In The Heat On The Night: Murder At Hawks Point Part 4 (mF,inter,oral)
by Star Gazer ([email protected])

As Virgil was going over all that they found or didn't find, he was getting
frustated. Officer Sweet came in. Virgil looked at him, he didn't need a
distraction. Now Parker came in and told them the chief wanted them.

"I may have a solution to this case," he said as he sat in his chair,

"What?" Virgil said.

The Chief told Virgil a story of John Cocker also known as "Big" John Cocker.
Virgil sat and listen, the Chief told of a man with a very large cock, who
took to taken women. Mostly married ones, for he knew the men of the town
wouldn't do anything. He would find a women and he would follow her home, and
he would force her to have sex. But soon the women wouldn't be albe to be
satisfied with their husbands' little cocks and they would leave to go to
John's house. John would make them clean and take care fo him and his house.
The stories told that he would fuck a women til she couldn't move and some
times they would die.

"How?" Virgil asked.

"Some were found to drown in his cum."

"How is that possible?" Virgil said, "This man must a been a freak of some

"OH, he was," the Chief said, "For when he took the mayor's wife and forced
him to watch her suck his cock in their living room, and he pulled a gun and
his wife jumped in front of him telling him she loved John and his big cock.
The mayor shot her and then emptied the gun into him. Then he was going to
burn the body. As the body went up in flames, the women jumped into the fire
and thus the story ended."

"Chief you expect me to believe that."

"YES I DO!" he said.

They drove to the hospital and walked into a room with some very large jars
on a shevles. "This is his cock," the Chief said.

Virgil looked at it, "Chief it's at least twenty four inches long."

"Yes," the Chief said.

"So you think he had a son with one of those women and he is getting back for
his father's death."

"It's possible," the Chief said, "but we can't prove he had any offspring."

* * *

Meanwhile LouAnn was working in the Bottoms at a makeshift whore house trying
to find out any leads. LouAnn was kneeling on the bed suckng a cock. LouAnn
was taking him deep.

"OH, baby," he moaned, "you do know how to suck."

"Why thank you sir," she said licking his cock head. "I do a craving for very
large cock," she said.

"What mine isn't big enough for you?"

"Oh, no sir," she said, "Yours is just fine," taking him deep in her throat,
"but I was cravng a little something different."

"Well," he said, "I have a big bull that might fix you," he smiled.

"Sorry, not into animals," LouAnn said. She continue to suck his cock,
squeezing his balls while he shot a load down her throat.

* * *

Althea meanwhile was still getting fucked by Ronnie. Her legs over his
shoulder while Ronnie was plunging his cock into her pussy. "YEEESSS!" Althea
screamed, "FUCK ME!!! OHH GOD!" trying to catch her breath. Althea had never
been fucked liked this.

Ronnie shot another huge load into her well fucked pussy. He laid on top of

"Oh, please stop, I must get home." Althea pulled away from Ronnie. She put
her cothes on except for her panties for her pussy was so touchy.

Althea soon arrived home and put on a bath and just soaked hoping Virgil
wouldn't want to fuck tonight.

* * *

Parker was just sitting at his desk looking at his e-mail, which he pulled
up on the computer. It was an ad for making your penis bigger. Virgil soon
was looking at the ad.

"How big does the ad say?" Virgil asked.

Parker continued to look, "It doesn't say, Dectetive."

The Chief looked at him, "You think someone did this?"

"It is very possible. Someone may have a grudge or just felt like he wasn't
endowed enough and may strike again."

To Be Continued


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