Inuyasha: The Morning After Part 1 (f-mast,anal)
by The Porn Cat ([email protected])

Kagome awoke with a slight painful moan. She was still soar from yesterday.
Especially her asshole, it burned as if it was on fire.

"Why couldn't he be like normal boys and make love like everyone else." she
said as she reached down and rubbed her soar back opening.

She felt foolish and slutty for losing her virginity to Inuyasha. Well, her
anal one anyway.

Slowly she got up and walked outside...

Inuyasha and the others had already left to check out the town up ahead.
Which she was glad for, she didn't want to deal with Inuyasha right now

Luckily there was a hot-spring close to the camp.

After what she had done yesterday Kagome felt dirtier then she had ever felt
in her life.

Leaving the camp she walk over to the hot spring. Slowly unbuttoning her
shirt as she walked, letting it fall down to the ground. Bending over she
wiggled out of her skirt, she tossed in next to her shirt making a pile.
She stood still for a moment letting the wind blow past her. She was quite
a sight standing there in nothing more than panties and bra. She sighed as
she reached around and unfasten her bra letting her breasts bounce free.
Her nipples seemed to be extra sensitive as they hardened as the air blow
over them.

Sighing again she hooked her thumbs under the waistband of her panties and
slide them down, quickly stepping out of them and tossing them with the rest
of her clothes.

Once she reached the waters edge she touched the water with her toes to test
it's temp, she knew it was hot from the steam, but she was surprised at how
nice it felt. She sighed as she slowly walked deeper in. Sitting down slowly
she sighed again adjusting to the water.

Kagome moaned as the water warmed her. Her rear was still burning badly and
she sifted from side to side. She was about to turn over when she saw a
strange sight.

One of the rocks around the water was shaped unusually, swimming over she
looked at the strange rock. It was clearly shaped like a man's penis,
strangely Kagome couldn't help but reach out and touch it.

She was shocked to find how cold it was!!!

She blushed as an idea formed in her head. She sank back into the water with
her new stone toy. Swimming back to and shallow spot she leaned back and got

The water was just below her breasts and she giggled as the cold air blew
against them. Taking the stone by the shaft, she placed the tip of it near
her rear entrance.

Kagome Blushed a little at the thought of what she was doing. She would have
never thought she'd be putting anything up there, let alone and stone penis.
Then again after last night, anything was possible.

It felt lovely and cool against her soar burning hole. Slowly she lowered
herself down on the stone, moaning as she did.

Kagome flinched as it pressed further inside her rear end, opening her up
more. Giving herself a moment to adjust, she sighed. The cool feeling was

"Damn Inuyasha, this is all his fault!" She said out loud.

Blushing a little she raised her feet up and place them on rocks, one on
either side of her, opening herself further.

Moaning more she slowly pulled the stone out, gasping as she shove it back
in with one sure, solid push, sending it deeper then before.

Slowly Kagome started to move the stone in and out. Moaning more she brought
one of her hands to her breast. Slowly she started rubbing her hand in
circles around her nipple.

Increasing her speed, and with the now deeper access, Kagome plunge the stone
inside with extra force, moving it in and out faster and harder.

Soon she had a steady rhythm. She moaned louder and louder as her climax
started to build with out even touching herself. She was moaning almost
deliriously, she was bouncing up and down meeting her thrusts.

Kagome was just on the verge of a truly good orgasm when she heard a soft
whisper in her ear...

"Don't you dare get off slut, you're in enough trouble already." She heard
the voice of her friend SANGO saying.

Like rockets her eyes flew open...

"Sango?, Oh my god!!!" Kagome said in horror.

To be continued...


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