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Rating: NC-17

Warnings: Voyurism, male solo sex, female solo sex, male/female sex,
interacial sex, beastrial sex, strong language

Category: Het

Pairing: InuYasha/Kagome

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Summary: After having successfully defeated several demons, InuYasha and his
friends stop for some rest just in time for both him and Kagome to go to a
waterfall to get some water... and share something else.

Other Notes: This AU story is based on a picture entitled 'So Close V2. 4' by
an artist named Alesyira.

Dedications: None so far.

InuYasha: At The Edge Of The Waterfall
by Andrew Troy Keller ([email protected])

My name is Kagome Higurashi and at first, I was just a 15-year-old ninth
grade student of the local high school who was living a normal life with my
family without anything strange and/or bizzare happening around me but that
was before a fight with my little brother had suddenly caused me to walk into
an abandoned structure and discover that there was a well inside that place
and just as I was about to try to figure out what was going on, a
partial-humanoid demonic creature known as the Bone Eater had shown up and
forced me to fall down that foul demon's well and end up in the one era of
time known as the Sengoku period.

And believe it or not, it was within that one time era that I had discovered
that I actually am a reincarnation of a beautiful miko whose name happens to
be Kikyo and who had died fifty years before the time I had just emerged from
the Bone Eater's well and into the Sengoku period and suddenly gained
powerful spirital powers -- including the ability to sense the locations of
the shards of the sacred Shikon Jewel -- and encounter a young human-looking
half-demon known as InuYasha who happens to be the son of a powerful dog
demon known as Inu No Taishou and a beautiful human woman named Izayoi and
also searching for the sacred jewel shards in order to reform the Shikon
Jewel and transform himself into a full demon.

And then, after both InuYasha and I had fought and defeated the Bone Eater
with the help of a young Buddhist monk known as Miroku and a serious female
demon slayer named Sango, the four of us had began our own search for the
Shikon Jewel shards while allowing a young orphan fox demon whose name
happens to be Shippo to join the search with us and doing battle against the
most vial and sinister demons in all of the land including InuYasha's
half-brother known as Sesshomaru.

And as soon as we were all able to destroy our fair share of demon enemies so
far including InuYasha who had done exactly that with his own weapon that was
named Tetsusaiga which happens to be a supernatural sword that was made from
one of his father's fangs, both InuYasha and I had allowed ourselves to agree
with Miroku, Sango and Shippo that we should find a nice quiet spot and get
ourselves some rest before the five of us would continue our quest for the
sacred Shikon Jewel shards.

And with that, we had moved ourselves over to this one spot that happens to
be at the foot of a really wonderful waterfall and after we had all looked
around and made sure that there were no sinister demons heading directly
towards us, we had placed ourselves in a spot where the sound of the falling
water would be less noticable and it was at that exact spot where Miroku had
sat himself down, closed his eyes and began praying and Sango and Shippo had
started setting up a campfire.

And while they were doing that, both InuYasha and I had decided to go back
over to the waterfall and get some water for us to cook our evening meal with
but as soon as we had arrived at that waterfall, he had opened his empty
water bag and placed that opening into the water, only to have my playful
side pick that particular time to show itself and cause me to start splashing
some water on his face.

And of course, that had caused poor InuYasha to turn his angry eyes toward me
and said, "That's not funny, Kagome!Now, I want you to stop it or I'll drop
you into that pool!" but it had only resulted in me letting out a small
giggle and splashing some more of that water on his face which -- in turn --
had caused InuYasha to let out an angry growl, lift me up into his arms and
drop me into the pool of water at the foot of the waterfall.

And after I had taken a look at how soaking wet I was, InuYasha had let out a
small chuckle, placed his hands on his hips and said, "Well-well, Kagome! I
see that you had finally given yourself the chance to cool off! Oh, and could
you please fill up my water bag while you're in there?" I had picked up
InuYasha's water bag, closed it up and handed it over to him but as soon as
he had placed his hand on the bag, I had given it a big tug and caused
InuYasha to plunge himself right into the pool of water just in time for me
to climb myself out of that pool, look at InuYasha with a small smile on my
lips and ask, "Well, InuYasha? Now who's the one who is all washed up?"

Then, after I had let out a small giggle and walked myself over to a nearby
large boulder, poor InuYasha had finally gotten himself out of that pool and
shaken all of that excess water off of his entire body before he had stomped
himself over to that exact same large boulder and discovered that I had
stripped off all of my soaking wet clothes, placed them on the boulder to
get dry and given myself no choice but to stand right where I was totally
bare-ass naked.

And then, after he had stared at my nude body for about a minute or two,
InuYasha had removed all of his clothes, placed him on that very same large
boulder and began stroking his stiff cock right in front of me and that had
caused me to start pumping two of my fingers in and out of my hot, wet pussy
and carressing my own tits with the other hand before InuYasha had moved
himself closer, kissed me ever so deep and passionately on the lips and began
licking all over my nude body -- all the way down to my hot and steamy cunt
and carressing my firm breasts.

And after I had placed my hands on his bare shoulders and said, "Aaaahhhh,
yeeeessss! That's it! Do it, InuYasha! Touch me! Touch me there! Suck my wet
pussy dry! Aaaahhhh!" the both of us had laid our nude bodies down on the
soft ground just in time for InuYasha to turn himself around and allow me to
start sucking on his stone hard dick and for me to suddenly realize that I
was able to enjoy each and every minute of experiencing the one thing that I
had never been able to experience with anyone back in the present day world
before which happens to be pure and untamed sexual pleasure.

Of course, that was before he had placed his stiff cock inside my asshole and
used each of his hands to carress both my stiff mounds and hot, moist snatch
and that had caused me to place one of my hands on InuYasha's bare shoulder
and the other hand on his bare arm and yell at the top of my lungs,

And then, after the both of us had started moving ourselves harder and faster
and continued to do so until we had both finally came and collapsed due to
exhaustion just in time for me to place my head on InuYasha's bare chest and
my hand on his bare shoulder, let out a sigh and say, "Look, InuYasha. I
really am sorry about all of the shit that I had done to you after I had
arrived here. It really wasn't your fault. It was just that...!"

But just as I was about to say another word to InuYasha, he had placed his
gentle hand on my lips and said, "No, Kagome. You don't have to apologize. I
know that it wasn't your fault. Let's just put it all behind us for right now
and rest here for a little bit, okay?" and after I had nodded my own head in
response to his question, both InuYasha and I had snuggled ourselves up to
each other and fell asleep with our naked arms in a lover's embrace at the
edge of the waterfall.

Just then, after InuYasha and I had finally rejoined the others by the
campfire for some fish that Sango and Shippo had caught for our dinner, a
curious Miroku had looked at both me and InuYasha and asked, "So, what had
taken you guys so long back at the waterfall?What had you done over there?"
which -- in turn -- had caused both InuYasha and me to look and smile at each
other before I had turned my eyes toward Miroku and answered, "Oooohhhh,
nothing much. We were just enjoying the beauty of the waterfall while we were
getting the water, that's all."



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