Inuyasha: Kagome's Mom!!! (MF,anal)
by The Porn Cat ([email protected])

Inuyasha watched from the roof of Kagome's house. He scratched his ears as he
watched Kagome riding her bike off to school.

"It's just like her to leave me here to rot, while she goes off and has fun
at school" he mumbled.

"How were they ever going to find the damn jewel shards if she had to keep
coming back here." He thought to himself as he lost sight of Kagome. Hopping
down from the roof he walked inside the house.

"I guess I'll make the best of it and watch that box thing," he said as he
set down in front of the TV. He could hear Kagome's mother in the kitchen,
but he thought little of it. He might have paid more attention if he knew
what she was thinking.

"I wonder if he's a virgin?" Kagome's mom thought as she held a cup in her
hands, washing it. "I wonder if he's fucked Kagome yet?" she thought.

"He seems to be a good kid, he doesn't seem to stay out of trouble though,
but he's cute, in a pound puppy kinda way." She smiled as she thought to

"He has a breathy voice uncommon to teenage boys, it's sort of sexy, and
likable teeth." She simply loved his fangs.

"Kagome really enjoys being with him. Even though they tend to argue alot.
Still I wonder if there fucking each other?" She thought as she pictured the
two, she felt tingles underneath her panties as she did.

"They have no idea of the feelings that await them." she whispered as she
turned to watch Inuyasha watching TV.

She remembered the first time they met, she couldn't resist playing with his
ears, She smiled again at the memory, she had found herself spending some
serious time fantasizing about those ears. She normally found she moisten her
underwear just being in the same room with him. "What was I thinking? I am
old enough to be his mother!" She thought as she watched in and offered him
a drink.

"Would you like a drink cutie?" she asked before thinking what she said. Both
her and Inuyasha blushed slightly.

"Uhh, Yes.. Thank you!" He answered not sure what else to say. "It must be
something older women say in the future." he thought to himself as she walked
back to the kitchen. He caught himself watching her butt as she walked away

She couldn't believe she had said that. Her pulse was quicken as the room
seemed to grow warm and a faint, throbbing began between her thighs as well.

She shakily brought a glass to Inuyasha and sat down across from him as he
drank. She had to sit on her hands to resist the impulse to reach over and
touch him.

She knew she needed to leave the room right then!, but her legs just wouldn't
move for her. Then much to her worst fears she started to cross and uncross
her legs. "God what am I thinking?" She thought

Her nipples perked and a shiver shot up her spine. "I wondered if he know all
the sexual changes made from his time" she fluttered as she changed positions
in her seat, spreading her legs apart farther. "Ohhhhh, I am so shameless."
She thought watching him, "Thank Heaven he's hooked watching TV."

"Well, I mean it's not like I'm unattractive." she thought. She sat on a
chair facing him, "Despite my years, I've managed maintain a trim figure at
lest" she thought. "GOD AM SO HORNY!!!!!!" she screamed in her mind.

She froze's as Inuyasha started sniffing the air.

"Whats he doing? H... He can't smell me can he?? Ohh, God, I must smell like
a bitch in heat!!!" she said to herself as she slapped her legs close. But it
was to late Inuyasha was on his knees right in front of her, He sniffed her
legs like mad making a path right for her crotch.

He never even said a word to her, he just pulled her legs apart and pushed
her skirt up, he quickly pushed his nose right to the crotch of her panties
sniffing deeply.

"Inuy... Inuyasha!!! what are you doing?" she squeaked as Inuyasha started
licking her panties.

She couldn't stop herself from letting a small moan escaped from her lips and
she put her hands on Inuyasha head rubbing his ears as he licked her.

She could help but start to giggle as Inuyasha licked.

Suddenly she literally ripped off her shirt exposing her bra covered breasts.
Inuyasha looked up and smiled at her, his tongue hanging out of his mouth.
She gracefully unhooking her bra and threw it in his face, giggling like a
horny schoolgirl as she did.

Giggling more she cupped her breast and jiggled them. leaning closer she
bounced them right in his face.

Inuyasha quickly began pulling down her skirt then quickly threw them aside.
At the sight of her hairy bush peeking behind her white panties, his mouth
watered more. Unable to contain himself, he dove in and began planting kisses
on the wet stain on her panties. She began to moan and grind her hips.

Quickly, he stripped her panties and threw it on the floor and furiously
began to lick her slit. The wetness on his mouth and the smell of her pussy
was driving him wild. When he began to concentrate on her clit she began to

"Yesss! Yesss! Inuyasha!!! There! Oh God, There! Ooooohhh, Good Boyyy...."

He slowly licked her clit, letting his tongue go in circles. This was
unbearable for her.

"Oh please. Inuyasha Faster. Go Faster! Ahh!" she pleaded but in vain. His
tongue continued it's leisurely stroll around her clit until she tensed up
and exploded in one giant climax.

After she relaxed, he continued licking her pussy, savoring every drop of her
liquid cum. She grabbed him by the hair, urging him to explore her secret
chambers. He obliged, pushing his tongue in and out of her vagina, rubbing
her clit with his thumb until she raised her hips in mid-air, gave a load
moan and exploded in another round of ecstasy.

After catching her breath she playfully pushed him over the other chair and
started untie and unzipped his pants, pulling it down in quick motion along
with his underwear to reveal his erect member.

"Ohhhh? My this is different? It... like and wolfs or something?" she said as
she stared at Inuyasha strange looking cock.

That didn't stop her from lunging and putting it in her mouth.

He groaned as she rolled her tongue on his cock head for what seemed like
an eternity, making him squirm. "Ohhh, This is Amazing.. Kagome was very
this good.." He moaned, he froze realizing what he said, "I, I mean..." He

Kagome's mom just smiled and she let his cock slip from her mouth, "So you
Have fucked my daughter?" She smiled, "Was she good? did she make you cum?"
she asked as she took his cock back in her mouth.

Inuyasha was shocked, but all he could do was nodded in response. The
quivering of his loins told him he could stand it no longer. He HAD to fuck
her right now....

He quickly pulled her up to his face and started kissing her. Moaning she
pulled him closer and kissed him deeper working her tongue into his mouth.

Giggling she broke there kiss an turned around and leaned over the coffee
table wiggling her butt at him, If she had known about what had happened to
her daughter she might not have done that.

Before she could even say anything she had Inuyasha cock buried up her

Screaming she pushed Inuyasha back screaming "What are you doing? Stop

Inuyasha blinked in confusion.

Smirking she reached over and took his cock she slowly started guiding him
into her dripping pussy. Inuyasha had never seen a women like this. Her love
juices were trickling out of her, he could even some leaking down towards his
sheath as his cock head filled her.

Inuyasha almost barked with pleasure as Kagome's mom started rotating her

"Mmmmm!" she moaned. "I haven't felt like this in a long time. Please don't
come too quickly Ok Inuyasha, I want to enjoy this." She told him in a
motherly tone, which made her feel all the more naughty.

Smiling Inuyasha laughed "Oh Don't worry, I can cum lots of times" he said
and he gave five quick thrusts into her.

She moaned thrusting her body back before pausing to enjoy a little
mini-orgasms that shook her body. After quieting down, she pushed his rod
all the way in, then withdrew before slamming it back all in as she giggled
and moaned.

"Oooooo....." She moaned and shut her eyes tightly as another orgasm overtook
her. Inuyasha could stand it no longer as he started pumping a large amount
of warm cum into her.

As Inuyasha pulled out a large amount of cum leaked from her forming a puddle
on the table. Sighing she said "Well it was fun while it lasted...."

However, Inuyasha had other plains. Smiling he started rubbing his cock
against her rear opening again.

"What are you doing?" she asked giggling, She soon got her asnwer as he
slowly started pushing in again.

"OOooooo," She moaned, as she started biting her bottom lip. She could feel
her rear opening being stretched as Inuyasha head pushed his way in. Again
the dirty thought of her daughter came back to her..

"Is this how they have sex?" She thought "Is my little girl a backdoor slut?"
At the thought she almost laughed out loud, or she would have. If her mind
wasn't thrown back to Inuyasha. He was started to pull back a little and then
push forward sending more of his cock into her ass.

Slowly he started a rhythm, thrusting in and out slowly, allowing his cock to
ease almost all the way out before pushing it back again.

Kagome's mom thought she would go cross-eyed from the pleasure. She was
moaning "oh god, oh god" over and over as she started rubbing her nipples
for a few seconds while grinding her ass against him.

"Ohhh're making me come again." She gasped, sending one hand
down to her pussy sinking a finger in.

Inuyasha grunted. He was oblivious of any sound by now except his breathing
and her heavy panting and moaning. Which is why her never heard Kagome walk

Slowly, Inuyasha started to gain speed. He went quicker with every stroke
until he was fucking her like a piston. Then he gave a deep groan before
pumping gallons of cum, It seemed like the force of his ejaculation would
tear his cock off to Inuyasha and it felt like a month's supply of sperm
had been used up, And Kagome's mom felt like a water balloon.

It was then a voice shouted, "Inuyasha!!! SIT BOY SIT!"

The end for now....
_ _ _

For those of you who don't know, my stories run in a series...
The Morning After
Kagome's Mom


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