NC-17 for explicit lesbian sex, BDSM, water sports, forced lactation, kink,

Summary: Take the duo of China and Jazz/Double Impact, add a dash of Shi and
Tomoe, stir in the Barbi Twins, Shane and Sia. Mix them up with each other
with a sprinkling of trickery from a half dozen feline vixens. Bake and serve
totally bare.

All characters are owned by their prospective owners, except for Lynx who is
another of my original characters and is owned by me when I have her as a
heroine in my group Alliance of Justice.

Barbi Twins/Double Impact/Shi/Tomoe: Cats Inc. Part 2
by Tyval ([email protected])

The messages that Cheetah had sent hours earlier arrived at three unique
locations. Location 1 was a lavish apartment at the Gotham Plaza Hotel,
location 2 was an upscale art gallery in the Soho district, location 3 was
a sleazy yet high class lesbian S&M nightclub.

Inside the Gotham Plaza were 2 women who were in a large bathtub together.
Most people who saw them often had to do a double take. The two women looked
almost exactly alike. That was hardly surprising because they were identical
twins, Shane and Sia Barbi.

At present the sisters were french-kissing each other. They were more than
sisters, they had been lovers since they were 8 year's old. The two girls had
gone over to a friend's house for a slumber party with 4 other girls, the
mother of the girl having the party had been a lesbian pedophile. After
showing the girls perverted lesbian BDSM movies with little girls having
kinky S&M sex with each other and grown women the mother conveniently left
out a box full of 'toys.'

Not only did they play with the 'toys,' they surprisingly all enjoyed it and
they all became converted lesbians. Shane and Sia had kinky sex with each
other almost every night. At present they had come to Gotham for a photo
shoot for a new poster. But that was just a cover for their real work. Shane
and Sia Barbi had been recruited when they were 18 by a branch of the Secret
Service. Their modeling career was just a front for their true job, that of
secret agents.

The sisters had trained for year's and were expert's in a variety of skill's
from safe-cracking, firearms, electronic security systems, and martial arts.
The sister's had several major busts to their credit. Right now though it was
each other's bust's that they were working on as Shane licked her sister's
hard nipples.

"Hmmm, you naughty bitch. I'll have to whip you," Sia moaned.

"And then I'll give you a whipping too," Shane smiled. "I just llloovvee our
nightly sex and pain sessions."

"Oooo, me toooo," Sia moaned again as her sister began rougher tit

* * *

At that moment in Soho: Ana Ishikawa was just locking up the art gallery for
the day. A car horn sounded behind her. Ana turned around, smiling and waving
at her best friend Tomoe, who was driving her white convertible. Tomoe smiled
as Ana didn't even bother opening the door and hopped in. The two women
laughed as they headed for Tomoe's apartment.

"What do you want to do tonight, Ana?" Tomoe asked, still smiling.

"Same thing we've done every night since we were 8. I tie you up and whip to
until you cum, then you tie me up and whip me until I cum, then we whip and
fuck each other all night," Ana grinned.

Ana was also known as 'Shi'. Ana and Tomoe were sohei, warrior monks of
Japan. Even though they were from rival sects and despite Ana's unique
religious beliefs, the two women were best friends and lovers since they
had been children. Ana/Shi and Tomoe were the best martial artists of
their clans. Both were experts in Oriental weaponry although Ana preferred
the naginata and Tomoe liked the twin steel fans.

"Sound's good to me baby," Tomoe grinned. "You know, there's a new lesbian
club that just opened up. Maybe we should go there and check it out."

"Oh, and are you tired of me?" Ana pouted.

"Don't be like that, darling," Tomoe said. "I just want get whipped while
I'm watching you get whipped."

"That would be a turn on," Ana said, brightening back up. "Let's put on some
sexy clothes and go there."

* * *

The owners of the nightclub were also unique individuals. They were known as
the best mercenary duo in the world. Professionally they went by the name
'Double Impact', but the names they answered to were China and Jazz. China
and Jazz had only been lovers for a few years even though they had both been
lesbian's since they were children.

The two had started working together when China was an 18 year old novice at
the C.I.A. and Jazz was a 17 year old mercenary. The two women had fallen in
love with each, but had worked together for a few years before they finally
admitted it. Using some of their money they had bought this uptown nightclub
and converted it into a S&M club for all the beautiful lesbians they knew.
China and Jazz enjoyed the nightly whip orgies every night they were in town.

China and Jazz were experts in a streamlined 'streetfighter' style of hand to
hand combat rather than being true martial artists. China and Jazz also liked
really big guns. At the moment though, the two former secret agents and now
freelance mercinaries were concerned only for each other. The two women were
on the edge of their big bed naked, caressing and french-kissing each other.
China laid Jazz on her back, looking deeply into her lover's eyes.

"Oh, Jazz, I love you," China whispered.

"I love you too, China," Jazz whispered back.

China and Jazz were not the names the two women had been born with, but both
women preffered to call each other by their 'code names.' They thought that
their 'code names' were sexier than their real names, too.

"I wish that girls could get married to each other," China said," I have
loved you since I first saw you."

"Oh China, you are my true love," Jazz whispered, a tear of joy forming in
her eye.

"Jazz, let's fuck and whip each other," China shyly said. "I want to have
whip sex with you all the time."

"Me too," Jazz smiled. "I just love sex and pain."

At that moment an alarm sounded from the high-tech priority system they had
installed long ago. Only a credible message that would allow them to make
money and stop a criminal could make it through the electronic filters the
Double Impact girls had set up to remove useless tips and even oddball

Reluctantly the two women broke their embrace and clicked on the message
board. On screen were the pictures of 4 women; Shane Barbi, Sia Barbi, Shi,
and Tomoe. According to the message, these four women were going to attempt
a robbery at the Gotham Museum within the hour. The words 'highly dangerous'
were underneath each woman's picture along with a huge reward for their

"Looks like we'll have to take a raincheck on some fun tonight," Jazz sighed.

"Maybe not totally," China said. "They're very pretty. If we can subdue them
maybe we can strip, whip and rape these cunts. See, it say's that they're
lesbian masochist's just like we are."

"Still, 4 to 2 isn't good odds, especially if we use non-lethal weaponry,"
Jazz said. The two women donned their fighting outfits then loaded up with
tasers and 'mercy bullets.' Once armed the Double Impact duo took the secret
elevator they had installed when they had bought the club to the sub-basement
where their several customized vehicles were. In order to avoid tipping their
hand the girls chose the 'yellow cab.' While it looked like one of the
hundred's in Gotham, this one was decked out like a car out of a 'James Bond'

"Ready, darling?," China asked.

"Lock and load, babe," Jazz smiled.

The cab pulled out and headed towards the museum. Sprinting up the steps
of the darkened building they found the night guards were all unconcious.
Someone highly skilled in martial arts had taken them out without causing
any permanant damage. When the guards woke up they would have a massive
headache, but nothing worse. China and Jazz found the front door wide open.

"Looks like a trap to me," Jazz whispered. "An open front door at midnight."

"Let's trigger it, then. I hate sneaking around anyway," China said. "The
worst thing that can happen is that Batman will show up and we'll lose the

Batman's not in town. I saw the news earlier. He's in Spain with the Justice
League," Jazz said. "Batgirl and Huntress are in Boston, and Robin's with
Nightwing over in Bludhaven."

"I'm glad you watch CNN," China said. The two women entered the building
after donning night vision scopes.

* * *

After arriving at Tomoe's apartment, Ana and Tomoe had found a folder in
their own secret priority file. Unlike the Double Impact team or the Barbi
twins, Shi and Tomoe relied on 'street contacts' rather than hi-tech

From ex-cop now P.I. Pete Denyse to Monet the stripper/werewolf to the
mutant Pan, protector of the homeless, Shi and Tomoe had a vast network of
informants both in their home base of New York and in nearby Gotham. Only a
message of vast importance would ever be delivered to Tomoe or Ana's
apartments. Quickly the two women read the (altered) files that warned of
the midnight robbery.

Under normal circumstances, Shi and Tomoe would let the cops or Batman
handle the situation, but they had also watched the news and knew that all
of Gotham's heroes were elsewhere. The only bright spot about the file was
the assurance of the informant, one of Monet's, was that the 4 other women
would be packing non-lethal weaponry. They didn't know that it had been a
disguised Lynx that had been responsible for the message, fooling the
messenger with her own shape-changing ability.

"They're very pretty. It would be a waste to hurt them," Tomoe said as she
looked at the pictures of Shane, Sia, China, and Jazz.

"You horny bitch," Shi said in mock anger. "You want to rape them, don't

"Well, I'll bet you do too," Tomoe pouted. "I think I'll bring my non-lethal
fans and a bullwhip."

"Sound's good. I'll take a bo staff and a pair of sai," Shi said.

The two women changed into their sohei fighting costumes. Tomoe then helped
Ana with her distinctive 'Shi' makeup. Several hours later they arrived at
the museum. Watching from a nearby rooftop they watched the duo the folder
had indentified as Double Impact enter from the front door.

"The guards were already unconcious before either of us got here," Shi

"Something's fishy here, unless those Barbi sisters were here first," Tomoe

"This smells like a trap," Shi said, "but why would the sisters be trying to
backstab their partners before they even steal anything?"

"Let's find out shall we?" Tomoe said. "I think I see an open window over

Like China and Jazz before them, Shi and Tomoe slipped into the museum. Like
the Double Impact girls, Shane and Sia also got their priority message's
electroniclly. Theirs, however came straight from the government. When the
message had come through, the sisters donned their red jumpsuit's, and
arming themselve's with stun blasters headed towards the museum on stealth
motorcycles than could go 250 mph and not make a sound.

The sister's had parked out of sight and activated the holograms on the
motorcycles that rendered them all but invisible. Using the infrared vision
built into their helmets they watched as two women entered the front door,
and another two entered through a side window.

"That's got to be them," Sia whispered.

The two sister's found a freight door unlocked in the back.

"This is too damn easy," Shane grumbled. "Keep your eye's open."

As soon as the three duos were well inside of the museum, all the doors and
windows locked and the guards got up and walked away, already counting the
money that the dark-haired woman had given them to pretend to be knocked out.
None of the six women realized that they were being herded towards the center
of the building.

/Somebody did a expert job at competely dismantiling the entire security
system,/ Shi thought. Shi and Tomoe had found the main guard control room.
After numerous attempts froma number of Gotham's well known villains, the
Gotham Museum had one of the best alarm systems of any museum or bank in
the country. A sophisticated computer virus had crashed the whole system
rendering it useless.

Shi and Tomoe had also found the room unocupied which was also unusual. Even
at night the museum normally had up to 25 guards, but except for the two at
the front they hadn't seen any. It was Shi and Tomoe who reached the center
of the museum first where they pulled up short. Above the enterance were the
word's 'Wrestling in the 20th Century', but it wasn't that that caused them
to pull up short. The entrance appeared to be blocked by a just opaque
shimmiring fluid.

/This is too weird,/ Shi thought as she thought it looked like something from
the movie 'Abyss'. Tomoe cautiously stuck her hand in and quickly pulled it

"It doesn't even feel wet," Tomoe whispered. "It fact, it doesn't feel like

"If we die, Tomoe, I just want you to know that I love you," Shi whispered.

"I love you, too," Tomoe whispered, a tear forming in her eye.

"Are you ready?" Shi asked.

"Ready," Tomoe answered.

The two women looked deep into each other's eyes and kissed passionately.
Holding each other's hands they turned and leaped through the watery looking
opening. On the other side of the barrier Shi and Tomoe looked around at the
sparse surroundings. The exhibit wasn't anywhere near completion yet, only a
few glassed in pictures of various old time wrestlers mixed in with some of
the modern superstars hung on the wall.

The room was floored with a rich soft carpet that felt strangely erotic on
their bare feet. /Bare feet!/ Shi thought. Shi and Tomoe looked at each
other. They were weaponless and stark naked! The two women tried to leave
the room, but found that the liquified substance was as solid as steel on
this side of the room.

"We're trapped!" Tomoe cried.

"Let's try the other two paths," Shi said.

Just then China and Jazz came through the opposite doorway also now
weaponless and nude. Shi and Tomoe took up a defensive stance as the Double
Impact girls saw that they were naked.

"Okay, we'll play it your way," China said defiantly.

China and Jazz couldn't help but feel nervous though. Shi and Tomoe were
better martial artists than they were. The Double Impact duo were dirtier
fighters, but they didn't know if that was enough of an equalizer. The two
teams faced each other when the Barbi twins came through from the third

"Shane! Our clothes and weapons are gone!" Sia cried.

"I don't know how you cunts did this, but we won't give up without a fight,"
Shane said.

Despite the situation all 6 women felt themselve's becoming aroused at the
sight of so much naked female flesh. The nipples of each woman became
instantly hard, 6 hairless pussies were so wet they were almost dripping,
and even the asshole's of each woman tingled with anticipation of tongues,
fingers, or whips.

* * *

Three miles away 6 feline villainesses purred in anticipation as they watched
the three teams square off against each other.

"Now the fun starts," Catwoman purred.



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