Gen 13: Part 8 - Solace (fff)
by PJ ([email protected])

Caitlin Fairchild sat quietly on the bed dressed in salvaged fatigues taken from dead soldiers. The bedroom was dark, the only window in the room providing very little illumination as night lay across the South American town. Caitlin stared at the wooden floor, her neck-length red hair dirty and frayed as it fell across her forehead and cheeks. The tall girl's eyes were swollen and bloodshot, ravaged by the grief that still sat in her heart like a cancerous growth. Voices could be heard from below, patrons of the bar that served the small hotel where she stayed with her two friends.

"We're not exactly keeping a low profile," said Roxanne as she sat at the round table, her right hand clasped around a mug of cold beer.

"Ivana's goons won't be looking for us anytime soon," reassured Sarah, who sat next to the petite brunette and sipped from her own beer.

"That's true. You guys really kicked the crap out of them," grinned Roxy.

"It was expensive, though," replied Sarah, referring to the death of their mentor, John Lynch. "How are you feeling?"

"My head hurts like hell," answered Roxy while she rubbed the side of her skull softly. "Good thing Mr. Lynch deactivated my implant before he died."

"Yes, he was always full of surprises," said Sarah respectfully before draining her mug.

"How long do you think his hidden funds will last us?" asked the young girl.

"Until we think of something else," replied Sarah pragmatically.

"We better go upstairs and check on Cat," suggested Roxy before she finished her beer.

"Yeah," nodded the indian girl as she rose to her feet, then walked close to Roxy past the crowd of drunk, grasping men.

"Caitlin?" inquired Sarah as she opened the door, spilling bright, yellow light into the darkened room.

"What?" mumbled Fairchild as she remained on the bed, her eyes still locked upon the floor.

"Are you okay?" asked Roxy as she followed Sarah into the room, then closed and locked the door behind her.

"I've been better," replied the muscled young woman as she looked up at Sarah who stood next to her, her lovely face distorted by pain and grief.

"It's alright, we'll get through this," murmured Sarah warmly while she sat next to Caitlin and wrapped her arm supportively across her friend's wide shoulders.

"Yeah, we'll help each other," agreed Roxy as she sat on Caitlin's other side, grasping the mourning girl's left hand and squeezing it affectionately.

Caitlin smiled at the attempts of her friends to console her, then she leaned down to kiss Roxy gently on the cheek. Sarah moved onto her knees, kneeling on the bed behind Cat and wrapping her slim arms around the redhead's shapely waist. The indian girl pressed her body against Caitlin's back, her breasts mashed firmly as she nuzzled Cat's hair and neck. Caitlin moaned softly, closing her green eyes to mere slits as she felt Sarah's warm body nestled against her own. Smiling with love, Roxy moved forward, kissing Caitlin softly on the lips, then growing more passionate and urgent with her mouth and tongue. Fairchild grew limp in the twin embraces of her two friends, her body yielding and compliant as she leaned against Sarah while returning Roxy's kiss with equal passion and desire.

Roxanne waited as Sarah took off Caitlin's shirt, then she resumed her lustful embrace, sliding her small tongue into Fairchild's open mouth. Sarah reached around Caitlin, fondling and caressing the tall girl's large breasts with great enthusiasm as she slowly licked the sweet flesh of the girl's bare back. Roxy moved down, licking Caitlin's nipples until they were hard with arousal, then circling the pink tips with her tongue, leaving a trail of saliva in her wake. Caitlin panted softly, her pussy growing wet with lust as her two friends caressed and licked her naked torso. Sarah pressed Caitlin onto her back, spreading the tall girl's legs apart while Roxy pulled off her light summer dress, then slid off her delicate, white panties. Sarah began licking Fairchild's pussy, her tongue insistent as it slid up and down her friend's quivering, pink slit. Roxy climbed over the bed, bending down briefly to kiss Caitlin lingeringly as she groaned with pleasure, then straddling the redhead's face with her small crotch. Roxanne lowered her cunt onto Caitlin's mouth, gasping sharply as Cat eagerly began sucking on her labia folds. The petite brunette rose and fell, cupping her own budding breasts while Caitlin buried her mouth inside a bush of black pubic hair, her tongue an eager probe that thrust deep inside Roxy's wet vagina.

Sarah buried her mouth inside Caitlin's cunt, the fingers of her right hand pressed against her friend's bush, spreading the petals of her pussy apart until her tight fuckhole was visible. Female juices trickled from Fairchild's twat, the sticky honey staining Sarah's red lips as she resumed her tongue-fucking, her member a small probe of wet flesh that pushed inside Caitlin's pussy, burrowing until it entered the prone girl's warm belly. Fairchild moaned loudly, her groans of lust muffled by Roxy's encompassing cunt. Caitlin used her hands to fondle and pinch Roxy's bare ass, her long digits caressing the panting girl's crack and tiny asshole while the young woman licked her own small nipples with her tongue. Sarah slid two fingers from her left hand into Fairchild's pussy, pushing the digits deeply into Cat's vagina until she reached the girl's throbbing womb. Keeping Caitlin's thighs far apart, the dusky-skinned, young woman began licking her lover's anus, pressing her tongue firmly against the small, tigt orifice.

Roxy pressed her small hands against a nearby wall, her nails digging into the fragile wood as she pumped her ass over Caitlin's face. The young girl panted loudly, her pert tits heaving with effort as Cat sucked on her young cunt, devouring her sex until it gushed with warm honey. Sarah filled Fairchild's pussy with long fingers, the limbs sliding in and out of the girl's slit until her vagina shook with excitement. The indian girl covered Cat's asshole with her mouth, sucking loudly on the small hole while her tongue filled the orifice almost to breaking. Caitlin released Roxy's cunt long enough to groan loudly, her naked body trembling as an orgasm pounded her brain and exploded in a cathartic spasm of energy.

"Cat, keep eating my pussy," begged Roxy as she leaned against the wall, her small, round ass an irresistible lure. Smiling wantonly, Caitlin leaned back, fastening her mouth on Roxanne's cunt and sucking energetically until the young girl screamed with sexual release. Sarah rubbed her face one more time in Caitlin's crotch, relishing the feel of the naked girl's pussy and velvety inner thighs, then she began licking Fairchild's cum from her fingertips.

"Feel better?" asked Sarah as she caressed Caitlin's bare leg with her right hand.

"Much. Thanks," replied Fairchild as she lay limply on the sweat-slick sheets, her large tits rising and falling with her deep breaths.

"I'm glad," said Roxanne before she snuggled in close against Caitlin's side, hugging the tall girl while she leaned forward and kissed her friend deeply on the lips.

* * *

Morning arrived, and the three beautiful girls were finally able to leave the cheap hotel. Roxy wore her summer dress, while Sarah wore tight jeans, a leather vest, and cowboy boots with heels. Caitlin wore short shorts that pressed tightly against her shapely ass, and a pink tubetop that exposed her pert nipples and barely restrained her round breasts. All three young women wore dark sunglasses to ward against the glaring, hot sun above. As the trio walked casually to the edge of town, where a small airstrip resided, two women wearing white skirts and bikini tops leaned over the edge of a tall building's roof, observing the young heroines with predatory gazes.

"The tracking device is planted on the plane?" asked the blonde woman tersely.

"Yes, we'll know exactly where they go," replied the pony-tailed brunette.

"Good. They shall make fine recruits for the Coda," observed the blonde as she grinned ferally, the circle imprint on her forehead glistening like warm blood.


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