In Heat Of The Night: Althea's Addiction Part 1 (MF,Ff,F-mast,inter,voy,viol)
by Star Gazer ([email protected])

Denny Willis was between Lisa Ross's legs, rubbing his black cock head along
her wet pussy. "Tell me you want this black cock."

"Yes!" Lisa said. She opened her pussy for him. "I'm your white hoe," she
said, "Fuck me like I am."

Denny pushed his cock into her waiting pussy.

"OOOHHHH YESSS!!!" She felt him push into her hard, Lisa wraped her legs
around him. "FUCK ME!!!" she said, "Fill me with your cum! Knock me up!"

Outside the window was a figure watching everything as they were fucking
like two animals. Denny arched his back, he felt a sting, and then fell
forward. Lisa screamed and then a bullet went into her head.

* * *

The phone rang in the Sparta Police Dept. Parker Williams answered the phone,
putting down the magazine. "Yes, mam," he said and then hung up the phone.

Bubba Skinner came in from the cell area where he had a female prisoner
sucking his cock. Parker gave him the news about a murder in the Bottoms.
"Okay, he said, "call Virgil and the Chief."

Virgil was fucking Althea. "YES!!! Virgil, give me your cock!" Althea was
about to climax when the phone then rang. Virgil tried to not hear it. The
phone kept ringing.

"DAMNIT!" Virgil gotoff Althea. "WHAT DO YOU WANT!" he said. "Oh, I see." and
hung up the phone. "I have to go," he said, "Been a murder in the Bottoms."

He dressed and kissed Althea, she laid in bed. She felt the heat in her
pussy. Althea opened the side table drawer and pulled out a large rubber
dildo. She began to suck and lick it. She could taste her pussy as she took
it deep in her mouth. Althea pushed the dildo into her waiting pussy, moving
it back and forth using long slow strokes. Her body shook as she came. She
drifted off to sleep.

When she woke in the morning, Virgil still wasn't home. She called the
station. Lonnie answered the phone and said, "Yes, Mrs. Tibbs, he is at the
hospital with the coroner."

Althea dressed and drove to Sprata High. Althea was in her office when Trudy
Brown came in, she was all smiles. She bent over the desk, gave Althea a
"Thank You" kiss and saidm "I got accepted."

"Great!" Althea said. She still felt the tingle when Trudy kissed her.

Trudy hugged Althea. Althea felt her nipples get hard. Trudy left Althea, who
sat and wondered what the hell just happen. Althea felt flushed that the
young girl turned her on.

The rest of the day wasn't the same. All she could think of was Trudy. Her
pussy was getting so wet. Althea was rubbing her pussy. She rubbed her clit
making Althea cum.

Virgil called and explained what had happened.

* * *

The day had ended. As she walked to her car, Trudy called out and ran over
to Althea and asked if she could get a ride. "Sure," Althea said, "feel like
going for a short drive?"

"Sure," Trudy said.

Althea drove out to a pond. They walked around the pond and stopped under a
willow tree. Althea looked at Trudy. "Kiss me," she said.

Trudy looked confused. "You want me to kiss you?"

"Yes, like you did in my office."

"But, I'm not..." Trudy said.

Then Althea took Trudy and kissed her. Their tongues soon found each other.
Althea's pussy was getting so wet. The kiss was broken. Althea unbuttoned her
blouse. She wore a purple satin bra, that her nipples were poking through.
Althea took Trudy's hand put it on her breast. Trudy touched Althea's nipples
then she pulled her bra off, bent down and took her nipple into her mouth.
Her tongue ran all over Althea's nipple.

Althea took her clothes off and laid in the soft grass. Trudy looked at
Althea. Althea had her legs open. Trudy was inside of her legs licking her
wet pussy until she came again and again.

Then Althea was eating and licking Trudy's pussy. Althea was rubbing Trudy's
clit as she was sucking Trudy's pussy they explored each others bodies.
Althea's face was shinny with trudy's cum all over it. Althea was now hooked
on pussy.

To Be Continued...


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