Inuyasha: Naughty Boys Part 2 - Jakotus's Revenge (mm,oral,bmail)
by The Porn Cat ([email protected])

"Oh my..." Jakotsu almost giggled...

"And where do you think your going, Inuyasha?" he asked as he licked his

Inuyasha smirked and turned to look at him. "What, you want me to stay around
and cuddle, fairyboy?" he laughed.

"No silly!!" Jakotus giggled.

"I want you to suck my cock!" he giggled again as he started to suck to the
tip of his thumb.

Poor Inuyasha didn't know whether to laugh or to let his jaw drop!!!

"You... ARE YOU CRAZY!!" he stammered in disbelief as Jakotsu stood up and
started to slowly raise his dress.

Inuyasha just huffed and started to leave. But he only made it a few feet
before Jakotsu called out to him...

"Oh that's ok Inuyasha! I'm sure Kagome and the others would love to hear
about 'our' little adventure together..." He laughed in his psychotic girly

Inuyasha just huffed again, but stopped walking away.

"Like they'd ever believe anything YOU'D say." He snorted.

"Oh, I'm sure your right my adorable Inuyasha." he sighed.

"It's not like there's anything to make them believe me... Like how oddly
shaped your cock is..." he giggled again as Inuyasha started to slowly walk
back closer to him.

"I mean... It's not like any of them have ever SEEN your cock to know that
it's not normal. Especially not Kagome." Jakotsu laughed.

Poor Inuyasha's face froze as he started to nervously grind on his teeth.

"But... of course, they don't ever have to hear about our little 'fun',
right?" Jakotsu giggled, smiling wickedly as he watched Inuyasha sweat.

"Th...they don't?" Inuyasha stammered before pulling at his collar and
gulping. "What do you want me to do?" He slowly asked.

Jakotsu's smile brightened. "Why... Whatever I say, sweetie!!!" he laughed.

Inuyasha clinched his fist at that... "I can't... I refuse to be your sick
little plaything Jakotsu!" he hissed.

Jakotsu sighed and put his finger to his cheek to think. "Okay then.. how
about just till dusk!" he asked "That's only in a little bit."

Inuyasha growled, but he knew he was trapped. "What is it you want me to do,
you sick freak?" he asked angrily.

Jakotsu blinked, "First... Don't speak to me like that! And don't call me a
freak... either call me my name, or Master," he giggled knowing full well
which choice Inuyasha would choose, but still he wanted to play with him

"Let's just get this over with... Jakotsu!" Inuyasha started to hiss, but
then lightened his voice some. Much to Jakotsu's cooing.

Jakotsu could feel his mouth watering, "First... I want you to get on all
fours and crawl over to me..." he purred.

Inuyasha bit his lip and lowered to his knees. Slowly he started to crawl,
but Jakotsu quickly stopped him.

"No, no... no... sweetie," He giggled shaking his finger at Inuyasha. "That's
not how you crawl.." he giggled. "I want you to really sway that adorable ass
of yours as you crawl! I want to watch it sway from side to side..." Jakotsu
said practically drooling.

Inuyasha grinded his teeth as he started throwing his ass from side to side
as he crawled, only stopping when he was a foot away from Jakotsu. "Now
what?" he asked looking up at Jakotsu.

Jakotsu was half tempted to just stare down at Inuyasha and drool, but he had
much naughtier plans in mind...

"I want you to pull my panties down Inuyasha," he giggled taking a wider

Inuyasha just sighed as he started to reach under Jakotsu dress, till
Jakotu's slapped his hands away.

"Tisk, tisk... Inuyasha. You should know the only way to pull a girls panties
down... is with your teeth!!" he smiled.

Again Inuyasha bit his tongue and slowly lowered his head under the hem of
Jakotsu skirt. Jakotsu couldn't help but coo as Inuyasha head rouse higher
and higher tell he felt Inuyasha pulling on his panties. He could help but
grabbing Inuyasha's head and grinned Inuyasha's face into his panties.

Inuyasha quickly pulled himself free and yelled, "What'ca do that fur?!!!"

Jakotsu smiled and bent over getting his face right next to Inuyasha's face
before smiling and licking a glob of his cum off Inuyasha's nose. "Because I
can..." he whispered before linking his lips, and pushing Inuyasha back under
and up his skirt.

Inuyasha struggled with Jakotsu's panties for a few minutes before Jakotsu
pulled his skirt open and tossed it to the side.

"Why didn't you do that in the first place?" Inuyasha mumbled.

"Because my brothers said I'd never get you under my skirt." Jakotsu giggled.
"And I wanted to prove them wrong!!" he added.

Inuyasha blushed slightly and finished pulling down Jakotsu's panties,
desperately trying not to notice with they were hiding.

He was already fighting off gagging from the smell of Jakotsu's cum stained

And of course Jakotsu was in heaven watching Inuyasha sit there with his
panties in his mouth. But again he had other things in his mind!

He simply smiled and pointed at Inuyasha then cocked his fingers for Inuyasha
to come closer. Which Inuyasha did, swaying his ass like he'd been told too.

"I think it's time you joined the world of Cock Suckers Inuyasha!!" Jakotsu
smiled and cooed...

Inuyasha wasn't smiling though...

He was grinding his teeth so hard he wasn't even sure he could open his
mouth. But with almost a growl he did.

Opening his mouth he roughly took Jakotsu's cock inside it...

Jakotsu winced as Inuyasha's sharp fangs scratched at his cock. He quickly
had to bat Inuyasha away.

"Inuyasha!! Do it right or I'm going to Tell Kagome!!" Jakotsu whined and
rubbed his soar cock.

Inuyasha huffed again, "Guess I'm just not a cock sucker like you!" He

Much to Inuyasha's surprise Jakotsu smiling at that.

"You right Inuyasha! But when I'm done with you, you'll be a much better cock
sucker then even me!" he giggled.

Inuyasha could feel his whole face burn in a blush as Jakotsu inch up close
to him, his crotch right in his face.

"Now Inuyasha, If you don't want your little secret out, I suggest you do
exactly what I tell you." Jakotsu said looking down at Inuyasha.

"Now my little Inuyasha, take that pretty little hand of yours and place it
on my cock," Jakotsu purred.

Inuyasha gulped as he raised his hand and wrapped his fingers around
Jakotsu's cock. He was surprised at how soft and warm it felt in his hand.

"Good boy, my little Inuyasha," Jakotsu purred "Now use your other hand and
cup my balls!"

Inuyasha only hesitated for a minute before raising his hand and cupping
Jakotsu's soft balls.

Jakotsu smiling and cooed, "So what do you think Inuyasha?" he asked.

Inuyasha blinked slowly before stammering "T...think?"

Jakotsu giggled and rolled his eyes, "About my cock silly. I know it's not
as marvelous as yours, but what do you think?" He asked.

Inuyasha blinked in a state of almost shock. It was the first time he'd
really looked the whole time he'd been there.

It was very soft.. And shaved!! Inuyasha hadn't even noticed that before!
Jakotsu was complete hairless down there!

Inuyasha blushed once he realized he'd been staring at another boys cock.

Jakotsu giggled too before patting Inuyasha on the head. "That's okay
sweetie, why don't you just start to jerk me with your hand." He said.

Inuyasha blinked then blushed realizing his hands were still on Jakotsu's
cock. Slowly Inuyasha started to move his hand over Jakotsu's shaft.

"Oh Good Boy Inuyasha.. And squeeze my balls too!" Jakotsu cooed.

Inuyasha blushed a little more. But did as he was told, squeezing Jakotsu's
balls softly with his hand while slowly jerking Jakotsu's cock.

Jakotsu purred as he placed his hands of Inuyasha's head and purred, "Very
good! Now keep doing that sweetie, but now lets try something new..." he

Inuyasha knew what was coming. "Now open that pretty little mouth of yours
and try taking the tip of my cock in your mouth." Jakotsu purred.

Inuyasha continued to blush as he opened his mouth and slowly inched his face
closer to Jakotsu's cock. Slowly he took the head of Jakotsu's cock into his
mouth and slowly closed his lips around it.

He was sure he was going to gag at first. But he was shocked to find it
didn't really have a taste...

Well, other then the taste of any other skin. Though it was warmer, and had a
slight salty taste! And the smell was a lot stronger!!

Without thinking it though Inuyasha took a deep whiff, wishing almost
immediately he didn't.

Jakotsu seamed to love the fact though.

"Mmmmm, yeah Inuyasha! you like that, huh?" He purred, "There's nothing quite
like the that lovely smell!!"

Inuyasha couldn't really reply with Jakotsu cock head in his mouth, but that
didn't stop Jakotsu from ordering him to keep taking deep breath's of his
cock's musky smell.

And it wasn't as if Inuyasha had much of a choice, what with his mouth full
and all!

"MMmm, your such a good boy Inuyasha, but you can take more then that can't
you? Why don't you try fitting a little more in that lovely mouth!!" Jakotsu
said with a little smirk.

Inuyasha wasn't quite sure of how to do that at first though...

He tried just opening his mouth more and sliding down, but that only worked
for and inch or two. Strangely Inuyasha had noticed his mouth was starting to
water? Enough were he was starting to have to swallow.

Which Jakotsu quickly put a stop too...

"Oh no Sweetie.. you need that!" he giggled. "Loosen your lips some and let
it run down my cock," Jakotsu instructed.

Which Inuyasha did, letting his saliva flow down Jakotsu's cock tell it
started to gather around his fingers.

"Good!" Jakotsu said "Now give it a few jerks... really lube it up sweetie!"
he said cooing as Inuyasha jerked his cock.

Inuyasha found he could now slid down a little easier, but he had to pull
himself up and inch before he could slid down and inch and a half.

Inuyasha had almost playfully came up with a new game. He was having to over
and over trying to get to the bottom of Jakotsu's cock.

Jakotsu was almost stunned at Inuyasha behavior! Or he would have been if
he'd been able to think about anything other then the amazing feeling
Inuyasha was giving his cock. Which is why he almost screamed when Inuyasha
suddenly stopped.

"What are you doing?" he moaned looking down at Inuyasha.

"h wit wt hll wn..." Inuyasha mumbled around Jakotsu's cock.

Jakotsu blinked for a minute then realized what Inuyasha was saying "You fit
it all in?" Jakotsu laughed.

"My, my Inuyasha... Not the sharpest blade are we.." He giggled, "That's ok,
I still adore you.."

"Why don't you just do what you were doing for awhile, work that adorable
mouth up and down my cock sweetie" Jakotsu purred as he rubbed the tips of
Inuyasha's ears.

Inuyasha almost purred too from the petting as he started bobbing his head up
and down Jakotsu's cock.

Jakotsu was almost in ecstasy, but he still couldn't resist playing with
Inuyasha some. "MMmmm, my Inuyasha was an amazing little faggot you've turned
into!" he Cooed as he held Inuyasha head firming at his crotch.

"Mmm, yes! I knew the first time I saw you, you would be an amazing cock
sucker!!" he purred.

Jakotsu couldn't help but giggled as Inuyasha tried to pull free of his cock
to protest. Smiling He leaned over and whispered into Inuyasha ear...

Jakotsu was in a full pant, he'd been fighting the amazing eagerness to flood
Inuyasha's mouth with his cum, and now it was time. He leaned in as close as
he could and whispered...

"And now Inuyasha... It's time to make you a cock sucking, 'cum' eating
faggot," he whispered as he forced Inuyasha mouth down on his cock as far as
it would go and let loose.

Inuyasha tried to pull free, to do anything to avoid what was going to happen
next! But Jakotsu had to strong of a grip and within seconds Inuyasha could
Jakotsu's cock twitch and swell...

Soon warm gooey Cum was shooting into his mouth! At first he tried to not
swallow but as his mouth filled up he could start to feel it sliding down
his throat.

Which an overly loud sound Inuyasha took his first gulp of boy cum!

He blushed brighter then ever before and Jakotsu cheered him on. He was
kind of socked to find it didn't have a bad taste, if any... Kind of like
swallowing snot!

It took four more giant gulps before Jakotsu's knees gave out and he slumped
down next to Inuyasha...

"MMmmm, that was wonderful Inuyasha!" He purred. "So Inuyasha? You sucked my
cock Inuyasha? What does that make you, humm?" He giggled as he leaned over
and kissed Inuyasha's cheek.

Slowly Inuyasha responded "a... a cocksucker" he whispered.

"Hmm? What was that sweetie?" Jakotsu purred teasingly.

"A Cock Sucker" He growled softly.

"Mmm, that's right!!" Jakotsu cooed "And who's my little adorable cock
sucker?" He asked leaning against Inuyasha. He was shocked when Inuyasha
stood suddenly.

"It's dark! I'm leaving!" Inuyasha said as he started to walk away.

Jakotsu sighed and started to pout crossing his arms. He was about to go
screaming after Inuyasha when he felt a wet pair of lips touch his cheek!

He turned to see Inuyasha leaning over him smiling before turning and walking

Jakotsu held his hand to his kissed cheek and cooed.

"Next time lover, I'm going to get a piece of that ass!!!"

The end...

...Till someone gets it in the End!!!!


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