In The Heat Of The Night: Murder At Hawks Point Part 8 (mF,snuff,rape)
by Star Gazer ([email protected])

Susan Fisher couldn't see a thing for her eyes were covered. She heard a
voice coming closer to her.

"Ms Susan Fisher," he said, "Miss Goodie-two-shoes always doing for others.
Well tonight you are going to do for me." He reached for her leg and ran his
hand up under her skirt.

"Please don't! I will give you what ever money you want!"

He just kept rubbing her thigh. "I have what I want right here." He found
her pussy and ran his finger over it.


She tried to move her legs but couldn't. He soon removed his hand and took
off her blind fold, but all she could still see was a blur. Then some bright
lights came on.

"We are going to take some pictures," he said. He had a video camera. "Okay
lets start by a little dance and take off your clothes."

"Please dont make me!" she sobbed.

"You will do or else. Oh don't start to cry, it will ruin everything."

Susan held back her tears. She then stood up and did a strip tease for him.
Unbuttoning her blouse he could see her nipples getting so hard. Susan was
soon down to her panties. He knelt in front of her took a pic of her wetness.
Susan took a chance and kicked him. She took off running but didn't get too

Dragged back to the area where she was, she was forced to submit to his every
whim. She soon saw his big cock and then she knew who it was that had her. He
held her hair frocing her mouth open he pushed his semi hard cock into her
mouth. He began to fuck he face, holding on to her hair forcing his cock down
her throat. Susan couldn't breath and almost passed out.

He forced her on her back and was between her legs licking her pussy, which
was geting hotter. Susan felt her own body coming apart. She bucked her pussy
up to his face wanting more, "OOHHH YES eat my hot pussy."

He soon was ready to fuck her, but Susan begged him not to. He pushed his
cock into her pussy and she just screamed. He hit her. "Shut up!" he said.

"But its just too big. I can't take it all."

He kept pushing til he was half in. Her pussy wasn't going to be any good to
her husband. Susan felt the rest enter into her. He pulled out and pushed
back in with force. Susan lost her ability to talk all she could was moan.

He pulled out and looked at her pussy. Turning her over and shoved it in her
ass. Susan screamed again and again. That would be her last for she felt the
blade across her throat and it slide across. Susan was soon choking and her
body jerking. He was cumming in her ass as she laid dying on the ground.

He gatherd all his stuff. At least he thought it was, but he left something.
For he heard some one coming towards him. He was soon out of sight and the
person came upon her. He fell to the ground and yelled.

Soon the Cheif and Virgil stood over the dead body of Susan Fisher under a
clear sky at Hawks Point.


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