I Dream Of Jeannie/G's Island: Sisters Of The Djinn (I Dream Of Janni) Part 3
by Tyval ([email protected]) (FFFF,foot,fist,magic)

Swirls of color dazzled the 2 old women as vertigo almost rendered them
unconcious. Hands over her face, as she recovered her senses, Mary Ann could
see with returning sight, once again 20-20, that her hands were no longer
gnarled and wrinkled, but smooth and strong with youthful vigor. For her
part, Ginger felt lifeless legs tingle with strength. Looking down, Ginger
could scarcely believe the sight of long shapely legs as perfect as when she
was 25. Janni staggered in exhaustion, but Toni steadied her and sat her
lover down, gently kissing her and stroking her hair.

This time when Ginger and Mary Ann looked at each other they saw each other
as they had looked the day they were shipwrecked. The castaway womens rag's
had been disintegrated by the power of Janni's spell and both women were now
nude. Confused, Ginger and Mary Ann began to examine themselves, and each

Ginger swung her legs over the side of the cot then stood up as easily and
steadily as she had when she'd been young. Legs dead for 5 years were once
again functional.

"I-I can stand! I can walk," Ginger cried in shock.

"Ginger, your hair is red again too," Mary Ann said, stroking Ginger's just
past shoulder-length hair."

"Ha, and your's is brown again and in those pigtails that I always loved,"
Ginger said, holding Mary Ann's pigtails, "You look sooo sexy with these."

"I hope you like the extra's I added," Toni said.

"Extras?" Mary Ann asked as she lightly touched Ginger's ripe firm left

Ginger almost came from the return of the lost sensation. Ginger's 38DD
breasts were once again firm and high and topped with erect pink nipples.
Mary Ann looked at her own set of 36DD, also as firm and high as a girls,
topped with light brown nipples.

"Take a good look at each other girls," Toni continued, "Your pussies are now
permanently hairless. In addition you will no longer have the discomfort of
periods. Also you will now have breast milk, and your piss is now fine wine.
Your pussies and assholes will be able to take fistings and still be as tight
as virgins."

Ginger ran her hands over her body, long almost forgotten thrills surged
through her as her nipples grew even harder. Mary Ann lightly pinched her own
nipples, surprised to see a few drops of tit milk come out. Mary Ann moved
one hand down to her now hairless mound, already moist in anticipation.

"How? How did this happen?" Mary Ann gasped, looking at her reflection in a
mirror that had somehow survived all the years.

"Janni did it," Toni smiled "I helped a little, but she did all the hard
work. All I did was move a few genes."

"But how did she do it?," Ginger gasped "Ten minutes ago I was paralyzed, now
I can outdance Ginger Rogers."

"She's a Genie," Toni said proudly. "I am too, sort of. I'm only 1/4 Djinn so
I don't have the power to do things like that. After a good night's rest
Janni can get us all off the island."

"I couldn't and wouldn't leave without you Toni," Janni said lovingly.

"A Genie? Surely you can't expect us to believe in a fairy tale?" Mary Ann
said, skeptical despite the miracle of her restored youth and beauty.

Folding her arms across her chest Toni blinked. Mary Ann found herself upside
down, held by nothing. "I believe! I believe!" Mary Ann yelled.

"I don't have near the power that Janni has since she's 100% Djinn and I'm
only 25%," Toni grinned, blinking Mary Ann down. "Janni could teleport all 4
of us anywhere in the world, if she knows the location, and still have enough
energy to do a lot of minor zaps. My teleport range is about 300 miles and
I'm wiped out for the rest of the day."

Ginger whispered something into Mary Ann's ear. Both women giggled and
smiled. The young again castaways knelt in front of Toni and Janni in total
servitude. "We humbly beg to be your sex slaves and to serve your every
desire," Ginger meekly said with lust.

"We would gladly accept you as lovers and equals. Are you sure you want to be
slaves?" Toni asked.

"Very sure. We're both very submissive pain sluts," Mary Ann said. "We love
lesbian sex and pain."

"It's the same with me," Ginger added. "I'm a whip lover and so is Mary Ann."

"What if there were more girls here?," Janni wondered aloud, the idea she'd
been forming all day begining to form. "Yes, a lot more girls here."

"What do you mean?" Toni asked puzzled.

"I've had this idea all day darling. This island would truly be a paradise if
it had modern houses and some of the luxuries you've told me about," Janni
said, getting into it now. "If we had some modern houses, a large dungeon
building, a lesbian bar, warehouses of food, guns to protect ourselves in
case of more cannibals, a power plant for all of that and 20-200 beautiful
lesbians on it we could live here. We would rename it 'Lesbian Island.' Why
not? Ginger, Mary Ann, and I don't have anything or anyone to go back to, and
you don't really want to go back either, Toni. We could get your girlfriends
to live with us if we had modern houses. I can even zap a whole mansion here
as easy as I can carry one person."

"That would be a great idea if we could pull it off," Toni laughed. "I only
became an astronaut to meet women. I know dozens of beautiful lesbians who
would love to live here with a little work. But it would take a lot of money
to transform this island into a lesbian resort."

"We have access to all of Mr. Howell's money," Mary Ann chimed in. "Long
before he was killed he gave all of us the passwords and codes to all his
Swiss bank accounts. Mr. Howell was a greedy miser in almost every way, but
he never had any family and looked at us as a surrogate family. The Skipper
was like a brother, Roy and Gilligan were like sons and Ginger and I were
like daughters to him and Mrs. Howell."

"The Howell fortune! Howell Industries has long been bought up and took over,
but all the stocks and bonds and the personal fortune still would total over
20 billion dollars," Toni gasped.

"And it's all ours," Ginger said. "We have it all if we leave the island. All
his bank accounts, stocks, everything. We even have his will, written in his
own hand, and unforgeable, leaving everything to us or any of us that
survived the Minnow."

"And I can get all the weapons we need," Toni said. "And Janni can supply the
power to make getting everything easier. We need each other."

"We can do it! We really can have a lesbian island," Mary Ann said. "I love
women. I could never be a farm girl again."

"My carreer in Hollywood is dead even if I claimed to be the 'daughter' of
Ginger Grant. That really is my real name, in case you were curious," Ginger

"Toni told me that there were things called lesbian S&M video's out now,"
Janni added. "You could be what she called a porn star, Ginger."

"Yea, we've got the resources to put in a movie studio to make our own
lesbian movies like I joked to Janni earlier," Toni said.

"Let's seal this deal by proving ourselves to be sex slaves," Mary Ann
smiled. Toni blinked off the clothes of Janni and herself. All 4 women were
now totally nude. Toni and Janni led Ginger and mary Ann back to the
waterfall and the cave which was far more comfortable than the ramshackle
cots in the huts. Just as they got to the other side of the island the 4
women heard a fierce roar. Ginger and Mary Ann scramed in horror as the
deranged gorilla appeared in front of them. Toni reached for her gun
instinctivly, forgetting that she had blinked it off at the hut.

Janni tried to blink, barely having enough energy to trip the monster up.
That was all the time Toni needed though as she blinked her gun back to her
hand and pumped 15 9mm bullets into the gorilla's face at close range.
Blinking again Toni reloaded. The monster was dead, but it just didn't know
it yet as it lunged for Toni. Toni pumped 15 more bullets into the gorilla's
face and rolled out of the way of its dying lunge.

The gorrila fell hard, dead from the first bullet. For several moments Janni,
Ginger, and Mary Ann looked at Toni in awe. The three women then cheered and
ran over to her smothering her in kisses that she eagerly returned. Arriving
at the waterfall the 4 women showered up giggling and squelling as they
washed each other, paying special attention to each others breasts, asses,
and cunts.

Finally they dried each other off and entered the cave. Toni and Ginger
kissed and frenched each other while Mary Ann licked Janni's feet, sucking
every toe before licking some more.

"Yes, that's it slave," Janni purred, "lick my feet you slut. Oh, I wish I
had a whip to use on you."

Toni leaned over and kissed Janni deeply, tongues seeking each other. Ginger
was now licking and sucking Toni's feet. Ginger and Mary Ann were now side
by side and paused from their worship of Toni and Janni's feet to kiss and
french each other as they enjoyed their servitude. Toni playfully pulled
Ginger's hair, bringing her head up to Janni's ass.

"Lick her asshole, slut," Toni ordered. "If you don't make her cum, you'll be
whipped. If you do make her cum you'll be spanked."

Ginger began to expertly lick Janni's anus, pointing her tongue to stab
inside Janni's asshole. Mary Ann continued to suck Janni's toes as Toni
reached behind Janni roughly kneading and milking Janni. Janni shuddered as
she quickly came. Janni kissed and frenched Ginger tasting her sweet ass on
Ginger's lips. Ginger and Mary Ann kissed deeply loving the taste of Janni.
Toni got behind Ginger and started spanking her ass. Ginger loved it. Janni
followed suit by spanking Mary Ann's ass.

"Spank me Toni, spank me," Ginger cried," Spank me! Aaaaaa! I'm cumming!
Spank me!"

"More, Janni! I'm a slut! I'm a whore! Spank me," Mary Ann pleaded. "Oooooo!
I'm cumming too! Punish me!"

Laying Mary Ann down, Toni roughly kneaded Mary Ann's tits, licking up the
tasty tit cream coming from Mary Ann's nipples. Ginger and Janni were in a
semi 69, licking and caressing each other's tits. Fully on top of Mary Ann
now, Toni spread Mary Ann's legs and kissng her positioned her nipples on
Mary Ann's nipples and her cunt on Mary Ann's cunt and began pussyfucking

"Fuck me Toni! Fuck me," Mary Ann cried.

"Aaaaa! You sweet bitch! I'm gonna fuck you good," Toni purred. Ginger and
Janni couldn't say anything as they were now in a full 69 with Janni on top.
Ginger and Janni furiously ate each other's pussies, then moved lower licking
each other's assholes before moving back to their pussies. Ginger and Janni
cried out as they exploded in a mutual orgasm.

Toni and Mary Ann also were nearing climax as Toni continued her hot hard
girl-fuck. Hairless pussies rubbed and humped against each other, nipples
squirted tit milk on each others tits, excited clits touched again and again
until both women climaxed. Four-way kissing and frenching followed as the hot
lesbians began anew.

Janni kissed Mary Ann as she now mounted her. Janni began licking down Mary
Ann's neck, going further to Mary Ann's breasts, covered in Toni's and her
own tit milk. Mary Ann moand in pleasure as Janni lapped up all the milk.
Ginger and Toni french-kissed softly stroking each others hair. Janni had
moved lower, tracing her tongue down Mary Ann's flat stomich. Janni's tongue
circled Mary Ann's belly button, licking inside then once more moving lower.

Reaching Mary Ann's hairless pussy Janni inserted one then 2 fingers in Mary
Ann's cunt, while she worked a finger from her other hand into Mary Ann's
anal cavity. Ginger kissed down Toni's neck, lightly pinching Toni's hard
milk-filled nipples. Toni caressed Ginger's back as Ginger's lips found her
tits. Janni now had 4 finger in Mary Ann's tight pussy and 3 up Mary Ann's
asshole. "More! More!," Mary Ann cried.

Janni gave her more as she worked her whole hand into Mary Ann's vise-like
pussy and her other hand completely in Mary Ann's asshole. Ginger licked and
sucked Toni's hard brown nipples eagerly lapping up Toni's tasty tit cream.
Mary Ann was in ecstasy as Janni fisted her pussy and asshole. "Fuck me
Janni! Fuck me!," Mary Ann happily cried. "Fuck me! Aaaaaahhh! I'm cumming!

Mary Ann shuddered in orgasm as Janni gently and slowly withdrew her hands.
Mary Ann and Janni greedily licked and sucked Janni's fingers. Toni straddled
Mary Ann's face while Ginger knealt behind Janni. Ginger again licked Janni's
anus, pointinting her tongue to once more tongue-fuck Janni's asshole.

Janni spread her buttocks for Ginger as she lowered her mouth to Mary Ann's
pussy and asshole. Janni licked Mary Ann from slit to anus while Mary Ann
sucked and licked Toni's pussy.

"Aahhh! Eat my ass, slave," Toni ordered Mary Ann. Mary Ann licked and
tongue-fucked Toni's asshole. Janni cried out as she orgasmed from Ginger's
anal assault. Janni and Ginger kissed and frenched each other wantonly. Toni
and Mary Ann were now in a 69 position tounge-fucking each others assholes.
With moans of pleasure Toni and Mary Ann experianced a mutual anal climax.

Ginger caressed Toni's buttocks as she reluctantly got off Mary Ann. Toni
and Janni kissed each other passionately. Mary Ann gently yanked Ginger's
hair pulling her long time lover over to her. Ginger and Mary Ann
french-kissed other, roughly kneading each other's tits. Mary Ann and Ginger
got in the scissors position for a pussyfuck.

The two castaway girls pussyfucked, Mary Ann licking Ginger's feet, Ginger
licking Mary Ann's feet. Janni and Toni got turned on watching them and also
went into the scissors position for a hot hard pussyfuck with each other.

"Fuck me with your pussy," Ginger cried. "Fuck me! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!

"Oh, Ginger!" Mary Ann moaned, "fuck me darling! Ooohhh! Fuck Me!"

"Please, Janni! Please fuck me! Fuck me!," Toni begged. "Please! Aaahhh! Yes!
Yes! Fuck me!"

"Fuck me Toni! Fuck me!" Janni pleaded. "Fuck me hard! Fuck meeee!"

Ginger and Mary Ann came first, then Janni and Toni mutually orgasmed. The
four lesbians lay in a heap, kissing and frenching each other as they caught
their breaths.

"This is great," Janni moaned, "but I still wish we had some whips."

"Oh yeah," Ginger purred. "Hand spankings are good, but whipping is better."

"Too bad our home made whips wore out a long time ago," Mary Ann sighed.

"Greedy cunts," Toni smiled. "I'd love a taste of the whip myself. Actually,
I think I've got a solution. Janni, put my hair in a ponytail like yours and
get that big survival knife of mine and that 8" pvc pipe over there. I saved
that and a few others in case I had to try to rig up some blowguns of various
sizes. In fact I've got two that size. Bring them both."

Janni didn't really understand what plastic pvc pipe was, but didn't have any
trouble finding the two 8" long pieces. Toni unscrewed the end off of the 8"
long knife's handle removing the fishing line while Janni tied Toni's hair up
in a pony tail. Taking the knife Toni cut the pony tail off, blinked twice,
restoring her hair the length it had been and using the fishing line, cut
hair, and pipe to make a hair whip. The pipe was still capped on one end and
was 1 1/2" around making it an effective dildo as well as a whip.

"You did it! We have a whip!" Janni cried. "Quick, cut my hair and make a
second one."

Toni complied, cutting Janni's hair then blinkig twice, once to restore
Janni's hair, the other to manufacture the second hair whip. They wouldn't be
as good as real whips, but they would do.

"My turn! Do me," Mary Ann said, holding out her pigtails.

"Sorry, Mary Ann," Toni sighed. "My daily magic is over half gone. With
Janni's magic exhausted and down to only one clip in my pistol and my knife
I don't dare exhaust myself."

"Come on Toni," Ginger said. "What could possibly happen now?"

"If there's one thing the Air Force taught me, it's always be prepared for
the unexpected," Toni said. "I didn't plan on crashing my plane, although I'm
very glad I did, and I didn't plan on killing a psycho gorilla either."

"Hey, enough of the gloom and doom honey," Janni said. "Let's whip these
castaway cunts."

"Good idea," Toni smiled growing excited again.

Drums sounded in the distance, coming from the direction of the wreck of the
minnow. Ginger and Mary Ann screamed, holding each other tightly in terror.
Their worse fear was realised. Just as freedom from this island of terror was
at hand the cannibals had returned.


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