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In The Heat Of The Night: Althea's Addiction Part 3 (FF,Ff)
by Star Gazer ([email protected])

As Althea was in her office, it was almost a week without a taste of pussy.
She and Virgil were having sex regularly, she would let Virgil fuck her and
then she would suck him off just to taste her pussy. Trudy, Suzy were busy
with their boy friends. But they kept what they did with Althea a secret.

Althea was in her office when Doris Hawks came, a middle age women with light
brown hair very nice breasts and ass. Doris sat down and was talking to
Althea, but she seem distanced. "What's wrong?" Doris said. "Hubby not paying
you enough attention."

"No," Althea said.

"You can tell me," Doris said.

"Well, I need something else..."

Doris looked at her, "Like what?"

Althea licked her lips, "I need another women."

Doris was shocked. "You, a carpet muncher! A slit licker! Oh, my!" she said.

Althea looked at her, "Please, don't tell anyone."

Doris said, "It'll be safe with me." Curious she contined with, "How bad?"

Althea said, "I could do you right here."

"Really!" Doris locked the door, "Show me what you got."

Althea stood up pulled the scarf off and unbuttoned her blouse. She wore a
pale blue bra her nipples were so hard. She took her long skirt off. Her
pussy was so wet. She pulled them off and walked up to Doris, dropped to her
knees, raised her dress up and pulled her hose and panties down. Althea
rubbed Doris' clit. Her pussy was so wet, too. Althea was kissing her pussy,
licking her clit til it was hard .

"OOOOHHHHH GOD!" Doris said holding Althea's head into her pussy. Doris was
shaking as she came.

Althea was licking her juices drinking her cum. Althea looked up at her her
face covered with Doris' pussy juice. Althea stood up and kissed her then
pushed Doris on her knees. "Now my turn."

Althea pulled Doris into her waiting pussy. Doris was sucking Althea's pussy.
"YEESS!" Althea said.

Doris was soon drinking Althea's cum.

The two women laid in the floor licking each other into another organism.

"My husband isn't even close to you," she kissed Althea. "So what did you
want to talk to me about?

"I don't remember," she smiled.

They both dressed and kissed.

"You need me just call me," Doris said.

Althea smiled, "Thanks!" She sparyed her office with air freshener.

"See you," Doris said and walked back to her class.

* * *

The day ended and she was walking to her car when Trudy came up to her.

"I'm sorry I havn't seen you lately. I'm just not real comfortable doing it
with another women."

"I understand," Althea said.

Just then Trudy began to cry. She hugged Althea. "Oohh, Mrs. Tibbs, I do
enjoy having sex with you." Her eyes clearing up, "Can we go to the pond

"Sure," Althea said.

As they drove Trudy was licking Althea's pussy.

"Oh, I do love your pussy," Trudy said.

"Sit up," she told Trudy. Althea saw Lonnie Jameson.

"Hello, Mrs. Tibbs," he said. "What brings you out this way?"

"Taking Trudy out to the old pond. She's going through some rough stuff and
we've come out to talk."

"Okay," he said.

"Oh, tell Virgil dinner may be a little late."

They drove on til they got to the pond. Althea took her clothes off. Trudy
took Altheas's off. They walked down to the pond. They swam in the pond.
Althea laid on the bank while Trudy was licking her pussy and fingering her
ass, too. Althea was slowly licking Trudy's pussy savoring every bit. They
made love over and over.

Althea arrived home. Virgil had dinner already started. Althea kissed him

"Feel like fucking tonight?" she smiled rubbing his cock.

To be continued...


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