on his neck, feeding ravenously on the man's rich lifeblood. As she took the blood into her dried out body, muscle and flesh regenerated on her thin frame. Legs, stomach, and breasts grew lush and firm, skin transformed from wrinkled parchment to smooth silk. Rachel's hair became lustrous and full, while her face became alluring and her lips grew red with vitality.

Lynch grew limp against the cold, stone wall, his strength fading as it transferred to the starving vampiress. With a strangled, agonizing groan, Rachel withdrew her fangs from John's flesh, her body restored to the appearance of a wanton goddess.

"I feel better already," smiled Rachel seductively before she ran a long-nailed finger across Lynch's left cheek. "Rest here. I'll hunt something for you to eat so you can regain your strength."

Bowing low at the waist, which exposed a generous view of her smooth cleavage, Rachel flew from the room, the motion too quick for Lynch to follow as she sailed out into the dusk to hunt the animals of the jungle once more.

* * *

Nebula sat alone as two joygirls stood on stage rubbing and caressing each other's naked bodies. Tuneless, glass-shaking music blared across the lightly occupied club while the strippers frenched each other for the audience's amusement. An out of place suit entered the building, scanning the room's decrepit occupants until he spotted the redhead alone at a corner table. Nebula was dressed in slick, red shorts, fishnet stockings, knee boots, and a loose, leather vest. The shadow girl had sheathed knives in her boots, a Predator at her hip, and glinting razor nails on her delicate-looking hands as she glanced up at the Mr. Johnson, then lowered her silver-eyed gaze back to her half-empty beer bottle.

"Ms. Nebula," greeted Mr. Johnson before he sat primly upon an opposing chair, then glanced distastefully at the drunk, dull-eyed patrons around him.

"I want to keep this short. My employer wishes to hire you for a mission in South America, there is a hidden base conducting research that my corp wants stopped immediately. If you agree to take the assignment, I can give you a certified cred stick for five-hundred thousand nguyen, plus another three-hundred thousand upon successful completion of your task. Are you interested, Ms. Nebula?"

"Who's running the lab?" asked Nebula distantly.

"Ivana Baiul, a former director of I.O., now an independent contracted with Aztechnology," replied Johnson tersely.

"Aztech's pretty big down south," commented Nebula. "Are they providing major support to this Ivana slitch?"

"As far as our intel can determine, Aztechnology is merely providing financial backing, nothing more," said Mr. Johnson.

"Well, that's something," commented Nebula. "Okay, I'll take it."

"Good. I have a private jet fueled and ready to depart at your convenience," informed the suit as he rose to his feet. "This cred stick has all the relevant information for your journey. Good luck."

"Thanks," muttered the redhead before she accepted the golden, palm-sized cylinder from the executive. Nodding in farewell, Mr. Johnson quickly exited the foul-odored club, linking up with two body guards watching a black limo parked near the curb.

"Eight-hundred k, not bad for a little scortch and burn," murmured Nebula before she finished her beer, then sauntered out of the strip club for her doss and stowed equipment.

* * *

Ivana reclined upon the red, silk sheets of her large bed, sipping from a crystal glass of wine as Dr. Franklin stood apprehensively at the foot of the bed with a sheaf of notes.

"I've finished my peliminary scans of Ms. Fairchild. I believe that I have isolated several of the gene strands that grant her increased strength and resiliance to damage."

"When can you replicate those strands in another human being?" asked Ivana coolly.

"It will be several months, at least," replied Franklin while his forehead beaded with nervous sweat. "The chemistry involved is quite complex, I'm going to have to build several pieces of unique equipment to perform the operation."

"You have two weeks," said Ivana with a cold stare.

"What?! That's preposterous! It can't be done!" sputtered the old man.

"You'll do it, or you're fired," stated Ivana as she lifted a laser-sighted pistol with her right hand and pointed the beam of ruby light straight between Franklin's widened eyes.

"Umm, I'll do my best," stammered the doctor while his bulging eyes focused on the bright beam of light.

"I'm sure you will, doctor," smiled Ivana as her gun's aim remained firm.

Bowing at the waist, Franklin quickly exited the ornate bedroom, followed moments later by the entrance of Roxy. The young woman wore a thin, golden teddy that exposed her slim legs and firm ass. Although the night garment was clean, Roxy herself was coated in dried cum and sweat, her short hair plastered to her head or spiked in several directions. Crusty mancream hung from her soft, red lips, small flakes falling to the floor as she smiled warmly at her mistress.

"My, you've had a busy day, haven't you," smiled Ivana indulgently as she admired Roxy's whorish appearance. "Did every guard in my employ fuck you senseless?"

"Yes, mistress," whispered Roxanne huskily as she knelt upon the edge of the bed, leaning forward to exhibit her jism-caked breasts.

"Good girl," nodded Ivana with approval. "I'm glad that you're earning your keep. Here, have something to eat."

The raven-haired dominatrix dipped a ripe strawberry into a small bowl of cream on her nightstand, then dangled the fruit teasingly before Roxy. The slim girl crawled forward, extending her tongue to lick the fruit as her moist lips closed around the offering. Ivana held onto the strawberry, pulling it backwards until Roxy's lovely face was right next to her own. The woman placed the cream-drenched fruit on her mouth, forcing Roxy to press her own lips against her cruel captor's. Roxanne ate the sweet fruit, then submissively allowed Ivana to devour her lips with a cool mouth and tongue. Ivana ran her fingers through the girl's filthy, black hair, pulling Roxy's head back to expose her bare throat. Ivana licked down Roxanne's smooth neck, then nibbled the young woman's flesh till she reached her pert tits. The pale-skinned woman pulled down the shoulder straps of the teddy, unwrapping Roxy's torso for ravishing.

Ivana fastened her lips on Roxy's left breast, sucking loudly and wetly as she filled her mouth with the girl's sweet, cum-soaked flesh. Roxy moaned loudly, wrapping her arms around Ivana's neck and pressing the woman's face into her warm bosom.

* * *

Sarah Rainmaker languished in her cell, her slim arms chained above her head as she sat on cold stone. The deeply tanned indian girl stared at the empty manacles dangling in the center of the small room, restraints that had once held her friend and lover, Caitlin Fairchild. Hours had passed since Flare had ravaged Cat, then taken the girl away for some kind of experiment. Black hair fell across Sarah's beautiful face, obscuring her vision as the cell door opened and two soldiers stepped inside.

"The bitch is pretty, no?" commented one of the guards in Spanish.

"You were right, let's have some fun with her," agreed the second man before they both walked forward to stand before the fearful young woman.

"What's going on? What the hell do you guys want?" demanded Sarah with false bravado.

One of the guards removed an inhibitor collar from his webbing, then roughly fastened the metal device over Sarah's neck. The second guard released the struggling girl from her manacles, then slapped her hard across the face. Sarah fell prone to the stone floor, her cheek burning as one of the men turned her onto her back, then tore the t-shirt from her torso. The second man pulled off Sarah's jeans as the first guard held her arms down over her head. The soldier at her legs spread her thighs apart, grinning as he stared at her exposed bush.

"Let me go!" screamed Sarah as she watched the guard kneeling in front of her slide forward to cup and fondle her round tits. The indian girl fought vainly as the man pinched her nipples, pulling them painfully until they were cherry-red with bruising. The guard holding her wrists leaned down, licking her face with a thick, wet tongue before he thrust his probe into her delicate mouth. Sarah moaned loudly in protest, her eyes wide with alarm as the man kneeling between her legs began sucking and licking her tits hungrily. Drool trickled down her flat stomach as the two men ravished her naked body. The guard kissing her pulled away, dripping spit across her nose and mouth before he slapped her across the face, weakening her enough to make it safe to let go of her arms. Quickly, the man unfastened his combat pants, pulling out a hardening cock that he slowly rubbed across Sarah's assaulted nostrils. The second soldier licked and sucked on the prone girl's skin, proceeding down her stomach to her helpless snatch. Sarah trembled in disgust as the guard licked the lips of her pussy, then nuzzled her thick batch of dark pubic hair. The soldier at her face pressed his cock against her wet lips, then dragged the engorged member over her smooth cheeks. Sarah closed her eyes, moving her head from side to side in futile denial.

* * *

Ivana sat against the headboard of her bed, her thighs spread apart as Roxy knelt in front of her, lapping her glistening cunt happily. The naked woman ran both hands through the girl's thick hair, pressing Roxy's face into the throbbing slit before her. Roxy slid her tongue into Ivana's pussy, thrusting deeply into the woman's vagina until she moaned with pleasure.

"Yesss, that's the way, my little slut," crooned Ivana as she thrust her crotch against Roxy's face, her breasts heaving with each gasp. Roxy continued to lick and suck on her mistress' labia and cunt, her lips wet with female honey while she buried her mouth and nose in the lithe woman's fuckhole. Roxy's ass pushed up, the g-string of her panties cutting into the crack of her cheeks as they moved sensuously up and down in rhythm to her cunt-licking. Ivana gasped in ecstasy, her pussy growing hot with lust as she raked her sharp fingernails across Roxy's bare back, slicing shallow furrows into the girl's silky skin.

* * *

Sarah's eyes remained closed as her head pumped up and down the shaft of one of the guard's cocks. She was on hands and knees, her head hovering above one guard's crotch as the other soldier grasped her tight ass and thrust his hard cock into her yielding cunt. The grunts of the men filled the small, dark cell as Sarah's mouth was stuffed with throbbing manmeat, her lips stretched wide to accomodate the shaft of pulsing muscle. The soldier fucking her pussy slapped her round asscheeks hard, making them red with abuse before he grabbed her by the hips and pushed his cock even deeper into her belly. The man pumping his rod into Sarah's warm mouth shot his load, spurting a torrent of hot cum down her clenching throat. Sarah choked on the guard's cream, coughing it out to coat her face and lips. The guard laughed at the naked girl's filthy appearance, then pulled roughly on her long, black hair.

"Lick it up, bitch!" commanded the soldier in Spanish. When Sarah failed to comply, the guard frowned and slapped her hard. "Lick it up!"

Sarah just stared at the soldier, her eyes vacant with shock and pain, her mouth slack and dripping with cum. The man ran his hands over her drenched face, gathering his seed, then stuffing his sticky fingers into Sarah's open mouth. The guard screwing Sarah's pussy grunted with each thrust, his crotch smacking loudly against her bare ass as he pumped again and again into her slick love tunnel. Gasping suddenly, the man gushed cum into her womb, overflowing her cunt until it dripped streams of white goo.

* * *

Roxy's low moans filled the bedroom as her young body pumped up and down. She sat over Ivana's crotch with her back facing the brunette woman, her pussy filled with a huge, rubber dildo that was strapped to Ivana's waist. Roxy pressed her hands to the bed as she slid her cunt up and down the shaft of the thick rod. Ivana ran her long-fingered hands across Roxy's nude body, fondling the girl's pert breasts as she thrust her crotch against Roxy's round ass. Roxanne threw back her head, her mouth wide open as she gasped with pleasure. Her cunt yawned wide to accept the hard rubber tool, the folds of her labia caressing the large shaft as it thrust deeply into her tight vagina. Roxy's movements became more frantic as her body rose to an orgasm, her breathing turning to brief gasps as her cunt moved over the dildo faster and faster. The naked girl's legs trembled with strain as her pussy grew hot with arousal, sticky juices trickling down her inner thighs just before she cummed with a ear-shaking scream. Honey spurted from Roxy's throbbing slit, staining the expensive sheets as she fell limply across Ivana's nude body. Ivana kissed Roxy's delicate neck, her hands caressing the girl's left tit and stomach before sliding down to rub a drenched, quivering pussy. The decadent woman slid the fingers of her right hand across Roxy's snatch, gathering samples of warm fluid from around the dildo that still resided in the girl's pink vagina. Ivana raised the dripping hand to her own red lips, then slowly savored the girl's cream as she licked it from her digits with relish.


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