Note: Inuyasha has a magicel coller on, When Kagome yell 'SIT' Inuyahsa is
painfuly slammed on the ground.

Inuyasha: Caught (mf,oral,anal,exhib)
by The Porn Cat

Part 1

Kagome had to go... and bad. She knew she should have gone in that town that
they had past, But it was so dirty. "Oh, I've got to pee!" Kagome moaned as
she painfully made her way deeper into the forest.

Inuyasha had finally let them stop and make camp hours later, and by then the
pain in her bladder was so bad she was almost crying. The other were back at
camp cooking dinner, and she didn't knows where Inuyasha went off too, nor
did she care all she could think about was emptying her overfilled blater,
before she pissed her panties. Kagome clenched her legs as tight as she could
with both hands pushed firmly against her groin.

"I can't hold it." she whispered to herself. She knew that she couldn't make
it any further when a small trickle of pee escaped into her panties. She
managed to waddle to the nearest tree careful not to move around too much as
she tried to pulled her dress up around her waist. Kagome felt a trickle of
pee started to seep down the inside of her thigh from under her school dress.
There was no avoiding it now. She was wetting herself! She quickly pulled
her dress up all the way and slid down her panties and stepped out of them
quickly and she could without weting herself more.

Half crouching, she leaned against the tree trying to hide from public view,
as embarressing as this was she'd die if someone saw her doing it. Kagome
sighed with relief as she let loose. Hot piss flowed out of her and soaked
the ground. She was so relived that she didn't notice her piss was splashing
all over her shoes and socks until it was to late. When she did Kagome cursed
herself "Rat's, now I have to go to the river and wash them!" She looked down
at her panties stained with piss. "But, then again" She sighed "I guess I was
going to have to go anyway's."

Kagome stood up and wiped herself clean with her panties, as she passed the
fabric over her crotch. She was shocked when a shiver of pleasure ran through
her body, "Great," she mumbled. "Here I am half-soaked in piss and all I can
think about doing is touching myself!" She smiled at the thought.

Before falling through the well she would masturbate twice a day. Once before
school, and again at night. She had tried it here once but Shippo kept walked
in on her she had to give up. Shippo wasn't old enough to know what she was
doing anyway. He thought she had a rash and gave her some herbs to stop the
itching, Kagome smiled at the memory. She could feel a gentle breeze ruffle
through the sparse ginger hair of her pubic bush, and smiled even more.

She started to make her way down to the stream when she heard a soft moan
coming from behind some bushes. Kagome slowly made her way to the bushes and
peeked over. What she saw made her both shocked and horny. Not but ten feet
Inuyasha sat rubing the crotch of his pants. She almost laughed out load when
a large wet spot formed around Inuyasha's hand.

Kagome blushed, "That's the trouble with men so messy!" she thought. Kagome
watched as Inuyasha pulled open his fly and pulled out the strangest looking
cock she'd ever seen, not to mention the bigest. She'd seen several before in
magazines, but Inuyasha's was diferent..... It was at least ten inchs long
and very thick. Kagome couldn't stop herself from lifting up her skirt once
again, only this time to let two fingers tickle and touch her clit. She
couldn't take her eyes off of it.

"It's just so odd!" she thought "But I know I've seen something like it
before, But where?" She let the tip of her middle finger sink into her warm
cunt. Kagome just stared thinking "It's not human, if can be? but...." then
it hit her "It's like a dog's." she said outloud.

A look of horror crossed her face as she realized what she'd done. When she
looked up Inuyasha had gone from being ten feet away to being right in front
of her. "And just what are you doing?" He said angrily. Kagome was horrified
at what Inuyasha might do to her for spying on him. Inuyasha just stood there
staring at her.

"Why is he just!!" then she remembered that her
skirt way still around here waist "I'M NAKED!!!" Kagome quickly reached for
her skirt but Inuyasha stoped her. She was about to yell 'sit' when he leaned
over and put his tongue in her ear, she yelled "Gross" and jumped back, a wet
ears isn't sexy in Kagome's book. "If your going to kiss me just DO IT!!" she

Inuyasha blinked and leaned in again, and kissed her. He wasn't the best of
kissers but she didn't mind. She felt his hand touch her butt, and give it
a light squeeze. Kagome felt goose bumps ran along her body and felt her
nipples stiffen up. She didn't want him to stop. Inuyasha kissed her a few
more times and then suddenly he pushed her back into a half-lying down
position, Kagome was shocked when her shirt fell open leaving her almost
completely naked.

"He must of used his claws when he pushed me over?" Kagome was even more
shocked when Inuyasha put his mouth on her left nipple. This was the first
time Kagome let anyone do that and it felt absolutely fabulous. She arched
her back up to push her tit farther into his mouth. Kagome ran her hand up
Inuyasha's inner thigh untill she found his dick, "Still hard too!" she

Inuyasha let out a low moan as Kagome began rubbing his throbbing cock.
Inuyasha stopped sucking her tit and untied his pants and let them fall to
the ground. Kagome stopped and stared at his cock, "He want's me to suck
him, I can't... I mean, I've never.. Oh, what the hell. There's a first time
for everything!!"

Kagome hesitated, but only for a second. Her lips parted, and she engulfed
Inuyasha dick with a moist slurp, the salty taste almost made her choke. As
Inuyasha moved his cock in and out of her mouth she lick his shaft. For a
rookie, Kagome thought she was doing pretty damn good. Inuyasha must have
too, because he started panting and without warning he grabbed hold of her
hair and pulled her face back a few inch's and flooded her face with cum.

As she knelt there before him, feeling his warm and wet semen landing across
her lips, cheeks and even up into her hair. She couldn't help but smile, "I
fell like a slut, And I Love It!!"

Part 2

Kagome sat still for a moment, She could feel Inuyasha's cum drying on her
face "I should be grossed out! But I don't think I've ever been this horny
in my life. Maybe I AM a Slut." Inuyasha sat a few feet away panting. Kagome
smiled wickedly and said "Ok, your turn!!"

Inuyasha looked at her cunfused "What are you talking about?" he asked.
Kagome licked her finger and touched her cunt with it. Inuyasha still looked
cunfused "You want me to lick your finger!?!"

Kagome could feel her head steaming with anger, "No, you Idiot. I want you
to eat my pussy out!!"

Inuyasha turned bright red with embarrasses, "Well, why didn't you just say
that, stupid!"

Kagome couldn't belive it "I just gave him a blowJob and he calls me stupid."
She thought to herself.

Before she could yell at him, Inuyasha had crawled over between her legs. His
cold, wet nose was suddenly rubbing across her inner thigh, she could feel
his hot breath flowing over her virgin sex. Kagome closing her eyes, and bit
down hard on her lower lip, "ouch" she said as she realized what she did.
Thinking he'd somehow had hurt her Inuyasha jumped back a little.

Kagome looked down and smiled at Inuyasha nose which came away wet, shiny and
slick with her warm juices. Suddenly Inuyasha started licking, and lapping
his long tongue at her furry cunt, sliding it between her lips and up over
her clit as his cold nose buried itself in her bush. Kagome moaned and sighed
with pleasure. She could feel Inuyasha's lick at her cunt.... and then under
her cunt, as Inuyasha started to berrow under her, she could herself being
raised up and slowly beening turned over. "Uh... Inuyasha?"

Inuyasha was turning her over on her stomach. Once he did, he started lick
her again. Kagome gasping in surprise as Inuyasha stared licking her ass.
"Gross!, Inuyasha!!" She squealed, But Inuyasha wasn't listening he was
acting on pure instinct. His tongue was snaking all over her pink rosebud.

Kagome was surprised that she was acutely starting to enjoy it. She yelped
with shock when Inuyasha's tongue forced it's way inside her ass. He was
aggressively licking and probing her. And althought she still thought it was
gross Kagome was moaning wildly. His tongue curled, raspy and hot as it
flicked and lapped at her. She looked back at Inuyasha. Her eyes narrowing
with pleasure as she watched him. His velvety soft ears were laid back, his
own eyes closed now, his entire head moving as he focused upon lapping at
her ass.

A shudder ran the length of her body, "Oh, I have to CUM."

Kagome raised her ass as high in the air as she could, and reached under
with her right hand and started rubbing her cunt vigorously. Inuyasha started
growl softly perhaps sensing her growing arousal. Kagome opened her eyes and
looked back when his stopped licking and sat up on his knee's. Inuyahsa
started to line himself up...

"Uh, Inuyasha, that's a bit too high...Inu...yasha!" Inuyasha had lined
himself up perfectly... with her asshole. "Oh, No!!. Not there!! Not my...
Ahhhhhh, Ouch, Ouch...." Inuyasha pushed his cock nearly all the way into
Kagome's tight ass. "Oh, Shit it Hurts. You could have at least given me a
bit of warning, Inuyasha!"

Inuyasha's only reply was a grunt as he pulled himself almost all the way
out, then pushed slowly back in. Kagome's eye's started to tear up as
Inuyasha continued the extremely slow assfucking. She thrust her hand back
to her cunt and started to redoubled her efforts. Inuyasha started gaining
speed, his knot slamming into her ass with each thrust, There body's were
making a loud slaping sound with each impact. Kagome's fingers were digging
as deep into her pussy as they would go, "I'm going to cum!!"

Inuyasha began thrusting more erratically. Kagome's moans got louder as
she suddenly felt her asshole give way to the wide section at the base of
Inuyasha's cock. With a few more thrusts, Inuyasha's cock exploded sending
waves of cum into her rear entrance. Kagome felt her own explosion as her
fingers continued their skillful exploration. They both laid there on the
ground together, panting, totally spent, Kagome was so wasted she didn't
ever care that Inuyasha's knot was still shoved up her sore ass. She felt
Inuyasha's hand on her shoulder.

"Kagome?" Kagome turned her head and looked at him. Inuyahsa could see the
tears in her eyes. "I'm.... Sorry!!"

Kagome could see that he meant it. She could fell Inuyasha pull his cock out
of her, When he did she could feel his cum leak out. "I know Inuyasha" Kagome
got up and redress. "Oh, and by the way.... Sit, SIT, SIT!!"

Both Inuyasha and Kagome stepped out of the forest and walked into camp.
Miroku and Sango turned to look at them "And where have you two been?"
Shippo asked.

Inuyahsa just sat down by the fire and scratch at his collar, and Kagome
blushed and walked to her tent. Miroku whatched her and then asked "Kagome,
are you all right? You're walking a little stiff..."

The End.....................
For Now.................
Hope you enjoyed...................


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