This should not be read by anyone under 18 or anyone who is too prudish to
enjoy sexual fantasies.

JAG: The Investigation
by The Cock Roach ([email protected])

Major McKenzie frowned as she looked at her report. She knew something was
wrong at the base but nobody would talk to her. Even the nurse who started
the investigation by sending the medical files of the women on the base which
showed evidence of sexual abuse professed to know nothing and told Sarah that
there really didn't seem to be anything wrong on the base after all.

Most of the women showed physical evidence of sexual molestation, but no one
complained of any wrongdoing. The Major frowned as she thought that all the
women still on the base seemed to be extremely attractive, but none of the
women who transferred complained of ill treatment or discrimination due to
physical appearance. She knew there was something wrong here and just had
to figure out a way to keep the investigation going. Maybe she thought Rabb
could find out something from the men in the unit.

The major was surprised as a gas canister was thrown in the door filling the
office with noxious smoke. She covered her eyes and mouth and stumbled out
the door. She didn't see the men who were waiting there with a rag with
chloroform and found her knocked out by the drug. When the Major came to, she
found herself hanging from the ceiling in an empty warehouse. The ropes were
attached to pulleys on both the floor and the ceiling.

Several men came in a door behind the Major, laughing and talking loudly.

"Look at the fresh meat we got."

"One fine piece of ass isn't"

The Major tried looking around at the men to see who was here. One of the men
reached a hand crank and tightened, which made the majors legs spread and
back arch. The Major's head was facing the ceiling and one of the men pulled
out a 12-inch blade and started slicing the buttons off her shirt.

"Look's like you are out of uniform, good thing the CO isn't here." laughed
on of the men as they continued to shred her uniform. Her bra was sliced off
and her shirt left hanging open with both breasts fully exposed. Her pants
were sliced up the seams and her panties ripped off.

"Hey, what are you doing starting before we give her the cocktail." An
officer exclaimed as he walked in the door.

"Shit, you mean she hasn't gotten it yet!"

"Don't sweat it, we have it here. In a few minutes she won't care about
anything anymore." A doctor walked up and stuck a needle into the Major's
ass. The major started to feel light headed and her body grew warm. The men
continued to fondle her body and her nipples and crotch continued to get
more and more sensitive. After about half an hour there were fifteen men
playing with the Major when they untied her and carried her over to a cot
were they tied her down. Her legs were tied up behind her with her legs tied
to the legs of the cot with her legs spread and her ass hanging off the edge
the cot. She was given another shot and headphones were put over her head.
She was barely aware of the patterns on the ceiling.

After several hours of programming she was barely conscience of her
surroundings. Several men started coming into the warehouse leading about 30
women, mostly nurses. All of the women seemed to be in a daze. Men started
arriving and the women were quickly stripped and fucked. Most of the women
were fucked while they were forced to suck off a man and some had triple
penetration going. The Major was extremely popular. She remained on the cot
for most of the night. She was given a third shot half way through. She was
barely conscience as the rest of the troops fucked her. She could not seem to
hear the voices from the headphones, yet she knew they were telling her
something very important.

The Major was untied and carried to a mattress. She was in a daze but noticed
that the men were taking off their pants. She reached for the closest and
started to blow him. She remembered that this was what she was supposed to do
and it just felt right. The other four men started to fondle the Major. One
reached up and spread her ass cheeks and started to plug away at the virgin
hole. The Major gasped and then began to enjoy the experience. After all five
men were blown and had a chance to fuck one orifice or another. When they
were done they took the Major to a room in the hospital were she slept for a
couple of hours.

When the Major woke up she was sore and found herself in a room with 30 other
women. She was feeling really horny for some reason and could not remember
how she came to be in this room. She barely noticed she was nude before she
started to dig into the crouch of a hot blond lying above her. Soon all
thirty women were in the middle of an all woman orgy. They continued to eat
out and suck each other for about an hour when the urge to have sex slow
subsided and the women started to streak to their rooms.

The Major made it back to her room and went straight to sleep until she was
awoken by a knock at her door. Two MP's greeted her and asked her to come
with them to see the General.

The Major was led into the General's office and noted a TV and VCR hooked
up. The general took note of the Major and grunted.

"I don't know how things are at JAG, but I don't think having lesbian
encounters in a room with a security camera falls under the don't ask don't
tell policy." The VCR was started and the Major quickly reconginized herself
giving oral sex to a nurse while she sucked on another women's tit.

The Major was in shock at first but as she watched she felt desire mount.
She looked at the major and decided if her career were already gone anyway
she might as well go ahead and fuck him like she wanted to. "Surely sir, we
can work out something" she said as she started to strip. She walked around
the desk and knelt done in front of his chair and rubbed his dick. The Major
quickly dropped the General's pants as he stood and started to give him a
blowjob. One of the MP's pulled off her pants and started to fuck her from
behind. The Major did not notice that the office door was open, nor did she
notice that the men in the outer office started to file in to get a piece.
After she blew the general he quickly fucked her and made room for others to
have their turn.

The Major heard him say, "Another slut programmed to serve the forces as they
should" as he left, but wasn't sure what he meant. She was enjoying getting
reamed by dozens of men and she started to think about what she would do once
she got Rabb alone in her office.


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