Gen 13: Part 6 - The Chase (Mf)
by PJ ([email protected])

Two helicopters hovered over the smoking ruins of Ivana's jungle installation. The sun was rising to high noon as one of the choppers descended into the main courtyard of the compound, disgorging a tall, black-haired man and several men in military gear who formed a tight perimeter around the whirring airship.

"Where the fuck are they?" muttered Deacons before he checked the load of his assault rifle. "Maybe the fucking bitch is dead."

"What a terrible thing to say," retorted Ivana as she emerged from a cloud of smoke wearing dark sunglasses and carrying a thin cigarette in her right hand. Other survivors followed the slim, coldly beautiful woman: Kelly, the ork, Shepherd, and Roxanne.

"Sorry, ma'am," apologized Deacons quickly as he straightened to attention.

"That's 'sir', Deacs," corrected Ivana before she slammed her left fist into his crotch. Deacons groaned, clutching his damaged cock while attempting to keep his weak legs upright. Ivana climbed into the helicopter, leaning forward to speak to the pilot.

"Take us up, initiate an alpha search pattern of the region. I'm looking for Lynch and two girls. There may be others with them, but concentrate the scanners on gen- active signatures."

"Yes, sir," acknowledged the pilot while he waited for a staggering Deacons and Ivana's companions to enter the chopper and secure the hatchway. When the hatch snicked shut, the pilot pulled back his stick, forcing the helicopter into the clear sky where both choppers began a meticulous search of the jungle below.

* * *

The sun's heat beat down on Lynch, Caitlin, and Sarah as they walked north, towards the border and home. Lynch led the group, cradling his assault rifle while blazing a trail through the thick, clinging foliage. Caitlin followed the thin man, occasionally helping Sarah navigate vines or other natural obstacles. Sarah dragged behind, her body weak and bruised from the severe rapes she endured while staying in Ivana's dungeon. The trio traveled all day, then as night fell, they stopped near a small lake to rest for the night. Lynch merely drank from the lake and refilled the water bottles, then he stationed himself close-by but out of sight while Cat and Sarah removed their sweat and filth- stained clothes to take a long, relaxing bath in the clean, cool, water. After the two girls put on new clothes provided by Lynch: khaki shorts, shirts, and short, travel boots, they rejoined Lynch to enjoy a small meal of travel rations and water.

"When did Rachel leave?" asked Caitlin after dinner.

"Last night. She can't stand to be near people for very long, it's too tempting for her," replied Lynch as he stared into the crackling fire.

"When do you think we'll reach the border?" asked Sarah softly.

"If we keep good time, maybe a week," answered Lynch while he looked up to watch Sarah with concern. "Hopefully we'll be able to reach a city and buy some faster transport out of here."

Sarah grunted in response, curling within her blanket and huddling close to the fire. Lynch and Caitlin sat in silence, listening to the many denizens of the jungle hunt and mate within the stygian darkness.

With a shrill scream, Flare jumped out of the vegetation, her red wings outspread as she slammed into Caitlin and tried to claw her belly open with razor sharp talons. Cat punched Flare twice in the face, then kicked the demoness away with one long leg. Flare twisted her lithe body until she landed on her feet, then she hissed angrily, baring white, dripping fangs before she charged Caitlin once more. Lightning crackled as Sarah extended her right arm, hurling blue bolts of electricity into the red-skinned female. Flare screamed in pain, wrapping her left wing around her body to take the brunt of the lightning blast. Lynch raised his rifle, firing a long stream of bullets that tore Flare's wing to bloody shreds. As the demon woman staggered back, Caitlin snarled angrily, jumping on top of her and pounding her fists into the prone woman's body. Bones snapped like dry wood, flesh mashed into a pulp as Caitlin struck again and again with bloodlust. With a roar of vengeful hate, Cat picked up Flare's broken body, raised it over her head, and hurled the pile of bloody flesh deep into the center of the lake. The cold water quickly devoured Flare's body, a few small, fading bubbles the only sign of the demon woman's passing.

"Are you okay?" asked Lynch as he walked forward, putting a comforting arm over Caitlin's right shoulder. The tall, red-haired girl sobbed quietly, then turned to press herself against Lynch's hard chest, her face buried in his shoulder as she hugged him tightly and cried wretchedly. Lynch held Caitlin lightly, uncertain how to react as the muscled girl released her grief and despair upon him. After many moments, Cat released Lynch, sniffling loudly while brushing tears away with her right arm.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Lynch. I didn't mean to embarrass you," apologized Caitlin as she stared at the ground.

"That's alright. You have every reason to cry, I would to if I remembered how," soothed Lynch before he patted Cat on the shoulder, then moved to resume his place near the fire. Caitlin walked to her bedding, wrapped herself up, then turned her back to the fire as Lynch watched over both girls. When Lynch could hear them both sleeping, he stood up and left the camp, traveling a short distance down the lake's edge to watch the stars. The water was still and placid, no sign of Flare coming up could be seen. Sighing with relief, Lynch gazed upwards, searching a clear, black sky for answers that weren't there. Movement caught Lynch's attention, he spun quickly at the noise to find Caitlin standing before him, dressed only in an oversized sleeping shirt.

"I couldn't sleep," replied Cat to Lynch's questioning gaze while she drew closer to the older man.

"You need your rest," admonished Lynch as he stared into Cat's wide, clear, green eyes.

"I feel fine," reassured Caitlin as she stood very close to Lynch, her delicate hands extending out to rest on his chest.

"Caitlin, we need to talk," began Lynch just before Caitlin shot forward and kissed him lingeringly on the mouth. The old man's eyes widened in surprise, he tasted Caitlin's lips, found them soft and sweet, like a ripe fruit. Caitlin broke the embrace, running her tongue across red-hued lips.

"Make love to me, Mr. Lynch," breathed Cat in a husky voice.

"No, Caitlin. I'm old enough to be your father," protested Lynch as he backed away from the softly panting girl.

"Please! I love you!" declared Caitlin with heated fervor before she unbuttoned her nightshirt, letting it fall to the ground at her feet.

John gasped in helpless admiration, gazing at Caitlin's large, luscious breasts, flat stomach, and smooth, endless legs.

"Make love to me!" begged Caitlin as she rushed forward again, crushing her lips against John's astonished mouth.

Slowly, unconsciously, Lynch slid his arms around Cat's shapely waist, his returning kiss growing stronger in intensity as his hands caressed the naked girl's lower back and ass. Caitlin melted in his embrace, her body pliant in his grasp as she devoured his mouth with her own. After kissing for an eternity, Caitlin pressed John softly to the ground, then knelt in-between his legs as she eagerly unzipped his pants. Lynch lay compliantly on the soft earth, disbelieving his own senses as he watched a girl he considered his own daughter take his penis out and begin licking it like a sex-starved prostitute. Caitlin moaned with pleasure as she licked up and down John's cock, relishing the taste of his meat as she anointed the member with her saliva. The cock grew erect and hard as Caitlin rubbed her red lips across the tool's skin, her lips enfolding and caressing the cock as her mouth slid up and down its length. Lynch gasped for breath, his senses burning as he felt Caitlin take his penis inside her mouth and begin sucking deeply on it. John couldn't believe that Cat was taking his cock into her throat, her tongue sliding up and down his shaft, tickling the head until pre-cum oozed out. Caitlin's head bobbed up and down as she sucked John's pole, her lips a wanton vice that squeezed her lover's cock until it throbbed with building pressure.

Just before Lynch orgasmed, Caitlin stopped her laviscious mouth action, crawling over John's prone form to kiss him passionately on the lips. John didn't hesitate to return Cat's kiss this time, their tongues caressing each other as Caitlin's hands moved over John's chest, removing his shirt to expose his flat, muscled chest. Caitlin ceased kissing Lynch to move down his neck, planting little kisses across his warm flesh as she descended across his chest, then down his stomach until she reached his waist. Smiling mischievously, Cat pulled off John's pants, then straddled his crotch with her own. Reaching under her thighs, Caitlin carefully grabbed Lynch's cock, then slid the hard member into her moist pussy. She gasped with a hiss of breath as she felt the hard tool enter her vagina, filling her womb with warm manmeat as her weight pushed the penis deeply into her womanhood. When her cunt pressed against John's crotch, Caitlin began pumping her hips, her ass muscles clenching as she forced Lynch's cock back and forth within her tight belly. Man and girl moaned in unison, their naked bodies writhing with erotic pleasure as Cat thrust John's pole into her narrow fuckhole. John reached upwards, grasping Caitlin's large, bouncing breasts, then kneading them like rich, soft dough, caressing the silky flesh with his questing fingers. He slid the wide nipples between his hands' fingers, pinching them until they grew hard with arousal. Caitlin groaned with ecstasy, pressing her hands over John's, encouraging him to fondle her tits as she fucked his cock with all of her might. After riding Lynch's hardened penis, Caitlin dismounted, her breasts heaving for air as she turned around, presenting her round ass for John's pleasure.

"Please, fuck me from behind," asked Caitlin while she wiggled her ass invitingly.

Panting for breath, his skin drenched in sweat, Lynch staggered forward, grasping Caitlin's hips for support, then shoving his cock deep into the red-haired girl's dripping pussy. Cat moaned loudly, her fingers digging into the dirt as Lynch pushed his pole deeper into her slick vagina.

"Yesss, oh yesss!" groaned Caitlin before she bit her lip, then began pumping her ass to force her lover's cock farther into her hungry womb. John thrust back and forth, his rough hands caressing Caitlin's smooth, silky ass cheeks, then running up her smooth, creamy back as she thrust out her hips slutfully. Lynch pulled Caitlin up by her shoulders, pressing her body against his chest as he thrust into her cunt, his hands reaching around to fondle and squeeze her huge tits while she panted like a bitch in heat. Cat took two of John's fingers, sucking lewdly on them as his cock slid into her pussy, filling her belly with his engorged shaft until she was burning with an approaching orgasm.

"John, I'm going to cum!" panted Caitlin as she leaned against Lynch's strong body, her breasts ripe and pert in the man's caressing hands as she pressed her ass against his hot crotch. Caitlin fell forward onto her hands and knees, her tits wiggling back and forth as Lynch's cock slammed into her pussy, her ass a soft cushion until John orgasmed inside her, hot semen shooting deeply into her stomach. Caitlin groaned loudly, her own orgasm filling her brain until it burst, sticky honey pouring from her quivering cunt and down her firm, inner thighs.

Caitlin and Lynch laid together by the lake, the cool water lapping across their naked bodies as John hugged the red-maned girl close.

"I don't know how we're going to explain this to Sarah," whispered John into Caitlin's ear, his hands roaming across her stomach.

"Don't. Let's make this a secret just between you and me," suggested Caitlin as she merged her hands with John's, snuggling her soft, warm body closer to John's hard, wiry frame.

"Okay, we'll do it your way, again," smiled Lynch before he softly kissed the back of Caitlin's neck.

* * *

"This isn't working!" shouted Ivana as she sat away from the scanner in disgust. "Open a comm channel for me, I want to get everybody out here: DV8, my mercenaries, everybody."

"Everyone?" asked Kelly uncertainly.

"EVERYONE!!" screamed Ivana in frothing fury.


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