In The Heat Of The Night: Murder at Hawks Point Part 9
by Star Gazer ([email protected]) (MF,MMF,anal,ncon,cons)

Virgil stood over the fallen Susan Fisher and wondered if this will ever end.
For it was taking all his time. Althea was feeling neglected. He stooped down
by the body as Sweet was taking pictures of the crime scene. Lonnie was
searching the area, too. He came up on a foil package. Black Maxx condoms

"Virgil," he called out, "I found something."

Virgil went to him. Virgil held the foil and put it in a bag. "See if we can
get a print."

Meanwhile, he was looking at the video of Susan Fisher, he felt no remorse.
For she had once declined his advances, now he and her begging for her life.
His lips trembled as he watched the tape once again. Sweat formed on his
forehead while his ccok was growing once again too. He knew he had to take
care of it. He no longer was able to get off by jacking his cock, so once
again he went out.

He found his way to the Bottoms. One of those black whores could take care of
him. He made his way to a house, knocked on the door.

"Yes?" a tall black girl answered the door dressed in a blue silk robe.

"How much?" he asked and held out some money. Money he took from Susan
Fisher. She took forty.

They went into the bedroom. She turned on some music and danced as she opened
her robe. He stood watching her move. She shed her robe. Her had firm breasts
with large nipples. She danced and held them rolling them bewteen her
fingers. She held them up to her mouth to let her tongue dance around the
nipple. His hands were sweating, his forehead too.

"Lets get comfy," she said and helped him off with his shirt.

He was hairless, but had a nice build. She soon seen the bulge.

"OH MY!" she gasped, "You want to fuck me with that, huh. You will have to

"What! I paid you and I want some service!"

She gave him the money back, but he wasn't having none of that. She tried to
scream, but he hit her. She fell on the bed. He took out his cock.

"Now!" he said with a smile.

He rubbed his cock along her already wet pussy. She woke as soon as he stuck
his cock in. "NNNOOOO!!!" she screamed.

"Shut up!" he smacked her.

LouAnn came into the room. She seen the size of the guy.

"Please, help me!" the girl sobbed.

LouAnn took a chair, swung it and it crashed on top of the guy, who fell to
the floor. Lou Ann went to the girl and soon was hit. He grabbed his clothes
and bolted out the door into the darknes. LouAnn acted fast she took a sample
of his precum, that was oozing out of the girl's pussy.

'My God,' LouAnn thought just looking at her pussy which was opened. She
called the station and Bubba answered the phone.

"Okay LouAnn stay with her."

Bubba arrived with Virgil. "I think our boy got greedy," Bubba said.

"Did you see his face?" Virgil asked.

"No," but she told him of a scar on his left shoulder, "but I know who it
is," he said.

"Who?" Virgil asked.

"Jimmy Sanders," Bubba said. "He was a nobody in school, but very smart with
chemicals. He raised some big hogs, geuss he was using the stuff on him too."

Virgil called Bill, who was in the middle of fucking Harriet Delong.

"OOOOHHHH Bill!" she moaned.

"Okay, Virgil," he said still pumping Harriet in her ass, "I'm almost..." he
groaned shooting a load in her ass.

* * *

Jimmy was in his house, when he seen the lights in the darkness flashing .

"Come on out, boy!" Gillespie said, "Don't make us come in."

Jimmy fired a few shots.

"Okay, Lonnie you and Sweet go around back." The Cheif said.

They did. A shot was fired for Jimmy letting his hogs loose. Bubba rushed the
door, kicking it in. Jimmy turned and was shot in the chest. He dropped dead.

Virgil and Cheif entered. They walked throught the house found the film and
the big codoms he used. It was over. Virgil could attend to Althea's needs,
but as he arrived home he heard loud moans comming from the bed room.

"OOOOOHHHH, God Ronnie, Fuck me!"

Ronnie Wilson was between Althea's legs pumping his long cock into her pussy.

"WHAT THE HELL!" Virgil yelled.

"I'm sorry dear, but Ronnie is the only one to cure my itch," Althea said.
"But I still love you," Althea said, "and i want to have your babies."

Ronnie was about to cum, "Come here she told Virgil."

Ronnie pulled out of her pussy.

"Jack him off," she told Virgil.

Virgil did just that, while Althea was sucking his cock. Ronnie shot his huge
load all over Althea. She felt Virgil cumming next and she drank his load
down too. She then kissed Virgil and Ronnie.

The End


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