In Heat Of The Night: Althea's Addiction Part 2 (MF,Ff,jerk,inter)
by Star Gazer ([email protected])

Althea drove Trudy home. Along the way there Althea had her finger in Trudy's
puusy, while Trudy fingered her. Althea licked her fingers, as she pulled up
to Trudy's house. "Keep my panties if you want," Althea said.

Trudy went into her house. Althea drove home. She arrived and want to take a
shower. All she needed was for Virgil to smell pussy all over his wife.

* * *

Meanwhile Chief Gillespie was in his office with Virgil. They were talking
about the murder. "Why do you think she was there? Was she being blackmailed
by this guy?"

Virgil thought to himself, 'Old girl just wanted some big black cock.' Virgil
thought that guy had a big one too. "Maybe," Virgil said.

Bubba came in. "We found no sign of money being drawn out of her bank
account. But we did find she had another account."

"Oh, really," chief Gillespie said.

"Yes, it had quite a bit of cash in it."

Virgil thought, 'Maybe she was hooking for some one.'

"Could be," Chief said, "Lets look into that."

Virgil stood up. "I'll be at home if anything new comes up."

"Fine," the Chief said.

* * *

Althea was at the super market shopping and she was looking at all the women.
Her pussy was getting so wet, she bumped into a young white girl.

"Mrs. Tibbs, you okay?"

Althea shook her head, "Just day dreamin'." She looked into the girl's blue
eyes and lovely smile. "Your Suzy Clark, right?"

"Yes," she said, "I'll be trying out for the volleyball team this year, too,"
which Althea coached. Suzy walked by Althea and looked at her frim ass. Suzy
thought, 'I'd like to have her, too.'

Althea checked out and went home to fix dinner for Virgil. After dinner they
sat on the couch.

"Honey," Althea said, "would you like a piece of pie for desert?"

Virgil said, "Sure what kind of pie?"

Althea stood up and dropped her pants and panties. "This kind," she said and
opened up her pussy. Her juices were leaking as her finger was rubbing her

Soon Virgil was eating Althea's pussy.

"OOOHHH, YESSS!" she moaned. Virgil's finger found her asshole. He pushed two
fingers up her ass. "Oohhh, baby, that's it! Fuck my ass! Eat my pussy!

Soon Althea was sucking Virgil's cock and balls.

"Fuck me now," she said.

Virgil was fucking Althea hard and fast

"YES!" she said as her climax built.

Her whole body shook as she came as Virgil shot his load into Althea. They
laid on the floor.

"Maybe this will be the one," she said for she wanted to get pregant.

Virgil grabbed his clothes and headed off to bed. Althea followed. They
fucked again. Virgil fucked Althea's ass next while she rubbed her clit into
another mind blowing orgasm.

* * *

The next day at school Althea was in her office when Trudy stopped by. Trudy
walked into her office. "Mrs. Tibbs, I am so confused about what we did
yesterday. I never had done that before."

Althea said, "Did you enjoy it?" Cause I did." Althea touched Trudy's leg.
"You really liked it..."

Trudy said, "Yes."

Althea continued to rub her leg, "I could lick your pussy right here."

Trudy was shocked to hear it come from Althea. Althea had already unbuttoned
her jeans and told her to stand up. Althea pulled the zipper down and saw
that Trudy wore a yellow thong.

Soon Althea was on her knees licking Trudy's pussy fingering it, too. "Cum
for me," Althea said. "Let me taste your sweet juices." She sucked on
Trudy's clit until she came and juices filling her mouth.

Trudy was naked. Soon Althea was too and Trudy was licking her pussy. Althea
had a mind blowing orgasm. They soon dressed.

"Don't doubt yourself. I'll always love your pussy."

* * *

Althea was in the gym holding tryouts for the volleyball team. She saw Suzy
Clark and her pussy was throbbing. Suzy wore some red shorts and a t-shirt.
Althea put her through the tryout, watching her frim tits bounce and also
watching her ass, too.

The tryouts were over. Althea was in the gym's office going over her new
players. Suzy knocked on the door. She now wore a pair of jeans and a shirt,
which still fit pretty good. "So how did I do," Suzy asked.

"Very well," Althea said.

"So I made the team?" Suzy said.

"Yes," Althea said, "but you will have to work hard on somethings."

"I will work real hard," Suzy said.

Althea sat and watched as Suzy dropped her backpack, "Mrs. Tibbs, I have
something to tell you."

"Yes," Althea said.

Suzy cleared her throat. "I find myself wanting to see you naked. I dream
about you every night rubbing my pussy until I cum and fall asleep."

"I see..."

Althea put her clipboard down, stood up and then pulled her shirt off and
dropped her sweat pants. She was naked. "Lets get out of these clothes."

Soon Suzy was naked, too. Althea kissed Suzy touching her frim breast and
cupping her frim ass. Althea was soon on her knees licking Suzy's hot pussy.
Althea ate Suzy's pussy until she came screaming. Next Suzy ate Althea's
pussy until she did the same and they both showered together. Althea was
truly hooked on pussy.

To Be Continued...


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