In The Heat On The Night: Murder At Hawks Point Part 5 (mF,inter)
by Star Gazer ([email protected])

It had been days since the murder took place and still no leads. Althea was
having problems though. She developed an itch. Deep in her pussy, Althea was
going crazy she and Virgil was having the best sex ever just trying to rid
her of the itch, but Virgil just couldn't do it. She even tried long
cucumber, but it still didn't bring any relief. Althea knew what she needed,
but to ask or even beg Ronnie to fuck her would make her look like a whore.
Her pussy ached, so she sat in her office trying to get it off her mind.

Just then to her amazment in walked Ronnie. "HHEELLLOO," he studered.

Althea said, "Hello," and asked what she could do for him knowning what he
could do for her.

He spoke slow, to not stutter so much, "How are you feeling?" he said.

She looked at him, "Why do you ask?"

"I was wondering if your pussy needs my cock again," he then smiled.

"How dare you come in here and say something like that to me!"

"Okay, I'll just leave you alone," he said. He turned was about to walk out.

Althea knew she just had to lower herself, for her pussy did ache for his
cock. "Wait!" she said.

Ronnie turned around and walked back into the office. He shut the door and
locked it. "So, you do need it, don't you?

Althea lowered her head, "Yes, I do."

"How bad do you need it? Do you need it right now?"

Althea looked at him, "YES, RIGHT NOW and here." She raised her dress pulled
down her pantyhose. She wore no panties. She knelt at his crotch, unzipped
his pants. He too didn't wear underwear. Althea pulled out his semi-hard cock
began to lick and suck on it til it was rock hard. She was licking his balls
stroking his cock. She threw everything off her desk, laid on it and opened
her legs like a whore would.

Ronnie could see how wet she was, but what he wouldn't admit to anyone was he
needed her just as bad. Of all the others he had, they just couldn't make him
cum like she did. His cock was buried deep in her pussy when the phone rang.
Althea reached for it.

"Hello," she said. It was Virgil. Althea couldn't believe it she getting
fucked while talking to her husband. "NOOO, don't stop," she told Ronnie.

Ronnie kept on fucking her, though it was getting hard for her to speak.

"Yes, dear," she said and hung up the phone while wraping her legs around
Ronnie's waist. "Ohhh, FUCK ME harder!" and Ronnie was doing just that.
Althea had cum twice already. Soon Ronnie let loose his load deep into
Althea. "Oh, thank you," she kissed him.

Ronnie knew he had a steady fuck with her. He soon left Althea once again
happy and her pussy too.

To Be Continued


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