NC-17 for explicit lesbian sex, BDSM, water sports, forced lactation, kink,

Summary: Take the duo of China and Jazz (Double Impact), add a dash of Shi
and Tomoe, stir in the Barbi Twins, Shane and Sia. Mix them up with each
other with a sprinkling of trickery from a half dozen feline vixens. Bake
and serve totally bare.

All characters are owned by their prospective owners, except for Lynx who is
another of my original characters and is owned by me when I have her as a
heroine in my group Alliance of Justice.

Barbi Twins/Double Impact/Shi/Tomoe: Cats Inc. Part 1
by Tyval ([email protected])

The workout had been the best yet. The 6 beautiful women were now functioning
as a single unit, their teamwork was almost flawless. The 6 women laughed and
giggled as they hit the showers. The women french-kissed each other as they
soaped each other up. Lots of lesbian foreplay followed as they ran their
fingers across each other's firm high breasts, down to the hairless vaginas
they all possessed, across firm round womanly buttocks.

Two of the women had fake tattoos that washed off. Those two decided that in
their new group they wouldn't bother redrawing them again since none of them
liked them anyway. Finally the shower ended as the women refrained from
actually having sex in lieu of a lesbian sex and pain orgy later.

The six women dressed in their costumes and went into a meeting room
dominated by a round table in the center of the room. In the center of the
table was a high-tech 3D tv/vcr set that they had stolen from Stark
Enterprises.* This particular set had been on it's way to the Avenger's when
they had hi-jacked it for themselves. /Tony Stark is a genius,/
the dark-haired leader thought. /I doubt S.T.A.R. labs could come up with
something this good. And they supply the Justice League./

The dark-haired leader's name was Selina Kyle, known to the world as
Catwoman. To her right was her former imitator and now protégé Alley Cat,**
Cheshire, Cheetah,*** a new villainess named Lynx, and a surprising 6th
member who now called herself Tigress. Tigress had once been known as the
Yellow Power Ranger, Trini, before she had turned to the 'dark' side, so to

Zordon had been exposed as a creature of pure evil who had simply used the
Power Rangers to get rid of his rivals. Zordon 'turned over' the lineup of
the Rangers so that none could stick around long enough to find out the
truth about him. Finally the most dangerous group of heroes on Earth,
G.O.L.D., had tumbled onto Zordon's true plans for the Galaxy and stopped

All the past and current female Rangers had sided with G.O.L.D., but every
past and present male Power Ranger had sided with Zordon and his evil cause.
Zack, Billy, Jason, Tommy, all the way up to Andros and beyond fought for
Zordon. All the male Rangers were killed along with Zordon in his mad quest
to destroy Earth.

Afterwards, a dejected Trini, who still possessed her Ranger powers, had
wandered into a night club. Trini had had several drinks before she noticed
that something was very odd about this particular club. Trini was not a
drinker and was pretty tipsy when she noticed that there were absolutely no
men in this club. The club was filled with dozen's of beautiful women. Many
were dancing with each other as Trini noticed that many of the girls were
nude or half nude. Many of them kissed and caressed each other as they
danced. The all-girl band played sexy rock songs. Along the walls were
booths where Trini saw women being even more intimate with other women by
sucking each others' pussies or finger-fucking each other.

On the stage was a lesbian S&M act, where several naked women were whipped by
other, equally nude women, and yet were clearly enjoying it. Trini surprised
herself as she didn't feel any shock at the sights she now witnessed. Indeed,
Trini found herself drawn to the lesbian activity all around her.

Trini's nipples hardened and her pussy grew moist as her eye's took in this
alien yet highly erotic scene. The most beautiful woman she'd ever seen, a
tall dark-haired woman who stalked her with, yes, feline grace sat down
beside her. "Can I buy you a drink newbie? My name's Selina," she purred,
yes, purred.

"Am I that obvious?" Trini asked, as she looked into Selina's green eyes and
lost herself in them.

Selina smiled and nodded. Trini blushed. Trini had never really felt this way
about anyone, except maybe her friend Kimberly. Trini had tried a few boys
and found that they disgusted her. Trini hated men, but up until now had
never really contemplated a woman. Selina bought Trini a few drinks and then
led her onto the dance floor.

The music, the drinks, the sight of so much naked flesh, and her attraction
to Selina caused Trini to lose all her inhibitions. Before too long Trini
jumped up on the stage and did a really sexy and nasty striptease until she
totally nude. Trini then did a slutty dance for Selina at her urging.

Trini didn't know when Selina chained her up. All Trini knew was that her
beloved Selina now had a whip in her hand and was now also nude which made
Trini even hornier. To Trini's surprise and delight she found that she
actually enjoyed being whipped as she came more times than she dreamed
possible. None of the 2 or 3 men she'd known had ever gotten her off and
she had only ever cum from her own fingers and then only when her fantasies
had been about Kimberly or some female celebrity.

Trini was whipped and fucked several times by Selina and several other women
and still wanted more. Trini woke up the next morning naked in Selina's
luxurious hotel room in Selina's arms. Trini and Selina made love several
times then Selina tied Trini up and whipped her to even more intense orgasms.

Trini moved in with Selina, having no real place to go anyway. Trini even
revealed her former identity as the Yellow Ranger. That got Selina's mind
working. Selina had a new costume made for Trini. Since Trini's morph had
been 'Sabre-tooth Tiger,' Selina got her a full bodysuit with the pattern
of a modern orange with black tiger stripes.

After re-making it with a deep v-neck to her waist, and making it sleeveless
and legless, Trini decided to call herself Tigress. There was no helmet since
Selina liked seeing her pretty face and Trini had hated the damn helmet
anyway. It was only then that Selina revealed herself to be Catwoman and
introduced her to the other women in her newly formed group.

To Trini's further delight, all the others were lesbian pain lovers too.
Trini was now and forevermore a willing partner of Catwoman. After a month
of living and training together all 6 villainesses were truly in love with
each other. There would be no traitors or slackers or deserters on this

The other newcomer was Lynx. Lynx was a mutant who possessed super-human
agility, enhanced speed, and the strength of 5 men. Lynx usually looked
normal, with long mane like blonde hair that framed her pretty face. Lynx
had the largest bust size of all the women with her 44 EE's. When any of
her new girlfriends got hurt, though, Lynx would go berserk, her feature's
would become more feral and catlike, her ear's would then grow and take
the form of the distinctive ears of the Lynx, hence her name.

Catwoman banged her chairwoman's gavel down once on the table to start the
meeting. "Welcome ladies," Catwoman said, smiling. "Welcome to the first
official meeting of Cats, Inc. For the past month we have trained and
studied together, now is the time to act. We are not murderers! Only Cheshire
has ever killed and then only in self defense. We have no interest in taking
over the world, we don't want to work that hard. We are not insane lunatics
like Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn and some of the others. What we are is a team
of thieves and mercenaries! What we have discovered is that we are all
lesbians and that we hate men. In addition we are all 50% masochists, we
love sex and pain. For these reasons we have formed a new alliance. Our goals
are 2-fold; to get filthy rich, and maybe even more importantly, to whip and
rape super heroines into becoming our willing sex slaves. Trini."

"Ladies, using the alien technology I stole from that slug Zordon and the
super computer we stole from Stark that he was sending to the Avengers, I
have complete data on every heroine and villainess on Earth. I know more
about them than they do," Trini continued. "Every move, every battle,
everyone they've ever been seen with, I have even learned the secret
identities of every one of them. Thanks to careful analysis I know the most
minor details about them. It came as a big surprise when I learned that
every heroine and villainess on Earth is either a lesbian or extremely
bi-sexual with lesbian preferences. On top of that, they're all as
masochistic as we are."

"I wonder why that is?" Cheshire asked. "Except for one Canadian all the
male heroes are straight. A lot of villains are gay though."

"I used to hang around with G.O.L.D. when I was with the Alliance of
Justice," Lynx said. "Shiro Sanlemoto, one of the 3 smartest men on Earth -
only Reed Richard's and Dr. Doom are his equal - had a theory on that
question. Shiro said it had something to do with why we become adventurers.
Donning costumes and seeking adventure isn't crazy, but it is unusual. It
seems like there's a certain type of woman who is particularly drawn to
this lifestyle no matter what side of the law we choose. The profile of a
heroine or a villainess seems to be a girl or woman from 15-35, beautiful,
athletic, lesbian or very bi-sexual, and 50% sadistic, 50% masochistic with
other women. There are a few rare exceptions on both sides of course. A few
like the Wasp and Invisible Woman really are straight, but that seems to be
pretty accurate with at least 98% of all female adventurers. You would be
surprised to know that Scarlet Witch and Supergirl may well be the biggest
dykes there are. As for the guys, well the heroes want to meet girls and
half the villains want to meet guys."

"The only real difference then is our outlook on life? That makes a lot of
sense," Alley Cat said. "I think that Shiro guy is dead on, Lynx. I always
suspected there was something different about girls like us."

"So what is our first step in achieving our goals?" Cheshire asked.

"Actually, Cheetah came up with a good plan," Catwoman said. "I'll let her
fill you in."

Cheetah stood up, lightly kissed Catwoman, then passed out folders that had
photo illustrated profiles of 6 heroines. "The goal, girls, is to acquire
insane amounts of wealth while making as many of those goody-two-shoes
heroines our slave whores as we want. The hard part is getting away with it.
The key, is to start small," Cheetah said. "You probably don't recognize
the women in the folders. I have chosen them because they little known with
no ties to any major hero groups. I propose we take these girls out first
and work our way up."

Cheshire paused for a moment. "It seems to be a solid plan, but some girls
are still going to be too dangerous to fuck with under any circumstances,"
Cheshire added. "The G.O.L.D. girls we should definitely stay away from. The
way G.O.L.D. wiped out that secret government group I.O. scared the shit out
of every villain on Earth."

"Tell me about it," Lynx said, shivering slightly. "I was there as a
member of the Alliance. All that the Danger Dolls and us did was pick off
stragglers. And what they did to Ivana, 'brrrrrrrr'. She used to be a strong
independent woman who prided herself on her intelligence and cunning. Now
she's nothing but a whimpering mewling little whip bitch to those Gen 13
girls. I love getting whipped too, hell, I crave lesbian whipping, but
Ivana's just totally a broken woman thanks to G.O.L.D."

"Are they really that much more dangerous than the Avengers or Justice
League?" Alley Cat asked. "Sure, they're tough and that license to kill is
scary, but why are they so feared and yet virtually unknown?"

"Ask the Chaos Lords. That's right, except for Daemonus they're all dead.
Ask the Robdroid, a rouge creation of the Celestials. You can't, because he's
been recycled into aluminum cans. Ask the computer brain CM76 who ruled the
into planet of Mechas 4 with an army of sentient robots and super villains.
They had a Y2G.O.L.D. problem. China Dragon became the 'Chinese God of the
Martial Arts', lost his emotions and almost disappeared for a year. Villains
thought they could move in and take them out only to find out that Questar
was just as tough a leader. Now China Dragon has regained his emotions and
he's in a whole new weight class with those new powers of his. He was
unbeatable before, now he scares Darkseid and Thanos. Ask my former boss
Zordon about them too, oh, that's right, he's dead too," Trini was saying,
as she recalled how normal sized human's had smashed the huge robotic 'Zords'
with ease.

The 'Zords' had been designed to fight giant monsters and robots and were
very effective in that task. Against targets the size of the G.O.L.D. heroes
they were slow and clumsy. Like ants the 12 heroes had found weaknesses and
exploited them.

Cheetah clicked on the 3D tv set. The screen showed the inside of the Gotham
museum where she and Selina had hidden tiny video cameras. "My plan is very
simple. All of these girls work as a duo and they don't know the other
pairs," Cheetah continued," I have sent anonymous messages to each duo
telling them that the other 4 girls are going to try and rob the museum
tonight along with the pictures of the other girls. Super heroes have a
tendency to fight each other so we'll let them beat each other senseless, we
move in, capture them, rob the place, and bring those cunts here. We then
whip and rape them into submission. Since they're all lesbian whip lovers
anyway it should be easy to convert them to our cause. As we work our way up
we do things like have Batgirl announce her retirement on video or have
Wonder Woman say she's returning to Themyscira and stuff like that to keep
all the other heroes from finding out about us. Once we have all the slaves
and wealth we want we'll use our army of slaves to conquer Paradise Island
and make all the amazon's our slaves. Living there we'll be able to live
forever in comfort and luxury."

"And since the only way to get there is to be taken there by an amazon, no
one will be able to come after us," Catwoman finished. "That means we've got
to capture Wonder Woman, Artemis, and Donna Troy, too because they're the
only amazons that don't live on Paradise Island. But to take the island we'll
need an army of slaves so we need to convert at least 100 heroines. A few
girls may even be able to become part of our circle, Black Cat, Hellcat,
Tigra, etc."

"How long until the show starts?" Alley Cat asked, pointing at the tv.

"We've got a couple of hours," Cheetah smiled.

"Then why don't we make good use of it?" Alley Cat purred. "Let's go to the

"All in favor say 'hell, yeah'," Catwoman said.

"Hell yeah!!" all 6 women yelled.

Running down to the 'playroom,' the horny lesbian villainesses practically
ripped their clothes off. The large room was a lesbian dungeon with numerous
places and devices to chain girls up to. The walls were lined with all shapes
and sizes of whips, paddles, straps, dildos, whipping canes, and riding
crops. There were triangular torture horses, x-crosses, twin pillars, stocks
and ceiling chains. Big beds were alongside one wall with various restraints
in strategic locations.

They were unaware that other eyes were watching them as they had a lesbian
sex and pain orgy.



* This is a combined Marvel/DC/Best of Other's world.

** I originally named this character She-Cat, but since AC comics also has a
She-Cat I decided to change her name to Alley Cat and her secret ID to Ali
Katz to aid in avoiding confusion to those unfamiliar. I also don't like
tattoos so I made hers and Cheshire's fakes.

*** This is the pretty martial art's expert version of the 70's and early
80's, not the modern were-woman. I usually prefer the 90's version's of
Wonder Woman and co. except in this instance. The 90's Cheetah would rip
all these girls to shreds not have sex with them.


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