I Dream Of Jeannie/G's Island: Sisters Of The Djinn (I Dream Of Janni) Part 4
by Tyval ([email protected]) (no sex)

'Bastards!' Toni thought as she was forced to use some of her magic to form a
scrying pool in her helmet and to link with the minds of Ginger and Mary Ann
to form a 3-D grid map of the island to find out where and how many cannibals
had landed on the island. The pool in her helmet showed each cannibal, what
they looked like, were their any injuries that Toni could exploit in a fight?
Janni was tapped out and Toni's magic was being rapidly depleted.

Toni studied the magical map, red dots showed the location of each enemy. At
the moment the main party, 18 strong, was tearing up the remains of the
castaway huts. Mary Ann and Ginger would have been dead this day if Toni had
not wanted to explore the island that morning.

Another 5 dots were still on the beach guarding 5 long primitive outrigger
canoes. The last 2 dots were flanking the island, one walking down the beach
Toni and Janni had taken earlier, the other on the more difficult other side
of the island.

'Bastards, bastards, bastards,' Toni thought. The odds were 25 to 4,
not good. That was a lot more than Toni thought she could handle. Ginger and
Mary Ann clutched each other tightly as they huddled in a corner terrified.
They knew that they would already be in a cook pot if Toni and Janni had not
found them. That knowledge frightened them even more.

'Damn! They're useless in any kind of fight,' Toni thought. 'They're such
sweet girls, but I doubt they could use my gun even in self defense.'

Janni, at half power could break all the cannibals in half with a single
blink. But Janni's magic was completely tapped out at the moment. A small
amount of food and 8 hours of sleep would completely restore her magic. Toni
wasn't sure they had 8 hours. Janni was brave, but she was no fighter. That
meant that Toni had to either win or somehow buy 8 hours alone.

"T-this c-c-cave hid us b-b-before," Ginger stuttered in fear.

"We've left a trail a mile wide, girls," Toni stated, having no choice but
to tell the truth about their situation. "A wrecked jet, a dead gorilla,
footprints, a blind man could follow our trail. Without Janni's magic this
isn't good."

"Toni, you still have one clip, a knife, and your karate," Janni said, sure
of her true love's fighting prowess after seeing Toni face down the gorilla
when the rest of them had cowered. "Surely you can beat them."

Toni sadly shook her head as she looked at each individual savage through
the scrying pool. The cannibals were thin, weak, and sickly from 2 weeks at
sea. Toni was good, very good. In the dojo she had beaten up to 10 opponents
in full contact practices. In practice though you weren't eaten alive if you
were overpowered. Despite their physical condition Toni didn't think she
could handle more than 5 of them at a time and she would have preferred no
more than 2 at any given time. One on one Toni could slaughter the biggest
and meanest one in seconds.

"There's too damn many of them darling," Toni sighed. "Our best chance is
your magic. Somehow I've got to buy us 8 hours. Janni, you've got to eat
something and I'll have to blink you into an 8 hour sleep. The one advantage
we have is that Ginger and Mary Ann know every inch of this island and these
assholes don't."

"B-but we can't fight," Mary Ann timidly said.

"No, but you know the terrain. We might have a chance if I can go 'Rambo' on
their ass. I'll blink your knowledge into my brain. The first thing I need to
do is take those 2 scouts, that should buy us at least an hour, maybe 2. If
they're stupid enough they may just send out another 2. That may give me
enough time to set some traps and maybe even trim the odds a little," Toni
said. "If I can knock them down to 5 or 6 we win. I can probably take that
many with my pistol."

"But you have 15 shots," Janni said.

"I'd like to have 3 shots each to guarante a kill or severe wound. Enough to
make it a sure win," Toni said.

Toni quickly inventoried everything she'd salvaged from her jet. Toni found
some thin wire and had Ginger tie it around 2 round pegs adding a garrote to
her arsenal. Toni had salvaged some of the volatle jet's fuel. Pouring it
into 4 thin tubes capped with shreds of cloth from Janni's 'harem' outfit
gave Toni a crude explosive. If she could catch several of them in a group
Toni could literally 'fire them up.'

"I'm sorry, Toni," Ginger bowed her head in shame. "You're so brave and we're

"Maybe we should just give ourselves up to those bastards so that you and
Janni can escape," Mary Ann timidly said.

"Please don't say that," Toni said, hugging both of them. "I'm scared
shitless myself. I don't want to be a meal for those assholes anymore than
you guy's do. The only difference is that I've trained for shit like this and
I have powers. I'm going to blink us all invisible now. We'll be able to see
each other, but they can't see us. It'll only last 6 hours, so I'll be back
here for a last stand if I can't get them all."

Janni ate an Air Force M.R.E. and some fruit, washed down with Ginger and
Mary Ann's breast milk. Toni then blinked Janni into an 8 hour sleep. Toni's
next blink absorbed the castaway girls knowledge of the island into Toni's
brain. Toni quickly dressed and then used the last of her magic in the spell
of invisibility.

Slipping out of the cave, gingerly avoiding the waterfall, Toni used the
knowledge in her head to plot the best intercept courses for the 2 scouts.
This is it, girl, Toni thought. If I lose we really are toast. And pot roast,

Masuo the cannibal licked his lips, running his tongue over his pointed filed
teeth. They had seen fresh footprints of at least 3 and maybe as many as 6
different women around the old huts that Jubai the old one had said were on
this island. Good old Jubai, Masuo thought. He'd had more meat on him than we

Things had not been going well for their people of late. Everywhere they
raided lately was filled with people armed with strange sticks that spat fire
and thunder and death to them. They had not been able to eat anybody but each
other for nearly 10 years and almost all their young men were dead at the
hands of the men with the strange sticks. They were the last band of young
men on their island although they were sprinkled with several older men as

Jubai had been the last remaining member of the party that had found this
island many years before and had spoken fondly of the tasty white meat.
Jubai's greatest regret was in not finding the girl with red hair and the one
with the brown hair on each side of her head.

A strange tide protected this island and also made it difficult to leave.
Many parties before them had tried to return to this island over the years
only to be stopped short within sight of this island, unable to advance any
further no matter how hard they rowed. Only they had been able to land after
2 weeks of being unable to advance or retreat.

They had been forced to eat 5 of their own during this time to stay alive.
Now there were signs that there were more than just 2 white skinned women
here. Masuo licked his lips again as he thought about the taste of his
favorite food, people. 'I hope they scream and beg for mercy,' Masuo thought.
Watching their pathetic struggles for life was almost as much fun as eating
them to all the cannibals.

A sharp wooden spear burst out of the chest of Masuo from behind. Toni had
ran at him full force for 20 yards with the homemade spear she had finished
only minutes earlier. Masuo gurgled blood for a few seconds then fell, dead
before he hit the ground. One down, more than I want to fight to go, Toni
thought. Toni wanted to try to hide the body, but didn't have time if she
wanted to stop the other scout. That side of the island was more trecherous,
but he could perhaps find the cave. Invisibility wasn't foolproof. If the
girls screamed they could be found and killed.

The cannibals stone club was too cumbersome a weapon for Toni to take at this
time. During her earlier scrying she had seen that at least 2 of them had
steel machete's, taken from previous victims no doubt. Toni wanted those
machete's in her arsenal. Toni could take on a dozen men easily with those in
her possesion.

Toni's natural athleticism aided her in her dash to the other shore. To her
delight the other cannibal had stopped, ate a few bananas and was sitting
down against a very thin tree. Toni slipped the garrote out and quick as a
cat had the garrote around the cannibal's throat and tied it off to the tree.
The cannibal was dead within a minute, nearly decapitated.

Toni felt like throwing up. Toni had never killed a man before and now she
had killed two men within a span of 10 minutes. I've got to save the others,
Toni thought. Toni walked several feet away and took a 5-minute breather.
Toni knew she had bought at least an hour and knew that she could afford to
take a short rest while she was able. She would need all her energy later.

Several minutes later Toni found the shortcut through the volcano to the
wrecked huts of the former castaways. This natural, if freak phenomenon
allowed Toni to travel in minutes from one side of the island to another.
It had been Gilligan who had found this and most of the other caves on the

Toni was in shock as she walked unseen right into what was left of the
castaway huts. Two of the cannibals were wearing bits and pieces of Ginger
and Mary Ann's clothes, others danced naked around a fire made up of bits and
pieces of the huts. They're hung like hamsters, Toni scoffed to herself. No
wonder I prefer women. My pinky is bigger than their pathetic cocks. Toni
looked for openings as she wlked unseen among them. Toni quickly found one
she couldn't resist.

Ten of the cannibals, were huddled inside of the hut that had belonged to the
professor. Toni took one of her fuel filled tubes, lit the fuse and threw it
into their midst. The metal tube exploded sending shards of metal everywhere.
Six cannibals died instantly, the other 4 were trapped and wounded in the dry
grass and wood hut. A few other cannibals raced to the scene trying to help
their fellow's who had gone up quickly in that tinderbox. Failing to save
them the cannibals began eating the parts that had been blown out of the

Hiding behind a tree, Toni threw up at that sight. They're monsters! Ten of
their friends are dead and they're only interested in their stomachs, Toni
thought. Toni had taken out almost half of them already, but she didn't feel
like celebrating. Toni reeled a little further into the jungle and lost what
little was left in her stomach.

After several minutes Toni felt well enough to try for some more. There were
only 2 men guarding the boats by this time, the other three had joined the
main party. One of them had one of the machete's. Toni went after him first.
Toni snuck up behind him and gave him a second mouth across his throat. Blood
splattered on her and would have revealed her presence if the second man
would have had time to scream. Toni threw her knife right into the man's
chest and covered his mouth to prevent him from crying out.

Oh, God, I'm gonna need a shrink after this, Toni thought, as she looked at
her blood-stained hands. Toni heard cannibals heading her way and ran into
the jungle no longer fully invisible. Toni stripped off her shirt and found
one of the other two sources of fresh water that Ginger and Mary Ann had
talked about and quickly washed off the blood on her skin.

Loud shouts were heard fom the direction of the canoes. There were now only
11 cannibals left, still slightly more than Toni wanted to face in hand to
hand combat. They were down enough though that Toni would use her gun if she
thought she had a free shot. The machete and the water droplets on Toni were
visable, but she knew that she had to chance it.

For over an hour Toni led her pursuers on a chase. Toni was able to take
short breaks and had several chances to completely lose them. Finally the
cannibals gave up on their own. Three hours had passed as even Toni had to
take a break. The cannibals were tired and dispirited.

The clock was working in Toni's favor too as the sun was beginning to set on
this very long and eventful day. Just this morning Toni had been in a lesbian
4-way, and now she fighting for not only her life, but the lives of two new
girlfriends and the woman she loved.

Another hour passed before Toni came out of the jungle. The cannibals had
only posted one guard and most of them were sitting around their campfire
dejected. Sitting ducks, Toni thought. I'm either lucky or they're stupid or
both. Toni didn't know that 2 weeks of deprivation was closer to the truth.
The cannibal's were exhausted physically and mentally.

Toni waited 2 hours for the lone guard to begin to nod off. Toni sliced the
mans head almost completely off. Toni screamed as loud as she could as she
ran invisibly towards the half asleep cannibals. Throwing her second tube
into the fire, Toni ran as fast as she could for the trees. The explosion
still knocked her off her feet.

Dazed, partly visible due to dirt, Toni looked at the carnage. Only 6 were
dead, two were wounded, and the last 2 appeared to be unscathed. Drawing her
pistol at last Toni took careful aim and shot at the two still standing. Both
men fell after 4 shots. Toni then shot the last 2 at point blank range, not
noticing until she'd she'd already shot one of them that his legs had been
blown off and that he would have died soon anyway.

Ginger and Mary Ann became very nervous as the 6 hours came and went with no
sign of Toni. After a few more minutes Toni did appear, a small trickle of
blood coming from a small gash in her forehead. Ginger and Mary Ann caught
Toni as she reeled and almost collapsed. Gently they laid her down next to
Janni. Mary Ann wrapped a wet cloth around Toni's forhead. The gash wasn't
deep enough to leave a scar and Toni's other bumps and bruises weren't
serious either.

"You should have seen the other guys," Toni wearily joked. "It's over guys, I
got 'em. I got all those motherfuckers." Toni passed out.


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