NC-17 for explicit lesbian sex, BDSM, water sports, forced lactation, kink,

Summary: Take the duo of China and Jazz/Double Impact, add a dash of Shi and
Tomoe, stir in the Barbi Twins, Shane and Sia. Mix them up with each other
with a sprinkling of trickery from a half dozen feline vixens. Bake and serve
totally bare.

All characters are owned by their prospective owners, except for Lynx who is
another of my original characters and is owned by me when I have her as a
heroine in my group Alliance of Justice.

Barbi Twins/Double Impact/Shi/Tomoe: Cats Inc. Part 5
by Tyval ([email protected])

The 12 horny lesbians were getting excited just looking at the 'playroom'
devices. Lynx chained Shane's arms high over her head, wrists together.
Shane's legs were spread far apart and chained to the floor.

"I think the two sisters should put on a show for us," Lynx purred. "I think
they should whip each other."

"Kinky," Alley Cat smiled. "I like it."

Lynx handed Sia a long multi-tailed whip. "Whip your sister! Whip her until
she cums!" Lynx ordered.

"If you make her cum, she gets to whip you. If you don't make her cum, we'll
whip both of you to orgasm," Cheshire said.

"And if you make your sister cum we'll still whip you both to orgasm,"
Tigress smiled lustfully.

Sia was also smiling as she took the whip from Lynx. Sia lightly
french-kissed Shane. Just the thought of getting sexually whipped was turning
both women on. Catwoman and Cheetah sat down on one of the beds lightly
kissing and caressing each other. Shi knelt down and began kissing and
licking their feet, sucking each toe as she worshipped her mistresses.
Cheshire sat down on another of the beds to watch the show.

Spreading her legs, Cheshire motioned Jazz over. Jazz sat down between
Cheshire's legs also facing the Barbi sisters. Cheshire cuffed Jazz' wrists
behind her, then reached around and started roughly kneading Jazz's tits.

Jazz moaned softly and then her eyes flew open as the first few drops of tit
milk came from her nipples. Tigress stepped up and licked up Jazz's tit

"How? How did you give me tit milk?" Jazz asked, amazed.

"We all now have breast milk," Catwoman said. "Cats just love milk, you know,
so we altered Zordon's healing machine."

Tigress sat down next to Lynx. China followed the example of Shi and started
licking and kissing the feet of tigress and Lynx. Tomoe gently massaged the
back and buttocks of Alley Cat who was laying down on the third bed. Sia had
circled her sister twice, lightly kissing Shane's nipples, buttocks, and then
a kiss on her sister's pussy.

Sia then lightly rubbed the whip across Shane's big tits, then lightly
dangling the whip on her sister's tit's. Sia gave Shane's ass a hard slap,
followed by two more. Shane almost came just from that. Sia then ran one
finger up Shane's hairless slit, teasing her sister's erect clit which was
longer and fatter than it had ever been. Shane was going crazy from the

"Please, please..." Shane whimpered.

"Please what?" Sia grinned.

"Please, whip me. Whip me Sia, please," Shane pleaded. "Whip me til I cum and
keep whipping me."

Sia smiled at her sister lovingly. Both sisters were pain sluts as were all
the women there, including the felines. Sia then struck with the quickness
of a cobra. Shane gave out a sharp cry, but Sia was now whipping her into a
frenzy. Pain was gone by the third stroke, replaced by pure raw pleasure to
the masochistic Shane Barbi. Sia was merciless as she varied her targets to
her sister's tits, ass, and cunt.

"Whip me!" Shane begged. "More! More! Whip me! I love it! Harder! Whip me!
Please! Oooo! Please whip me!"

Catwoman roughly kneaded her own tits, Shi greedily lapped up the tasty milk
that came from her nipples. It was quite obvious that Shane was loving every
lash as her sister whipped her. Tomoe was licking Alley Cat's buttocks now,
running her tongue teasingly along the crack. Alley Cat spread her legs open
and Tomoe kissed Alley Cat's asshole. Sia continued to vary her targets, as
Shane was whipped on ass, pussy, and titties.

"Aaaahhhh! Whip me! Whip me raw!" Shane begged. "Aaaiiieeee! More! Whip me!
Whip me, whip me, whip me! Aaaaaaggg! I'm cumming! Whip me! Eeeeeaaaahhhh!"

Shane's whole body shuddered in multiple orgasms. For several moments all
Shane could do was twitch, her head low in exhaustion. Watching Shane get
whipped made all the other girls even hornier as even the Cats Inc. girls
wanted the pleasure/pain of the whip. After several moments Shane finally
began to recover. Alley Cat and Cheetah had chained Sia up the same position
that Shane was in. Cheshire let Shane loose, Lynx and Tigress steadied Shane
who quickly regained her balance.

"How did you like it?" a smiling Lynx asked.

"I looovveedd it! I can't wait to get another whipping," Shane moaned.

"Make Sia cum and we'll whip both of you," Tigress said, hoping that she'd
get a taste of the whip later herself.

Shane advanced on Sia with the same whip that her sister had used in her.
Sia eagerly awaited her fate. "I want to be whipped," Sia pleaded, as Shane
circled her. "Please."

"Beg for it, sis, ask for the whip," Shane ordered.

"Oh, please, sis, please whip me," Sia begged," Please! I want to be

Shane smiled and began lashing her sister's beautiful body. Sia loved every
stroke, right from the first. Shane expertly whipped her sister's tits, ass,
and pussy, switching her targets to keep Sia guessing. The sight of sister's
whipping each other was making everyone hotter.

Shi was now licking Cheetah from pussy to anus while Catwoman frenched
Cheetah and roughly kneaded and milked Cheetah's tits. Tomoe was on top of
Tigress, the two of them were kissing deeply and frenching. Tigress spread
her legs as Tomoe positioned herself lips to lips, tit to tit, and cunt to
cunt and began to pussyfuck Tigress.

China and Lynx were in a semi-69 position, sucking each other's tits,
squirting tit milk into each other's mouths. Alley Cat spread Cheshire's
legs and began licking and sucking Cheshire from clit to asshole. Cheshire
then licked Jazz from pussy to anus. Jazz moved into position so that she
could lick Alley Cat's pussy and asshole and make it a triangular daisy

Shane continued to whip Sia, who was now a total pain slut. If offered their
freedom by the feline bad girls, none of the former heroines would accept.

"Aaaaiiiii! More!" Sia cried. "Ooooo! Whip me! Please! Whip me! Aaaeee! It
feels so goooddd! Whip me! Whip meee!"

"Cum, Sia, cum!" Shane ordered, her eyes glazed over with lust.

"Whip me! Whip me harder! Oooaaa! Whip me, whip me, whip me, whip me!
Aaaaahhh!" Sia cried. "I'm gonna cum! Whip me rawwww! Aaaiiieee!!"

With a scream of pure lust, Sia cried out in orgasm as she collapsed, barely
conscious. Shane french-kissed Sia passionately. The 10 women applauded the
two sisters. Catwoman and Cheshire got glasses of wine for the two Barbis who
gratefully drank them as they began to recover their strength. None of the
others had gotten off yet so they resumed their activity while the sisters

China and Lynx were now in a full 69 now, licking and tongue-fucking each
other's assholes. Tomoe was still the aggressor as she continued to pussyfuck
Tigress, the breasts of both women covered with each others tasty tit milk.
Cheshire regained her place with Jazz and Alley Cat.

Cheetah sucked Catwoman's pussy while Shi finger fucked Cheetah's pussy with
4 fingers and Cheetah's ass with 3. Shi slowly added more fingers until one
hand was completely in Cheetah's pussy ad the other hand was all the way in
Cheetah's asshole. Thanks to their enhancements, they could get fisted all
the time and still be as tight as a virgin.

Tigress and Tomoe moaned in each other's mouths as they mutually climaxed.
Cheshire, Alley Cat and Jazz then shuddered as they too came, followed
shortly by Lynx and China's cries of joy.

Shi continued to fist fuck Cheetah's cunt and anus until Cheetah also
experienced orgasm. Shi gently withdrew her fingers. Catwoman and Shi licked
her finger before going into the scissors position for a mutual pussyfuck.
Both women were so excited at this point that Shi and Catwoman only lasted a
few minutes before they mutually came.

But while the fucking and sucking had been pleasurable, all of the women
wanted pain even more. After glasses of wine all around, it was time for
the Barbi sisters to get their next whipping. Shane and Sia were retied in
standing spread-eagled positions.

Shane giggled as she was surrounded by Catwoman, Cheshire, Tigress, China,
and Tomoe all carrying whips. Sia was surrounded by Lynx, Cheetah, Alley Cat,
Shi and Jazz also armed with whips. Both sisters were so excited their
pussies were almost dripping. Catwoman milked Shane for a few moments making
her even hotter. Lynx did the same to Sia, milking her for a few minutes.

With a smile and a purr Catwoman cracked her whip into Shane's pussy, almost
making Shane cum just from that. Cheshire and China were whipping Shane's
ass, while Tigress and Tomoe lashed Shane's tits, and Catwoman continued to
whip Shane's pussy. Lynx and Jazz whipped Sia's ass, Shi and Alley Cat
whipped Sia's milky mammaries, Cheetah whipped Sia's cunt.

Normal women would pass out or scream for mercy from only a small fraction of
the pain that to all 12 of these women was candy. Shane and Sia not only took
it, but they loved it, and wanted even more. All 10 of the other women could
scarcely wait for it either.

"Aaaahhhh! Whip me!" Shane pleaded. "Whip me! Ooooaaa! Whip me! Whip me off!
I'm cumming! Whip meeee!"

"Whip me! Please! Aaaeee! I love being whipped!" Sia cried. "Whip me! Harder!
I'm gonna cum! Whip me! Eeeeaaaggg!"

Shane and Sia collapsed in their bonds, barely conscious again. Gently they
were released from bondage and carried over to the beds. Gently Shane and Sia
were kissed and caressed as the sisters lay exhausted and temporarily sated.

"My turn! My turn, please," China begged.

"Greedy bitch, it should be my turn," Jazz said, smiling nonetheless.

"Why don't we just whip both of you?" Catwoman asked.

"Four girls each," Alley Cat added.

China and Jazz were fully suspended in spread-eagle position. Now 2 girls
could whip their tits while the other 2 could whip them across their buttocks
and into their pussy and asshole from either side. Alley Cat and Cheshire
started whipping China's cunt and ass, while Tomoe and Catwoman whipped
China's titties.

Jazz was having her tits whipped by Tomoe and Cheetah, with Lynx and Tigress
whipping her pussy and ass. Like Shane and Sia before them, the Double Impact
girls were clearly 'getting their cookies' right from the very first stroke.

"Whip me! Whip me off! Aaarrgghh! Whip me!" China begged. "Whip me!
Aaaiieeee! Whip me, whip me, whip me! I'm cumming! Keep whipping me!

"More! Ooohhh! Whip me! Whip me raw!," Jazz pleaded," Aaaoooaa! Harder! Whip
me! Whip me off! I love the whip! Whip me! I'm cumming! Aaaeeeee!"

China and Jazz cried out as they came. But the felines, aided by Shi and
Tomoe continued to whip them. In only moments China and Jazz felt their
orgasms build again.

"Whip me! Aaaaooo! Whip me more! Whip me!" China cried. "Whip me! Whip me!
Aaaiiieee! Whip me! I'm gonna cum! Whip me!"

"Uuuuhhh! Whip me! Whip me! Aaaa! Whip me!," Jazz begged. "Eeeeaaahh! Whip
me, whip me, whip me, whip me! I'm cumming! Aaaaahhh!"

Released from bondage, China and Jazz could barely stand. Lynx and Alley Cat
helped them over to the beds where Shane and Sia were lightly french-kissing
each other. It soon became 4-way frenching, as they gently stroked each

Shi and Tomoe had silly grins on their faces. It was their turn and the were
eager for their punishment.

"I have a little surprise for you two," Cheshire purred. "The torture horse!"

Cheetah and Tigress rolled 2 of the triangular 'horses' out. Both were
equipped with 10 inch long, 2 1/2 inches around lubricated pussy dildos, and
10 inch long, 1 1/2 inch diameter anal dildos. Shi and Tomoe licked their
lips in anticipation.

Shi was slowly lowered on one 'horse' until she was fully impaled, Tomoe was
fully lowered on the other. The legs of both women were cuffed far back,
thrusting their breasts forward. Their arms were then chained above their
heads, wrists together. Catwoman then began whipping Shi's ass, with Alley
Cat whipping Shi's tits and Tigress using her whip on Shi's pussy. The
whipping also had the effect of making Shi fuck herself on the dildos.

Lynx used her whip on Tomoe's ass, Cheetah whipped Tomoe's titties, and
Cheshire whipped Tomoe's pussy. Tomoe also fucked herself as she was whipped.
Both women craved the combination of pleasure/pain they were experiencing.

"Eeeeaaaiii! Whip me! Please! Whip me!" Shi pleaded. "Whip me off! Ooohhh!
Oh fuck, whip me! Whip me! Whip me raw! Aaaaahhhh! More! Whip me! I'm gonna
cum! Keep whipping meeee!"

"Yes! Yes! Harder! Whip me! Oooooo! Whip me! Whip me," Tomoe pleaded. "It
feels sooo goood! Whip me! Aaaiiieeee! I'm cumming! Whip me, whip me! Aaaaa!"

Pausing only long enough to switch positions, the whipping of Shi and Tomoe
continued. Catwoman was now whipping Tomoe's tits, with Alley Cat whipping
Tomoe's ass, and Lynx whipping Tomoe's cunt. Tigress was lashing Shi's ass,
Cheshire used her whip on Shi's tits, while Cheetah was now whipping Shi's

"More! I love the whip! Oooouuu! Yes! Whip me!" Shi cried. "Whip me, whip me,
whip me! Eeeiiiiiaa! Whip me! I'm cumming! Whip me! Aaaaoooo!"

"Whip me off! Fuck! Yyyeeaaaa! More! Whip me! Keep whipping me!" Tomoe cried.
"Iiiiaaa! Whip me! I'm cumming!"

For several minutes, Shi and Tomoe writhed in ecstasy as they orgasmed. The
Cats, Inc. girls gently helped them over to the beds. The Barbi sisters and
the Double Impact girls had recovered somewhat and were eager for more.

"Cats, Inc. would like to offer you girls your freedom, right now," Catwoman
announced. "If you stay, stay with us from love. Should you wish to leave,
none of us will try to stop you. Should you choose to, stay you will be sex
slaves forever. We will not offer you freedom again."

"I'm staying!" Shane cried.

"Me too! You just try to get rid of me," Sia said.

"That goes double for me," Shi said.

"Hey, that's our line, since we're Double Impact," Jazz joked, "but yeah, I'm
staying too."

"Me too. This is our ultimate fantasy," Tomoe smiled.

"I never want to leave," China said. "I will serve you forever."

"Well, the party's just getting started," Alley Cat purred - they do a lot of
that, don't they?

The lesbian sex and pain orgy would last for hours yet.



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