Disclaimer: Modesty Blaise owned by Peter O'Donnell, Tarzan, Princess La,
Lord Greystoke, Opar and others owned by the heirs of E. R. Burroughs,
various Jungle girls owned by Marvel, Dynamite, Basement, Devil's Due. Mei
Wong/China Doll, Jet Danger, Mechas 4 owned by me. This is parody not to be
taken seriously. Partly based on a Modesty Blaise theory by Chuck Loridans.

When a small bag of jewels is found in South Africa, the contents also
include a parchment in a strange language with the handprints of an infant.
The fingerprints an exact match for British adventuress Modesty Blaise. Now,
a collection of female secret agents and jungle girls combine to unravel a
mystery, save the world, and find a lost city.

Some chapters rated NC-17 for F/F sex, this chapter set-up/no sex

Black Panther/Cavewoman/Fem Force/Modesty Blaise/STSD/Sheena:
The Opar Caper Part 1
by Tyval ([email protected])

Modesty Blaise knew something was wrong before she stepped out of the private
elevator to her penthouse. She slipped her .32 revolver out of her purse.
Weng wasn't there to greet her which only confirmed her suspicions.

"You really should get a better security system," the dark haired woman
reclining in her favorite chair, drinking her wine, said," I bypassed it in
less than 3 minutes. Excellent vintage. Oh, your man is fine, tied up in the
closet. You really shouldn't use such a toy gun, but, then again, you've got
quite a reputation with it. This kongo is cleaver though. Easily concealed,
devastating with nerve strikes. I prefer the nunchaku myself. Even after kung
fu films it's still so underestimated."

"Your, profession, is a bit different from mine," Modesty said, she knew who
this woman was, by reputation, "You talk an awful lot for a super spy... Miss
Jet Danger. Odd name."

"Like Modesty Blaise is so common," Jet smiled at her, "Dad was a fan of Sir
Paul in the 70's. You can put your gun down. I'm wearing a new kevlar weave
that's as thin as cloth, but 3 times stronger than standard. Unless you get
me right between the eyes your popgun is useless. Trust me, if I wanted you
dead you would be."

"A lot of others have thought that," Modesty said, aiming for the other
woman's temple, then pulling up," You went to a lot of trouble to see me.
Why? Our paths have never crossed, and technically we're on the same side.
You were C.I.A., then N.S.A., then, so secret there wasn't even a name for

"I'm impressed," Jet laughed, "I searched the whole place and didn't see even
a laptop. It's a long story why I've come to see you. What do you know of
Lord Greystoke?"

"Not much beyond common knowledge," Modesty said, putting her pistol back in
her purse and sitting down facing her, "Went native. Hmmm. That was a long
time ago. A real long time ago."

"Yes, called himself Tarzan, inspired book, movies, even tv shows," Jet
handed her a photo," This picture is 2 weeks old. He looks pretty good for
a man pushing 100. That's him, not a son, not a grandson."

"I would have said he didn't look much older than Willie," Modesty said
looking at the picture of the jungle lord, "So, he aged really well, what
do I have to do with some eccentric who lives like a wildman?"

"There are few places in the world left unexplored, even in Africa," Jet
continued, "But legends persist. One such legend is the lost city of Opar.
This particular legend, unlike most others, has some circumstantial evidence
support. On several occasions, let's just call him Tarzan, during hard
financial times, suddenly came up with millions in gold."

"I think I do recall reading about that," Modesty said, "This little story
of yours is starting to get interesting."

"You will love this part then," Jet smiled, "One time he also came up with a
large bag of jewels. Ruby's, diamonds, emeralds, all the things your file
says you love. This one bag was worth 5,000,000 pounds in 1940's money. About
3 times that now."

"Starting to interest me," Modesty smiled, "Supposed to come from this 'Opar'
place I take it?"

"Also rumors of some people who survived seeing Opar, but won't talk," Jet
said, "Even 1 or 2 possible intermarriages with rumored Opar women. I
followed them all up of course. With almost a 60 year gap though... Again,
this is all circumstantial."

"This is all very interesting, but where do I fit into all this?" Modesty

"A few weeks ago, a second bag of jewels was found," Jet smiled, "Much
smaller, only maybe a 1,000,000 U.S., but there was something else in the

"I'll bite," Modesty said.

"There was a parchment in an unknown language," Jet smiled, "The language was
Atlantian, don't ask, I know someone who could read it, among other things
was a date, a date of birth, about 27 years ago actually. But that wasn't the
most interesting thing."

"I hate you," Modesty grinned, "You are an obvious tease."

"Well, there are an infants handprints on it," Jet said, "An exact match for
your fingerprints."

"Bloody hell," Modesty was on her feet fighting mad and confused as hell.

"Run it through MI-6 if you don't believe me," Jet produced the parchment,
"I also took the liberty of a d.n.a. check. Lord Greystoke as your father is
a 99.98%. It wasn't easy getting his or yours."

"Why are you doing this?" Modesty asked, her emotions running wild, "What do
you have to gain?"

"I'm going to find Opar," Jet said," With or without you. I have plenty of
back up already, resources you won't believe until you see them. I could have
destroyed that parchment, I didn't have to come here. I have no interest in
you. You may not believe this, but I'm the white hat. Take my file on you and
the parchment to your friend Tarrant. Have him check everything in it, Have
him run down everything he can find on me."

"I've seen your file," Modesty said, "You were said to have been the best
before you dropped off the radar. Rumors of you hanging around weirdo's the
last few years."

"Those weirdo's are real," Jet smiled, "You may meet a couple of them if you
choose to come with me. Look, I'm not going to lie to you, some of this is a
treasure hunt, but that's only a part of it. It's complicated."

"These things always are," Modesty said, "Do you have any other surprises?"

"Quite a few," Jet said, "For example your name. You chose your last name
Blaise yourself, the parchment says your mother named you Blaze. It's likely
she's still alive."

"I don't know how much more of this I can take," Modesty's eyes narrowed,
"You don't know a frigging thing about me! All this is some kind of sick

"If that's what you think then throw the parchment and my files into the
fireplace," Jet said rising, "I am not your enemy. I did not come here to
hurt you. If you want to know more my special line is in the file, if not,
it's you choice."

Modesty didn't try to stop Jet as the former super spy left her penthouse.
Her emotions were running high and swinging wildly. Anger was foremost, but
curiosity won out in the end. Modesty opened Jet's file on her and read. The
file started with the parchment's translation. The date was first. If it was
her it was an amazing coincidence that she was as old as she thought she was.

'Well, a couple months younger than I thought I am,' Modesty thought.

The rest just listed her father as 'Tarzan' and her mother as 'La'. Then the
child's name as 'Blaze' and that it was a girl. The rest of the file showed
that Jet had definitely done some legwork. Jet had a complete dossier of
Modesty from her 'Network' days to her current status as a 'freelancer'. That
was information that any intelligence agency might have. Jet had more on her
than most. The fact that Jet knew about Lob surprised Modesty. She doubted
that 3 people alive, counting her and Willie, knew about the old professor.

Apparently Jet had told the truth about not investigating her until the
jewels and parchment had surfaced. Modesty was almost insulted at how low
her former group 'The Network' was ranked. Then the file delved into her work
with Sir Gerald Tarrant. Jet apparently knew about most of the capers she and
Willie had been involved in besides that.

The next part was supposition. A nun named 'Sister Anne' with a 6 month old
girl named 'Blaze' left Africa on a ship for England. The ticket paid for by
John Clayton a.k.a. Lord Greystoke. They never made it. A 'Sister Anne' along
with an un-namd little girl ended up in East European refugee camps during
the turbulant days that eventually saw the collapse of the Easten Bloc and
even the Soviet Union itself.

'Sister Anne' was an angel of mercy who did everything she could for the
child and all the others in the camps. She gave so much of herself she grew
sick and died when the little girl was 6. To avoid the obvious perverts the
little girl ran away. Greystoke hired detectives searching for a little girl
named 'Blaze' for years.

It seemed to fill in the gaps of Modesty's life. She herself remembered
little until she met Lob. She didn't want to admit that she was already
hooked. Modesty called Sir Gerald. She was cautious enough to check out the
American spy's story. Modesty then came to the last item in the file. An
envelope. Inside was a computer disc. Modesty was not very computer literate,
it was her one weak spot. Jet hadn't found it, but Modesty did have a laptop.
Inserting the disc Modesty was agan pissed off.

Jet had pic after pic of Modesty going into lesbian bondage and sex clubs,
eagely participating in the most disgusting lesbian sex acts, often leaving
with groups of other women to continue wanton depraved lesbian orgies. The
pics were real. Even Willie didn't know about this side of her. Modesty was
a hardcore lipstick lesbian and into extreme bdsm. She didn't see any way
around it. If Jet's story checked out she would have to join her.

Jet's custom car pulled into the Lung Ki embassy, then down into the secret
underground garage. Jet joined the others in the hi tech meeting room. In the
middle of the room was a table with a holograhic display of the dangerous
area. One wall was dominated by blu-ray tv screens, another by computer
stations. Mei Wong a.k.a. China Doll and Star Bearclaw a.k.a. Morningstar,
members of G.O.L.D. greeted her.

"Is Miss Blaise going to join us?," Mei asked, "It would be great to help her
discover her past while we're saving the world."

"I don't know yet," Jet said, "Of course we don't really know what's going
on, what we're facing."

"Well, we do know that we have to find this 'Opar'," Star said, "That field
expands every day."

"And that's why we're using Mechas 4 battle-bots instead of Questar and Lee
Van Tallon," Mei said, "It kills human males. We have to stop it."

"Right now it's in a very dinky area," Jet agreed, "But if it continues to
expand, getting into populated areas, it could eventually cover the world."

"And hey, if we pick up a few shiny things along the way so much the better,"
Star grinned, earning stern looks from Mei and Jet, "Okay, so I'm new to this
whole 'hero' thing."

"We'll give her a week," Jet said, "Then we have to go, with or without her."

It only took 2 days for Sir Gerald to confim all the evidence Jet had given
her. Even the Greystoke reward was still out there. The fingerprint and
d.n.a. evidence Jet had collected was confirmed.

"My dear," Sir Gerald said on the phone, "If you took this to court you would
win hands down. I pray this is true, if only to ease your mind."

Modesty spent the next 2 days at Willie's pub, 'The Treadmill'. Willie was
actually in favor of going, partly for the jewel's, partly for the adventure,
and, of course, for the chance for Modesty to discover the fragments of her

"If there is a chance ta find yur mum Princess," Willie said, "And maybe she
wants to see you too."

"Then why did they send me away?" Modesty asked sadly.

"Well, from these ticket stubs you were supposed to end up at Greystoke manor
Princess," Willie said, "But something went wrong. The world was changing.
Easy for someone to get lost in the shuffle. Without war, I got lost."

"So, what do you know about Miss Danger?" Modesty asked.

"I know her reputation," Willie said, "Supposed to be the best. No offense
Princess, but even when you had a gun on her, I think she could have taken

"Oh really," Modesty folded her arms in mock indignity.

"I've never heard anything bad about her," Willie continued, "Except..."

"Except what?" Modesty asked.

"Just a rumor mind you," Willie said, " But supposidly she became freelance
after she 'came out' if you know what I mean."

That little piece of information was very interesting. Modesty made up her
mind. She called Jet's private line. Modesty was not happy that Willie
couldn't come with her.

"We're trying to save the world," Jet said, "He can wait for you at our
starting point. This isn't the 1930's, we'll have cell phones and GPS
systems. Trust me, when you see what I've got you won't worry about your

Modesty almost backed out, but curiousity got the better of her. And after
all, Willie could come with her to the African base camp.

* * *

"Hey, glad you made it," Jet yelled and waved as Modesty and Willie exited
the helicopter.

They had flown into Johannesburg, South Africa by jet, then a trip inland by
helicopter. Modesty wondered how this had all been arrainged, because she was
pretty sure they were well north of South Africa. But no jet fighters had
challenged them during the trip. Modesty and Willie ran to where Jet stood
along with a young beautiful Asian woman and a girl who looked, and in fact
was, Native American.

The 'base' was a series of a half dozen large military style tents, 2
military tin buildings, and a conrete 'garage'. Asian soldiers in jungle camo
stacked boxes. Unlike any military Modesty had ever seen every single man was
totally alert and focased. Not a single man appeared to be a 'slacker'. Lung
Ki soldiers. An army that had never been totally beaten in their 2000 year

"This is Mei Wong and Star Bearclaw," Jet introduced them now that they far
enough away from the chopper to be heard, "They are members of G.O.L.D. and
our sponsers. The other members of our team are inside."

"And last chance for a hot shower and a soft bed for 2-4 weeks, depending on
how this goes," Mei said," You know the saying, no plan survives after it

"You've got a lot of men here," Willie said, "What for? You said this
expedition had to be women only."

"This is a war zone," Jet said, "Three, maybe 4 countries are fighting over
it. Then there's about a half dozen differant rebel groups."

"Plus warlords, slavers, criminals and just plain murderers," Star added,
"The various government forces have got enough sense not to mess with Lung
Ki army, the others not so much."

"So, those are Lung Ki'an's," Willie mused, "Heard a lot about 'em, been all
over southeast Asia, but no one knew where it was. I almost thought it was as
mythical as Avalon, Shangra La, or this Opar we're going to."

"It better exist," Mei laughed, " Or else I'm a myth. Born and raised there.
No, it's hidden, very hard to find, but it's there."

"Come, we can talk about that later," Jet said, "I'll introduce you to the

Even Modsty's jaw dropped, while Willie's eyes bugged out when the rest of
the team turned out to be Sheena, Shanna the She Devil, Tara Freemont, Jana
the Jungle Girl, Meriam/Cavewoman, and Princess Shuri of Wakanda. Two, 12'
tall sentient Mechas 4 robots the girls had named Jim Beam and Jack Daniel's
were an unexpected surprise. But the biggest surprise was 30 feet of gorilla
named Clyde.

End of Part 1


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