The following is an adult story based in fictional persons that I didn't
create, just borrowed. If you feel assaulted by graphical sex or you are a
minor you should stop reading here! For the rest, have fun.

JAG: Apologies
by CTsotsora ([email protected])

Major Sarah McKenzie had read the file of her new case. An eighteen year old
sailor, just entered service, had got in trouble with some others in an Arab
harbor. In the fight one Arab died and the local police accused him as the
killer. Sarah had to defend him in the local court. Harm was absent so she
took Harriet with her.

They took their stuff and drove to the airport. A C-5 Galaxy in his way to
a Turkish base was waiting for them. The loadmaster escorted them to the
passenger deck through the full loaded cargo deck of the huge machine. In
the passenger deck ware three Air Force and four Army men. Going back to
duty after shore leave at home. Sarah and Harriet took their places and
fasted their seat belts.

The big bird rolled down the runway with a hell noise coming out of his
engines and took off shortly after. The noise was gone and the pilots
voice heard to the speakers. Sarah looked at Harriet and laughed.

Sarah: Do you thing they have stewardesses too?

Master Sargent: No we dont!

Sarah froze. The load master had come to the deck to see how they are and had
heard what she had said. Sarah felt embarrassed and wanted to apologize but
the load master had disappeared through the stairs to the cargo deck. Sarah
followed him leaving Harriet alone while the others, who were laughing loud!

She walked through the dark deck until she heard moans somewhere between the
load. She looked carefully and saw the load master rubbing his cock over his
uniform! She got closer and heard what he was saying.

Master Sargent: That Marine bitch! I know what she wants! A nice hard fuck
from an Air Force man!

Sarah froze. Froze and got wet between her legs! Her fiance was out of town
for business and her vibrator run out of batteries last night. Just before
she got her orgasm!S he knew she could not resist so why she should try? She
stood upright and walked to him!

It was his turn to freeze! He sprung to attention and trid to hide his act.
Sarah didn't let him. She put her hand on his crotch and rubbed his erection.

Sarah: So Master Sargent, you want to prove yourself against the Corr.?

Master Sargent: Major! I... I didnt mean it ma'am!

Sarah: Well, I have the evidence of the opposite in my hand.

Master Sargent: Ma'am...

Sarah: were right. I am a bitch! And I need a nice hard fuck!

She kissed him deeply in the mouth and he fondled her big breasts. She slid
downwards slowly taking the zipper of his overall in her teeth and pulling
him down with her. When she was on her knees she pulled out his cock and
licked her lips. She really needed it. He put his hands on her dark hair
and pushed her head to his crotch. She opened her mouth and took his shaft
down her throat. The load master moaned loudly and Sarah started to pump
her head up and down his whole length. They were both enjoying this.

* * *

Harriet on the passenger deck had fallen asleep. The blanket she used to
cover herself had fallen down and her skirt had slipped upwards giving a
great view for the others on board. They didn't lost a chance to peep her
and occasionally rub their cocks.

Suddenly one stands up and quietly sat beside her. A second one run to the
stairs to watch if someone was coming. The soldier beside Harriet put softly
his hand to her tight but she didnt react. He started to caress her and some
of the others pulled their cocks out or even all their clothes! He went
higher and higher until he touched her panties. They were wet!

Then Harriet woke up! She looked around scared by the view of the naked men
and a hand on her crotch but then she remembered her horny dream and felted
her wetness! She placed her hand over his and makes him rub her. Then she
felt something slapping her in the cheek. She turns her head and saw a big
black cock!

Harriet: Nice!

Soldier: Suck it white bitch!

Harriet: Yes Sir!

Harriet, the good wife, opened her mouth and sucked the black cock. She had
never done this to her husband, but she was never so horny before. She wanted
to be fucked like in her dream. She wanted to be fucked by everyone there!

* * *

Sarah had stopped her blow job and took her uniform off. He was now sucking
one of her nipples while he was fondling her other tit and her ass. His cock
was on her belly and his pre-cum was making her shine in the low night
illumination of the plane. He took both her ass cheeks in his hands and
lifted her up. He pressed her to the container wall and shoved his cock to
her hot and wet pussy. Sarah moaned and wrapped her legs around his waist and
she started to receive the hard fuck she needed so badly!

He was fucking her and he was talking dirty to her. Sarah liked it that way
but her fiance, ex-navy officer, had never talked so to her. She looked the
load master and kissed him. Their tongues swirling in each others mouth. Then
he came wildly. She felt his cock spasming inside her and felt his hot sperm
deep in her pussy. She put a hand between their bodies and rubbed her clit.
That triggered her own orgasm and she was thankfully that her mouth was
sealed by his lips. She screamed in his mouth and her legs fallen limp to the
sides. They both slipped slowly to the floor kissing each other. Suddenly
someone stood above them. The pilot!

* * *

Harriet pushed the men away and start taking of her uniform. When she was
naked she goes to all fours and waved to them. One took place in front of
her and she started to suck, a second one positioned himself behind her and
opened her pussy lips with his fingers before he rammed his dick in her. The
others waited for their turn while they kept their cocks hard by stroking
them light. Harriet saw that and stopped sucking to talk.

Harriet: Lets go to the table.

Soldier: Why?

Harriet: You will see!

The move to a small retractable table and she leaned over it. The two men
took their positions back but now her hands were free. She took one in each
hand and stroked them! Soon the man in her mouth came and his sperm dripped
out from the corners of her mouth to her chin. The rest was swallowed by
Harriet who had transformed to a horny bitch forgetting everything else!
She pulls the one on her left and took him in her mouth deep throating him
with one move. Then she started to pump her head up and down his shaft while
her hand found a new toy.

* * *

Sarah smiled to the pilot, who grabbed her tits. She jiggled them and he
broke! He opened his pant and pulled out his dick. He goes over her and bent
his knees. Now he was sitting on Sarah and his cock was resting between her
soft mounts. She pressed them together and he started to tit-fuck her. Her
sweat and his precum was a very good lubricate, but Sarah licked his cockhead
everytime it came out from her tits lubricating his shaft even more.

The load master stood upright and tipped the pilot in the shoulder. Then he
whispered something and the pilot nodded positively. Sarah was excited; she
couldn't wait to see what they planed for her!

The pilot stopped his moves and let his body fall next to her; Sarah smiled
and did that they expected to do. She climbed the pilot and lowered her
dripping wet pussy into his steel prick. She took it inside moaning with
pleasure as it disappeared in her inch by inch. Then she move her hips in
circles to find a relaxed position and pressed her torso to his. Her hard
nipples scratched his chest and he felt the softness of her flesh. They
kissed and their hands run through their hair.

The load master enjoined the view for few moments and then joined in. He
spread her round ass cheeks and fingered her anus making Sarah tremble. He
took some of her pussy juices and lubricated her anus, but it was not enough.
His tongue swirled out of his mouth and caressed Sarah's backdoor! She arched
her back and bit her lower lip to stop her scream from to come out.

The pilot saw her breast hanging heavy over his face and assaulted them. He
squeezed them with his hands and sucked the nipples occasionally biting them
lightly! Sarah spasmed and came causing a flood of juices to come out from
her pussy and run down his shaft and balls and then from his inner tights to
the plane floor.

The load master now had enough lubricant to prepare her anus for his entrance
and he knew that this was his chance for an easy entry. He positioned his
cock to her entrance and pushed forward until the head was through. Sarah
stopped breathing and just enjoyed the sensation she missed so much. She
turned her head back and they kissed. Then he pushed the rest of his prick to
her bowels and Sarah came again!

The two airmen watched each other impressed by the easiness of that Marine
Core bitch to enjoy sex. They started to push their rods faster and harder
inside her. They didn't want to wait anymore. They both came filling her
holes with hot sticky sperm, Sarah enjoyed that and came again moaning loud.
Suddenly her moans were gone.

The co-pilot was there and was stuffing his cock deep down her throat! She
grabbed his ass and pulled him deeper into her; she gyrated her hips and
rubbed her tits in the face of the pilot. He became ready for action again
and began to thrust his cock to her pussy. The load master didn't need much
either, who many times found the Marine Corp bitch ready to be ass fucked
after all, and started to pump in and out in her anus. Sarah was in heaven!
She had all her holes filled with hard cocks and she had continued orgasms!

* * *

Harriet wasn't in a bad situation either. They had her sitting on a soldier,
who was fucking her ass. She was laying with her back on his chest and a
second one was fucking her pussy. Her head was on the side and she was
sucking a black cock while one Latino was tit fucking her! She only hoped
that the guard was really in his place and that Sarah will stay away for a
little. After all she wanted to have them all!

The cock in her mouth spurt sperm and Harriet swallowed it down her stomach
making a six men sperm-cocktail! He pulled out and slapped her face with his
cock. She smilled.

Harriet: Please go to the stairs and replace the guy there. I want all of you
in my mouth!

Solider: Bitch! Why the Navy has the slutiest bitches, huh? Its the way they
choose us! We must be good fucks to join! Shit! Unbelievable! Wait here your
wish is our command!

Soon the last man was in Harriet's mouth too! When the co-pilot came to her
mouth the other two were finished. They pulled their shrinking cocks out of
her and dressed. The pilot gave a high five to his co-pilot and go to the

* * *

The co-pilot looked at Sarah and saw sperm running out from her pussy and
asshole. He didn't like to fuck sperm filled holes and he had a blowjob
already. She knew what he was thinking and pressed her tits together showing
him the way. She licked his cock covering it with her saliva and then he put
it between her huge mounds. He started to tit fuck her and it was very
pleasuring for him. So pleasuring that he came very soon. He was spent too!
He dressed and left for the cockpit too.

The load master came back and gave her a wet towel to clean up. She said
thanks and whipes the sperm and the sweat from her body. Then dressed but
without her thong. She looked at the load master and give it to him. As a
gift to remember her! She walked quietly to the passenger deck and found
all the others sleeping. She smiled and took a blanket for her too. She
took place next to Harriet and closed her eyes. In few moments she was

Harriet opened carefully one eye and make sure she was sleeping. Then she
pulled her blanket off and finished to button up her uniform that she had
only half on! A whisper made her turn. A soldier gave her her panties and
she smiled thankfully. She puts them on and took back her place and covered
again with the blanket and a Big smile on her face.


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