In The Heat On The Night: Murder At Hawks Point Part 3 (mF,inter,exhib,reluc)
by Star Gazer ([email protected])

Althea laid naked on the blanket, she was looking at Ronnie's long cock. She
had never seen one that long. It had to be at least eleven inches long and
two inches around. It looked like a white snake since Ronnie was white.
Althea held it in her hands, she felt it grow with each stroke she gave it.
Althea ran her tongue down the lenght and back again she just sucked the head
using her tongue on the head. She licked his balls, too, putting them in her
mouth washing them. "OHH, it's so big," she said still sucking and kissin it.

Her pussy was dripping wet. She laid with her legs open like a common whore.
Ronnie was between her legs and he pushed his cock into her waiting pussy.
Althea could feel it filling her pussy, but Ronnie still had more cock to go.

"OHH, my!" Althea felt him going deeper into her, not even Virgil had gone
that deep. "YYYEEESS, deeper!" she said.

Ronnie was doing just that, too. Ronnie pulled half way out then back in
Althea was going crazy with lust. For this sixteen year old kid was fucking
her brains out. Althea grabbed the blanket as Ronnie fucked her, Althea was
about to cum. Althea had came twice and laid there, Ronnie still inside of

* * *

Meanwhile LouAnn was working the Bottoms, it's where the low income and
blacks live. LouAnn was working as a whore. She was getting fucked by two
or three guys in hopes of learning anything about the killer. LouAnn was
sucking on a older guys cock. She was taking him deep in her mouth.

Buba and Dee was working the bars as a swinging couple. Lonnie was working
the truck stops as a Porn dealer. Sweet was with Virgil. They was going over
computer files.

To Be Continued


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