I Dream Of Jeannie/G's Island: Sisters Of The Djinn (I Dream Of Janni) Part 2
by Tyval ([email protected]) (no sex)

With a yawn and a stretch, Toni woke up feeling extremely refreshed and
satisfied. Janni was nowhere in sight, but the lavish breakfast in front of
Toni proved that Janni had not been a dream. Toni also noticed that she was
completely clean despite having been covered in tit milk, pee, and girl cum
from last night's sex. Toni was in love with Janni and couldn't bear to be
away from her even for a few minutes.

"Finally awake, sleepyhead," Janni smiled as she returned to the cave.

"Oh Janni," Toni cried, as she rushed naked into her arms, kissing Janni

"You are so beautiful," Janni whispered, totally in love with Toni.

"As are you, my beloved," Toni whispered back.

Reluctantly they drew apart and ate the fruits that Janni had prepared for
breakfast. The two women fed each other, licking each other's fingers clean
then kissing and licking up juices that ran down their mouths. The naked
Genies finished their meal by sucking each other's tittie milk.

"Are you ready to leave?" Janni asked at last.

"Not yet," Toni said, "I'd like to explore this island a little. I'm going to
be in big trouble when I get back for losing that prototype jet."

"This island is very beautiful," Janni said.

"If only it had modern houses, electricity, and was fully stocked with
lesbian women, we could stay here," Toni shook her head sadly.

"A lesbian island," Janni thought aloud.

"Janni, are you going to stay with me?" Toni asked, suddenly afraid of losing
her, "You don't have to because I wished you free, but please Janni, please
say yes. I couldn't stand to ever lose you!"

"I love you, Toni," Janni softly said, "I will never leave you."

"I love you, Janni," Toni cried.

The two women flew into each other's arms, kissing deeply. Toni and Janni
french-kissed for several minutes before Janni laid Toni on her back. Janni
was the aggressor this time as she spread Toni's legs. Janni positioned
herself mouth to mouth, tit to tit, cunt to cunt on Toni.

"Fuck me, Janni," Toni pleaded, "Please pussyfuck me."

"I'm going to fuck that hot little pussy of yours," Janni smiled, "Too bad we
don't have any whips. This island needs a lesbian bar AND a lesbian dungeon."

"And a movie studio to make lesbian S&M movies," Toni smiled, "Now shut up
and fuck me."

Janni smothered Toni's lips with kisses as she rubbed her hard nipples
against Toni's equally hard nipples, tit milk coating their breasts. Janni's
pussy was pressed against Toni's slit, excited clits touched as Janni
pussyfucked her lover. The two women thrilled to the art of girl-fucking as
they moaned in pleasure, their tounges, breasts, and cunts dueling. Slowly at
first, then faster and harder, Janni thrust her pussy against Toni's pussy.
Janni and Toni cried out as one as orgasms raced through their bodies.

For several moments the two women were still except for the deep frenching of
their hungry mouths. Both women wanted to make love all day, but they also
wanted to leave this lonely island. Reluctantly they drew apart.

"We'll never get off this island at this rate," Toni laughed.

"Perhaps we can come back someday," Janni suggested," With modern comforts of
course. Hopefully beds and whips at least."

Toni put on her bra, pants, and boots, and almost as an afterthought strapped
on her gunbelt, loading her 9mm. Janni couldn't kill a hostile human, Toni
could. Janni put on Toni's shirt over her 'harem' clothes and blinked up a
pair of shoes. Once dressed, the two genies reluctantly left the cave where
they had met and fallen in love.

Hand in hand Janni and Toni walked along the beach, kissing and gazing in
each other's eyes often. Halfway around the island, both women stopped in
surprise. Only a few feet in front of them, overgrown with vegetation was
the wreck of a small charter boat. The wreck was very old, the name on the
bow faded and barely legible as Toni read it. S.S. Minnow.

That name seemed familiar somehow. A well-worn trail led away from the small
craft. A trail recently used!

"Toni! Footprints," Janni called.

Toni instinctively drew her pistol, examining the fresh footprints with her
Air Force training. Magic and her grandfather had helped, but she also the
best of the best with her own skill. The prints were easily recognizable. The
person who had made the prints was wearing very worn out shoes, which most
likely meant non-native. The size of the prints and style of the shoe were
female. The walk spacing was that of someone of advanced age or carrying a
heavy burden.

Toni counted the clues, the orange trees, the ribbon, the caved-in boat, and
now the footprints and guessed the former.

"This may not be hostile Janni, but have some strong blinks ready," Toni

Genie's created magic by thinking about the effect they wanted to create,
often several in advance. The 'blink' was the necessary 'trigger' to focus
that effect. Genies couldn't kill, but they could hurt someone really, really

The trail led to five very old graves with fresh-cut flowers on them. The
crude markers had names on them.

"They've been dead a long time," Janni observed," Someone's still taking care
of them. I wonder who they were."

"Oh, sorry darling. I forgot that you can't read English," Toni apologized,
"Let's see: Skipper Jonas Grumby, uh, I think it says Willy Gilligan,
Profesor Roy Hinkley, Thurston Howell the 3rd, wow, he was the Donald Trump
of Grandmother Jeannie's day, and Lovey Wentworth Howell."

"Donald Trump?" Janni asked.

"Tell you later. These people disappeared before I was born," Toni said.

"But the footprints?" Janni asked.

"If I remember the story right, there were seven people on the Minnow," Toni
continued," A rising young starlet named Ginger Grant and another girl, Mary
Ann Summers I believe."

"Two women? Could they still be alive after all these years?" Janni asked.

"Some 55 years ago or so, my mother's people, the Japanese, fought my
father's, the American's. The war lasted for about 4 years, but many Japanese
soldier's survived alone on remote islands for 30 and 40 years before they
were found," Toni said, "This island is well stocked with food and fresh
water, it's possible that with some luck they could still be alive. Also,
there were 4 men and 3 women at one time, and there could be people my
father's age or even my age, children and grandchildren of these castaways."

"We'd better be careful then," Janni said, "No telling what they could be
like by now. They could be cannibals, savages, or even just insane by this

"It's okay Janni, I'm a soldier and we've got our powers too," Toni said,
sounding more confident than she felt for Janni's sake, "We're not helpless
'harem' girls like the other women you've known. Stay behind me and be ready
to throw your most powerful spells. Have a teleport back to the cave ready
too. We can hold off an army there and it would buy us enough time to zap to

Toni and Janni continued down the trail and within a few minutes came upon a
small clearing with a canopy of overgrown trees and four dilapidated huts.
No wonder I couldn't see this from the air, Toni thought, looking at the
overgrown vegetation 20 feet above her head. Only one hut looked even
partially habitable.

Her military training caused Toni to cautiously approach the hut. Motioning
Janni to stand back, Toni kicked in the shack's flimsy door and cover the
room with her pistol. Janni was right beside her as the two women entered.
The sight that greeted the genie girls almost broke their hearts. Two very
old, very thin, very frail women in rags looked at them in fear. One old
woman dropped the bowl containing a thin gruel that she had been feeding to
the other, bedridden woman, whose once red hair was now almost white.

"Oh God, oh God," Toni cried in horror, as she tried to holster her weapon as
fast as she could.

Janni covered her mouth, tears of pity already forming.

"Mary Ann! Am I dreaming?" Ginger croaked, "Or am I finally dead? Two pretty

"You're not dreaming," Mary Ann gasped, "They're beautiful angels. That
uniform, Air Force, I think."

"Major Toni Nelson, United States Air Force. This is my best friend and more,
Janni," Toni said, trying to recover from what she could have done, "I
crashed on the other side of the island yesterday."

"I thought we heard something yesterday, but I couldn't leave Ginger by
herself. There's a very old vicious gorilla in the jungle somewhere," Mary
Ann said, "Many years ago I read that gorilla's were supposed to be shy and
timid. This one though, was once in a circus and hates people. He...he broke
Ginger's back 5 years ago. Jumped her from ambush."

Mary Ann sobbed as Toni and Janni embraced her. The two women then gently
hugged Ginger.

"Oh, Miss Grant, I've seen all your movies," Toni said, "I have them all on

"Please dear, call me Ginger," Ginger said, "What's videotape?"

"This is so confusing, you guys and Janni don't know about some wonderful
inventions that I take for granted," Toni tried to smile.

"How did you end up here?" Janni asked, "And those graves we saw?"

"The Minnow got caught in an unreported storm and we ended up here somehow.
We tried repeatedly to leave by raft, but there's an odd current around this
island. The Professor explained it once, but I don't recall the details,"
Mary Ann said.

"We did okay for 3 years, even had some amusing incidents and adventures,"
Ginger added, "Then the cannibals came."

"They killed all the others and would have gotten us too if we hadn't been
picking some berries that Roy had said were safe," Mary Ann sadly recalled,
"We were lucky and saw them before they saw us. They...they were eating
the others."

" was horrible! They tore up the huts and knew we were on the island
because there were pictures of us," Ginger sobbed, "They hunted us like
animals for 3 days. The gorilla killed 2 of them. They almost got us too."

"But you hid out in a cave behind the waterfall on the other side of the
island," Toni finished.

"How-how did you know?" Mary Ann gasped.

"I found this in that same cave yesterday," Toni answered, "I believe this
belongs to you, Mary Ann."

Toni took out the faded hair ribbon she had found the day before.

"The cannibals gave up after 3 more days and that gorilla killed another one
of them. The gorilla imitated them and ate that man," Ginger said, "The only
reason we've lived so long is probably because he didn't like the taste of
him. They didn't leave much to bury."

"You've said that you were unable to escape by raft, did you try other
things?" Janni asked.

"We tried almost everything you can imagine," Ginger said, "But Gilligan
always fouled everything up. He was a nice sweet young man, but he was a
total idiot! Gilligan could fuck up every plan that the Skipper and the
Professor came up with."

"We usually just called them those names, rather than Roy or Jonas," Mary
Ann explained, "Fortunately this island has lots of edible food and three
separate sources of freshwater. We survived, we just didn't live well."

"Two pretty girls on an island without men," Janni thought aloud, "Sounds

"What do you mean, Janni? You're so beautiful, you must have lots of
boyfriends," Mary Ann said innocently.

"You're both so pretty, as pretty as we used to be," Ginger added.

"A man, *yuck*," Janni almost gagged, "I'm not even slightly interested in
those grotesque creatures!"

"Uh, I should explain," Toni hurridly said, "We don't mean to shock you, but
Janni and I are more than friends, we're lovers. We're both lesbians and we
hate men."

Mary Ann and Ginger started laughing until they were forced to stop by fits
of coughing. Toni and Janni were puzzled.

"So were we, even before the others were killed. In fact, I've been a lesbian
since I was 8. I fucked my way into the movies, but I did it by seducing the
beautiful, but neglected 'trophy wives' of the top Hollywood execs," Ginger
smiled, "They either had to hire me or face expensive divorces. At the end
though, I was actually making it on my talent. I was going to be the next
great 'sex symbol'."

"Ginger seduced me by the time we had our own hut. I soon became as big a
lesbian as she is," Mary Ann said, "Our favorite game was lesbian bondage
with pretend rape and lots and lots of whipping."

"After the others died we never wore clothes except when we would stockpile
food. Good thing we did, we've been living off our reserves for over 5 years.
Our supplies are nearly gone now," Mary Ann sobbed, "We've both been so sick
for 10 years, then Ginger got assaulted. We-we just can't go on."

Mary Ann and Ginger softly cried. Toni and Janni hugged the poor old women,
near tears themselves over their plight. The eyes of Mary Ann and Ginger
focused on the holstered pistol of Toni, unknown to her.

"Major Nelson, would you please do us a favor?" Ginger softly sobbed.

"Toni please, Major Nelson is my grandfather," Toni said cradling Ginger's

"The astronaut! I knew I'd heard that name before," Mary Ann said, perking up

"Yep. That's my grandpa," Toni said, feeling a little pride about about her
family, "I was just accepted to NASA myself, but my little crash may set me
back a little."

"We're going to leave this island later today," Janni said, "It's just as
easy to take four as it is two once I link with Toni for a destination. We'll
be happy to take you home."

"That's not what we want," Mary Ann said.

"You don't want to leave? That's unbelievable," Janni said, astonished.

"Toni, do you have bullets in your gun?" Ginger asked.

"Yes," Toni answered, not liking the question.

"We would love to leave if we were still young and pretty, but we're just two
crippled, useless old ladies now," Ginger said, her voice breaking.

"Please, Toni, if you have any compassion or mercy! Shoot us! Please," Mary
Ann cried out.

"Please, Toni, I can't even move anymore, Mary Ann can't even take care of
herself," Ginger sobbed, "We're both racked with sores and disease. We just
can't take it anymore!"

"For pities sake, Toni," Mary Ann begged, "We have nothing to go back to. Our
families and friends are all dead. At least let us have our dignity."

"Oh please, don't ask me to commit murder," Toni said, practically in tears.

"For Gods sake! It's not murder, it's mercy," Mary Ann cried.

"Janni! Please! You do it," Ginger pleaded.

"I-I can't," Janni cried, "Please don't."

Toni and Janni were in hell, as they knew that they couldn't possibly kill
such sweet helpless old women. They're so old, I can't, that's it! Toni
thought. Toni dragged Janni out of the hut. Ginger and Mary Ann wailed in
anguish as they believed that the younger women were just going to leave them
to a slow agonizing fate.

"Janni! Can you make them young again?" Toni asked. "Say about the age they
were when the Minnow was shipwrecked?"

"Why, yes. Yes!" Janni said, perking up, "It would exhaust my power for the
day, but we can always leave tomorrow."

"I think it would be well worth it," Toni smiled, "They were both very
beautiful and if they really do like girls we could even have some fun."

"You kinky bitch," Janni smiled, "No wonder I love you."

Mary Ann and Ginger were still sobbing as the two genies re-entered the hut.
Both women were confused as Janni removed Toni's shirt, standing in front of
them in her 'harem' outfit. Janni concentrated all her power, and Toni
linked with Janni mentally to add some extra. Janni then folded her arms and


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