JAG: Harriet Falls In Part 1 (FFF)
by OttGuy01

Harriet was busy cleaning up paper work in preparation for tomorrow when she
heard some muffled noises coming from Colonel Sarah Mackenzie's office. She
had thought everyone had gone home already, but the Colonel must be staying
late on a case. She decided to ignore the noise until she heard it again a
few seconds later. Harriet made her way to the Colonel's office quietly and
saw that all the blinds were shut. All she could do was listen to the muffled
sounds inside, when she noticed one blind was bent. She knelt down and peered
inside, and gasped at what she saw! The Colonel was making out with Petty
Officer Jennifer Coates while their hands ran up and down each other. Harriet
just knelt there, eyes focused on what was happening in the office in front
of her, with her mouth almost resting on the floor.

Colonel Mackenzie was in a state of pure lust as Jennifer Coates was kissing
her neck. She let her head sway and drop onto her left shoulder as she opened
her eyes, she saw another pair staring back at her. The Colonel was startled
at first, but quickly decided to resolve this potential problem the best way
she knew how.

The Colonel kissed Coates on the mouth and then made her way to the door.
Harriet now realized that she had been seen but was still to shocked to move.
The Colonel opened the door and told Harriet to come inside. Harriet stood up
and entered the room, not sure of what was going to happen now. Harriet now
stood between the Colonel and Coates, facing the Colonel.

"Have you ever been with a woman before Harriet?" Colonel Mackenzie asked.

"N-No Ma'am" Harriet replied.

"Well I think your going to enjoy this...I'm sure I will" Sarah said with a
sly grin on her face as she leaned forward and kissed Harriet on the mouth.
Harriet's eyes widened as she couldn't believe what was happening, she had
never been with, let alone thought about being with, a woman before. She soon
felt the Colonel's hand rubbing her breasts as her other hand was stroking
the hair on the back of her head.

Harriet began to relax and even kiss back a bit when she all of a sudden
noticed that Coates was kissing her neck, and she was enjoying it. She let a
moan out into the Colonel's mouth and began to kiss back more passionately,
with more lust.

After a few minutes, that seemed like only seconds to Harriet, Colonel
Mackenzie broke off the kiss.

"If I had known you tasted that good Harriet, I would've asked you for a
taste sooner" Sarah said as she licked her lips and stared into the eyes of
the still semi-dazed Lieutenant.

Harriet began to blush as she lowered her head and looked down. Coates took
this opportunity to have a taste of her own as she spun Harriet around,
lifted her head in her hand and lip-locked her. As Coates' tongue entered
Harriet's mouth she had no other reaction than to meet it with her own, as
her arms wrapped around the Petty Officer she to make out with her. Colonel
Mackenzie began to slowly and carefully undo Harriet's blouse and bra. Once
they were both undone she softly began to kiss her neck and earlobe as she
moved her arms from around Coates so that her blouse and bra would easily
slip off. Coates, paying attention to Harriet's diminishing clothing, stopped
kissing her.

"Not bad Lieutenant, but I can't wait to find out what you really taste like"
Coates said as she leaned her head forward again, only this time taking
Harriet's breast in her hand and her nipple in her mouth. She began to flick
and circle her tongue around her nipple as she sucked it. Harriet began to
lean her head back in ecstasy when she suddenly felt the Colonel's hand slide
down her pants and rub her index finger up her slit. Harriet gasped at this
sudden motion as she then felt her pants fall to the floor, she was now
standing in front of the Colonel and Petty Officer wearing nothing but her
panties and shoes.

The Colonel lifted her hand out of Harriet's panties and held her finger up
to her nose as she inhaled the sweet odor. Jen then took Sarah's hand and
gently placed the finger in her mouth. She sucked and licked the finger
clean for a few seconds before Sarah drew her hand back, grabbed Jen's hair
by the back of her head and forced her tongue into her mouth, not that Coates
was resisting. After a brief but passionate kiss the Colonel broke off the

"Definitely a taste worth going back for seconds" the Colonel said as she
grinned at Harriet. "And then some Colonel" Coates added with a cute smile
on her face.

Colonel Mackenzie then helped Harriet onto the floor, which had an area rug
on it. She then moved down between the Lieutenant's legs and began to slowly
remove her panties. Meanwhile Jen was almost completely naked, removing her
clothing as quickly as she could. Once she was rid of her uniform she got on
her knees, straddling Harriet's face, facing the Colonel.

"I-I don't know...uhh...about this. I've never, you know...done this...uhh,
with a woman, or women before" Harriet began to stammer, realizing inside
that the situation had already gotten completely out of her control.

"Spread your legs and lay your head back Lieutenant, that's an order!" the
Colonel said in a stern voice.

Harriet complied not wanting to disobey a direct order, and she knew she had
no choice at this point anyway. Colonel Mackenzie lowered herself into a
better position for licking pussy and began to kiss the insides of Harriet's
legs while inhaling the sweet odor she tasted only moments ago but was about
to feast on. Harriet's mind raced as she lay her head back and began to
actually enjoy what was happening to her. She started to wonder what a pussy
tasted like, and if she might even like it, after all she was in fact
beginning to enjoy her current ordeal. She then noticed for the first time
that Coates' pussy was hovering no more than six inches above her face.
Sarah, not able to wait any longer, licked Harriet's slit slowly as she felt
her shiver at the feeling. The Colonel then began to lick deeper into her
pussy as she parted her outer lips.

Harriet never imagined that having a women pleasure her down there could feel
so wonderful, and decided that if you can't beat'em, join'em. She raised her
head and stuck out her tongue as she licked the Petty Officer's slit. She
stopped for a moment after her first pass to analyze the taste, and she
definitely liked it! Jen then lowered herself onto the Lieutenants face as
she had gotten quite a clear signal that Harriet wanted her to. For almost
half an hour Harriet lay on the floor licking Jen's pussy, trying to mimic
what the Colonel was doing to hers when she felt waves of intense shock go
through her body. Sarah was now sucking, licking and occasionally lightly
biting Harriet's clit, which no one had ever done before. Harriet stopped
sucking on Jen's pussy as she began to moan heavily, with screams of pleasure
every so often when her clit was bitten down on. After about 5 minutes of
thrashing about she finally felt a wave of pleasure come over her like never
before. She exploded in orgasm screaming profanities the entire time.

"FUCK ME, holy SHIT that feels...AHHHHHH."

Sarah lapped up and swallowed every last drop of cum that came out of the
Lieutenants pussy. She then made her way up her body and planted a deep kiss
on her. Harriet, tasting her own juices for the first time, thought to
herself; "Mmmmm, I'll have to remember to try some of myself next time I'm
alone at home."

"You still have to finish off the Petty Officer, Lieutenant" the Colonel said
to Harriet as she pulled away from her.

"Make me cum like the Colonel does to you ma'am" Coates exclaimed excitedly.
Harriet began to blush again as Coates lowered her head back onto Harriet's
face. Harriet began to lick and suck her again, and once Jen was nice and wet
she started to search for her clit with her tongue. After a few seconds she
found it, most notably by Jen's sudden gasp as her tongue ran across it.
Harriet began to concentrate on Jen's clit as the Colonel had done to her.
Coates started breathing faster and heavier as Harriet licked her, she moaned
as the Lieutenant sucked on her clit and screamed out when she bit down on
it. Sarah, getting more turned on every second the show in front of her
continued, stood behind Jen, tilted her head back and began to deeply kiss
her. After about a minute or two of the consistent attention to her clit and
the Colonel making out with her, she finally exploded, moaning into Sarah's
mouth. Harriet was caught off guard by the sudden climax of the Petty Officer
and didn't know what to do about the tasty juices now flowing toward her. She
opened her mouth and took all that came at her, and it was a lot!

"Don't swallow that Lieutenant, keep the Petty Officer's cum in your mouth"
the Colonel ordered as she broke off the kiss with Coates.

Harriet did as she was told and was swiftly helped to her feet. She looked
rather silly standing naked with an obviously very wet pussy and a trickle of
cum running out of the corner of her mouth. The Colonel moved toward Harriet,
lowered her head below the Lieutenants and opened her mouth. Harriet knew
exactly what she wanted her to do, and carefully positioned her mouth above
the Colonel's and opened it to let the cum inside flow into the Colonel's.
Once the cum was successfully transfered to her superior, Jen then licked
Harriet's chin, where some of the juice had ran. Harriet had found this
somewhat odd, but was soon shocked even more as Sarah transferred Jen's own
cum into her mouth! Harriet's jaw dropped as she watched the Petty Officer
try to smile with her own cum filling her cheeks.

"What's the look for Harriet?" the Colonel said laughing, "don't you like the
way YOU taste?"

Harriet thought for a second and realized that she had liked her own juices
and that Jen may in fact be on to something. The three snowballed around
twice more before Jen finally swallowed her own cum. Harriet looked rather
disappointed as she had hoped to go around a few more times, maybe even get
to swallow it herself.

"Don't worry Harriet" Sarah said as she winked at her, "I'll let you have

Harriet smiled as she put her head down and began to blush again.

"Don't you want my come Lieutenant? Don't you want to swallow my juices?" the
Colonel asked her in a commanding voice. "Does the thought of another woman
exploding on your face not excite you?"

"Y-Yes ma'am, I..." Harriet stammered.

"You what Lieutenant?" the Colonel ordered as she got in Harriet's face.

"I want your cum ma'am" Harriet finally said, not believing that she had said
such a thing.

"Well then you better get to work" the Colonel said as she laid on the floor.

Harriet knelt between Sarah's legs as Jen once again straddled atop. Sarah
immediately began licking and sucking Jen's pussy, causing her to begin
moaning. Harriet moved her head forward and began to lick the Colonel, the
taste was different, not quite as sweet, but she liked it better. She began
to push her tongue further into the Colonel's sweet pussy, as far as she
could get it to go. Sarah reached down and guided Harriet's hand to her
opening, and Harriet quickly caught on to what she wanted. Harriet stuck a
finger into her superior and began to finger fuck her as she licked and
sucked on her clit.

"" was all the Colonel could muster to say in her state of
blinding lust.

Harriet complied and inserted another finger into the Colonel.

"MORE!" Sarah screamed.

Harriet inserted a third finger with a worried look on her face. With three
of her fingers now pumping in and out of the Colonel, Harriet went back to
work on her clit, while Sarah began to moan into Jen's pussy. This went on
for about 10 minutes before Jen finally screamed out;

"I'm cu...I'm CUMMING!"

As she started to flood the Colonel's mouth with her sweet pussy juice Sarah
also felt an orgasm coming over her. She arched her back and began to pump
her own sweet juice into the Lieutenant who was still happily sucking away.
Harriet quickly removed her fingers from the Colonel's pussy so she could lap
up all the cum that was coming at her. She and the Colonel sat up after they
had managed to get all the cum they could. Neither had swallowed yet, and
Sarah was quite glad that Harriet hadn't. Sarah took Jen's head, tilted it
back and let her cum flow into her mouth. Harriet then followed suite as to
give the Colonel her own cum back. They went around like this for a while,
swapping Jen's and Sarah's cum until the Colonel tried to tell Harriet to
swallow the Petty Officer's cum, although it was hard to do without laughing
as her cheeks were full of her own sweet juice. Harriet swallowed Jen's cum
and immediately after Sarah grabbed her by the back of the head and began to
kiss her deeply. With their tongues inter winding the Colonel's cum was now
flowing between their mouths, until the Colonel managed to push all that she
could into the Lieutenants and let her swallow it down.

"Satisfied now Lieutenant?" Sarah asked with one eyebrow raised.

"Yes ma'am!" Harriet exclaimed with a smile from ear to ear.

"Had enough?" Sarah then asked.

"Not quite ma'am" Harriet answered.

"Good, I was hoping you'd say that" the Colonel replied with a mischievous
grin on her face now.

Sarah then leaned into Harriet and whispered; "I think you can feel free to
call me Sarah at this point Harriet."

"Ok Sarah" Harriet whispered back.

Jen and the Colonel instructed and helped Harriet onto her knees in a doggy
style position, while Jen sat on the desk in front of her and told her to
start making her wet again. Harriet happily complied and once again dove
into the Petty Officer's wet snatch.

Harriet hadn't noticed that Sarah had opened the door and certainly didn't
notice that anyone else had come into the room, but she was quickly notified
when she felt something poking against her ass and pussy. Her eyes got huge
as she looked up to see Jen smiling down at her. She tried to swing her head
around to see what Sarah was trying to insert into her, but Jen held her head
in place, she had no choice but to continue to pleasure the Petty Officer.
After a few seconds of rubbing and poking, the object found it's target and
began to push into the Lieutenant. Harriet gasped into Jen's wet pussy as the
object was huge, it had to be two to three inches in diameter. As it started
to enter her, very slowly as to let her get accustomed to the intrusion, she
realized that it wasn't an object at was a cock! Harriet's mind
began to race as to wonder who this person was, and she didn't know whether
to wish it was someone she knew, or to be a complete stranger.


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