JAG: Bisexual Serial Killers Part 1
by Darkseid

Judge Advocate General's Office, Washington DC.

Lieutenant commander Jordan Parker stood before her superior, commander
Allison Krennick. "Do you know why you are here ?" asked Commander Allison.

"No, ma'am." replied Jordan.

"Well, if you don't know. I will tell you." said Allison. She opened up a
file and started reading about the lieutenant commander's spotty record. She
read about how lieutenant Jordan had been caught drinking and also the other
things she did like fraternizing with other officers. "I don't know what I'm
gonna do with you." said Commander Allison. "I'm afraid I'm gonna have to put
your case before the review board."

Jordan Parker looked at Allison Krennick and Allison stared right back.
Jordan had been in the Navy for quite some time. She was a damn good recruit.
She didn't want her military career to end like this. She wanted to do things
with her life. "Please don't do that." Jordan said.

"Why not?" asked Krennick. She raised an eyebrow.

"If you let this slide, I'll do anything." Jordan faced Allison Krennick.

Allison Krennick looked at Jordan. She could tell the young woman was
desperate. Allison was desperate too. She was a lesbian and she had known
that since she was quite young but had chosen to hide that part of her life
when she joined the armed forces. She had a stellar career as a JAG officer.
She had gotten far. Still, she was scared of being found out sometimes.
There were so many pretty ladies in the army and in the navy. Sometimes,
Allison felt tempted. She was always careful, though.

"Let's say I let this slide." Allison said. "What will you do for me in

Jordan Parker grinned at Commander Allison Krennick. "Anything you want,

Allison Krennick grinned. "Anything?"

Jordan Parker shrugged. "Anything at all."

Allison Krennick grinned even wider. Jordan looked at Allison Krennick. This
was not the cold, calm and collected officer she knew. This was a lust-filled
bitch in heat. How interesting.

"Look, I'm not gay or anything." said Jordan Parker.

Allison looked at her and smiled. "Me neither, I just sleep with women."
She laughed at that. Jordan Parker didn't find it very funny.

Allison Krennick got up and slowly walked toward Jordan Parker.

"You are gonna fuck me or I'll mess you up so bad you gonna wish you were
dead." said Allison.

"I don't do that dyke shit." Jordan Parker spat.

Allison felt blood rush to her face. In white-hot anger, she struck Jordan
Parker. Parker fell.

"Don't hurt me." she pleaded. "I'll do anything."

She smiled at Parker and came close to her. She caressed the other woman's
long dark hair. "You meant what you said?" she asked.

"Yes." said Jordan Parker. She was surprised when the commander began to
touch her, feeling up her breasts and squeezing her ass. So, Commander
Allison Krennick was a dyke. Hmmm. Jordan Parker decided to play a little
bit. She kissed Allison and caressed the other woman's body.

Allison pushed her onto the large wooden desk and unzipped her pants. She
unbuttoned Jordan's shirt, freeing her breasts. Allison's face was full of
lust as she looked at Jordan Parker's breasts. She held one in her hand and
put the teat in her mouth. She suckled on Parker's breast while her hand
slipped between the brunette woman's legs. Jordan Parker felt Allison
Krennick's fingers between her legs and moaned. Allison continued what she
was doing. Jordan Parker was lying on the desk, eyes closed, and seemingly
enjoying herself. Hmm. Jordan Parker had been with girls before. She
preferred men, though. She simply lay back down and relaxed, trying to enjoy
what Allison Krennick was doing to her. Allison licked her fingers and slid
them inside Jordan Parker's pussy. She watched as Jordan Parker moaned and

Allison changed positions and climbed on top of Jordan Parker. "Eat my
pussy." she said.

After a brief hesitation, Jordan Parker complied. She stuck her tongue inside
Allison Krennick's pussy and wriggled it around until the commander screamed
in pleasure. She gasped, and this only made Jordan Parker try harder at what
she was doing and she made the other woman cum. Allison Krennick screamed at
the top of her lungs. Jordan Parker then lapped at Allison Krennick's pussy,
drinking all of the other woman's precious cum, and then some.

A little while later, both women had put their clothes back on.

"I will expect you to come here once a week." said Allison Krennick, all
professional now. She looked at Jordan Parker coldly. "You're a good little
pussy-eater, and I need that. If you know what's good for you, you'll come

Jordan Parker could not believe it. "I thought you were gonna drop the case."
she said.

"When did I say that?" said Allison.

Jordan Parker looked at her with venom in her gaze and Commander Allison
Krennick grinned.

"Dismissed, lieutenant."

Jordan shrugged. "Yes, ma'am." She let herself out.

Allison Krennick watched her go. Jordan Parker was one hot lady. Nice tits,
great body, nice booty and a tongue like hell. Yummy. Allison wasn't gonna
let her go that easily. This was the beginning of many such meetings for
both of them, she promised herself.

Jordan Parker walked out of commander Allison Krennick's office feeling
ashamed. "This bitch is gonna pay." she said.

Andrew's Air Force Base

Detective Frank Coster looked at Lieutenant Colonel John Farrow. They were in
a private room at Andrew's Air Force Base. John Farrow was a tall, handsome
older man. He was a high-ranking officer in the US Armed forces. Career
military. He was also a man with secrets. Frank Coster had infiltrated the
military and found some dirty secrets on many officers with seemingly
spotless records.

"What's it gonna take to make this go away?" John Farrow asked.

Frank Coster grinned. "Oh, just your standard suck and fuck."

John Farrow's eyes widened. "I beg you pardon?" he asked.

"You heard right, my man." said Frank Coster.

"Never." said John Farrow.

"Oh, come on." said Frank Coster.

"I know you've done this before."

John Farrow looked pale. "No. I haven't." he said.

"Bullshit." said Frank Coster. "You know you're a fag. I know you're a fag.
Get over it." With that, Frank Coster unzipped his pants and took out his
cock. "Do your thing, pretty boy."

John Farrow looked at the man standing before him with loathing. He was a
good officer. He was married with children. No one knew he was gay. If the
news came out, he would lose everything. His wife of twenty years would
divorce him and his three sons would not even look at him. Oh, and his
career in the USA military would be over. He got on his knees...

"Coming Out was Not an Option." Frank Coster laughed.

* * *

Lieutenant Commander Carolyn Imes had been walking nearby when she heard a
noise. She was a slender woman in her forties. She had auburn hair and dark
eyes. Once, she was a real beauty. Now, she was a woman past her prime. She
heard the noise. She was inquisitive by nature so she had to check up on it.
She pushed the door to a secluded room in the Base. What she saw amazed her.
"Oh, my God." she gasped.

There were two men in the room. One man she knew. John Farrow was on his
knees. He was sucking the cock of some guy. Some guy with white hair.
"What is this?" Carolyn Imes blurted out.

Frank Coster looked at the woman who just came in. He took out his gun and
aimed it at her. "Close the door." he said.

Carolyn Imes stared at detective Frank Coster. She closed the door.

"Good girl." he said. "Now, come give me head."

Frank Coster looked at Carolyn Imes as she sucked his cock. He ordered John
Farrow to fuck her from behind. John hesitated. "I won't do that to her." he
said. Frank Coster cocked his gun.

Carolyn stopped sucking Frank's cock for a moment. "Do as he says or he'll
kill you." she said.

John still wouldn't do it. "I won't do that to you, Carolyn."

He looked at her. She stared at him. They had known each other for years.
"I don't want you to die because of me." she said.

John Farrow reluctantly positioned himself behind the woman. His hands went
to her hips. He rubbed the head of his cock against her pussy. He went in.
Carolyn winced when John Farrow's hard cock went inside her. He entered her

"Go ahead." said Frank Coster.

She continued to suck his cock, licking the shaft and sucking on his hairy
balls. John Farrow continued to thrust his cock deep into her. She felt Frank
Coster's cock throb inside her mouth and gagged as he rammed to the back of
her throat. "That's good." he told her.

He soon came all over her face. She closed her eyes as he blasted her face
with his hot cum.

"Drink it, bitch!" Frank said. She hesitated. He placed the gun against her
forehead. "Do it or die, bitch!"

She complied. Behind her, John Farrow was really getting the hang of it,
grabbing her hips and holding onto them with his firm hands while he thrust
into her. Carolyn Imes licked the cum off her lips and cleaned up Frank
Coster's cock. Frank got up.

"Don't move." he said. He went behind them. He watched the handsome and
proper John Farrow fucking the shit out of his willing friend. "Be honest
now, Carolyn, you wanted him for a long time, didn't you?" Frank asked.

Carolyn only grunted as John fucked her. "Yes." she squeaked. "I've always
wanted John Farrow."

Frank Coster laughed. "Me too." He went behind John Farrow and his hands held
the man's butt cheeks. "Nice ass, soldier boy." Frank said.

He parted John Farrow's buttcheeks and shoved his hard cock into the military
man's asshole. Farrow gasped when he felt a hard cock penetrate his tight
ass. This caused him to thrust deep into Carolyn Imes.

"I am gonna fuck your ass." said Frank Coster. "And there is nothing you can
do about it."

Farrow panicked. "No, please don't." he said.

Frank laughed. "If you don't shut up, soldier boy, I'll shoot your head off."

Carolyn's heart beat faster in her chest. Her body was overwhelmed with
pleasure. For so long she had wanted to be with John Farrow and part of her
was happy to be with him, even under these circumstances. "Do as he says."
Carolyn quipped.

"No, I am a man and I don't want it up the ass." Farrow screamed as Frank
Coster thrust deep into him.

"Oh, such lovebirds." said Frank Coster. He reached and slapped Carolyn
Imes's behind. "He will fuck your ass while I fuck his, that way you guys
can share the pain."

Even with the huge cock in his ass, John Farrow wouldn't obey. Frank Coster
found the lovebird thing funny at first but now it was getting annoying.

"You will fuck her ass or I'll kill both of you and burn your bodies. A
friend of mine has an incinerator."

John Farrow protested and withdrew from Carolyn's pussy. The military woman
felt so empty without his cock inside her. "No." said John Farrow.

"It is the only way." Carolyn said. She took John Farrow's cock and guided
it into her ass. Reluctantly, he put his hands on her hips.

"I'm sorry about this." he said.

"I understand." said Carolyn. "I always wanted you, John. I just wish the
circumstances were better."

John offered what passed for a weak smile. "Me too."

He slipped his cock inside her unlubricated ass. Carolyn almost screamed when
she felt John Farrow's cock inside her ass. He began to fuck her ass slowly.
She winced when she turned around and saw his face full of pain as his own
ass was fucked by Frank Coster's raging prick. She saw tears flowing from
John's face. She knew she only felt a small percentage of the pain he felt.
He was gentle on her ass, Frank was not gentle on his. She was willing to be
fucked by him, he was not willing to be fucked by Frank Coster. She pushed
back, driving him deeper into her. John Farrow felt his cock ensnared inside
Carolyn Imes's ass. He went hard and fast inside her, trying to focus on the
pleasurable sensation of her tight and warm ass around his cock rather than
Frank Coster's raging prick invading his asshole. Carolyn felt a bit of pain
as John Farrow fucked her ass with more force. She caused her ass to tighten
around him, wanting to get more of him into her. The sensation of Carolyn's
ass tightening around his cock sent John over the edge and he came inside
her. As he came, his ass tightened around Frank Coster's cock and Frank came,
shooting his load deep inside John Farrow. All three of them screamed in

Frank Coster pulled out of John Farrow's ass and John collapsed on top of
Carolyn Imes. The two reluctant lovers lay on the floor, their bodies covered
with sweat and cum. "That was nice, wasn't it?" Frank asked.

"You'll pay for this," said Carolyn. "I am gonna tell on you and where you're
going, your ass will get fucked."

Frank looked at her. She was serious. "Feel the same way ?" he asked John

"You are going to jail." said John Farrow.

Frank Coster looked at them sadly. "I don't think so." he said.

He shot both of them in the head. He then put them in body bags and took the
bodies into the incinerator, a few miles off the Base. He burned the bodies
to a crisp until nothing remained. He took the ashes and scattered them in
the nearby woods.

"Such a waste." he thought. "But I ain't going to jail for nobody."

Judge Advocate General's Office, Washington DC.

Jordan Parker sat in her room. It had been three weeks since the incident.
She had been forced to come to commander Allison's office and sometimes her
room and be subjected to all sorts of degradations. Allison had tied her up
before inserting sex toys inside her pussy and ass. She had been forced to
lick the commander's ass and she shuddered when she recalled the latest

She had come to the commander's private quarters as before. The commander
bound her hands and feet. Then, she took off her clothes. She squatted over
Jordan Parker's face. Jordan had assumed that she would be forced to eat the
commander's pussy once more. Boy was she wrong.

"Lick my ass." Commander Allison said. Jordan Parker refused and the
commander took a taser and zapped her tits. Jordan screamed loudly. "It's a
soundproof room." said Allison Krennick. "Ain't nobody gonna hear ya."

She used the taser to electrocute Jordan's breasts a few more times then her
buttcheeks. The most awful moment of torture was when Allison parted Jordan
Parker's pussy lips and rubbed the then-off taser on her cunt lips.

"No." Jordan Parker begged.

The commander smiled maliciously. "Lick my ass." she said.

"Ok." Jordan Parker said.

The commander squatted over her face and Jordan Parker licked her ass,
praying for her ordeal to be over. She was going at it when she felt
something liquid trickling down on her face.

"That's my piss." said Allison. "Drink it."

Jordan Parker obeyed. She drank the other woman's piss.

"Lick my ass." said Allison.

Jordan complied. She went at it for a few minutes then she felt something
nasty on her tongue. She almost threw up in disgust. It was shit. Shit!!!
Writhing in revulsion, Jordan Parker tried to get away from commander
Allison's ass. She couldn't. Allison forced Jordan's mouth open with her
hands and let shit fall from her asshole and into Jordan Parker's mouth.
This went on for several minutes. Jordan was squirming and thrashing on
the bed, but she was bound by thick chains and could not move. She was
forced to eat crap. She ate all of Allison Krennick's shit, and then some.

Once her ass had been thoroughly cleaned up by Jordan Parker's tongue,
Allison Krennick laughed and got off. Jordan Parker breathed a sigh of
relief. Her relief was not long-lived.

Allison came back with the taser. She came and parted Jordan Parker's cunt
lips. She pressed the head of the taser against the younger woman's clit.

"Please don't." Jordan Parker begged.

"Fuck you, bitch!" Allison said.

She pressed the button. Thousands of volts of electricity struck the most
sensitive spot in the young woman's body. Jordan Parker passed out, so
intense was the pain.

When she woke up, Allison Krennick was there, laughing. Jordan wanted to kill
her or tell on her.

"I have pictures of what we just did." said Allison. "You open your mouth and
I'll post them on the Net."

Jordan Parker shuddered at the possibility of the whole world witnessing her
humiliation. "No." she begged. "Don't."

Allison looked at her. It was amazing what some women would do for their
careers. "I'll see you real soon."

Jordan Parker sat there, thinking about the many ways in which she could
punish the evil bitch known as Allison Krennick. She went into the bitch's
office and shot her twice in each leg. To make sure she would never walk
again. As Allison Krennick lay screaming on the floor, Jordan Parker took
the pot of hot water she was holding in her left hand and threw it into
the evil bitch's face. Allison's screams of pain alerted the whole base.
Jordan put her out of her misery by shooting her in the head. Laughing
madly, Jordan Parker ran out of the commander's office.

She had her revenge. As the people on the JAG compound came to see what was
up, she took a jeep and drove out of there as fast as she could. She ditched
the military vehicle as soon as she could. She needed to get away. Her career
was over but she was happy knowing the suffering the commanding officer had
caused her was repaid in kind.

She didn't know where she was gonna go. She had it with women for awhile.
They were worse than men could ever be. They liked to act innocent and played
victim so damn well. Also, whenever a woman was playing victim, there was
always a stupid man ready to be her knight in shining armor. Men were stupid.
The divorce rate in America was seventy percent. Decent men were rejected by
stupid bitches who preferred to live with jerks. Good fathers lost their
children to bitches from hell in child custody cases. Over fifty percent of
all sexual assault allegations made by women were false and motivated by
anger or revenge and yet men still thought they ruled the world. In
everything from domestic violence to sexual harassment and sexual assault
cases, women always pretended to be victims and men never learned their
secret tactics and evil ways. Pfft. Men got called mysogynists all the time
yet so many women were openly practicing MISANDRY and no one seemed to care.
What a silly world. You heard all that shit about violence against women but
you never heard anything about the hidden side of the domestic violence
problem. Many women physically abused their men and the men never reported
it. There were shelters for abused women but not abused men. What a sick
world full of double standards.

Oh, well. Their problem.

Jordan Parker had been on the road for awhile. Hitchhiking from place to
place. She saw a silver car stop almost right in front of her. "Going
somewhere?" the man asked.

Jordan Parker looked him up and down. He was a handsome older man.

"Hop in." he said.

After a brief hesitation, she went in. He offered her his hand.

"I'm detective Frank Coster." he said.

"Jordan Parker." she said. They shook hands.

"Where are you going?" she asked.

"Boston." he said. "I've been having too much fun lately. That can make a
guy careless. Too many psychos out there."

Jordan Parker smiled at that. "Got that right." she said.

They sat in the car as he drove, listening to music. Something by Beyonce.
Another song by Usher. A third song by Kelis.

"You like music." he said.

"Yeah." she said. "Music is good for the soul."

He looked at her. "Who said that?"

Jordan smiled. "A certain little known bisexual artist." she said.

He grinned. "You, huh?" Jordan Parker nodded.

Once more, the old man extended his hand. "Good to meet you, I'm a practicing
bisexual myself."

Jordan looked at him. He was not lying. "Are you single or attached?" she

Frank Coster smiled. "I just ended a relationship with a man and a woman."
he said.

"Like both at the same time ?" she asked.

"Yep." he said.

"Me too." she confided.

"The Few, the Proud, the Switch-Hitters." he said.

They both laughed. They talked for awhile. Jordan Parker felt incredibly
comfortable around him. Frank Coster smiled as he talked to her. He felt
comfortable talking to her, too. She was beautiful, she was smart. She was
bi-sexual (like him) and had no problem with sexuality. Without going into
details, she confided that she just ended a relationship with a horrible
woman. They talked. Just after a few hours, they felt a real kinship with
each other. Not a romantic one. More like a good friends.

As it got darker, they stopped by the road and went into a bar.

"Let me guess your favorite drink." he said. "Martini, mixed with Irish
Whiskey." he said.

Jordan Parker laughed. "You are right, this is so weird."

Frank Coster frowned. "Weird in a good way?" he asked.

"Yeah." she said. "I bet you are an Aquarian, so smart and thoughtful."

He smiled. She was right. This was so weird. It was the first time he clicked
so much with a chick. "And you are a Scorpio." he said.

"You are so right." she said. Impulsively, she hugged him.

"Wanna spend the night in a motel?" he asked.

"Thought you'd never ask." she said.

They went to the motel and spent the night together. They rented a room for

Frank Coster sat on the bed, watching the news. He was looking for specific
news. Like why wasn't there a dragnet out to get him? He had after all killed
two people. He had been killing and fucking men and women since his early
twenties. He was wanted in several states. He had managed to elude the cops
for so long by being smart. He couldn't help his habit. He liked fucking men
and women, and killing them, too. Sometimes couples, sometimes siblings. He
impersonated a detective just to get into the military and find some prey. He
always had a thing for men and women in uniform. He sat there, watching Fox
25 news. Nothing. He was still watching when he saw something disturbing.
There was a picture of Jordan Parker. She was wanted for the murder of
commander Allison Krennick of the Judge Advocate General's Office.

Jordan Parker had been showering. She was finally relaxing. She couldn't
believe all that had taken place. She had killed the evil bitch who was
abusing her and met a nice man. She came out of the shower, clad in a blue
bathrobe. She saw Frank Coster sitting on the bed, watching tv. Only snag
was...she was on tv, wanted for murder. "I can explain." she said.

Frank Coster already had his hand on his pocket. "What happened, and tell
the truth." he said.

Jordan Parker sat down and told him everything. Her relationship with Allison
Krennick aka the evil dyke bitch and the humiliation and torture she endured.

"You sure that's all that happened?" he asked.

"Yes." Jordan Parker said. "She abused me sexually and I killed her."

Frank Coster listened to her as she talked. Here was a kindred spirit if he
ever saw one.

"I'm a fugutive now." she said.

"Welcome to the club." he said. He extended his hand and she shook it.

"Friends?" she asked.

"Co-fugutives for now, lady." he said.

"Now go to sleep. We'll discuss some things in the morning." She looked at

"Ok." she said.

They went to sleep. Jordan Parker wanted to talk, but all Frank Coster wanted
to do was get some sleep. She watched him sleep. He did not make a sound.

Three weeks later...

Frank Coster and his newest accomplice, ex-US Navy recruit and JAG hopeful
Jordan Parker were hiding out in Mexico. They were staying in a cabin. Jordan
Parker had changed her appearance, cutting her hair very short and going
around in men's clothing. Frank just shook his head when he saw her like

"What are you supposed to be?" he asked.

"Your fuck toy." she said. She turned, facing away from him.

He watched her as she bent over to pick up a fallen book. He looked at her
gorgeous ass and felt his cock stir. He wasn't usually into chicks, having
discovered that his sexual preferences were mainly directed at the members
of his own gender but from time to time, a member of the opposite sex
attracted now. He came up behind her and tackled her. He grabbed
her by the neck and she felt his breath on her neck.

"What are you doing?" she asked.

"I want you." he said. "Now." He bit her flesh. "Are you ready?"

Jordan Parker said nothing and kissed his hand. "Thought you'd never ask."
she said.

He leaned back against the wall while she unzipped his pants and took his
cock into her mouth. Frank Coster watched her as she sucked his cock. Most
women weren't good at sucking cock but she could have been a pro. She sucked
him like she was a milking machine. He grabbed her head and thrust into her
mouth, ramming all the way to the back of her throat. He felt her drawing
the cum from his balls as he came, her mouth felt like a vacuum cleaner
around his mouth.

"Ugh." he said as she sucked his cock until it was hard and dry.

She was really good with the dick. He looked at her. "I know how to please my
men." she said.

"Me too."

She came up and kissed him on the lips. "Wanna do something for me?" she

"Shoot." he said.

"Fuck me like I was one of your boyfriends."

Frank Coster looked at her and grinned. He practically threw her on the
ground and made her get on her hands and knees. His hands caressed her
buttocks. She had a really nice ass. He rubbed the head of his cock on her
cheeks, then parted them. Jordan Parker reached around and parted her
buttcheeks for him, revealing her pink little asshole.

"Stick it in." she said.

Frank Coster wanted to fuck her asshole more than anything but he wanted to
make her wait. He teased her by rubbing his cock against her ass several

"Frank, I need it." she said. "Now!"

Laughing, Frank spat on his cock then put his cock against her little
asshole, and pushed. He went far into her and she grunted. Jordan began
rocking her hips back and forth, encouraging her man to thrust into her
ass more vigorously. He went deep inside her, holding her firmly into
place and thrusting deep.

Jordan had never had anything as large as Frank Coster's cock inside her
ass. He was so incredibly long and thick. He was going so deep into her. The
sensation was painful and delicious at the same time. He kept fucking her,
shoving his cock into her ass like a madman. Hard and fast he went. She
grimaced and gritted her teeth, determined not to scream. She rocked back
and forth, wanting to get more of him in her. Frank held her firmly and he
seemed to quicken the pace. Her hand went to her pussy but he batted her
hand away.

"No self-pleasuring, mate." he said. "You gotta lie down and take it."

Jordan grunted in pain but did not scream. She would take it like a man.
Frank loved fucking her ass. She was so tight and he loved changing her from
a tight end to a wide receiver. And she knew how to take it. She grunted and
on occasion gasped but she never screamed. He slapped her butt.

"Good boy." he teased her.

Jordan Parker grunted. "You're fucking me." she said. "You're fucking me like
one of your boyfriends."

Frank pinched her butt and she gasped. "Yeah, you're my little fuck toy." he
said. "You like my cock in your ass, don't you."

Jordan Parker gasped in pain as he went impossibly far into her. "I am
yours." she said. "All yours. Fuck my ass. Fuck it good."

Frank continued to ram into her. He knew he was close to cumming. He watched
Jordan Parker's body language. She seemed relaxed but her ass tightened
around his cock and this merciless squeeze caused him to cum. He came, his
cock spitting out cum deep inside her ass.

"Oh, yeah." he said.

A loud and intense scream escaped the young woman's throat. "AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!"

Frank Coster pulled out of Jordan Parker's ass with a soft pop. She winced
as he pulled his cock from her ass. "Are you okay?" he asked.

She looked at him with a sullen expression. "That fucking hurts." she said.

"I know." he said knowingly. She looked hurt. He pulled her close and ran his
hands through her hair.

"You're such a pretty 'boy' that I couldn't help myself." she said.

That seemed to please her. She put her arms around him and gave him a kiss.

"Next time we gotta use lubricant." she said. "Not spit."

Frank smiled innocently. "Fine, fine." he said.

She kissed him on the chest and looked at him tenderly. "I love you,
Frankie." she said, then she got up and went to bed.

Frank joined her there a moment later. Why the hell did she say his least
favorite words for? Why did chicks always have to complicate sex by mixing
it with love? He looked at his gun on the dresser and seriously considered
shooting her right then and there. She faced away from him. He lay in bed,
pondering if he should kill her or continue their partnership. He was still
thinking about that when she turned to look at him.

"So, how did it feel to fuck a girl's ass?" she asked.

"Great." he said.

She smiled and, reaching under the sheet, she squeezed his hand. "I think
we're gonna be great together." she said. "I can feel it."

She started to talk, a mild banter at first then she was making plans.

"Whoa." he said. "Moving a little fast there, soldier." he said.

"I know." she said. "Just wanted to see if I could scare my man."

He looked at her. When exactly did he become her man? Why was she thinking
that letting him fuck her ass was like shooting him up with one of Cupid's

Too many questions. He knew they were headed for disaster...or something
great. Thinking about his gun in the dresser and the KY jelly in the closet,
he knew he would be prepared for either.

"Kiss me goodnight?" Jordan asked.

Frank glared at her. "I'm not very good at this." he said, then he kissed

Jordan closed her eyes, her head resting on Frank's hairy chest. She liked
this guy a lot. They had so much in common. They were both fugutives, they
were both bisexual and had a talent for killing. He was a real roughneck
but she would make him hers in no time. She was ready to embrace her new
life, and she had a real man to do it with. What more could a girl ask for?

The End


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