In The Heat On The Night: Murder At Hawks Point Part 7 (MF,M-mast,voy)
by Star Gazer ([email protected])

The Chief was in his private office, but he wasn't alone. Hariett Delong was
on her knees with her skirt above her waist and her fingers deep in her very
wet pussy. While she was sucking on Bill's big cock, Harriet was sucking and
licking his balls, "OHH Bill, please fuck me," she said.

"Well, get your fine ass up here," and that's where she wanted it too, up
her ass. Hariett sat on his cock and she moaned.

Meanwhile Parker was peeking through a hole he had drilled in the wall. He
watched Harriet suck his Chief's cock. Now he watched her sit on the same
cock. He watched it disappear into her ass. Her blouse was open and Bill was
playing with her nipples. Parker was pumping his cock. He rubbed his cock
head, it was so tender he almost fainted.

"YEESS!" he heard Harriett say, "Fuck me Bill! Fuck me harder."

Harriett was like a wild woman, she rode his cock til she just slumped down.
Bill shot a huge load up her ass. Harriet got off him and cleaned up his
cock. Hartiett tasted his cum and her own ass juice. She cleaned him up and

Parker had just cum, too. He had to hurry back to the desk.

Hariet walked out pass him, "Did you get a good look?" she smiled. "Maybe
next time I'll let you do me."

"Yes, Mam," he said.

The chief came out, "Parker any word from Virgil or Bubba?"

"Uh, no sir," he said.

"Well, try to contact them."

"Yes, sir." Parker tried to get Virgil.

Virgil was with Dr. Rob going over some body parts of the lady killed.

Bubba was still in the motel fucking with Dee. They were in a foursome. Dee
was licking the managers pussy while Bubba fucked her. Dee, too, was getting
fucked. She moaned into the pussy she was suckng, which sent shiver of
pleasure into the other lady's pussy.

* * *

Susan Fisher was walking out of the TV station to her truck and a set of eyes
watched her, waiting for the right moment and he finally made his move. As
she bent over to get her keys, he ran up to her knocked her out. He took her
to his van, threw her in the back with a hood over face. He drove to Hawks
Point, for this is where he got away with thr first one.

He set up the camera and lights, he was going to make a show of this.

To Be Continued


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