I Dream Of Jeannie/G's Island: Sisters Of The Djinn (I Dream Of Janni) Part 1
by Tyval ([email protected]) (F/F,ws,magic)

On an uncharted island 500 miles from Hawaii, U.S.A.F. Major Toni Nelson
angrily threw her helmet against the wreck of her prototype jet. The
granddaughter of Major Anthony Nelson, test pilot, astronaut, one of the few
men to actually walk on the surface of the moon, Toni had only recently been
accepted into N.A.S.A. herself. At 25, she was the youngest woman to attain
both the rank of Major and the status of astronaut.

Toni was extremely beautiful, with a heart shaped face framed by
non-regulation length black hair, full lips, and green eyes, made even more
exotic by her mother's Japanese ancestry. Toni's 5'5" body was lean and fit
from long hours of karate training by her mother, a former karate champion
and sensei. Toni herself was a registered 3rd degree black belt. She had
gotten her bust size from her grandmother, her 36DD breasts were firm and
high without the slightest sag.

Toni was the object of many men's fantasies. But Toni wasn't even the
slightest bit interested in men. Toni Nelson was a 100% lesbian. And thanks
to her other big secret Toni had no trouble in keeping her sexual preference
hidden. Her grandmother was a full Djinn, a race of magically-powered human
off-shoots who lived secretly among the people of Earth.

Toni herself was 1/4 Djinn and while her powers were much weaker than her
grandmother's, they were still powerful enough for her to seduce other women
into becoming lesbians. Toni remembered how her grandmother had trained her
when her powers had developed when she was 13.

Actually most people simply didn't know or believe that there had once been
4 separate tribes who had made up the Genie race; the Djinn, Dao, Efreet,
and Marid, or that they were simply an offshoot of humanity similar to the
Inhumans, Eternals, Deviants, and Atlanteans. Only the Djinn race still
survived. The Dao had turned into the stone they loved, the Marid had
devolved into fish, the evil Efreet had been wiped out in wars against the
Djinn and with mankind.

The only difference between human and Genie was the fact that Genie's could
turn their excess energy into magic. Genie's were not all-powerful and had
many limits. For one thing, like the one in the Disney cartoon, Genie's
couldn't kill, raise the dead or make anyone fall in love. The Djinn had
gotten rid of the Efreet by using human agents. Toni was only able to seduce
women that wanted to be lesbians. Since so many women were naturally
bi-sexual, Toni scored with 99.8% of every woman she wanted.

It was only natural that the Djinn were the only race of Genie left. Of them
all, only the Djinn had been friendly to humans and thus had never been
hunted like the Efreeti had been.

Toni could do any spell her grandmother could do, but at only 1/4 power.
'Right now I wish I had my grandmother's power,' Toni thought, 'She could
leave this stupid island easily. I don't have enough range to teleport even
halfway to Hawaii and I'd be too tired to make a second try. Unless there was
a ship right there I'd drown or be shark food.'

Toni's survival training took over as she explored the area around the crash
site. Not far from her crashed plane she found a fresh water lagoon fed by a
waterfall. Freshwater was a good sign. Continuing her search she found a wide
variety of banana's, coconuts, pineapples, and even a few small orange trees
that almost looked like someone had planted them perhaps 20-25 years ago.

Making her way to the beach, Toni could see schools of fish offshore. Many
seabirds were about, perhaps nesting in the extinct volcano that dominated
2/3 of the small island. Birds meant eggs and meat, as long as her bullets
held out. The 9mm pistol on her belt held 15 rounds and Toni had 2 spare
clips. Unlike most Pacific islands, food and water seemed to be readily
available and plentiful. Toni thought her biggest problem might be

The island appeared uninhabited, since Toni had seen no sign of any
habitation before she crashed, and anyone who lived here would have
investigated the sounds of the crash. Patting her 9mm Toni figured that
between it, her karate skill, and her powers, she could handle just about
anything. 'Thank goodness I don't have that 'no killing' thing like my
grandmother and even my dad have,' Toni thought. Toni could kill if she
had to.

Stripped down to her bra and panties in the tropical heat, Toni investigated
the freshwater lagoon and waterfall. To Toni's surprise, she found a small
cave behind the waterfall. The cave was about 10' by 20' with no sign of bat
shit or any vermin of any kind. This 'clean' cave solved the problem of
shelter and saved Toni the time and effort of having to build a lean-to. Toni
began stripping the ruined jet of anything that might be useful, storing it
in the cave.

Storing her survival equipment, the jet's compass, maps, even the comfortable
flight seat, Toni was surprised again when she found a faded blue hair ribbon
on the ground. This was definitely machine-made, ruling out native
inhabitants, but whoever had owned it had lost it long ago. About 20-25
years, Toni thought, About the same as those orange trees.

Toni was sweating and felt like a swim. She was smart enough not to ruin her
source of fresh water and ran to the beach only 100 yards away, spreading out
her only blanket.

"Well, there's no one around," Toni said aloud.

Toni quickly stripped out of her bra and panties, and hanging her gun on a
piece of driftwood, ran naked to the water. She playfully splashed and swam
for several minutes. Her happiness didn't last long, as loneliness set in.
Toni missed her many girlfriends. Toni's current favorites were two famous
singers who were 100% lesbians, but pretended not to be publicly. In fact,
those two had seduced her together the first time Toni had met them at the
lesbian bar she frequented. Toni didn't have a "Dr. Bellow's" always trying
to expose her.

Toni thought about the two of them, one was white, the other was an extremely
light-skinned black girl. Toni loved the contrast of their three different
colored skin. Her thoughts were making her horny. Leaving the water, Toni
walked to the shaded area of her blanket.

Closing her eyes Toni began to fantasize about her two lovers. Toni caressed
her nipples to stiffness, then began more vigorous tit masturbation. She
began kneading her breasts roughly, letting out small little moans. Toni
licked her fingers, then pinched and pulled her salt-covered nipples. She
lifted one breast to her mouth and licked the salty nub. Toni then moved one
hand down to her hairless mound.

Genie's didn't have pubic hair and oriental girls usually didn't have much
anyway. All the girls had loved her lack of pubic hair in the all-girl
private school she had gone to for 12 years. Toni had taken advanced courses
and when she had graduated had gone to an all-girl college. After only two
years Toni was able to enter the Air Force as a lieutenant. Her grades and
her grandfather's pull had helped a lot too. The private school Toni had gone
to was infamous for turning girls into lesbians. Toni had been a lesbian
since she was 8. Almost 99.9% of all the girls had been lesbians as well. The
college Toni had gone to was 75% lesbian, 25% bi-sexual.

Toni's hand found her already moist pussy. Toni clawed her tits with one hand
while she started finger-fucking her wet slit with the other. Toni felt her
climax starting to build when water began lapping at her feet.

"Shit! High tide already," Toni said.

Jumping up, she grabbed her blanket and started to reach for her pistol,
which was just over her head, when her left foot slipped on something and she
fell forwards. Luckily the water had already risen high enough to cushion her
fall. Sputtering, Toni came back up. A glint of light caught Toni's eye and
she began brushing the sand away from it. The tide now aided her. The object
was soon revealed: a bottle, but a bottle of unique design and lovely
artistic craftsmanship.

"This looks just like Grandmother Jeannie's," Toni gasped.

Grabbing gunbelt, blanket and bottle, Toni headed back for the cave. She
blinked the blanket clean and dry, then blinked it big enough to carpet the
cave floor. Toni then blinked herself clean. She usually relied on her Air
Force skills, since Genie's only had a finite amount of magic (depending on
their energy) a day, but the light was dying and her curiosity about the
bottle was too great. 'Is this a Genie bottle?,' Toni thought, 'And if so is
it occupied? Male or female Genie? Or just an empty bottle?'

Toni blinked up a fire, already down 1/20th of her daily magic even with
those relatively minor zaps. Curiosity and loneliness won out over the fear
of a leftover Efreet. Male Genie's were usually enslaved in lamps or rings.
Bottles almost always meant female Genie's. Toni yanked out the stopper.

Pink smoke spewed from the bottle. A Djinn! Efreet would spew fire, Marid
water, and Dao dirt. Pink also meant female. Toni's evil great-aunt was
the only female Djinn who billowed in blue. Sure enough, a female Djinn
in pink 'harem' clothes solidified in front of her. Toni quickly blinked
a translation spell on the Djinni girl since she only spoke English and
Japanese dirty words.

Toni looked in amazement at the blonde beauty in front of her. 'She looks a
little like my grandmother at 18,' Toni thought. Like Jeannie, she wore her
hair in a ponytail, but this Genie wore no headdress. Her harem outfit was
much skimpier than Jeannie's had been, she was barefoot, and her breasts were
larger, 40DD at least. Toni always thought it was curious that 1/2 of all
female Genie's looked European rather than middle-eastern.

The female Genie knelt in servitude to her nude mistress. Toni blushed as she
remembered she was naked.

"Greetings, master, uh, I mean mistress. I am Janni of the Djinn and I will
reward you for freeing me with 3 wishes," Janni humbly said.

"Cut the shit, girlfriend. I know the real rules of the Djinn and you have to
serve me for as long as I wish. That 3 wishes is a trick captive Djinn use to
get out of it," Toni smiled.

Janni was stunned at the boldness of her new mistress's language. No woman
she'd ever known would dare curse, even in private. The woman's knowledge of
the Djinn was also a surprise. Janni already liked her new mistress, a lot.
Janni quickly scanned her new mistress, western mostly, especially in the
bust size.

The eyes, hair and skin color were oriental. Chinese? Korean? No, Janni could
tell the subtle differences. Japanese. After only two minutes Janni already
knew that her new mistress was a girl lover. The look in Toni's eyes excited
Janni, who was, in fact falling in love with her new mistress. Janni was also
a 100% lesbian.

"Yes I am," Toni said, surprising Janni again, "And you're also a lesbian.
Please, don't call me mistress unless we're playing S&M games. I'm Toni. I'm
very happy to meet you, Janni."

"How did you know, mis- I mean Toni?" Janni asked.

"The blood of the Djinn flows in my veins too, but I'm only 1/4 though," Toni
said, "If you had known I was reading your mind you could have stopped me and
even mentally hurt me easily."

"You're 1/4 Djinn?" Janni asked.

"Yep, my grandmother is named Jeannie," Toni said.

"My 2nd cousin," Janni happily cried, "She was very nice, but she liked,
*ugh*, men. Yuch!"

"I feel the same way," Toni said, the thought of a man touching her disgusted
her, "How did you end up in that bottle?"

"My previous master. He was angry because I seduced his entire harem. They
all became lesbians and loved me instead of him," Janni said, "He had to tie
them up and rape them to have sex. It also angered him that I wouldn't have
sex with him, even when he used a wish."

"Wow! How did you get out of that?" Toni asked, "I thought a Genie always had
to obey a wish."

"We do, but I'd blink us into the pool and turn into a shark, or turn his
pathetic little worm into paper, or give him a severe case of poison ivy,"
Janni said, "The fool never could catch on to exact phrasing. Once he almost
got me, but he forgot to tell me not to put a 10" cactus up his ass. That was
the last straw. He put me in the bottle and threw me into the sea."

"And what about me, my lovely Janni? Could you hurt me or deny me?" Toni
whispered, coming close to Janni, "I think I've already fallen for you."

Toni leaned over and gently stroked Janni's hair. Their lips were very close.
Both women were becoming very excited now. Janni blinked off her clothes and
was now as naked as Toni. The nipples of both women were hard as pebbles,
their pussies were wet, and their assholes tingled in anticipation. The two
women gazed deep into each other's eyes.

"I could never deny you anything, mist-Toni," Janni breathed.

"My first and only wish is that you are free," Toni whispered, "If you stay,
stay with me because of love. I love you, Janni."

"Toni, you have already given me freedom," Janni whispered, "I choose the
slavery of love."

"Sister," Toni breathed.

"Sister," Janni replied.

Nipples lightly touched nipples sending a jolt of pleasure through the two
beauties. Desiring more pleasure, the Genie girls lightly rubbed their
nipples together. Embracing now, their tits were mashed together nipple on
nipple. Their lips met. Toni and Janni stroked each other's hair as they
frenched each other. Hands moved lower caressing each other's buttocks as
their tongues dueled.

Toni spread Janni's ass, her probing fingers found their target. Pausing only
to lick her fingers Toni then carefully inserted one, then two, fingers up
Janni's anus. A third finger was inserted into Janni's asshole. Janni moaned
as Toni finger-fucked her asshole. Toni began licking and kissing down
Janni's neck as she pumped Janni's ass with three fingers.

Toni's mouth moved lower, until she found Janni's big titties. Toni began
licking and sucking Janni's aroused pink nipples. To Toni's surprise and
pleasure, Janni blinked, giving them both breast milk. Toni greedily attacked
Janni's nipples, going from one to the other, her mouth overflowing with
Janni's tasty tit milk. Janni shuddered in orgasm.

Toni withdrew her fingers from Janni's ass and they both licked them, tasting
Janni's delicious ass. Toni and Janni's mouths met again. Their tongues
eagerly searching each other, their hands had found each other's tits. Toni
kneaded Janni's milk-filled mammaries roughly, milking her. Janni gasped as
she caressed Toni's breasts, first softly, then Janni also began roughly
kneading Toni's milky tits.

Toni and Janni then began breast dueling while they still kissed each other.
The women rubbed their milk-filled breasts together, then, thrusting out
their tits, began swinging their mounds against each other. Mashing their
breasts together again, lips together, arms around each other, Toni laid
Janni on her back. Nipple to nipple, lips to lips, the hairless pussies of
the two Genie girls touched. Toni cried out in pleasure as she came.

Toni didn't stop though, as she began pussyfuckng Janni. Janni stroked Toni's
soft black hair as she felt her orgasm building from Toni fucking her cunt.

"Oh, Toni, Toni," Janni moaned, "Fuck me with your pussy! Fuck me! Oh, Toni!
I love you!"

"My sweet, sweet Janni," Toni whispered, her own climax nearing.

Clit's touched again and again as Toni continued her expert pussyfuck until,
with cries of pure pleasure both women came. For several minutes neither
woman could do more tham writhe in pleasure. Janni loved the feel of Toni's
weight on her as their nipples and pussies still touched. Toni's mouth found
Janni's again as the two Genie girls frenched each other again.

"Oh Janni, I love you," Toni moaned, "I love you more than my own life."

"Hush, my darling," Janni whispered, putting a finger on Toni's lips, "Kiss
me, Toni. Kiss me, please. I love you too."

Toni kissed Janni, then moved lower, kissing down Janni's neck. Toni licked
down to Janni's tits, completely covered by both Janni's and her own tittie
milk. Toni greedily lapped up Janni's delicious cream. Toni squeezed Janni's
breasts roughly as she milked Janni's tits some more. Toni moved into a
semi-69 position so that Janni could milk and suck her tits too.

Janni moaned again then abruptly rolled Toni over and got in the 'dominant'
position. Toni let out a squeal of pleasue. Toni was usually dominant, but
liked being submissive just as much. Janni smiled happily, she had found true
love in Toni. The two women were now in a full 69 position with Janni on top.

Tongues flashed as Toni and Janni ate each other's pussies, licking up and
down their hot wet slits. Finding each other's erect excited clits, the two
women licked and sucked them, bringing each other to climax. Seeing Janni's
pretty pink asshole, Toni attacked Janni's anus with her tongue. Pointing her
tongue, Toni stabbed into Janni's anus, tongue-fucking her lover's asshole.

Despite living in harems for decades, Janni had never had her ass rimmed
before. Middle-Eastern girls simply never did it. It felt so good and nasty
that Janni loved it. Janni shook in orgasm as she came from Toni's anal
attack. Janni sought and found Toni's asshole and returned the forbidden
taboo by licking and tongue-fucking Toni's anus. The Djinni girls ate each
other's assholes until they quivered in a mutual orgasm.

For several moments all either woman could do was wriggle as orgasms swept
through them. Toni surprised Janni again by wantonly french kissing Janni.
The two women tasted each other's juices loving them. Toni looked deep into
Janni's eyes. The two women were in love with each other totally.

"That-that was fantastic," Janni gasped, "You know ways to pleasure another
woman I've never thought of."

"The art of lesbian love has advanced greatly in the 3000 years you've been
that bottle," Toni smiled, "Would it shock you to know that I actually enjoy
being tied up and whipped by other women? In fact, that may be my favorite."

"So do I," Janni smiled, "I just love lesbian whipping."

"Let me show you another trick of mine," Toni purred, laying Janni on her
back again.

Toni spread Janni's legs wide, then, cupping her right tit, introduced Janni
to the art of dove-fucking. Toni's sensitive hard brown nipples rubbed up and
down Janni's pussy, Toni teased her lover's clit, then slightly penetrated
Janni's pussy with her nipple and as much of her tit as she could. Janni
squirmed under this new sensation. Toni increased the pleasure by squirting
tit milk into Janni's cunt. Janni was quickly brought to yet another orgasm.

Toni then got in the scissors position and began pussyfucking Janni in this
different way. The two women pussyfucked each other passionately. Janni
finally got in a surprise on Toni as the blonde began lickng Toni's feet and
sucking her toes. Toni returned the favor, licking Janni's feet, eagerly
sucking Janni's toes as they continued their hot hard pussyfuck. Both women
screamed in ecstasy as they came again and again.

Exhausted the two women collapsed. Slowly they regained their senses and yet
again kissed each other deeply.

"Any more tricks," Janni smiled wearily, but excited.

"A few," Toni purred again.

Toni stood up and straddled Janni's pretty face, spreading her pussylips.
Janni knew what Toni was going to do and eagerly accepted her fate.

"Open your mouth," Toni ordered smiling.

Janni opened her mouth as Toni let loose a stream of girl pee into Janni's
hungry mouth. Toni pissed into Janni's mouth and Janni loved it. Janni
swallowed as much of Toni's tasty pee as she could. Some of Toni's pee
mingled with the tittie milk that covered Janni from her tits to her cunt.
Toni's piss ended as Toni stopped Janni from licking her pussy. Toni knelt
down in front of her love. Janni loved the taste of Toni's pee.

"Now, my darling," Toni said, looking pleadingly at Janni, "I beg you to let
me drink your piss. Please Janni, pee in my mouth."

"Your wish is my command, free or not." Janni smiled lovingly at how wicked,
nasty and depraved her lover was.

Janni straddled Toni's lovely face, and spreading her own pussylips let loose
her own stream of delicious piss into Toni's willing mouth. Toni swallowed as
much of Janni's piss as she could, loving every drop. Janni's golden shower
ended as Toni kissed her deeply. The two depraved lesbian Genie's tasted each
other's piss as they french kissed each other.

Returning to a side by side 69 position, the lovers licked each other's
pussies. Sucking each other's clits, both women experienced yet another
orgasm. Greedily they lapped up each other's juices. Near exhaustion, Toni
and Janni held each other, lightly kissing and stroking each other until at
last they fell asleep in each others arms.


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