Inuyasha: The Morning After Part 2 (ff,f-mast,F-dom,oral,anal)
by The Porn Cat ([email protected])

Sango was naked and standing right over her.

"I'm loving the show Kagome." Sango said smiling. "I really loved the part
where you blamed Inuyasha for your soreness, I take it he fucked you then?"
She said as she started to laugh.

Blushing bright red Kagome tried to stammer out a excuse, but Sango stopped

"Go on, Kagome. It looked like you were sooooo close to cumming." She said
as she reached between Kagome's legs, taking Kagome's hands that were still
holding onto the stone.

Slowly Sango started to move Kagome's hands along with the stone, only this
time into Kagome's pussy.

Kagome blushed deep red at how turned on she was, She seamed to be getting
off even quicker then before as the stone filled her virgin pussy.

Soon she was moaning again and bouncing to meet the trusts of the stone. She
could feel her climax start to build again.

Kagome started to whimper that she was going to cum. With that Sango pulled,
not only her hands away, but the stone with her.

"No, that's not going to be allowed." Sango said as she smiled at her friend.

Kagome almost started to cry with need.

"Please Sango... I.. I need to cum!!!!" She begged.

Sango smiling wickedly. "I want to know every thing that happened yesterday?"
Sango said.

Kagome blushes more. "I.. I made love to Inuyasha." She said.

Sango put her hand on Kagome's hip, and with her foot start started to rub
Kagome's clit, teasing her.

"I want to hear ALL the dirty little details" She said.

Kagome moaned at the teasing, knowing she had to cum. "He.. He fucked me."

Sango smiled, "Well, that's a start," she said as she pushed her big toe
into Kagome's pussy. "Where?" she asked. She already knew the answer, but she
wanted to hear her friend say it.

"My butt," Kagome moaned as she blushes redder.

Sango laugh, "You really are a slut, you let Inuyasha fuck your ASS?"

Kagome could only nodded and moan as Sango wiggled her toe inside her.

"I bet you even sucked his dick too?" She laughed wiggling her toe a little

Kagome couldn't answer. She just blushed and held her head down.

"Did you like it?..." Sango asked, She wiggled her toes as she spoke.

"Yes, yes I liked it." Kagome moaned as Sango pushed her toe a little deeper.

Sango could tell her friend was close to coming, but she had other planes
then that.

Sango stepped over Kagome bringing her pussy inches away from her face.

"Wha... What are you doing?" Kagome started to ask. She was cut off as Sango
lowered her wet pussy over Kagome's mouth.

Kagome was so shocked. She had a thousand things running through her head.
"This is crazy!!! How can I let this Happen? Mmmmmm! Why does her Vagina
taste so good?" But the only thing that come out of her mouth was

Sango had her pinned. She couldn't have moved even if she wanted too!!! Sango
sat on Kagome's face, with her wet mound right over her lips.

"Now eat me," She ordered.

Kagome felt very uneasy, She was totally new at all this!, slowly she wrapped
her mouth over Sango's pussy. She closed her eyes and sucked, and started
licking, loving the taste.

Soon enough, she was met by Sango's moans and screams of pleasure.

"That's right Kagome, eat my cunt you dirty slut!" Sango moaned.

Kagome couldn't believe this was happening, her best friend was calling her
a slut!!! Worse of all she was so horny from Sango's filthy talk she was
becoming dizzy.

"Ohhhh, Yeah.... You better breathe through your nose Kagome, because you're
going to eat my mound until I'm satisfied!" Sango said almost panting.

Kagome just moaned loudly, loving every second of this. She sucked Sango's
clit madly. She didn't know why but she was dying to feel Sango's pussy juice
flow over her face.

"Oh GOD!!!!" Kagome thought "I really AM a slut!!!"

"Oh yes, you dirty bitch, eat me! Yessssssss! That's so goooood!" Sango
yelled moaning wildly.

Kagome grabbed a both of Sango's ass cheeks and gripped them tightly, pushing
her face deeper into Sango's crotch.

"Ohhhhhh, you want the other end, Kagome?" Sango asked jokingly. Smiling she
turned herself around and wiggle her bum, hovered it over Kagome's face.

Again, Kagome felt uneasy. Eat an asshole? She didn't know that Sango had
only been joking. She slowly moved her face closer and gave Sango's rear end
a lick. Which gave Sango quite a shock.

"Ohhh, Kagome? You ARE a slut!!" She said she with a little blush. Still she
lowered herself down until Kagome's face was buried in her ass.

Kagome couldn't believe she was rubbing her face in her best friends ass, AND
in was turning her On!!! Her fingers had quickly found there way down to her
pussy. Even in the middle of a hot spring she could feel the warmth her
throbbing pussy was giving off.

Once Sango saw this however she quickly put a stop to it. Smiling wickedly
she removed Kagome's fingers and replaced them with the stone.

Kagome moaned into Sango's tight asshole as the stone entered her pussy. She
extended her tongue and lapped at Sango's rosebud like a dog.

"Oh yes, Kagome, eat out my butt you bitch," Sango screamed. "Eat out my
asshole! Lick it! Oh yesssssss!"

Sango was enjoying the anal attention very much as she started bobbed up and
down on Kagome's face. The slapping sound of her ass cheeks on Kagome's face
turned them both on very much. Kagome brought both of her arms around so she
could fondle and play with Sango's tits. As she licked faster, Sango fucked
the stone in Kagome's pussy faster.

Kagome drooled all over her face as she slid her tongue inside of her friends
tight hole.

"Ohhh, God, I'm tonguing an ASSHOLE" Kagome moaned, Not that it made any
since her tongue being where it was and all.

The taste was so sweet and Kagome hoped the moment would never end.

Eventually Sango screamed and climaxed, and the feeling of it cause Kagome to
orgasm out of control, spilling her juices flooding the water.

Oh my God, Kagome, that was incredible," Sango said between gasps.

"Mmmmmmmm," was all Kagome could reply.

The end, for now...


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