NC-17 for explicit lesbian sex, BDSM, water sports, forced lactation, kink,

Summary: Take the duo of China and Jazz/Double Impact, add a dash of Shi and
Tomoe, stir in the Barbi Twins, Shane and Sia. Mix them up with each other
with a sprinkling of trickery from a half dozen feline vixens. Bake and serve
totally bare.

All characters are owned by their prospective owners, except for Lynx who is
another of my original characters and is owned by me when I have her as a
heroine in my group Alliance of Justice.

Barbi Twins/Double Impact/Shi/Tomoe: Cats Inc. Part 3
by Tyval ([email protected])

Cautiously the 6 women sized each other up. In hand to hand combat, Shi and
Tomoe had the advantage against either of the other duos, but since each team
believed that the other two were allies even they wondered if they could beat
both teams.

"You're...." Shane started to say 'you're under arrest,' but never got to
finish. Tomoe aimed a sidekick at Shane who barely ducked under it. Sia aimed
a front kick at Tomoe to protect her sister. Tomoe blocked Sia's kick and a
punch from Shane. Shi caught Shane with a reverse punch, only to get a kick
in the back from China. Shane then hit China with a spinning back fist. Jazz
then landed a solid punch in Shane's stomach.

Tomoe blocked a punch from China then landed a chop across China's tits that
almost made China cum. Shane then kicked Tomoe across her tits and Tomoe
nearly orgasmed. Shi did a sweep kick that took Sia off her feet then dodged
two punches from Jazz. Sia was back up quickly and grabbed Jazz from behind
trying for a nerve hold.

Jazz rammed an elbow into Sia's stomach, reached back grabbing Sia's head and
neck and flipped Sia over her head. Shi kicked Jazz in the chest sending her
back. Jazz somehow blocked 3 mantis punches from Shi. China tackled Shi from
behind sending her down. Sia then landed an axe-handle drop on China's back.
Jazz landed a kick to Sia's pretty face then took a punch to her face from

Tomoe jumped up in a split kick that caught Shane and Jazz, who had been
looking at Tomoe's spread hairless pussy. The sexual excitement was blazing
as hot as the combat. Shi kicked China, spun around and landed another kick,
this one on China's hairless cunt. China once again nearly orgasmed. Pain was
there, but so was pleasure.

Sia leaped at Tomoe who dodged right into Jazz, who kicked her in the
stomach. Sia punched Jazz right in her her pussy and Jazz came. Shane landed
a chop across both of Shi's tits almost sending Shi into orgasm as well. Shi
retaliated with a spin kick that knocked Shane back. Tomoe caught China's
wrist and flipped her down. Tomoe's first thought was a quick kick to the
face, but seeing China's face looking up at her almost pleadingly Tomoe
couldn't bring herself to do it, stopping her foot an inch from China's face.

China could have grabbed Tomoe's foot and sent her down. Instead, China
kissed Tomoe's foot, licking up and down the sole of Tomoe's foot. China
then began sucking and licking Tomoe's toes. Tomoe gave out a low moan of
pleasure. This was broken up when Jazz threw a body block into Tomoe's back
sending her forward.

"What the hell's the matter with you?" Jazz asked angrily.

"Jazz, I couldn't help it," China panted," They're all so beautiful and I'm
getting horny."

Shi had been holding off both Barbi sisters, blocking 3 punches and a kick
from Shane, and landing a kick to Sia's hairless mound. Sia had orgasmed
despite the pain. Shi and Tomoe went back to back. Tomoe rolled over Shi's
back landing a solid kick to Shane. Shi missed a punch at Jazz, landed a
back forearm to Sia and took a kick to the stomach from China.

Jazz threw a punch at Shi's head, but Sia caught Jazz's wrist and threw Jazz
down. China landed a punch to Sia's face only to take a blow to her own face
from Shane. Shi landed a punch to Shane's left breast then another to Shane's
right breast. Tomoe kicked out catching Jazz across her tits. Sia chopped
Tomoe in the back of her neck, hit China with a back fist, and kicked out at
Shi who caught her foot and sent Sia down again.

Jazz grabbed Shi's arm and landed a wicked knee into Shi's stomach. Jazz got
in a second knee before Tomoe spun her around and landed a solid side-kick to
the side of Jazz's head. China and Shane traded punches to the tits. China
tried another punch that Shane barely ducked. Shane was wide open for a kick
to the mound, but just as China was about to deliver it Sia came from behind
landing a forearm blow between China's legs.

China sank to her knees, barely conscious. Shi leaped and kicked Sia sending
the blonde flying into the wall. Sia crashed hard knocking down several of
the pictures on the wall. Shane landed a crane kick to Shi knocking her back.
Shi recovered and did a spinning wheel kick to Shane. Jazz punched Tomoe
right in her pussy, following up with a back fist. Jazz tried a second punch,
but Shi caught her wrist and Tomoe landed a kick in her stomach.

"Something's not right here," Shi panted. "I'm getting turned on here despite
the pain."

"Me too," Tomoe also panted, the effect of battle taking its toll.

Shi and Tomoe had a momentary advantage as Sia and China were down for the
moment and redoubled their effort's. Shane chopped Tomoe across the side of
the neck, but Tomoe caught her leg and swept her down. Tomoe almost hesitated
again as Shane looked up at her with pleading eyes.

Instead of a kick, Tomoe struck with a paralyzing nerve strike. "I'm sorry,"
Tomoe whispered to the temporarily stunned girl.

Jazz was barely blocking Shi's rapid fire punches and kicks. Jazz attempted
a counter-attack with a fierce blow of her own. Shi caught her fist and
backhanded Jazz across the face hard. Shi was about to deliver a finishing
blow when Sia tackled her from behind. Sia rained a dozen blows at Shi's
face to little effect as Shi managed to take them on her forearms. Sia then
got in a punch, but by this time had little steam in the punch. Shi kicked
Sia off only to receive a kick to the back from Jazz.

Tomoe started forward to help Shi only to be tripped up and tackled by China.
Tomoe landed hard, but managed to counter with a side chop to China's neck
stunning her. Tomoe kipped up, landed a kick to Sia to keep her down then
threw a punch at Jazz. Jazz ducked under the punch, only to receive a snap
kick from Shi, that put her down, barely conscious.

Shi and Tomoe stood panting near the center of the room, barely able to stand
themselves. They were the apparent victor's it seemed when the barriers on
the 3 sides abruptly went down. Six women, 2 at each entrance clapped in mock

"Well done, my little sohei," Catwoman evilly smiled.

"It's a set-up!" Shi panted.

"Of course it is, you cunts," Tigress said. "Let's take 'em!"

Lynx landed a kick that knocked Tomoe out. Catwoman casually walked over to
China, who bravely tried to rise and chopped her out. Tigress had no trouble
subduing Shane and Sia both, as the sisters could barely move. Shi got one
good punch on Cheetah, before Alley Cat and Cheetah double teamed her with
kicks from both sides. Jazz was utterly helpless as Cheshire threw a quick
punch that sent her into dreamland as well.

The evil villainesses high-fived each other as they chained up the helpless
heroines. Lynx, with her superior strength, had no trouble carrying the
captives to the waiting van, 2 at a time. The others then helped themselves
to the jewelry collection. Since they were sisters now they put it all in
one bag and would divide it equally. Even Catwoman wouldn't cheat now that
they were truly a family.

Arriving back at their hideout the feline felons first put their unconscious
captives into a 'healing machine' that healed up all their bumps and bruises,
both internally and externally. The still unconscious heroines were then
taken to six small, but clean, cell like soundproof rooms and chained up.

The catty criminals went back up to the meeting room and watched the video
taped replay of the fight again. The 6 women licked their lips as they
watched the nude heroines fight each other. Soon, very soon, they would
begin the process of breaking these goody-two-shoes into being their whip

"To quite a famous mentor, this is purrrrrfectly delightful," Alley Cat said,
as they watched the replay, imitating her teacher.

The other women laughed.



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