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Incredibles: Spy Girl Violet
by Tricksterson

It was over, at least for now. Syndrome was defeated, his robot destroyed,
Jack Jack safe. Even Dash was ready for bed.

So were Bob and Helen, but not for sleep. Helen had forgotten how horny she
got in the aftermath of combat and adventure. If not for the children she
doubted that they would even have made it to the bedroom.

Both heroes had their costumes off in record time, though both kept their
masks on. Normally Bob could make love with a gentleness that belied his huge
size and strength but today neither of them was in the mood for tenderness.
He pushed her roughly to the bed where she eagerly spead her legs.

"Fuck me you sonofabitch! Fuck me hard!"

It was a happy coincidence that Helen and Bob's powers complemented each
other perfectly in the bedroom. He might easily would have crushed or torn
apart a normal woman but her elastic nature not only protected her but gave
her a unique advantage. As he entered her, he felt he pussy tightening around
his huge cock tighter than most virgins. Simultaneously he felt her arms and
legs literally wrapping around his body once, then twice, pulling him into

"Yesss! Fuck me, you bastard, fuck me! OHHHHHH! YEAHHHHHH!"

In their heated frenzy neither realized that they were being watched.

Violet had of course occasionally heard her parents having sex and, like
most children, done her best to ignore it. But she was her parents' child
and, like them, the adrenaline rush of battle had sent her hormones into
overdrive. She had stopped in front of their door, fascinated at the sounds
coming out, turned invisible and quietly opened the door a crack.

She had been hypnotized by what she saw. Her mother's limbs sliding and
groping over her father's huge muscular body. Her father's relentless
thrusting into her mother. The fierce yet somehow ridiculous expressions
on her parents' faces as they came. the grunts, the moans, the pungent
smell of sex, all these held her in an iron grip. Her hand beneath her
costume's waistband and rubbed her virginal clit. She bit back a moan.

Afterward, as her parents engaged in more gentle afterplay she closed the
door as quietly as she had opened it and rushed to the bathroom and into the
shower. she tore off her costume and ran her hands over her slim, developing
form as the needles of water massaged her body. She pinched and rubbed at the
tiny mounds of her breasts and slid a hand down to her slit, decorated with
only a few sparse hairs. She slipped one finger, then two into herself but as
much as she masturbated she couldn't drive the image of her naked parents
from her mind, in fact a resolve grew in her. Somehow, some way, she had to
have her father.

"Ohhhhh, dadddy!!" she moaned as she came.

* * *

Over the next month, she continued to spy on her parents in the bedroom,
once or twice even slipping inside as they coupled and her obssession grew.
Finally she mustered up her courage and formed a plan.

* * *

Bob Parr stepped out of the shower and was wrapping a towel around his
massive, rack-hard torso when he felt a finger trailing down his spine and
into his ass crack. He knew Helen was out shopping so at first he dismissed
it. The he felt a pair of hands hug him around the waist from behind and
whirled around.

"Who is it?"

"It's me Daddy," came a soft, quiet voice and he watched as his daughter
shifted into view in front of him. She was naked.

"Violet! What the Hell are you doing here?" Even as he yelled at her he
couldn't stop his eyes from running over her slim, pubescent body. The barely
budding breasts, the slim waist swelling outward into slender hips, the
sparse coverage of hair over her slit. He found himself musing as to what her
ass looked like, then wrenched himself back to reality.

"Well, young lady?"

She swallowed down her fear and answered. "I...I've been and
Mom. It was're so...I..I want you."

He knew he should order her out of the bathroom now and then talk to Helen
but it was the phrase "You're so..." that piqued both his curiosity and his

"I'm so...what?"

"Handsome," was the soft reply. "Please Daddy," her small hands touched his
rock hard six-pack and slid down towards his crotch. "I can make you feel
good" she whispered and then slid down to her knees.

He knew he should push her away, should run out of there, should do
*anything* but what he did, which was stand still and let her small, hot
mouth engulf his cockhead. Her small mouth, lacking her more's elasticity
couldn't get all of it down but she managed at least half of it's ten-inch
length and three-inch width and if she lacked her mother's experience,
youthful enthusiasm made up for it. Soon her father was sunk into unwilling
bliss and his hands were on either side of her head guiding her up and down
his pole as her small hands rubbed his massive ballsack.

"Yes, yes, that's it, Daddy looove's you," he moaned as he came, flooding her
mouth with cum. Once he had finished, he came back to an awareness of what
he'd done and fled silently and horrified. But Violet only grinned as his
sperm ran from her mouth and she rubbed it all over her adolescent body. She
went into the shower, still smelling wonderfully of her father's body and
masturbated as the water washed off her dad's spunk. She knew it was only a
matter of time now.

* * *

That night she crept to her parent's doorway half expectant but also half
fearful. What if her father told her mother what they'd done. Helen Parr had
a fierce temper and there was no telling what she might do.

To her horror that seemed to be exactly what had happened. Her father,
clad only in his boxer's was standing before her mother, clad in a babydoll
nightie, his head hanging, while she glared at him, her eyes almost glowing
with anger. Suddenly her head swiveled to the door.

'Oh shit!' Violet thought. But before she could move Her mother's arm
stretched out and a hand suddenly grown four feet wide wrapped around
her body and dragged her in. Violet swiftly found herself draped over
her mother's knee as she hadn't been since she was five.

Helen's hand shaped itself into a paddle and was soon turning her daughter's
bottom bright red. Ever since the first time Violet had taken to spying on
her parents naked as it made it easier to masturbate, something she usually
found herself doing while she watched.

"Ow ow ow! MOOOOM!"

"Don't 'Mom" me you little bitchslut!" The slapping went on and on and her
father just stood there, head down. But then she realized that the burning
sensation was spreading from her ass to her groin. A small moan came out.

"You're actually enjoying this, aren't you? You really *are* a little slut!"
Her mother lifted her off her knees and onto the bed. She tried to get up but
was held down by her mother's rubbery limbs.

"Oh no, you don't!"

"Helen..." said her father weakly.

"Shut up! After all, you're both going to get what you want. You're just
going to have to do it while I watch is all." Both of her family members
eyes widened at this. Well, you *Want* to fuck her, don't you?" she asked
Bob. Her husbands mouth opened but nothing came out.


"Yes, " mumbled.


"Yes! Yes, I want her!"

"Show the little bitch what she's won Bob," said Helen mockingly. "It's not
like she hasn't seen it before." Bob stripped off his shorts, showing an
erection made rock hard by seeing his wife spanking his daughters ass, which
as he'd suspected, was small, tight and superb. He crawled on to the bed and
got between Violet's long slender legs. She was trembling with both fear and

"Hold on now," said Helen, still in a cold, mocking voice. It's not going to
be quite that easy." She took off her top, revealing her compact, well-formed
body, now clad only in a lacy pair of panties. "First, *you*," she said
looking at her daughter, "owe me big time. So you get to make up for it by
eating me. Then, if you've been a good little cuntlicker, you get to have
daddy fuck you."

Violet had never thought about lesbian sex before and certainly not with her
mother so she was more than a little hesitant. "I-I've never..."

"Well, Bob tells me you were a quick study when it came to cocksucking so
you better learn fast," snarled her mother as she proceeded to straddle her
daughter's face. Violet *had* seen her father going down on her mother but
had paid more attention to her mother doing the reverse. As her mother's
hairy snatch came down towards her face Violet simply closed her eys and
stuck her tongue out. To her surprise this worked rather well. Helen's
spanking of Violet had gotten her at least as hot as it had her husband and
daughter so that Violet's tongue simply slid right into her moistened slit.

"Mmmmm, now move it back and forth, that's right goood! Okay, Bob, not that
I'm not...ohhh...still mad at...unnhhh...both of you, but you, that's right,
move your tongue up until you hit my cliiiit!...may proceed."

Bob needed no further urging but plunged in. The pain of entry caused
Violet's tongue to punge in deeper than one would have thought possible and
her teeth to clamp down on Helen's labia, giving her an orgasm like she'd
never experienced, her howl of mingled pain pleasure literally rattling the
windows. She half rolled, half fell off her daughter.

Seeing the pain her daughter was in she took pity on her. After all, she
wanted her punished, not permanently damaged. She extended her arms, slowing
Bob's thrusting.

"Who there, big fella. Slow down. She's just a tiny thing."

Caught in full heat Bob glared at his wife. "I'd think you'd *want* her
hurt," he snarled.

"I'm pissed off Bob, not crazy. Not take your time and you'll both enjoy it.
Remember, she doesn't have my advantages." It did occur to Helen though that
Violet had an applicable advantage of her own. She lay down next to her
frightened daughter and calmed her down, even as Bob halted his ramming,
coming to his own senses.

"Shhh, it's okay," she soothed, stroking Violet's long dark hair. "Make a
force field," she advised her daughter, "but real tiny and inside you." She
turned to her husband. "And you go a bit slower, that's right, that's good,"
as Bob started moving inside VIolet again but at a slower pace. It soon had
the desired results as Violet's face wrinkled up in desire rather than pain
and her arms and legs were soon clutching at her father's body. Watching
them, Helen rubbed herself to another climax.

"Oh daddy yes, that's goood. So nice. Fuck me! Fuck your little girl! Oh
Mom's right, I *am* a slut! Your slut! Fuckfuckfuck! UNNNH!!" As she came,
she covered her father's face in kisses.

When they had finished and Bob had rolled off, they found that Helen was
standing at the foot of the bed looking at them sternly. They realized that
they weren't out of the deathmaze yet.

"I hope neither of you is planning on making a habit of this."

They mumbled not entirely convincing "no of course nots."

"Unless of course, I'm there to help," she said with a smile letting them off
the hook because this entire affair had made her horny for both of them. 'In
fact', she thought to herself, 'it's too bad Dash isn't a little older. Well,
maybe in two or three years.'


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