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Incredibles: The Secret Sex Life Of Mrs Incredible (Fb,inc,anal,oral,voy)
by Nee Nah

An invisible Violet Parr crept along the corridor, carefully putting her feet down slowly so that no sound would give her away. 'Not that,' she thought, 'her Mom would be listening out for her, almost certainly she was with her new man.' From down the corridor the teen could hear the sound of muffled conversation and then the squeak of a bed.

It was pure nosiness on Vi's part. At first she had hoped her Mom and Dad would get back together, but it was six months ago and her Dad seemed happy with that strumpet, Mirage. As it became obvious that it wasn't going to happen Vi just wanted her Mom to become happy. For months that hadn't happened, Helen Parr went through the motions with her two children, Violet and Dash, but never seemed to be anything but miserable. Then suddenly she was joyful again; she refused to say why, but fifteen year old Vi was old enough to guess that only a man could put a smile on her Mom's face. Vi wanted to see who he was and what he was like, but despite her hints over the last few weeks her Mom had refused to say anything.

Eventually curiosity had got the better of her. She had told her Mom she was going to stay with a friend for the night, but as soon as she was dropped off and her Mom had driven back she had turned invisible and snuck back to the house. Vi thought she might have to try the same trick on several nights before she got lucky and found a time when he was in. She had hit pay-dirt though, Dash must be out and her Mom had immediately invited round her new lover.

She continued down the corridor, the noises weren't coming from the main bedroom, but from Dash's at the end of the corridor. That would piss of her little brother if he had known, she thought, at twelve years old he was getting very territorial about his privacy and to know that their Mom had taken her new boyfriend in would have driven him nuts.

The door to the room was open and Vi slowly sneaked up to look in. It was a miracle her gasp wasn't so loud that it interrupted the participants. She was expecting to see her Mom, so it wasn't a surprise to see that the attractive redhead was on her hands and knees, her titties dangling from her blouse as her head bobbed up and down a large ten-inch prick. What was a surprise was whom the ten-inch cock belonged too. Lying naked on the bed was her twelve year old brother, one arm was resting on the bed beside him, partially holding him up, whilst with the other he was pushing up and down at his Mom's head.

Dash gave a moan of approval as his Mom's head went down his shaft; "That's it, suck my cock, suck it hard you dirty fucking cock sucker. Suck it harder you dumb slut, I want you to suck it like the dirty dick sucking whore that you are. Take it deeper you fucking trampish cunt, I want you to take it all in your slut mouth. Suck it you fucking whore."

Despite her better intentions Vi found herself transfixed, unable to move as she watched, incredibly turned on, as her Mom sucked her younger brother's meat like she was a cheap slut. Dash was gradually pushing the woman down his wet member and Helen wasn't showing the least resistance instead allowing herself to go further so the cock was pushed deeper into her mouth.

"You fucking whore," groaned Dash, "You dirty fucking whore. You fucking love eating big fucking schlongs don't you, you fucking prozzie. You can't get enough of my great fucking tool in your tramp slut mouth. You just love sucking my fucking dick, sucking it like a whorebag. That's why you don't miss Dad, you only want big fuck-off hard and massive members in you."

Just when Violet thought her Mom couldn't go any deeper Dash let go off her head and the super-heroine flew back up like she was on a spring. She gasped for breath as some saliva dribbled from her mouth. She wiped it away with the back of her head and to Violet's surprise began to speak, "I'm a cock sucking slut who loves giant manmeat; I'm a greedy whore who lives for big dicks, a dirty, slutty whore who could swallow massive dongs all day."

"A dirty worthless skank," confirmed Dash.

His Mom nodded her head, before looking down at her son's massive member, slick with her spit, "I'm a whore for your big cock and only your cock. I don't want any other big dongs; you're enough to satisfy my slut desires."

Her mouth opened and she moved down to take his meat again, but Dash stopped her, "No, you whore. I want to do your slutty mouth properly."

"Yes, Dash," said Helen. She got up off her hands and knees and lay on her back, her open blouse showing her nice, round melon-tits. She shuffled on her back and dropped her head over the side of the bed, so that her Auburn hair dropped down. She smiled, "Come stick your meat in my mouth Dash, please come to my whore mouth."

Violet watched as her brother got up off the bed and moved in front of their Mom. He took his member in his hand and fed the ten inches into Helen's waiting mouth. Violet watched, fascinated, as he continued to slide it in, her Mom sucking greedily at the large dong. Dash continued to push until his smooth balls were on his Mom's chin, his prick obviously pushing deep at her throat. The redhead's eyes were watering, tears clouding them and swelling from the sides, sliding over face. From between her lips white, translucent bile and saliva leaked. Dash's face had a look of intense pleasure on it, as his cock was well washed by Helen.

Violet expected her brother to stay still and let her Mom suck his prick. She was a little disappointed when just after sliding it in he pulled it out, despite herself she wanted to see her Mom blow her little brother and that was hardly a blow-job. However, she quickly realised it wasn't over - her brother stopped as the cock was half way from her Mom's mouth and spoke, "I'm going to throat fuck you now. Only whores take cocks so deep down their fucking throat. You wanna to be throat fucked?"

His Mom couldn't nod very actively as she still had Dash's dong in her mouth, pinning her to the bed; but there was still a small dip of her head. Dash grinned, "Dirty skank slut."

Then, to Violet's surprise, he began to thrust his ten-incher into their Mom's mouth. The redhead gulped it down, shuddering as the large piece of manmeat hammered into her throat and rammed at her tonsils. Her eyes, which had been wet before, were streaming, water running down her face like rain against a window. The tears were mixed with the bile and saliva coming from her mouth as Dash thrust in and out, his hands relaxed on his sides. After a few thrusts he pulled back and Helen gasped for breath and gurgled out a stream of white bile, letting it slash down her face. Dash allowed her a few seconds precious oxygen and then thrust in again, rocking his naked body and ramming the dong at the back of his Mom's throat.

At first, apart from a few grunts, Dash had been silent, but now he began to speak, "Take it all you dirty skanky bitch. I want to feel my cock ram open your slut throat, I want to feel it slithering down your gullet. You fucking dirty whore, allowing me to face fuck you, slut, tramp, skank, prozzie. Fucking take it, let me fuck that slut throat, fuck it deep with my massive schlong. Slut, slut, slut."

The young boy continued to thrust into his Mom's mouth, every now and then pulling out to let her gasp for breath and gag out bile. Then he be back in and thwacking his massive member deep into her mouth, usually just a bit faster and harder than before. All the time he continued to talk, "Slut, whorebag, cunt. I'm throat fucking America's biggest fucking whore. You are, aren't you? Just a fucking disgusting, dirty skanky slut-faced whore." It surprised Violet that Dash was able to talk like that, if she even uttered an oath less than half as vile as what he was saying she was told-off by her Mom. But at the same time she could see that Dash's word were a real turn-on for their Mom who was taking them as greedily as she was taking the massive chunk of meat.

"Whorebag, slut, skanky tramp. You're just a fucking dirty, disgusting whore who's only good for taking stiff manmeat. Dirty cunty bitchwhore." Dash thrust once more into his Mom's mouth, slamming the meat down her gullet. He pulled out and Helen gasped and gagged, but this time Dash didn't slam his prick back in. Instead he briefly stroked it whilst pointing at Helen's face, "Slutty skank, take this fucking cum load."

Violet was surprised how much cum her little brother could produce. It splurged out of his hard dong like an oil strike, blasting their Mom in its white slimy, mucky goo. The redhead gasped as shot after shot slammed into her face and hair. It covered her chin, entered her mouth, slid down her nostrils and blinded her eyes. Wet white tendrils covered her forehead and dripped down from her auburn hair onto the floor. "Slut," grunted Dash.

"Yes, Dash," said his Mom, "I am your slut, a whore, a piece of meat to cum over. I am your dirty, depraved cumbucket."

Dash ignored her and instead jumped on his bed and reached for a comic, "I'm thirsty," he said, "Go get me some juice."

"Yes, Dash," Helen was so quickly up and heading to the kitchen that Violet almost fell over her feet getting out of the way. She was back a few moments later with a glass of orange in her hand; she hadn't bothered to wipe away any of the cum and the drying spunk was in her hair and stuck to her face and to her massive mounds of tits which were dangling out of her blouse. "Here Dash, your juice."

The boy didn't even bother looking up from his comic as he took the orange. He sipped it and then still not looking up said, "Take off your clothes whore. And then lick my prick, I want it kept up until I'm ready and I don't want to fuckin' cum yet, so be careful you dirty whore."

"Yes Dash." Violet watched entranced as her Mom got undressed, pulling of her blouse and slacks and dropping them on the floor next to her socks and shoes. Finally she pulled off her underwear, Violet seeing in the mirror that her Mom's snatch was almost smooth with only a smidgen of beaver hair above her slit. The redhead got onto the bed and positioned herself lying on her front so that her face was next to Dash'' flaccid cock. Her elastic tongue moved out and she began to slowly and gently lick the limp, but large, muscle. Blood flowed and like a fast moving film of a flower blooming Dash's penis engorged and straightened to its full ten inch length.

Dash briefly looked from his comic to his tongue lapped prick, "Don't stop you fucking cumwhore, keep on licking."

"Of course, Dash," said Helen and continued to run her tongue up and down the ten inches of manhood, keeping it erect and stiff. Up and down her tongue slithered as Dash continued to read, every now and then pausing to glance down at the Mom licking he was getting, before turning a page and continuing with the comic. Violet marvelled both at his own self control and the control he had over their Mom, as she was as obedient as a puppy as the redhead fortysomething ran her supple tongue up and down his hard shaft.

Eventually Dash finished both the comic and the juice, putting both to one side on a bedroom cabinet already crowded with toys, comics and computer games. He looked down for a second at Helen polishing his dong. He gave a grunt and pushed her up, "You know what I want now cunt-faced whore?"

"No, Dash, but whatever you want I'm your slut; I'll do anything for your thick, meaty schlong," replied Helen looking at her son with devotion

"I want to dick your whore ass, I want to stuff my fucking huge member up your shithole and pump you until you're screaming," said Dash.

"Sure Dash, what position do you want me in?" Helen nodded.

The twelve year old grinned as he considered, "Lie on your back and pull your legs back I want to see your face as I pound you. And make sure your ass is nice and tight, I want to feel it on my cock, not like a well-used saggy slut ass."

"Okay Dash," said Helen. She lay on her back and pulled her legs back, using her elastic powers to twist them under her neck and rock back so that her ass was exposed. From where she was standing Violet could see the tightness of the hole and she wondered with fascination how Dash's huge dong would fit up there.

She had reckoned without her brother's superpower. The boy moved between his Mom's legs, gripping his cock he guided the tip to her hole. He pushed in few millimetre and then out again, repeating it again going in an extra couple millimetres and again and again and again so that after a hundred thrusts he was a couple of centimetres in. But he was using his superspeed so that he was moving like a blur and the those hundred thrusts were taking less than a second. Violet watched as the blur moved deeper and deeper into Helen's shitchute, the redhead writhing as the hard large dick hammered in. She screamed and gasped, "My ass, my ass, it's burning, it's on fire.....aarrggghhh, it hurts, it hurts."

Her son ignored continuing to speedily drill into her ass, rapidly opening it so that his dick could jackhammer home. He only slowed when his balls were slapping at her cheeks and slowed was relative, he was still moving at fast and deep pounding at her shitter, just no longer a blur. The auburn haired Mom gave a groan of thankfulness as the friction burns in her ass went and the only pain was that of her poophole being stretched beyond its normal circumference. Her face contorted in pain and tears pricked at her eyes, but she didn't make any attempt to stop Dash as he rammed her anal passageway open.

"Fucking whorebag cumdump. I want to wreck that dirty shithole of yours, ram it so fucking open that next time you shit your insides will fall out. I want to ruin it, smash it so fucking open I'll be able to stuff my fist up there and out your whore fucking mouth. You dirty slutty anal whore," Dash grunted as he stuffed his cock in.

"Yes, yes. I'm your anal fucktoy. I want my ass spread like butter. I want you to fuck my shitter until it's raw. It's your fuckhole, that's it's only use, for you to put your dick in cum in my fucking butthole," Mrs Incredible replied. She was writhing as the manmeat ripped deep into her, ramming far up her backhole.

Violet could tell from the look on her Mom's face it was agonising, but she could also see that her Mom was enjoying the anal violation; it was as if she got off on being degraded. Violet wondered what her Mom would think if she knew her anal humiliation was being witnessed by her daughter, perhaps she was too far gone to care and it would only matter what Dash thought. For a second Violet thought about becoming visible and finding out, but decided not too - it would be too embarrassing to have to explain how she came to be spying on her Mom having her most intimate moments.

"Fuck, I'm cumming," groaned Dash. His body straightened for a moment as he shot his load of spunk into his Mom's anal fuckhole. He pulled out his cock, it was slimy with cum and brown with the smeared inside of Helen's shit chute. He lay back against his pillow, "Clean it slut," he ordered, "and then you can do my homework."

Violet watched as her Mom started to lick and tongue her brother's dirty cock and once it was hard again sliding her lips over it and down. She continued to suck and clean until it was totally clean, almost polished. Then Dash gave a grunt and indicated she should get up. He levered himself off the bed, "I'm going to have a shower. I want at least an B+ for Math so don't fuck around guessing, work it out properly."

Violet turned and silently retreated from the house to head to her friend. It had been a revealing evening.


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