Invisible Man: Bi Accident (MMF,anal,drugs,ms,slash)
by The Fan ([email protected])

Darien Fawkes was in his room, somewhere inside the Agency. He was a tall
young man with short black hair and dark eyes. Once, he was a thief. A very
good one. Then, he became caught up in something rather unusual.

His brother Kevin Fawkes was a scientist. He created a bio-synthetic gland
called Quicksilver. The Quicksilver gland could be implanted in the skull of
a person and that person would gain its amazing abilities. The Quicksilver
enable the person to become invisible. Also, the person could render other
things temporarily invisible just by touching them. Darien Fawkes had been
caught by the police. He was facing life in prison and the Agency needed a
human experiment. He agreed to be implanted with Quicksilver and walked
free... sort of. He had become the Agency's most top secret operative. The
Invisible Man. The one who could not be seen.

Darien Fawkes was bored. He got up and walked around the Compound. He had
nothing to do. He went to the lab to see the Keeper. He did not see the
Keeper. He went to see his buddy Robert "Bobby" Hobbes. Bobby Hobbes was an
agent of the Agency. A Latino-american man with a receding hairline and a
lot of bad-ass attitude. Somehow, he and Darien Fawkes had become best
buddies. Darien entered Bobby's place. Bobby was there. Darien Fawkes saw
his best friend just lying there on a bed, reading a book. Darien grinned
and decided to play a trick on him. He willed himself to become invisible,
and did. He slowly pushed the door. Bobby Hobbes was up and looking into a
cabinet. Darien came up behind him, wanting to surprise him. He was quite
surprised when Bobby Hobbes hit him so hard he almost fell. He caught
himself in time but he banged his head against something and he fell,

When Darien Fawkes fell on the floor, he became visible again. Bobby Hobbes
looked at the form of his best friend. He was surprised that he had hurt him.
Hobbes had the reflexes of a killer. He called for help and the Keeper came.
The Keeper, also known as Claire Keeply was a tall, nice-looking woman with
long dark hair and pale green eyes. She was in charge of the medical needs
of the people of the Agency, especially Darien Fawkes.

"What happened here?" she asked when she saw Darien.

"He's hurt. An accident." Hobbes said.

Together, they carried Darien's body into the lab. They put him on a table
and she administered him a shot. He quickly came back to consciousness.
Darien still thought he was being attacked and screamed...this startled
Hobbes who bumped into Claire Keeply who bumped into a set of chemicals in
the lab. Chemicals fell into each other and there was a small explosion. A
strange gas filled the lab. It was odorless and colorless. Claire Keeply
noticed this and fixed up the damage. Hobbes helped. He tried avoiding
looking at Darien Fawkes.

"Why did you hit me, man?" Darien asked.

"It was an accident." said Hobbes. He turned to look at Claire Keeply. "Is
everything alright, here?" he asked.

"Uh-huh." said Claire. There was something different in her voice and also
in the way that she saw things. The gas had affected her mind. She could no
longer think logically. All she felt was...lust. Pure, uncontrolled lust.
She looked at Hobbes and Darien. Hobbes began to feel minute he
was apologizing to his friend and the next...all he could think about was
sex. He felt...hungry. He looked at Claire and saw the same look in her eyes.
A primal look of lust.

What followed was something that Darien Fawkes aka the Invisible Man would
not have believed if he hadn't been there. He just watched.

Hobbes went to Claire and started kissing her. She kissed him back and
literally ripped his clothes off. He pushed her on the table and she growled
when he started hungrily sucking on her tits. He slid his hand between her
legs and let his sleek fingers explore her sex. He sucked her tits and
finger-fucked her pussy while she growled like a beast. He pushed her back
onto the table and held his erect cock in hand. She held her pussy with both
hands, exposing her pink little hole. Hobbes growled and slid his cock into
her pussy. Claire grunted and put her arms around him. He savagely bit her
neck and thrust into her. He shoved his cock deep into her pussy his thrusts
were met by hers. Claire loved the feel of Hobbes cock in her pussy. She
couldn't think of anything else. She just wanted to fuck. In her head right
at the moment, it hurt to think. Hobbes fucked her nice and hard, shoving
his cock deep into her hole. He grabbed her by the hair and turned her over
so that she was on her hands and knees, facing away from him. He looked at
her gorgeous ass and smacked it. She growled. He rubbed his cock against her
asshole and then slid it inside. She grunted when she felt his cockhead push
the tight ring of muscle in her butt. He thrust into her ass, plunging his
cock to her forbidden depths. Claire roared and panted, screaming in both
agony and ecstacy. She loved the feel of his cock inside her. Hard and deep
he went. His cock was so long and thick, filling up her tight butthole
nicely. She wanted to have more of him inside her and he shoved as much of
his cock in as she could handle. At some point she felt like his cock was
gonna come out of her mouth. He kept pumping her until he felt a rush in his
loins and came, shooting hot cum deep inside her.

Darien Fawkes could not believe this. He was even more surprised when the two
of them suddenly focused their attention on him. Hobbes looked at Darien like
he was a piece of meat. Darien looked at Hobbes. The guy was not very tall
but he was muscular and not-bad looking. He looked at Claire. She looked
nothing like the scientist that he knew but looked more like a sex-craving
nymphomaniac. She looked so damn hot. They both growled like animals and came
to him. Claire got to him first. She just grabbed him and started kissing
him. Her hands unbuttoned his shirt and pants. He felt her hands on his cock.
She held his cock in her hands and started licking it. She sucked his cock.
Darien was even more surprised when Bobby Hobbes joined Claire Keeply. Both
of them started hungrily sucking on his cock. Claire licked his balls while
Hobbes sucked his cock. He was quite surprised by all this but apparently,
his body was not.

They changed positions. Hobbes climbed on top of Darien. Darien held Hobbes
by the hips and brought the Latin man down on him. Hobbes impaled himself on
Darien's cock. Darien started thrusting into Hobbes's ass. Hobbes had a real
tight ass. Hobbes grunted and turned around so that he faced away from Darien
Fawkes as he was fucked. Claire Keeply came and grabbed Hobbes's cock. She
started jacking him off as Darien fucked him, thrusting that big cock of his
energetically into Hobbes's asshole. Hobbes grunted as he was fucked. Darien
kept plowing his cock deep inside Bobby Hobbes's ass. Claire Keeply watched
this and fingered herself. She found the sight of two men together quite
arousing. Darien came inside Hobbes and Hobbes screamed as hot cum filled
his ass.

Bobby Hobbes asked Darien Fawkes if he was down for some reverse orio action
and Darien was down with that. Claire didn't want to be left out so she
straddled Darien Fawkes. She felt his big cock hard against her and lowered
herself onto it. Darien began to fuck her. Bobby came up behind Darien and
slid his hard cock into Darien's ass. Darien grunted when Bobby entered him.
Bobby had a big dick. Darien's dick was sheathed in Claire's pussy. He thrust
into her, loving the feel of a tight pussy around his cock. He grasped
Claire's big tits and started sucking on them. Bobby Hobbes started to give
Darien Fawkes a real hard fucking. He went in and out, shoving his big cock
deep inside Darien. Darien in turn mercilessly plowed into Claire's pussy
and the woman screamed in both pain and pleasure as he plundered her depths.

They switched around. Claire Keeply climbed on top of Bobby Hobbes. She
grimaced when she felt his thick cock enter her pussy. Darien Fawkes came up
behind her and entered her ass. His big cock pushed deep into her ass. Claire
began to bounce up and down on Bobby Hobbes's cock. Darien Fawkes fucked her
ass, shoving his cock down real deep inside her. The two men worked her over.
They plowed deep inside her holes. Claire screamed. She felt so...full. She
grunted as the two cocks ravaged her holes. They filled her up, going down
real deep inside her. She felt both pain and pleasure as they fucked her up.
Darien came first, his big cock spitting out hot cum deep inside her ass.
Bobby came in at a close second and he exploded inside her, sending hot cum
flooding her depths. Claire Keeply screamed at the top of her lungs.

A little while later, all three of them lay on the floor, spent. They went to
sleep. When they woke up, they realized what they had done. Bobby Hobbes and
Darien Fawkes looked at each other uncomfortably. Both of them realized what
they had done. Claire looked at them sheepishly. She had always desired both
Darien and Hobbes but had never been brave enough to act on her desires. At
least now she got to have both of them. All three made a unanimous decision
not to talk about what happened in the lad that day. It would be best for

Claire Keeply went back to work. Bobby Hobbes went out for a drink and Darien
Fawkes went to the gym. Bobby wanted to find a woman at a bar and fuck her.
He wanted to prove to himself that he wasn't gay or bisexual. Darien never
considered himself to be gay or bisexual either. He just occasionally slept
with men and women and basically considered himself straight. Claire Keeply
was a sexually repressed heterosexual woman. She just wanted sex but never
had the chutzpah to take chances with men. She was a brilliant scientist with
no sex life.

She vowed to herself that there would be many more "accidents" in the lab.

The End


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