In The Heat Of The Night: Althea's Addiction Part 4 (MMFF,inter,preg,drugs)
by Star Gazer ([email protected])

Althea was going crazy with lust for pussy. She was driving as far as
Jackson just to have sex with other women. Althea was at home when Harriet
Delong stopped by. Althea opened the door. Harriet didn`t know that Althea
was fucking herself with a large dildo.

Harriet asked, "You okay?" as she walked in the house.

"I'm fine, why do you ask?" Althea brought out some ice tea, poured two
glasses, which one was spiked. For Althea had wanted to get Harriet in bed
for the longest time. All she could think about while talking to her was how
Harriet would taste.

Harriet soon was feeling the effects of the drug. Althea helped her up to
the bedroom, she laid her down and took her jacket off and her heels.
Althea's pussy was so wet as se ran her hand down Harriet's leg. Then she
ran her hand up to the bottom of her skrit. Using both hands pushing it up
until it bunched around her waist.

Althea then unbuttoned her blouse and opened it up revealing Harriet's frim
breasts incased in a black satin bra. Althea ran her fingers around each
nipple till they both were hard, she bent over and gently bit each one
through the bra. Althea pulled them out of the bra cups, she squeezed them
biting her nipples. Harriet began to stir, moaning as Althea continued to
attack her nipples.

Althea knelt at Harriet's feet and pulled her pantyhose off along with her
panties. Harriet's pussy was well trimed for Bill didn't like a hairy pussy.
Althea ran her finger along the inside and outside of her pussy. Opening it
up Althea was fingering Harriet's pussy causing her juices to flow. Althea
took her finger and put it inside of Harriet's pussy and pulled it out
covered in juices and preceeded to lick her fingers.

Althea striped and laid next to Harriet, kissing and caressing her. Harriet
was soon kissing Althea their tongue were dancing. Althea took Harriet's hand
put it against her pussy. Harriet's finger entered Althea's wet hole. Althea
put the finger in Harriet's mouth to let her taste her.

Althea couldn't wait any longer, she was between Harriet`s legs and she was
licking, sucking her pussy and clit. Althea drank from Harriet's pussy, which
she came again and again from Althea's sucking of her clit.

Althea sat on Harriet's face her pussy was opened and Harriet was tonguing
her pussy. Althea had opened her pussy up she was fucking Harriet's tongue.
Althea was having mind shattering orgasms. Althea didnt hear the door open,
for she was in sixtynine postion with Harriet, who by now the drug had worn
off and Harriet was soon enjoying herself. A voice called out, Virgil and
Bill Gillespie were standing at the door. When Althea raised her head her
face was covered with Harriet's pussy juice.

"Well, well," Bill said, "two fish in one barrel." as he took off his belt
and striped and climbed on the bed.

Virgil watched Bill licking Althea's pussy as Althea was sucking his cock.
Soon Virgil felt a hand unzipping his pants, pulling out his cock and began
to suck it.

Soon the bed was full, Bill was fucking Althea while Harriet was riding
Virgil's cock. Althea whisperd something to Bill and he looked at Virgil,
and he position himself so Virgil was licking his cock as he fucked Harriet.
Virgil pulled out of Harriet and it went right into Bill`s mouth and he
began to suck it, he took it deep into his mouth and throat.

Althea and Harriet was sucking Bill's cock and balls till he shot his load
into Althea's mouth and she kissed Harriet. They all laid in the bed, well
fucked and pregnant.

The End


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