Gen 13: Part 7 - Battle Royale (Mf)
by PJ ([email protected])

Combat helicopters filled the morning sky like a swarm of locusts, black-hulled airships darting across the thick green trees of the jungle as they searched for Lynch, Caitlin, and Sarah.

"Report from chopper #24," said the co-pilot of Ivana's transport. "Bliss and Aleatha made it out of the base ruins. They've boarded the airship and are continuing the search in sector twelve-east."

"Good. Tell them to proceed," ordered Ivana before she took a long drag on her cigarette, her moist, red lips pursing sensuously over the slim cylinder. Ivana knelt between the two piloting chairs, gazing out of the cockpit window as several other helicopters flew by in wide search patterns. Shepherd and Deacons sat on benches facing each other near the hatchway, assault rifles aimed at the ceiling while resting in their laps. Kelly sat on the opposite side of the passenger compartment, his thick, meaty fingers under Roxy's panties as he fondled her pussy with a large, fanged grin on his face. Roxanne's soft, ecstatic moans filled the chopper as it sped across the treetops in search of the three escapees.

* * *

Lynch marched quickly through the thick foliage, rifle held tightly as he led the way north to apparent safety. Caitlin and Sarah followed their guardian and mentor, the indian girl moving easier and with greater agility as her wounds continued to heal. As their pursuers drew closer, Lynch had issued weapons to both girls, an autopistol for Sarah, while Caitlin received a large assault rifle with an underslung grenade launcher. The morning was spent moving swiftly through the jungle, Lynch intent on either reaching the border or a large town in order to buy faster transport. Miles of vegetation were traversed, but Lynch refused to give up, he remained optimistic as he urged the girls onwards.

"I hate jungles," said Copycat as she marched sullenly through the tall trees and brush.

"Then hurry up so we can leave," retorted Sublime as she waited further ahead for the short red-head to catch up.

"It's hot, and I'm sweating," moaned the young girl while she wiped perspiration from her pale forehead.

"Quit bitching and move it, girl," snarled the tall blonde with hands resting on hips.

"You're the bitch, you leather-clad fucktoy," hissed Copycat with bared teeth and frenzied eyes.

"CC, you're losing it again," observed Sublime in a bored voice.

"Oops! Sorry," apologized the girl as she clapped a hand over her mouth.

"That's okay, just try to keep up," replied the blonde before she inhaled deeply, stretching the tight leather over her large breasts, then resumed her advance north towards the ruins of a huge temple.

* * *

Caitlin fired a long burst from her rifle, then launched a grenade that blew up with a loud bang. Shredded mercenary bodies spun into the air as trees cracked and fell loudly to the ground. Caitlin swivelled, then ran after Sarah and Lynch as they reached a large clearing that surrounded a tall, decayed pyramid.

"We'll use that temple for cover," said Lynch desperately before he began sprinting for the stone structure. Sarah floated into the air, using wind to fly towards the abandoned temple. Isolated shots rang from the trees, then a group of soldiers appeared at the edge of the clearing, firing bursts from Uzis at the fleeing form of Fairchild. Caitlin's brown shirt was ripped to shreds, exposing her lace, white bra as she turned briefly and returned fire with her rifle. The chests of two soldiers burst open, while the third man took a round to the throat. The tall, long-legged redhead ran after her friends, quickly reaching Lynch, then keeping pace with him.

"Go hide inside, don't worry about me," gasped the old man.

"I won't leave you, Mr. Lynch," refused Caitlin stubbornly.

"After last night, you can call me John."

"I know, it just seems...unnatural," replied the young woman.

Lynch laughed briefly, then wheezed for breath when he finally reached the tall entry portal to the temple. Sarah waited nearby, her autopistol sputtering briefly as she laid down covering fire. While Lynch leaned against the portal's edge, Fairchild supporting him gently, several black helicopters appeared over the trees, their noses pointed towards the trio. Sarah lowered her pistol, then raised her right hand, summoning harsh, bright lightning that flared out and stabbed the approaching aircraft. Two choppers blew up immediately as lightning hit their fuel tanks, igniting the ships like roman candles. The third airship's cockpit shattered as a bolt smashed inside, frying the vehicle's occupants and sending the ship whirling out of control to the right, where it slammed into a group of trees and exploded with a column of thick smoke. More helicopters appeared in the sky, but they remained beyond the edge of the clearing, hovering malevolently in wait.

Lynch and the girls moved inside the temple, watching their pursuers through the wide portal as they knelt down to rest and reload weapons.

"What are we going to do? We're trapped," said Sarah morosely.

"I'll think of something," replied Lynch with a reassuring smile.

"Have faith in Mr. Lynch," remarked Caitlin brightly.

"That's easy for you to say. I didn't sleep with him," retorted Sarah with a dark frown.

"You heard?" asked Fairchild as she blushed deeply.

"I think everything around that lake did, including the dead demoness" answered Sarah with a mischievous grin.

Caitlin cuffed Sarah's shoulder while Lynch coughed loudly into his arm, then all three companions stared outside as a lone helicopter landed at the edge of the clearing and disgorged Ivana, Roxy, two men, and an ork.

"I want this whole area sealed," ordered Ivana as she stood before the temple, her black ponytail whipping in the air from the chopper's backwash. Shepherd and Deacons knelt at the woman's flanks, rifles cocked and ready. Kelly raised his chain gun, a large backpack of ammo strapped across his wide shoulders. Roxanne stood at Ivana's right and slightly behind, her short, black curls fluttering around her pale, youthful face. Scores of soldiers in green fatigues surrounded the pyramid, the only break in the circle was where Sublime and Copycat emerged from the undergrowth.

"Alright, Lynch. It's all over," shouted Ivana over the whirr of the chopper's blades. "Come out and you won't be shot."

"Forgive me if I don't believe you," retorted Lynch from the blackness of the temple's interior.

"Don't make me come in there after you," warned Ivana coldly. "It won't be pretty."

"Nothing you've ever done was pretty, Ivana," replied John.

"All units, go in," commanded Ivana into a headset pickup.

The clearing swarmed with soldiers bearing rifles, their combat boots churning up the bare ground beneath them. Caitlin appeared at the temple entrance, her rifle spitting loudly as she emptied a clip into the advancing horde. Many men fell, blood gushing to soak the dry earth as their comrades returned fire, dozens of guns flaring with bullet fire. Fairchild slammed against the side of the temple, her clothing torn to tatters as she reloaded her weapon, then emptied it yet again into the throng. Shepherd and Deacons added their own weapons to the assault, while Kelly lined up on the tall girl and let loose a roaring salvo from his rotary cannon. Roxanne watched dispassionately, her mouth full of chewing gum, as Ivana stared emotionlessly and smoked her cigarette to a stub. Thunder rumbled from the east, dark clouds swimming rapidly through the air as they drew closer to the ruin. Sublime began approaching the pyramid, her body shifted to a high density while Copycat hid behind the tall blonde.

Suddenly, explosions blossomed around the marching soldiers, sending many of them screaming into the air as clouds of shrapnel tore flesh and severed limbs. More explosions appeared, the source a stream of grenades hurled by Lynch into the attackers. Thunder roared louder, growing in strength as storm clouds began to swirl around the clearing and the ruined temple. Lightning hurled down, killing more men until the gun fire died to a few weak shots. The clearing before the entry portal of the temple was littered with dead bodies, a few stragglers crawling towards the jungle before lightning or a rifle bullet ended their flight.

"Damn you, Lynch," swore Ivana before she hurled her cigarette stub to the ground and smashed it with her heeled shoe. "Boys, get them!"

Shepherd and Deacons charged the temple, rifles blazing as they screamed with bloodlust. Kelly marched after the duo, his cannon raking the front of the ruin with thousands of rounds. Bullets smashed against Fairchild's naked body, but she disregarded them as she aimed her rifle at the ork and fired a long burst from her weapon. Kelly staggered backwards, snarling with pain and anger, but continuing his attack. Caitlin stopped her continuous fire, then raised the gun to her shoulder, carefully aiming before shooting a round that caught the ork in the forehead. With arms growing slack, the dead ork fell to the ground, his cannon firing wildly into the earth until it fell from his nerveless grasp. Lynch knelt by the doorway, firing his own rifle at full auto until he caught both men with a stream of bullets.

Before Fairchild could sigh with relief, Sublime reached her, punching the redhead roughly in the stomach. As both tall girls grappled with each other, Copycat shyly walked forward, staring at Lynch with wide, red eyes.

"Put your gun down," ordered the petite girl firmly.

Trembling with effort, Lynch slowly dropped his rifle, his arms quivering as he tried to fight the girl's mental powers. Staring intently at the thin man, Copycat made Lynch slam himself against the temple's surface, then raise his hands to his throat and begin to squeeze. Ivana smiled cruelly, her eyes bright with excitement as she watched her servants batter Lynch and his love-struck whore.

"Roxanne, why don't you go help those nice girls capture Ivana's enemies," suggested the brunette smugly.

"Yes, mistress," acknowledged Roxy before she began advancing, a bubble of gum expanding from her mouth.

Sarah exited the temple's interior, her face slick with sweat from summoning the storm that writhed above them all. Rain began to fall as she touched Copycat's neck, low-level lightning stunning the girl into unconsciousness. As the indian girl turned to help Caitlin, Roxy walked up, eyes intent as she piled gravity over Sarah's body. Staggering in surprise, Sarah caught sight of Roxy at the edge of her vision as she slammed to her knees, her body growing heavier with increasing weight.

"Roxanne, don't," choked Lynch as he fought to regain his breath.

"She can't help it, she's got an implant in her head," gasped Sarah before she fell weakly to the ground, her face mashing into the wet dirt.

Lynch staggered to his feet, then charged into Roxanne, pushing her to the ground as he rubbed his coarse hands over her temples. Roxy screamed in pain, her small body spasming uncontrollably. Before unconsciousness claimed her, the short girl lashed out with her power, sending Lynch high into the air until he fell upon the summit of the pyramid.

Fairchild smashed an elbow into Sublime's face, then punched her in the stomach, sending the leather-clad girl hurling away into a patch of mud. The blonde girl jumped back to her feet, then snapped a whip forward, encircling Caitlin's neck and forcing the redhead to her knees.

Lynch stumbled to his feet, then staggered to the edge of the summit and looked down at the confrontation below. Roxy lay unconscious on the ground, while Sarah trembled up to sit unsteadily on the ground with her legs under her. Caitlin rested on her knees, a leather whip wrapped around her throat as Sublime pulled violently upon the weapon. Looking around frantically, Lynch failed to see Ivana until she slammed a foot into the back of his left leg. John fell to the ground, rolling quickly to regain his feet and crouch into a fighting stance.

"Still have a little fight in you," observed Ivana as she stalked the thin man, her arms loose and her long, bare legs graceful. John stared at Ivana with his good eye, watching the panther-like woman as she waited for an opening.

"You should never have left the agency," said Ivana with fake sorrow before she struck, right fist slamming into John's face, then more fists hitting his chest and stomach. Lynch fell back, his own arms attempting to ward off blows that he couldn't even see. Ivana kicked him in the stomach, her strike sending the old man flying to the far side of the summit.

"Isn't cybernetics great?" remarked the slim woman before she raised her hands together, then slammed them down on John's back. Bone and vertebrae snapped like dry wood, forcing John to scream in helpless agony. Ivana slapped John a backhanded blow, watching with amusement as he rolled away like a limp doll.

* * *

Fairchild heard Lynch scream, his cry of agony tearing her young heart apart. Snarling with rage, Caitlin grabbed the whip, then pulled Sublime towards her with a powerful jerk. Staggering forward helplessly, the blonde girl was unprepared when Caitlin cocked back her fist and struck, the blow smashing the tall female's breastbone and sending her flying back to the edge of the clearing. Charging up the cracked steps of the temple, Fairchild ran heedlessly upwards, her breath coming in harsh gasps as she rushed to help her mentor and love. The young woman crested the summit just as Ivana slammed down with her right fist, shattering John's ribcage like a glass jar. Lynch gurgled in pain, then fell limp.

Caitlin roared in fury, her eyes burning with hot tears as she raced forward and grabbed Ivana by the shoulders. Before the startled woman could react, Fairchild spun her around, then locked her neck in a tight arm lock. Ivana struggled frantically, her enhanced arms pushing at Caitlin's limb as it choked the air from her lungs. Gritting her teeth like a bloodthirsty wolf, Caitlin seized Ivana's left cheek with her free hand, then twisted, snapping the evil woman's neck like a twig. Drooling blood, Ivana fell away from a panting Fairchild, her once cold eyes vacant as she slammed wetly to the unforgiving floor of the temple summit.

"Mr. Lynch! John!" shouted Caitlin as she knelt beside Lynch's broken body.

"Cait...Caitlin," murmured Lynch weakly.

"Oh, please! Please don't die!" begged Fairchild as tears dripped from her smooth cheeks onto John's bloody face.

"It''s okay," whispered the dying man as he slowly raised a crippled arm, his fingers gently stroking Caitlin's pale face.

"We'll get help, Sarah can fly to that town you mentioned," offered Caitlin desperately.

"It's too late. I'm almost gone," replied Lynch with a fatalistic smile. "It's time to say good-bye."

"No, John, you can't leave me now," sobbed the red-haired girl with agonizing grief.

"It's alright. You're smart,'ll find a way to survive," whispered John as his voice began to fade. "Can you grant me one last favor?"

"Anything," agreed Caitlin with a jerky nod.

"Can I ...lick your pussy," groaned Lynch.

Fairchild blinked her eyes in surprise, then swiftly got off her feet and positioned her crotch over Lynch's prone head. Crouching slowly, Caitlin rested her pussy against Lynch's mouth, allowing him to reach out with his tongue and caress her delicate labia. Fairchild gasped softly, her bare breasts expanding as she inhaled deeply. John lapped at her cunt, his tongue sliding into her bush of red pubic hair until he entered her warm vagina. Fairchild squeezed her large tits as Lynch probed her snatch, his tongue caressing the inside of her sex until honey began trickling out in a thin stream. John's twisted arm shook as he reached behind the naked girl, cupping her firm ass cheeks as he nuzzled her cunt desperately. Caitlin's body started to grow hot, her flesh prickly and flushed as she pressed her pussy more firmly against Lynch's wet lips. The naked girl moaned loudly, her ripe, shapely body exuding sex as her mind melted with growing lust. Caitlin leaned forward, placing her palms upon the firm stone as she began grinding her crotch against Lynch's face, her breasts bobbing from side to side as her hips pumped in rhythm to her tit mounds. Lynch caressed Caitlin's ass, his fingers sliding up her crack, then feeling her tight asshole sensually. Fairchild groaned with pleasure, her teeth biting her lower lip as she slid her pussy back and forth over John's mouth, his tongue a wet worm that buried itself in her dripping vagina.

Caitlin sat on Lynch's face, her weight thrusting the man's tongue and lips deep into her engulfing cunt. John's mouth and nose were lost in the naked girl's muff as his fingers spread her buttocks apart, then ran up and down her posterior, tugging at her folds of pussy flesh and pinching her clit until she screamed with erotic ecstasy. Lost in the throes of wanton lust, Caitlin trembled as her orgasm built, her naked body quivering until a flood of womb juices gushed out, pouring down Lynch's dry, thirsty throat. John swallowed the flood of Fairchild's honey, his lips and tongue lapping her body fluid like it was the sweetest cream in the world. Caitlin dismounted from Lynch's face, her naked flesh glimmering with sex sweat as she drew close and kissed John lightly on the lips, the taste of her own juice still on his skin.

", Cait...." muttered Lynch before he grew still and died.

Caitlin knelt motionlessly, her wide, green eyes disbelieving, then closing to slits as fresh tears burst forth and slid off her beautiful face. With sobs growing in power and pain, Fairchild clutched her bare stomach with her arms, her naked body trembling with new, overwhelming grief.


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