In The Heat Of The Night:
Murder At Hawk's Point Part 1 (MF,oral,snuff,cons,rape)
by Star Gazer ([email protected])

As the town of Sparta slept, a death was happening. A beautiful women was
being raped. She was forced to strip, not only her clothes but her spirit,
too. The lady stood there naked, her nipples hard not by touch, but the
chill in the night air. The voice told her to open herself to him, she
laid on the wet ground, legs open, her fingers caressing her own skin. As
she was told, her fingernails running through her soft pubic hair til it
found her clit, scrapping it til it too began to get hard. A soft gasp came
from her mouth, her finger rubbing faster til she was over come with
pleasure and was told to stop.

The figure knelt between her open thighs. Taking his large cock rubbing it
against her wet lips. Rubbing it along her clit, she arches up to meet him
but he pushes her back down. Then he pushes his weight on to her body,
forcing her ass into the soft wet grass. Raising up, just to thrust forward
again and again driving his cock deep into her waiting pussy .

Pulling out and turning her over, he enters from behind grabbing her hair
causing her neck to strain. He goes faster, til he is about to cum and pulls
out once more to find her ass waiting. He enters her virgin ass, she screams
as he continues his assualt.

Still holding her air like pulling on a reins of a horse. He groans as he is
about to cum. With one swift motion he takes the blade cuts her throat. She
gasps, jerking as the life leaves her body. He continues to fuck her, even
as she lies dead. He cums into the condom he wore for the fear of AIDS or
something else. He dresses and leaves the dead woman there naked.

* * *

Althea Tibbs was laying in bed while Virgil was between her legs, eatng her
pussy. As the sun rose, "OOOOOHHHH yes, baby!" she moaned, as Virgil was
biting and sucking on her clit. "OH come Fuck me!"

Virgil looked at his wife's pussy, as he rubbed his black cock along her
well lubbed pussy. Virgil entered into her pussy feeling it grip his cock.
"OOOHHH!" he groaned for she was so tight.

Althea did keep in shape for she coached the girls volleyball team. Althea
wrapped her legs around her husband's back pulling him into her deeper. "Yes,
cum in me!" she wailed for she wanted to have childern.

Virgil was fucking her hard and fast till he felt his body begin to tense up
as he was about to cum. Virgil made an animal sound as he shot his hot cum
deep inside his wife's pussy. Sweat dripped off his forehead, while Althea
just laid there in the mist of he own orgasm.

* * *

Meanwhile a lady was walking her dog when she seen the dead naked lady. She
ran to her house and called the police. "Parker Williams?"

"Yes, ma'm," he said and wrote it all down.

Bubba Skinner was at his desk. "What up, Parker? he said with a deep draw.

Just then Sweet and Lonnie came in.

"Call Virgil and the Chief," Parker rang.

* * *

Bill Gillespie, who was in the middle of getting head from Harriett Delong.
Her soft lips wrapped around his swollen member. Taking him deep feeling his
cock in her throat, the phone rang, "Yes, Parker?"

"Okay," he said, "Call Virgil." He hung up the phone. 'Stupid twit," he
thought, "Can't even get good head in the morning.'

* * *

Virgil was just getting out of the shower when the phone rang. Althea was
already dressed when the news came.

To be continued...


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