Inuyasha: Naughty Boys Part 1 - Inuyasha's Fun (mm,oral)
by The Porn Cat ([email protected])

It was a perfect day!! The sun was shining, birds were singing, there was
the smell of spring in the air!

Or rather, it would have been a perfect day....

Inuyasha growled as he walked down the woodland path. Kagome was furious at
him again, And he wasn't even sure why this time!

It all started when they had all been going through a town, and like normal
Miroku was drooling over some geshia girl.

"It's not like the girl wasn't prettier! If she didn't want the truth she
shouldn't have asked me!!" He mumbled out loud as he kicked a pebble sending
it flying into the air.

Kagome had asked him if he had thought the girl was prettier then her...

And he'd answered wrong!!! Which sent Kagome of a rampage of yelling 'SIT'!!

So like normal Inuyasha was left scouting ahead while the others made the
camp for the night.

Not that he minded... It was the only time he could have some private time.

Inuyasha smiled as he nestled himself under the trunk of a tall tree. He
looked around before he started to rub the front of his pants as his cock
started to grow.

He smiled and moaned a little as he started to rub faster. He was getting
close, when a familiar smell caught his nose...

Inuyasha opened his eyes to see Jakotsu standing in front of him.

"Damn it!! What are you doing here?" Inuyasha snarled as he jumped to his

Smiling Jakotsu started rubbing the front of his dress. "Mmmm, watching you
of course." he said in a sluty slur.

"Get out of here you stupid fairy!" Inuyasha snapped back at him as he drew
his Tensiga.

"Awww, don't I get to see you come? Or at least see your cock?" Jakotus said
in his mock begging voice as he licked he lips.

Inuyasha couldn't help but let out a quick laugh. "Ha, you want to see my
cock do you? Fine I'll show you my cock!" he said.

Inuyasha smirked as he slowly lowered the top on his pants just enough to
show Jakotsu the tip of his cock. He smiled when he saw Jakotsu lick his lips
again, his mouth practically watering.

Jakotus was almost speechless. "My!! It's I've never seen one like
that before!" He said as he marveled at Inuyasha dog like cock.

"You like my cock, don't you Jakotsu?" Inuyasha queried almost lustfully. He
hated to admit it, but Jakotsu was kind of attractive...

In a gay fairy type of way!!!

"Mmm Inuyasha, would you mind if a played with it for awhile?" Jakotus cooed,
licking his lips again more slowly this time.

"You really are a little faggot cock sucker, aren't you?" Inuyasha laughed as
lowered his pants more and started to jerk his cock a little.

"Well, my brothers call me a pansy. But, I love sucking dick, so maybe there
right," Jakotsu replied as he lowered himself to the ground and crawled over
to Inuyasha lap. He licked his lips one more time before he opened his mouth
and engulfed Inuyasha swollen cock.

"Ah, hell!" Inuyasha moaned as Jakotsu's warm mouth swallowed his shaft. At
first he tried to fight the amazing pleasure he was feeling.

The amazing warmth and wetness! Kagome had never been able to make him squirm
like this. He was already in a pant!!!

Which Jakotsu noticed immediately...

He quickly started to take more of Inuyasha's cock into his mouth, slowly
working his way deep down Inuyasha's shaft. Inch by amazing inch till he was
down to Inuyasha's crotch.

When his nose was finally nestled in Inuyasha's soft furry pubes Jakotsu
started to inhale deeply. He simply adored Inuyasha musky boyish scent.
Jakotsu could not only, feel his cock spasm and throb..

But start to dribble and leak into his panties!!!

"You even like the smell of my cock!! Don't you faggot?" Inuyasha laughed as
he grabbed the back of Jakotsu's head trying to cram more of his cock down
Jakotsu throat.

Not that Jakotus minded in the lest. He just moaned and started to swirl his
tongue around the head of Inuyasha's cock, causing Inuyasha to buck his hips,
trusting his cock in and out of Jakotsu's mouth with the most delicious
slurping sounds.

"Yeah, yeah you like that don't you faggot.. Suck my cock. Suck it!" Inuyasha
moaned and panted as Jakotus bobbed over and over on his cock, masturbating
Inuyasha with his mouth.

Inuyasha was going mad, "Yeah, take it all you faggot... Mmm, yeah! You
slut!!!" he'd never been given a blowjob as good as this before. Fairy or
not, Jakotus was amazing!!

And it wasn't just Inuyasha who was enjoying himself! Jakotus was having the
time of his life!!!

He was savoring every inch of Inuyasha's cock, and lusting after every drip
of pre-come that leaked from it. His Own cock was twitching and leaking
enough pre-cum He could feel it running down his thighs after completely
soaking his panties!!!

Inuyasha knew he couldn't last for long as Jakotus started to nibble up and
down his shaft. Inuyasha couldn't even bring himself to moan anymore!

Luckily Jakotsu was moaning enough for both of them as he basically humped
the air as he slid all the way down to Inuyasha's base again.

Inuyasha couldn't take anymore! He quickly grabbed the back of Jakotus's head
and roughly crammed his cock as far as it would go..

He screamed in pleasure as he started to pump his cum right down Jakotus

Shot after shot hit the back of Jakotus throat sliding right down into his
belly. Which started to upset Jakotus because he desperately wanted to taste
Inuyasha cum.

But to his dismay Inuyasha stopped Cumming and slid his cock from Jakotsu
mouth, only stopping to smear a small amount of cum over Jakotus lips, which
Jakotus quickly licked up...

Inuyasha laughed as he started to walk away...


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