I Dream Of Jeannie/G's Island: Sisters Of The Djinn (I Dream Of Janni) Part 5
by Tyval ([email protected]) (FFFFFF,smbd,ws,fist)

Toni ran through a dark tunnel pursued by 25 corpses in various stages of
disfigurement. Some were charred and blackened by fire, one carried its head,
another ran on its arms like an ape, having no legs, a couple merely had
bullet holes to show their non-living state. All of them seemed to be carring
long obscene knives and forks. Tears streamed down Toni's face as she
realized her fate sould they catch her.

A building loomed infront of Toni, who desperately raced for it seeking some
form of safety from the howling bloodthirsty corpses who pursued her. Fear
lent her new strength as she momentarily left her attackers behind. The
building seemed to be right in front of her now, but Toni pulled up short in
terror as she read the words Mess Hall above the entrance. Toni's horror
increased as she could now read a smaller sign off to the side. It read:

Today's Menu
Roast Toni
Toni Au Gratin
Toni Drumsticks
Toni Burger's

Toni A La Mode

Her undead pursuer's surrounded her and reached for her with claw like hands.
Toni fell to her knees sobbing. Then in a flash of light they were gone. Toni
opened her eye's and saw a large palace style room. Dozen's of naked
beautiful women were all around the room in a lesbian sex and pain orgy. Toni
looked at her own nude body and noticed that she was sitting on some kind of

Toni felt an erotic sensation in her sensitive feet. Looking down Toni saw
Ginger and Mary Ann licking her feet and sucking her toes. They smiled at
Toni as they slavishly worshipped Toni's feet. Toni then saw Janni approach
her. Toni's heart fluttered at the sight of the woman she loved. Janni leaned
over and kissed her gently.

"No more bad dreams my beloved," Janni whispered," Sleep and rest my sweet
hero. Dream only of love."

Toni awoke and saw Janni, Ginger, and Mary Ann sitting in a semi-circle
around her smiling at her. Love was shining in their eyes. It was almost

"Good morning sleepyhead," Janni smiled.

The girls had prepaired a lavish breakfast of fruit. Toni was ravenous and
ate heartily washing it down with the breast milk of all three women. Toni
noticed that all her cuts and bruises were completely healed. Toni found that
she couldn't remember anything after the point where she had left the cave to
fight the cannibals. All she knew was that there had been a fight and that
she had won single-handedly.

After Toni ate, the others began kissing her. Janni then stood up. "Ready to
leave, darling?" Janni asked.

"Yes," Toni said. "We can always come back later after we remake this

Toni, Ginger, and Mary Ann held each other's hands. Janni needed Toni to
choose a destination for them to go to. Teleportation was one of the riskiest
spells there were. Without a fixed destination they could end up inside an
active volcano, inside the stomich of a shark, or even end up in outerspace.
Janni linked her mind with Toni's as she folded her arms and blinked.

The 4 nude women experienced vertigo as color's swirled in front of their
eyes. As they recovered their senses they found themselves in the
bedroom/lesbian dungeon in Toni's modest looking home in Cape Canaveral. On
the bed were two beautiful women, nude save for soft-lined cuffs on their
wrists and ankles. Both women's eyes widened, first in surprise then in joy
as they saw Toni.

"Jewell! Mariah!" Toni happily cried as she ran and embraced her best
girlfriends. Janni, Ginger, and Mary Ann looked on sheepishly as the trio
hugged and kissed each other. Toni reluctantly broke away and turned the
attention of her girlfriends to them.

"Jewell, Mariah, this is Janni, my fiancee'. As soon as we establish our
lesbian country we are going to make lesbian marrige legal and we are going
to be married. These are our friends, lovers, and slaves, Mary Ann Summers
and Ginger Grant, the famous movie star."

"What? No way! Ginger Grant would be in her 60's at least," Jewell

"Really, she is Ginger Grant," Toni said," You guy's know about me, but Janni
is a full Djinn. It was her power that made them young again, and it was her
power that got us off that island."

"Wow! A full genie," Mariah said, amazed.

Jewell and Mariah hugged and kissed Janni, Mary Ann, and Ginger in greeting.
The 6 women then sat on Toni's large bed and filled each other in on what was
going on. Jewell and Mariah had heard that Toni was missing on CNN and
believing in Toni's powers had used their spare key to get in Toni's house in
the hope that she'd come here even before she checked in with NASA.

Surrounded by Toni's sex toys they had gotten horny and been unable to wait.
Jewell and Mariah had stripped off their clothes and had been just about to
start having lesbian whip sex when Toni and the others showed up. Toni told
how she had found Janni. Luck had truly been with them since they had both
been prisoners in their own way.

Janni then talked about how Toni's curiosity had led them to explore the
island where they discovered Ginger and Mary Ann. All 3 of them said how
brave Toni was, first against the gorilla, then the cannibals. The sight of
6 naked women was making all of the beautiful lesbians extremely horny by
this time.

"Let's take a shower and then we can fuck and whip," Janni suggested,

Toni had installed a locker room style shower with 6 heads. The biggest
difference was that Toni's was a lot cleaner. The 6 women giggled as they ran
into the shower. Laughing and kissing they soaped each other up. A lot of
frenching, caressing, and pretend spanking followed.

Towelling off, they ran back to Toni's bedroom. Toni popped a lesbian S&M
movie into the vcr. The 6 women lighly kissed and caressed each other as they
watch the video. In the movie women were whipping other women to non-faked
orgasms. The women would then fuck each other and then whip each other some

The 6 women were getting even more turned on as Toni started a second, more
perverted video. The second video had whipping, fucking, golden showers and
even electrical torture. All the women in the video though were clearly
enjoying themselves, even the ones being whipped and tortured.

By now the 6 lesbian women could barely keep their hands off of each other.
Toni had long ago enhanced Jewell and Mariah with the same attributes of milk
filled breasts, permanently hairless pussies, and the other things that
Janni, Ginger, Mary Ann, and she possessed.

Toni and Ginger began deeply french-kissing, stroking each other's hair.
Janni and Mariah then frenched each other. Jewell was frenching Mary Ann as
she laid her on her back. Mary Ann spread her legs as Jewell positioned
herself on her, lips on lips, nipples on nipples, pussy on pussy. Still
kissing, Jewell began pussyfucking Mary Ann.

Toni french-kissed Ginger, then began kissing and licking down her throat.
Ginger softly moaned as Toni's lips found her breasts. Toni sucked Ginger's
hard nipples, drinking Ginger's tittie milk from each nipple. Ginger stroked
Toni's long black hair as Toni's mouth moved lower. Toni licked down to
Ginger's belly button, licked inside then moved lower.

Toni reached Ginger's mound, teasingly blowing on Ginger's clit. Toni and
Ginger then went into a 69 position. Toni licked and sucked Ginger's pussy
then went even lower, licking and tongue-fucking Ginger's asshole. Ginger
then attacked Toni's anus with her tongue. Toni and Ginger eagerly licked
and tongue-fucked each other's assholes.

Janni and Mariah also started off by kissing and frenching each other. Janni
and Mariah roughly kneaded and milked each other's tits as they kissed. Janni
lad Mariah on her back as they went into a semi-69 position to lick each
other's tits. Janni and Mariah squirted tit milk into each other's mouths,
then licked up the leftover drops.

Janni and Mariah went into the scissor's position and ardently pussyfucked.
Mariah licked Janni's feet, sucking each toe as the two women continued their
hot girl-fuck. Janni returned the favor, licking Mariah's pretty feet and
sucking her toes. Janni and Mariah pussyfucked for several minutes until with
cries of joy they mutually climaxed.

Toni and Ginger followed soon after as the two women tongue-fucked each other
to anal orgasms. Jewell and Mary Ann continued their own pussyfuck. Tit's
lubricated by their tittie milk pressed tighly together as the two women
humped their pussies together. Excited clits touched again and again until
Jewell and Mary Ann exploded into orgasm.

Their first orgasms seemed to only inflame the passion of the 6 beautiful
lesbians as they continued without pause. Mariah inserted 3 finger's into
Ginger's pussy and 2 finger's into Ginger's ass. Mary Ann straddled Ginger's
face, Ginger eagerly suckng her lover's pussy. Mary Ann roughly kneaded her
own milk filled mamaries while Ginger licked her cunt.

Mariah now had her whole hand up Ginger's pussy and her other hand fully into
Ginger's asshole. Mariah fisted Ginger both vaginally and anally as Ginger
continued to suck Mary Ann's pussy. Toni, Jewell, and Janni were in a
triangular daisy chain. Toni licked Jewell from clit to asshole, Jewell
licked Janni's cunt and anus, and Janni licked Toni's pussy and asshole.

Ginger screamed in pleasure as she came. Mary Ann was also cumming from
Ginger's talented tounge. Mariah carefully withdrew her fingers from Ginger's
pussy and asshole. Ginger, Mary Ann, and Mariah licked Mariah's fingers clean
kissing and frenching each other.

Mary Ann and Ginger laid Mariah on her back. Mary Ann finger-fucked Mariah's
pussy with 4 finger's while she sucked Mariah's right breast. Ginger sucked
on Mariah's left tit while finger-fucking Mariah's asshole with 3 fingers.
Slowly Mary Ann and Ginger finger-fucked Mariah until they had their entire
hand in Mariah's pussy and asshole. Mariah was then fisted to orgasm. The
trio then licked each other's fingers clean.

Toni, Janni, and Jewell continued their daisy chain pussy and ass lcking
until all three orgasmed at the same time. Janni, Toni, and Jewell kissed and
frenched each other tasting each other juices. Janni and Ginger paired off
french-kissing each other. Ginger was on her back, legs spread wide as Janni
mounted her for a pussyfuck.

The usually submissive Mary Ann mounted Toni and started pussyfucking her.
Jewell and Mariah went into a 69 position and tounge-fucked each other's
assholes. Pointing her tongue, Jewell stabbed it into Mariah's anus then
liced all around the pretty pink hole before stabbing in again. Mariah licked
up and down Jewell's asshole before licking inside. Both women loved eating

With a shudder Jewell and Mariah orgasmed. Mouths and tits together Mary Ann
rubbed her pussy up and down Toni's pussy. Clits touched as Mary Ann was
grinding her pussy against Toni's pussy. Toni and Mary Ann softly cried out
in each other's mouths as they mutually climaxed.

Janni and Ginger were also near orgasm as they pussyfucked. With small cries
of joy they too orgasmed. But something was missing. All the women loved
gentle lesbianism, but all 6 of them loved lesbian whipping even more. Gentle
sex was good, whipping was 100 times better to these insane pain loving

"This is great," Jewell moaned in lust, "But I need pain to really get off. I
need to be whipped!"

"Ooohhh, me too," Ginger purred, "I just love getting whipped."

"Getting whipped is even better than fucking," Mariah lustfully said, licking
her lips.

"Oh, please, somebody, whip me," Mary Ann softly begged, "Please whip me, all

"Break out the whips," Janni smiled," I love the whip!"

"Greedy cunts," Toni smiled," I love the whip too. You're right, let's whip
each other."

Toni blinked up her large collection of whips and restrants. Ginger's wrists
were cuffed together and chained high over her head forcing her onto her
tiptoes. A spreader bar was then attached to her ankles, spreading Ginger
wide open. The bar was then hooked to the floor. Mary Ann was also suspended,
wrist's together, arms high over her head. Mary Ann's ankles were then
strapped to her thighs her feet were close to her buttocks.

Toni and Jewell picked out multi-tailed sex-whip's and advanced on Ginger who
smiled in anticipation. Janni and Mariah chose similar whips and surrounded
the eager Mary Ann.

"Please, please whip me," Mary Ann pleaded.

"I want to be whipped! Ooohhh, I want to be whipped," Ginger also pleaded.

Toni started whipping Ginger's tit's and pussy as Jewell whipped Ginger's
ass. Ginger was loving every stroke right from the first. Janni was whipping
Mary Ann's titties and pussy, while Mariah whipped Mary Ann's ass and feet.
Mary Ann also loved every lash. Both women were total pain sluts as they felt
their orgasms building.

"Whip me! Aaahhh! Yes! Whip me!," Ginger cried. "I love it! Whip me!
Aaaaiiii! More! Whip me! I'm cumming! Whip me!"

"Aaaiiieeee! Whip me! Whip me!," Mary Ann begged. "Whip me! Oooooo! More!
Whip me, whip me, whip me! I'm cumming!"

Ginger and Mary Ann shuddered in orgasm. The two pain loving lesbians enjoyed
the pain of the whip over the joy of sex. The other girls traded off as Mary
Ann and Ginger regained their breath. As soon asthey recovered, Toni began
lashing Mary Ann's ass and feet, Jewell whipped Mary Ann's tits and pussy.
Mariah was now whipping Ginger's breasts and cunt while Janni whipped
Ginger's ass.

"Aaaaiiieee! Whip me! Oooohhh! More!" Mary Ann cried. "Whip me! I'm gonna
cum! Whip me! Aaaiiieee!"

"Keep whipping me! Aaaaaa! Whip me! Eeeeeaaa!" Ginger pleaded. "Whip me! Whip
me off! I'm cumming! Aaaaaaa!"

The most intense orgasm yet surged through the former castaways. The others
released them from bondage and allowed them to regain their senses.

"I loved it! Ooooo!" Ginger moaned.

"Aaaa! I can't wait for my next turn," Mary Ann whispered. "It feels soooo

Janni and Mariah were next. Like the other two girls Janni was shacked,
wrists together, arms high over her head. Janni's legs were then
spread-eagled and lifted until she was horizontal then shackled. Mariah was
shackled in a standing spread-eagled position. Jewell and Ginger advanced on
Janni. Toni and Mary Ann were now on Mariah.

Toni started whipping Mariah's ass while Mary Ann whipped Mariah's puppies
and her kitty. Ginger lashed Janni's tits, as Jewell got between Janni's legs
and used her whip on Janni's pussy and asshole. Janni and Mariah were total
pain sluts as they loved it from the first stroke.

"Whip me! Whip me!," Mariah begged. "Oooaaaiii! Harder! Aaaahhhh! Whip me!
I'm cumming! Eeeeaaa! Whip me raw!"

"More! Whip me! Faster! Harder! Aaaa! Whip me! Aaaiieeee!" Janni cried. "Whip
me! Aaaeeeeiii! I'm cumming! Whip me off!"

Janni and Mariah shuddered as they came. Ginger kissed and frenched Janni,
roughly kneading and milking Janni's tits. Jewell gave Janni's pussy a few
hand slaps, almost making Janni cum. Mary Ann teased Mariah's wet slit with
her fingers. Toni, Mariah, and Mary Ann french-kissed each other.

As soon as Janni and Mariah recovered the other girls changed places, so that
Toni and Jewell were now on Janni and Ginger and Mary Ann were on Mariah.

"Please whip me my love," Janni begged Toni. "Whip me, my brave warrior."

Toni smiled as she lashed her true love on her pussy and asshole as Jewell
whipped Janni's big titties. Mary Ann was whipping Mariah's pussy and tits,
Ginger whipped Mariah's light black ass. Both women were crazed by their love
of pain.

"Oooohhh! Whip me!" Mariah pleaded. "Please! Whip me! Whip me, whip me, whip
me! I'm cumming! Aaaiiiieeee!"

"Whip me off! Whip me! Aaaaeee! More!" Janni cried. "Uuuuggghhh! I'm gonna
cummmm! Keep whipping meee!"

For several minutes all Janni and Mariah could do was twitch in orgasm.
Unable to control themselves, Toni and Jewell flew into each other's arms,
kissing deeply. Toni and Jewell tumbled onto the big bed, Toni on top. Jewell
spread her legs wide as Toni passionately pussyfucked her. Mouths hungrily
frenching, tits on tits, pussy on pussy, Toni gave Jewell a hot hard
girl-fuck. Ginger and Mary Ann flanked them and began whipping Toni's ass
while she continued to pussyfuck Jewell. With cries of joy Toni and Jewell

Free once again Janni and Mariah regained their breth as they looked at the
sheepish Toni and Jewell.

"You greedy bitch!" Janni said in giggling false anger, "You cunts couldn't
even wait for your turn."

"You'll have to be punished for that," Mariah smiled licking her lips.

Since she had many of Toni's memories, Janni blinked up a triangular 'torture
horse' complete with detatchable pussy and anal dildos. Janni and Mary Ann
led the giggling Toni over to it. With the help of Janni and Mary Ann, Toni
slowly lowered herself onto the lubricated 10" pussy dildo and slightly
thinner 10" anal dildo. Once fully impaled Toni's arms were shackled high
over her head wrist's together, and her legs were chained far back forcing
her even farther on the dildo's. Janni then started Whipping Toni's tits and
pussy with Mary Ann whipping Toni's ass, The whipping also forced Toni to
fuck herself.

Jewell's arms were spread far apart and chained high. Jewell's legs were then
spread way apart in a splits position and chained. Jewell licked her lips in
anticipation. Mariah started whipping Jewell's tits and pussy with Ginger
whipping Jewell's ass.

"Whip me!" Toni begged. "Aaaaa! It feels so goood! Whip me! Aaaiiiieeee!
More! Harder! I'm cumming! Whip me! Whip me!"

"Whip me off! Whip me! Aaaiiieee!" Jewell cried. "Whip me, whip me, whip me!
I'm cumming! keep whipping me!"

Toni and Jewell writhed in pleasure. Ginger and Mariah traded paces with
Janni and Mary Ann. As soon as Toni and Jewell recovered Mary Ann lashed
Jewell's titties and pussy, as Janni whipped Jewell's ass. Ginger whipped
Toni's tits and pussy while Mariah was whipping Toni's ass, as the two women
made Toni fuck herself.

"Whip me! Uuuggghhh! Whip me!" Toni begged. "Whip me, whip me, whip me, whip
me! I'm gonna cum! Aaaaiiieee!"

"Aaaiiieeee! Whip me! Whip me raw! More!" Jewell cried. "Whip me 'til I cum!
Whip me! I'm cumming! Keep whipping me!"

With cries of raw pleasure Toni and Jewell orgasmed again and again. Jewell
was freed, and then the all helped Toni off the torture horse. The 6 hot
lesbians frenched each other.

"More," Toni moaned. "I need to be beat! I'm a bad girl! I have to be

Toni was chained wrists together arms again over her head, forcing her onto
her tiptoes. Toni's ankles were then shackled together with Janni adding a
set of toe cuffs to complete her love's bondage. The 5 women traded in their
whips for 2 foot long leather straps. Mary Ann and Ginger moved behind Toni
on opposite sides and began beating Toni's buttocks. Jewell strapped Toni's
right tit, Mariah beat Toni's left breast. Janni used her strap on Toni's
pussy. The strap hurt a lot worse than the whip, but Toni still loved it.

"Beat Me! Aaaaahhh! Beat me! I need to be beat!" Toni cried. "Beat me!
Aaiiee! Beat me, beat me, beat me! Beat Me! Iiiiaaaee! Beat me! I'm cumming!

Toni was released almost unconcious. Janni solved that problem by restoring
everybody's energy. The 6 lesbians were now once again at the peak of their
strength and ready for more and more.

Toni smiled as she gently lowered Janni to her knees and straddled her face.
Janni giggled as she knew what Toni was going to do to her. Janni arched her
back and opened her mouth as Toni spread her pussy lips and pee'd into her
hungry mouth. Janni swallowed as much of Toni's golden shower as she could
swallow. Toni kissed and frenched Janni, tasting her own piss.

Janni licked Toni's pussy clean, then stood up and pointed at Mary Ann who
eagerly knealt, arched her back and opened her mouth. Janni spread her pussy
lips and pissed into Mary Ann's eager mouth then kissed and frenched her.
Mary Ann lapped up Janni's pee. It was Mary Ann's turn to choose a victim.

Mary Ann chose her own true love, Ginger. Mary Ann straddled Ginger's face,
spreading her pussy lips. Ginger arched her back and with mouth open drank as
much of Mary Ann's pee as she could swallow. Ginger licked Mary Ann's pussy
clean and then the former castaways kissed and frenched each other.

Ginger chose Mariah, straddling her face, spreading open her pussy. Back
arched, mouth open, Mariah drank Ginger's piss. Mariah greedily licked
Ginger's pussy clean. Ginger and Mariah french-kissed each other. Jewell
knelt, arching her back, mouth open, as Mariah pee'd into her mouth.

Jewell and Mariah frenched each other, thn Jewell used her tongue to lick
Mariah's pussy. Coming full circle, Jewell now spread her pussy lips as she
straddled Toni's face. Jewell pissed into Toni's eager greedy mouth. All 6
women kissed and frenched for several minutes.

It was time for more whipping as Toni and Janni were strung up. The lesbian
sex and pain orgy continued for the rest of the night. Each girl was whipped
several times. Madness and magic gave them superhuman endurance. No normal
woman could take a fraction of what they dished out to each other, much less
enjoy it like these women did.

* * *

Epilogue: One year later

Toni Nelson looked out toward's the ocean from her house by the beach. Things
had progressed so rapidly. Toni had resigned her commission and left NASA.
Thanks to Toni and Janni's magic she not only was approved, but avoided
court-martial as well, leaving with an honorable discharge. It had taken
almost half of the Howell fortune to completely transform the island. Some of
Toni's famous and rich girlfriends had their mansions blinked here.

There were nearly 200 pretty lesbian's on the island now. Another lesbian
Djinni girl named Yasmina had joined them. Yasmina was an exotic beauty who
had the Middle-East features like the other half of the Djinn girl's.
Stealing guns had been easy as the island was well stocked with weapons in
case they were needed.

Toni, Janni, Yasmina, and some of the pretty Air Force lesbians had borrowed
3 Apache helicopters, found the island of the cannibal's and massacred them
to the last person.

They had then returned the helicopter's without anyone knowing they were
missing. The Island now had a power plant and did have lights. There were 3
lesbian bars. Ginger and Mary Ann now made lesbian S&M movie's at their movie
studio. The videos were one of the few exports from the island. With lot's of
natural food and several fully stocked warehouses the island was almost self

Toni was naked as alway's except for the wedding ring on her finger. None of
the women on the island wore clothes. Toni and Janni were now married to each
other and were also thinking of adding Yasmina in a 3-way marrige. On this
island it was not unusual for as many as 6 women to be married to each other.

Jewell and Mariah were also married to each other and to Jennifer Lopez,
Brittany Spears, and Christina Applegate. They were about to add Brandy and
Monica too.

"Toni! Toni!" Janni called, running down the beach happily.

Toni smiled then ran down to greet her wife. The two women embraced and
passionately kissed. The two women then broke apart and gazed deep in each
other's eyes.

"Sister," Toni lovingly whispered.

"Sister," Janni replied lovingly.

The two women kissed deeply.



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