Interview With The Vampire (FF,Mmf,inc,slash,voy)
by The Fan ([email protected])

He was the vampire Lestat. He was immortal. Born in 1760 in France. The son
a nobleman and a woman of high stature in society. At the age of twenty, he
would run into the legendary Magnus, a vampire who had been alive since the
early 400 A.D. Magnus would transform Lestat into a vampire. A particularly
ruthless and powerful one.

In the following decades, Lestat would run into some colorful characters. He
would meet the vampire Armand, the young vampire sired by Marius, a vampire
who had been alive since 100 B.C. and had been the Keeper of Akasha and
Enkil, Queen and King of the Damned, the very first Vampires to walk the

Lestat would travel to the Americas and go to New Orleans, where he would
meet a handsome young man named Louis de Pointe du Lac. He would make Louis
into a vampire. He would also make a vampire out of a little girl named
Claudia. She would become his enemy, driving Louis to almost destroy him.
It would take the vampire Lestat centuries to heal.

He would awaken from his slumber in 1984. He would find the twentieth century
to be a great time and become a Rock Star. He would attract the attention of
vampires who did not want Humanity to know about the Undead. He would also
awaken Akasha, Queen of the Damned from her thousands of years long sleep.
She would almost destroy mankind, starting with the race of Vampires. He
would join forces with other vampires to stop her.

But not right now. This is Lestat's last year as a human. The year before he
met Magnus and became an immortal vampire.

The Beginning

He was a reckless youth, living a life of splendor in the french coutryside.
An adventurous young man who lived a great life. His parents did not always
approve, though.

Lestat de Lioncourt was infamous for his escapades. He went everywhere on his
horse and had affairs with the house maids as well as the stable boys. He was
what one would consider in our times a bisexual. Even in those days, this was
taboo. Lestat lived in the open. Everyone knew what he did. Some despised him
for it, others admired him.

His first love was Marie Jeanne, a young girl of sixteen. He was fifteen
years old when he met her. He had sex with her, and their relationship
resulted in an unexpected pregnancy. His father had the girl sent away.
Lestat was mad. The only person who could comfort him was a young boy
named Stefano. Stefano and Lestat had a sexual relationship which lasted
two years, until Stefano left the Lioncourt Estate.

Lestat met a young woman named Claire Brunn and fell in love with her. He
wanted her quite badly. Claire was a feisty and mischievous girl. She knew
of Lestat's sexual escapades with men and women and was hoping, as naive
girls do that she could change his nature. Lestat loved Claire but would
not allow himself to be tied down to anyone. He hated the life of married
men and women. Since he still showed a sexual and romantic interest in
girls from time to time, his parents hoped they could marry him off to some
charming young woman of noble birth. The idea of marriage appealed to Lestat
as much as daylight appealed to bats. He hated it.

Welcome to Paris

So, one day he decided to leave. He pitied the people around him. In this
time, they led lives of piety. They believed in God and did not believe in
sexual experimentation, at least not to the extent of Lestat.

Lestat took sixty pieces of gold, a horse and a mule and went to the city.
He bought a mansion there, the Vera Mansion, in Paris. He was glad to be in
the city. This was his very first visit to Paris.

This was the home of the kings and queens of France. The home of the
wealthiest nobles. Lestat was the son of a Count who, although very rich,
lived in the countryside in a Chateau (palace). He wanted to experience the
City of Lights for himself. He would not remain bound by the laws of the
church which forbade him from living the life he wanted.

Lestat was a careful young man. Although he was only nineteen, he knew
that often, men and women could not be trusted. So he had brought someone
trustworthy with him, his loyal valet (servant), Mr. Jerome Saint Germain.
He got to know some of the people of Paris.

He met Jacques Samuel, a young nobleman with an insatiable appetite for sex,
period. Samuel had a real fixation for teenage boys and girls. Lestat did
not like Samuel and didn't hang out with him all that often.

Then there was Nicole Marseille, a high-priced courtesan and her friend Maria
Hereseux. There was Madame L' Arbrelleit, a forty-something woman who ran the
whore house where Nicole and Maria worked. Madame L'Arbrelleit rented her
girls and boys to whoever paid enough and some of her customers were the
wealthiest men and women in Paris.

Lestat liked Paris. The rich indulged in their passions, but not overtly. He
liked hanging out at House L'Arbrelleit, where he could watch all that was
happening. He had left his Castle under the pretext of going to seek God to
find answers and "cure" himself of his "afflictions" as his parents called
his strange sexual tastes. He was bisexual, it was simple as that.

In those days, people could not understand people like him. At the House,
Lestat watched all kinds of happenings. He saw popular Viscount and famous
royal associate Matthieu Breillis come to the House, and he demanded to be
serviced by two girls from Asia. At the fee he was paying, he could have
anyone he wanted. Judge Marechal Ferrant came to the House. Lestat knew of
the Judge. He was a married man with a faithful wife and three children, an
upstanding man in the community. He also had a real fixation for young men
and he could not satisfy his lust anywhere else. Then, there was Nicolas
Tuscany of the rich Tascany family from Camargue, southern France. Nicolas
had a favorite courtesan, the beautiful Jeannette Lafleur, seventeen
year-old runaway from the farmlands. Sometimes, the girls and the boys of
the House left to their customers dwellings.

Lesbian Ecstacy

Lestat sometimes followed suit. He went to a certain mansion near Champs
Elyses, in Paris. He followed one of the young prostitutes there. Her name
was Anne Marion and she had no idea who she was going to satisfy. Imagine
her surprise, and Lestat's when her customer turned out to be not some horny
man but a woman! Not any woman, but the Duchess Michelle de Vigny, wife of
Grand Duke Louis de Vigny. Lestat was familiar with the rich and powerful of

Michelle de Vigny was a tall, blond-haired woman with cold blue eyes. She was
thirty six years old and had a child, a little boy named Phillip de Vigny. He
had no idea she was a lesbian. In those days, homosexual and bisexual men
often took grave risks to satisfy their lusts. But females, being sneaky by
design remained invisible. Lestat watched the scene from a window.

Michelle de Vigny undressed, and he had to notice she had a decent body. She
towered over the slim Anne Marion. The older woman came to Anne and held her
in her arms, then she kissed her. Marion returned the woman's kiss and
Michelle touched Marion's pussy. The young girl gasped.

Lestat smiled. He had known the touch of men and women and knew the pleasure
female hands could give the partner. He watched as Michelle lay the girl on
the bed, legs spread and began eating her out. She licked and sucked the
girl's pussy, then began to probe it with her fingers. Marion moaned as the
older woman's expert touch brought her to orgasm, then she spread Michelle's
legs to return the favor. Lestat watched, and smiled.

Damn, this was making him seriously horny. He watched, and watched. The two
women licked and sucked and fucked for awhile, then he watched as Michelle
took something, a finely molded piece of wood that was sleek and smooth even
at a distance and fucked Marion's pussy with it. Lestat had seen such devices
at many women's dwellings. It was what they used, when the males were not
around. A "replacement". He watched, and watched until Michelle dismissed
Marion with a kiss, gave the girl a gold coin and sent her on her way. Lestat
de Lioncourt smiled. What a night!!!!!

Bisexual Visitors

He returned home as the first rays of dawn came. He was exhilirated by what
he had seen. Sometimes, he speculated as to the amout of money he could make
from blackmailing some of the rich and powerful men and women of Paris by
threatening to expose their dirty sexual secrets. Not that he actually wanted
to do it, but it was just a thought.....Nah, they would kill him before they
paid him a dime.

He went to his house. There, he got a surprise. He saw someone he hadn't
seen in a long time. Himself. Looking in the mirror, he noticed how much he
had changed in the past few months. His long, blond hair was almost fully
straight, his blue eyes shone with a spark. His skin remained as white as
snow, since he had become more or less of a night person.

Hard partying, hard drinking and lack of sleep hadn't hurt him too much. He
stood six foot one inch tall and weigh 170 pounds. He gained ten pounds in
six months. He would be needing exercise soon. In those days, girth among men
was a sign of wealth, but Lestat preferred himself lean and muscular, thank

He sat down, reading his favorite book, a novel called Les Contes des Mille
et une Nuits (Thousand and One Nights). He loved the tales. Aladdin finding
the magically powered Genie and getting his three wishes and the girl of his
dreams, Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves and so on. He loved the book as a kid
and still loved it as a young adult. He realized how bored he was.

Perhaps he should have gone to the University, like most rich young men. He
cared not for any more schooling. There simply was nothing in the world that
truly interested Lestat de Lioncourt. He was truly bored. He had given his
valet, the loyal Saint Germain the week off. Saint Germain had returned to
Chateau de Lioncourt to see his wife and children. Saint Germain was a
do-right kind of man. Lestat often envied him.

He was about to sleep the day away when he heard a sound. He turned to see
his friends there to see him. Roger Darcille and his twin sister Rita. They
were both seventeen, beautiful young people he had met at a society dance
not long ago. They were adventurous young people. He looked at them. Roger
stood five feet three inches and was a skinny youth with black hair and blue
eyes. Rita was just as tall as her brother but chubby, well rounded and nice
looking. She had the same sparkling brown eyes and black hair.

"Hello," he said. "To what do i owe this honor?"

The twins smiled. "We were in town, Lestat, and we wanted to spend the day
with you."

Lestat smiled. 'God, they were beautiful.' He felt the desire rise in him.
For both of them! "Welcome to my humble, um, place," he said.

The twins looked at each other, and smiled.

They spent the day together. Lestat took them out to eat a fine restaurant.
He took them to an art gallery. Then, they took a boat ride on the Seine, a
river that went around Paris...and beyond. By eight o'clock p.m. they were
tired and wanted to go home. Lestat was more than okay with that part. He
had told one of his servants to make them a delicious supper, then checked
in. They had supper, and drank a lot of wine. A lot.

Hot Threesome

Lestat sat in his living room, on a big couch, one arm slung around Rita's
shoulder. He kissed her neck. She smiled and kissed him on the lips. All
this while her brother Roger watched from across the room. Pretty soon, he
had her out of her clothes and was running his hands all over her plump but
sexy body. She shivered under his cool, expert touch. He took her to bed,
and decided to pleasure her. He went to her pussy, and began to lick it.
She gripped the sheets anc closed her eyes. He ate her pussy, probing with
his long, slim fingers. He introduced one finger in her tight little asshole.
He took some oil and lubricated her asshole, then he began to lick it. He
prepared her, and then when she was ready, they began their lovemaking. Rita
lowered herself onto Lestat's thick cock and began to ride it, eagerly.
Lestat held onto her waist as she bobbed up and down on his cock, and he
fucked her, hard.

They were joined by Roger, who decided not to miss out on the action.
Lestat fucked Rita's pussy as Rita sucked her twin brother's large cock.
They switched around. Lestat oiled Rita's ass once more and then slowly
entered her asshole. Roger positioned himself so that he could fuck Rita's
pussy. The two young men fucked her like this, humping her till kingdom
come. Rita moaned in pleasure. Then, Lestat lay on the bed, closed his
eyes and allowed his young partners to please him. Rita and Roger shared
Lestat's cock.

Roger wanted a go at it and Lestat obliged, shoving his eight inch cock into
Roger's asshole. Rita sucked Roger's cock as Lestat fucked him. Lestat went
in, hard. Roger's ass was tight but no stranger to buttfucking. He loved the
feeling of a tight ass around his cock.

Suddenly, he pulled out of Roger and, grabbing Rita's head, made her suck
his cock. With his free hand, he jerked off Roger's cock. They switched
around once more. Roger positioned himself behind Lestat and fucked Lestat's
ass while Lestat ate Rita's pussy. Soon, all three were writhing and moaning
in pleasure. Lestat gasped when Roger came in his ass, violently. Rita came
under him, opening her legs to him. He entered her pussy, fucking her hard.
He went in as deep as he could. Rita gasped.

Lestat's cock was huge. She looked at Lestat's handsome face which alternated
between pain and pleasure as he fucked her pussy and got his ass fucked by
Roger. Roger finally pulled out and Rita sucked his cock. Ever eager to fuck
a willing ass, Lestat took Rita from behind, shoving his huge cock up her
ass. She gasped as he thrust deep, all the way to her bowels. Roger came
underneath them and, with one hand he massaged Lestat's balls and with the
other he played with Rita's pussy. Rita gasped. She held back as long as she
could, then the merciless cock splitting her asshole and her brother's expert
tongue and fingers on her pussy brought her to a wild orgasm. At the same
time, Lestat shot his load deep into her, filling her asshole with cum.

They lay in bed, panting. Rita lay, snug between her brother and Lestat, the
most important men in her life. This was a great night. Heck, they should do
it again. For now, rest was needed. She went to sleep, listening to the
rhythmic breathing of two very handsome forthrightly bisexual men.

At the same time, a strange carriage came into Paris. Inside sat a man. He
was tall, lean and in his early fifties. He was in fact much older than he
looked. He was the vampire Magnus, come to Paris in search of an Heir.

The End


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