JAG: The Violation Of JAG Part 1
by Dr. Midnite ([email protected])


All six women cringed as the rusty gate swung open; the blindfolds that
covered their eyes prevented them from seeing the man that walked into the
room. Since their capture three days ago; they had been kept blindfolded,
gagged with a ball gag with a removable plug in it, all of them wore
handcuffs, ankle restraints, and a collar around their necks which were
chained to the metal cots on which they either sat or slept on.

Three times a day they were individually released to use the toilet, and each
time they were released to use the toilet the plug was removed from their
ball gag a tube was inserted into the hole and water mixed with nutrients and
a laxative was forced into their mouth. Due to the fact that they had not
been given anything to eat for the last three days, and the effects of the
laxative, their GI tracts were empty.

Lt. Col. Sarah Mackenzie let out a muffled squeak when her hair was grabbed,
the squeal quickly changed to a scream as her hair was used to painfully pull
her to her feet. Once she was standing, the chain connected to her collar was
released and she was dragged out of the cage by her hair. The chain attached
to her collar was quickly connected to a ring set in the concrete floor and a
man's voice said "Don't move bitch I'll be right back."

Sarah heard the man move back into the cage, a couple minutes later a pair
of hands grabbed the blindfold that covered her eyes and pulled it off. She
squinted in the bright light and it took a couple of minutes for her eyes to
focus, she gave a quick gasped as she recognized the man standing in front of

He smiled and said, "Yes bitch it's me and now it is time for me to extract
my revenge. I'm going to give you a chance to gain freedom for you and the 5
female friends of yours that are here in this building with you. I know that
you are trained in hand-to-hand combat and that you have also studied martial
arts. I'm going to give you a chance to fight me; all you have to do is hit
me 1 time before I hit you 8 times. If you are successful, I will release you
and your friends immediately and you will all be free to leave. On the other
hand, if you fail, then you and your friends will be severely punished by me
for what you did to me. I'm going to release your hands. Once they are
released you are to take off all of your clothes so that you are completely

The man reached over and released Sarah's hands. She stood there without
moving. The man waited patiently for a couple of minutes until it became
clear she was not going to cooperate and remove her clothes. He pulled a
small remote-control out of his pocket and pushed a button on it; strong
electric shocks from their collars dropped all six of the females to their
knees. He held the button down for a minute until he was satisfied that
Sarah got his message. Once he released the button, the electric shocks
stopped and Sarah could hear moans of pain coming from her friends.

The man smiled and said, "The next time you fail to follow one of my commands
and I have to shock you, it will be twice as long and twice as strong and all
of your friends will be shocked as well, and just to make it clear, every
time I use the shock collar as punishment all of you cunts get shocked. Now
bitch stand up and take off all of your clothes."

Sarah stood up and quickly removed all of her clothing. Soon she was standing
in front of the man completely naked. She quickly placed her hands in front
of her covering her breasts and pussy.

"No, put your hands down at your side, I want to get a good look at your
body," ordered the man.

Sarah pulled her hands down to her side and stood there as the man took a
long slow look at her.

He smiled and said "Damn, what a great body you have. I'm really going to
enjoy using and abusing it. Just to be fair I'm going to give you a couple
of minutes to stretch and warm up."

Sarah used the time to stretch herself up and warm up the muscles in her
body, she also uses the time to mentally prepare herself for the fight.
Once he was satisfied that his victim was warmed up, he reached over and
disconnected the chain connected to Sarah's collar. He stepped back and
out into the center of the room.

She slowly followed him out into the center of the room as she planned her
attack. Her opponent dropped his hands to his side and Sarah saw this is a
perfect opportunity to begin her attack. She quickly launched several blows
with her fists and feet; but to her surprise, they were either block or
easily avoided. Sarah was starting to get concerned, but she continued to
press her attack. She swung a violent roundhouse swing at her opponents head,
but to her surprise he ducked underneath it.

As he stood back up, he brought his left hand up in a vicious uppercut that
connected with the bottom of Sarah's right breast. She could feel his hand
sink into the under part of her breast. She dropped her hands to her side
and groaned in pain.

"Damn, I bet you that hurt. Well don't worry, in just a couple minutes I will
give you something to take your mind off of the pain of that blow."

Sarah launched several more blows at her opponent; he easily blocked or
avoided every one of them. She launched a front snap kick at his knee. To her
surprise, he jumped high to avoid it; and as he was coming down, he brought
his fist down directly on top of Sarah's right breast. This caused her to
drop to her knees, she screamed through the gag as the pain of having her
breast abused flowed through her body.

He gave her time to recover. When Sarah stood back up, he faked a snap kick
at her stomach causing her to drop her hands. With her breast unprotected, he
quickly landed another blow on the bottom of her left breast; and before she
had a chance to recover, he struck the top of the same breast; mashing it in
between his hands.

"Well Sarah, that's 4 blows. Only 4 more to go and I win. Of course you can
concede and your beating will be over with, but that means that you lose your
chance of winning freedom for you and your friends. Do you want to quit?"

Sarah rapidly shook her head no. In desperation, she launched a spinning back
kick at his head which he easily dodged. Before she could recover and get
herself back into position, he spun around and snapped his hand directly
across the nipple on her right breast. Before she could recover from that
blow, he spun around again and snapped the back of his hand directly across
the nipple on her left breast.

All Sarah could do was pull her hands up and cover her breasts. Seeing his
opening to end the combat, her opponent spun around and landed an elbow
directly into Sarah's solar plexus. As the breath was knocked from her, she
tried to lean forward; her opponent quickly snapped his hand up so that the
back of it made contact with the center of Sarah's forehead. The blow was
not strong enough to knock her unconscious, but it was strong enough one to
thoroughly stun her and she collapsed on her back with her legs spread wide

As her opponent stepped between her legs, she knew what was going to happen
next but was unable to move. The man pulled his foot back and kicked her in
her cunt so hard that a couple of his toes forced themselves inside of her
spread open pussy. He wiggled his toes around inside of her, causing Sarah
to buck her hips up and down to try and get the toes out of her pussy. He
pulled his toes out of her and dragged his foot towards the top of her slit,
painfully rubbing her clit.

Without giving her a chance to recover, he reached down and grabbed her by
the hair and pulled her to her feet. Using her hair for leverage, he marched
her across the room until she was in front of a three-foot high wooden block.
Sarah was forced to her knees directly in front of the wooden block. Her head
was positioned so that her chin was resting on top of the block; a short
length of chain was connected to her collar, keeping her head in position.

Her captor reached down and grabbed Sarah's hands and chained them together
behind her back. He picked up two metal clamps that were lying on the floor
and quickly applied them to Sarah's painfully swollen nipples. He attached a
piece of wire to the clamp on her right breast, and then he passed it around
in front of the wooden block and connected it to the clamp on her left
breast. He made adjustments to the wire making sure that Sarah was firmly

He stood in front of her, looking down at her, and said, "Just in case you're
wondering what I'm going to you now, I will be glad to tell you. Over the
next few hours, I'm going to turn your mouth into a perfect hole for cock
sucking. First I'm going to inject your tongue with a rapid acting growth
hormone so that it will increase in length and width. Then I'm going to find
the nerve center that causes your gag reflex and deaden it so that when a
cock is forced into your throat, you won't be able to gag. After that, I am
going to let your tongue grow until I am satisfied with its length. Then I'm
going to pierce your tongue in seven different places and place metal studs
with a soft plastic coating over them in the holes left by the piercings,
also for my taste your lips are too thin so I am going to inject them with
some collagen to puff them up. So in a couple days when I sink my cock and
balls deep in your mouth, the feelings of your nose pushed into my pubic
hair, your thick puffy lips wrapped around the base of my cock, and your long
tongue with the plastic covered studs wrapped around the length of my cock
will be exquisite. Just be glad that I don't have more time to spend with
you, because if I did I would also remove all of your teeth."

The man knelt down in front of Sarah and removed the ball from the center
of her gag. Sarah tried to close her mouth, but the metal ring made it
impossible. Using a pair of rubber coated hemostats; he reached into her
mouth and pulled her tongue out as far as it would go. He placed a small
metal tray directly under her tongue and then he connected the hemostats
to a hook on the tray forcing Sarah to keep her tongue extended.

He picked up a rubber coated clamp and positioned it right next to her mouth
and laid it across her tongue. He released the clamp and tightened it down so
that Sarah's tongue could not be pulled back into her mouth, then he released
the hemostats. Slowly he tightened the clamp across Sarah's tongue until he
could see a change of color, indicating that the blood flow to her tongue was

He quickly picked up a syringe with a short needle on it. He quickly coated
Sarah's tongue with an antiseptic agent as he had to be very careful that her
tongue did not become infected. He quickly injected her tongue five times
with the growth hormone. Once he was done injecting the hormone into Sarah's
tongue, he placed a plastic cover over her tongue. The cover was long and
narrow at the tip and widened and flared out as it went back farther on her
tongue, and not very deep.

He stood up and said, "I placed a plastic cover over your tongue to shape it,
I want your tongue to grow longer; narrow at the tip and growing wider as it
goes back, but not thicker. Also I don't want the back of your tongue to grow
any bigger so the metal clamp has restricted the blood flow so that the
growth hormone will not flow into the back of your tongue. I will be back in
a little while to remove the clamp so that your tongue is not permanently
damaged and to remove your gag reflex. Now it is time for me to get started
with my next victim. I want you to remember that you had an opportunity to
prevent all of this. So think about it while you wait for me to return."

* * *


Harriett Simms gave a muffled yelp as the chain connected to her collar
was pulled tight and then released. She was confused as she had just been
released to use the toilet about two hours ago. A pair of hands reached
down and grabbed Harriet by her hair and pulled her to her feet; her
handcuffs and ankle restraints were removed. Harriett was pulled by her
hair out of the cage; she heard the door slam shut and the lock turned.
She was led over to a chair and forced to sit down. As her blindfold was
removed, she found herself looking at a television set.

A low voice said to her, "Watch the television closely."

The TV screen flickered to life and she found herself looking at her husband
Bud, and their son AJ. They were in a small room.

"Listen carefully, cunt. I have kidnapped your husband and son. That room
that they are in is airtight. If I turn off the ventilation to that room, it
will take the about 30 minutes for them to both suffocate. The ventilation
fan is set up so that I must punch in a code at random times during the day,
or else it will be cut off. Don't worry too much; they have plenty of food
and water. Your husband may be getting bored, but don't worry, as soon he
will have something very interesting to watch on TV. Only you can insure that
they both stay alive. The way that you do that is to follow any order that I
give you without hesitation. Also it is your responsibility to make sure that
nothing happens to me, or else the proper code will not be input and the
ventilation fan will shut down. Just to make sure that you understand, any
hesitation on your part to follow my orders, or if anything happens to me so
that I am unable to input the code; your husband, and your son, will both
suffocate. If you understand what I am saying and are willing to follow
whatever orders I give you, shake your head yes," said the voice.

Harriett quickly indicated that she was willing to follow whatever orders
were given to her.

"I am going to remove your gag. You are not to say a word. Once I have
released you, go through that door over there. There is a bathroom through
that door. You have three hours to prepare yourself. The first thing you are
to do when you get into the bathroom is remove all of your clothes. There is
an enema bag marked 1, it holds a quart of water along with some other
chemicals in it. Stand up and bend over at the waist as far as you can,
getting your head as close to the floor as possible. Push the enema nozzle
as deep into your ass hole as you can get it, release the clamp on the hose
and let the fluid flow into your intestinal tract. Hold the fluid as long as
you can. Pull the nozzle out of your ass hole and empty yourself into the
toilet. Once you are done with the enema, use the razor and shaving cream
that you will find in there. Shave your cunt and ass hole. Make sure to get
all of the hair off of both of them. I want your pussy and ass to be as
smooth as a baby's is. Make sure to shave your arm pits and legs as well."

"When you are done shaving, it will be time for the second enema. This bag
contains a quart and a half of fluid. It will be difficult, but I expect to
you to empty the entire bag into your intestines. Again, hold the enema as
long as possible and then empty yourself into the toilet. Once you are
finished with the second enema take a break for about 15 minutes. Before
you sit down and relax, fill the sink with hot water and place the third
enema bag into it."

"Once you are done with your break, take the enema bag out of the hot water
and hang it on the pole. This enema bag has a special nozzle on it, once you
have inserted the nozzle as far into your asshole as it will go, take the
pump connected to the nozzle and pump it up until it seals your ass hole
tightly. When your ass hole is sealed release the clamp and allow the
contents of the bag to flow into you. The bag contains a half gallon of warm
oil; the plug in your ass will keep it inside of you. I want you to hold the
oil inside of you for half an hour. You will appreciate the effects of the
oil and the thorough cleaning of your ass later. Keep the oil inside of you
for the time it takes for you to apply nail polish to your fingers and toes.
When the time is up, deflate the seal on the enema nozzle and pull it out of
your ass and empty yourself into the toilet."

"Once you are finished with the third enema, take a shower using the rough
sponge and soap. I expect you to scrub yourself hard enough that when you
come out of the bathroom, and I see you; you will be nice and pink. Pay
particular attention to your breasts, cunt, and ass hole. Wash your hair
thoroughly. When you are done with your shower, get out and dry yourself
off, and then dry and style your hair. There are two containers of makeup
in there, one is regular makeup for your face, and the other which is
marked PNA is for your pussy, nipples, and ass hole. Use this makeup to
thoroughly coat them, rubbing the makeup in. Put the on the other makeup on
your face and use the lipstick as well, but don't over do it. Then get
dressed in the clothes that had been provided for you."

"There are automatic video cameras in the bathroom and they will record
everything you do; later you and I will watch them together, if you fail to
follow my directions completely you will be severely punished. Do you have
any questions? If you don't, then shake your head no and get up and go start
your preparations. I will lock you in the bathroom, when your three hours
are up I will come and open the door. When the door opens, I want you come
stand in the center of the room between the two rings that are embedded in
the floor, and place your hands behind your head with your arms parallel to
the floor. When you have assumed the position you will look at me and say,
`Master this slave is ready to serve you in anyway that you desire, so
please use me for your pleasure'."

Harriett didn't have any questions, so she shook her head no, got up and
walked into the bathroom. The man followed her and shut and locked the door
behind her.

* * *


Lt. Col. Sarah Mackenzie knelt on the floor, her swollen abused breasts and
cunt a painful reminder of her failure. She thought to herself. "All I had
to do is hit him one time and I couldn't even do that." She had watched as
Harriet had walked into the bathroom and wondered what was going on; she had
not heard the conversation that Harriet had with their captor.

Also, what did he mean when he said he was going to turn her mouth into a
perfect hole for his cock? Although she wasn't a virgin, the idea of having
a cock in her mouth revolted Sarah. Several times men had tried to get her
to give them oral sex, but she had absolutely refused. As a matter of fact,
the real reason that she and Commander Mick Brumby had broken their
engagement was his insistence to have her suck his cock.

Fortunately for Sarah, the lack of blood flow to her tongue had caused it to
grow numb, and now instead of the severe burning she felt when her tongue was
injected with the growth hormone, it was now settled down to a dull ache.
Every time she moved to try and positioned herself more comfortably, either
the chains attached to her swollen nipples painfully pulled them or the clamp
on her tongue painfully pulled on it. Sarah had her eyes closed; she opened
them as she heard her captor move back in front of her.

"Well cunt, it's been a half hour since I gave you the hormone injections and
your tongue should have absorbed them by now, so it is time to remove the
clamp before the lack of blood causes permanent damage to it. As soon as I
remove the clamp, I'm going to remove your gag reflex. Unfortunately for you,
it will be very painful. But just to make it clear, your pain is my pleasure.
Before I take the tongue clamp off, I'm going to place a spreader into your
mouth; I need it to spread it open as far as possible so that I can work on
the back of your tongue and throat."

The man knelt down in front of her and positioned the spreader at the corner
of her mouth. He forced in between her upper and lower teeth, squeezing the
handle on the spreader forcing Sarah's mouth wide open. Once the spreader was
locked into position, he removed the clamp from her tongue. He reached behind
her and unbuckled the ring gag and pulled it out of her mouth. Unfortunately
for Sarah, he was correct; as the blood flowed back into her tongue, it was
very painful, and she screamed. She tried to pull her tongue back into her
mouth but because the hard plastic shell wrapped around the end of it had
wide protrusions on it, she was unable to do so.

The man pushed a wide cotton applicator into the back of Sarah's mouth and
coated her throat and tongue with an antiseptic. Then he pushed a long metal
probe into the back of Sarah's throat and touched her tongue with it causing
her to gag. He pushed the metal rod firmly into Sarah's tongue and pushed a
button at the base of the rod, a strong electric shock was passed from the
rod into Sarah's tongue. The electric flow over stimulated the nerves and
cause them to shut down in self defense. Working quickly, the man moved
completely across the back of Sarah's tongue deadening all of the nerves that
controlled her gag reflex.

Once he was finished with her tongue, he moved up to the back of her throat
and repeated the process. Each time her nerves were shocked, Sarah screamed
in intense pain. The man stopped his probing and let Sarah rest for a couple
minutes. Sarah cried when he pushed the probe back into her mouth, as she
could feel the pressure of the probe as it moved around the back of her
throat and tongue and caused no gag reflex.

Sarah's tormenter stood up and said, "Just imagine, bitch, in a couple of
days as my cock is stroking in and out of your throat and you are unable to
gag because of what I just did to you; do you how much pleasure I will feel?
And just to let you know, the end of my cock is bigger than the opening to
your throat, so it will be a little painful for you as it stretches open to
allow my cock through it. I know that your throat must feel a little dry, so
I'm going to coat the inside of it with a moisturizing gel. Be careful when
you swallow; it is going to take some getting used to so that you can swallow
without choking."

He picked up another cotton applicator and coated the inside of her mouth
with the moisturizing gel. Sarah sighed in relief as her parched mouth
absorbed the moisture.

The man stood up and said, "Well it is time for me to go get ready for my
time of fun with Harriet. Pay close attention to what I do to her, because
in a couple of days I am going to do the same thing to you; probably even
worse. By the way make sure that you remember the number 8. It is very
important for you that you remember that number, failure to do so will
result in additional punishment for you. After I get done raping Harriet's
mouth, I will be back to pierce your tongue, so you have something to look
forward to."

* * *


It took Harriet every bit of the three hours that she was allowed to prepare
herself; all she could think about was the danger that her husband and son
were in. She made every effort to follow the directions that the man had
given to her, even though giving herself the enemas was distasteful to her.
Knowing the results of her failing to follow orders, she complied with them.
The last enema of the hot oil was particularly painful because of all of the
warm fluid that she was forced to retain inside of her. Being forced to shave
herself was humiliating to her; and the rough sponge and harsh soap that she
was required to scrub herself with was painful.

After she was done fixing her hair and applying the makeup to her pussy,
asshole, nipples, and face; Harriet opened the package containing the clothes
that had been chosen for her. Inside of the package was a Navy dress white
uniform, a pair of black stockings, black panties, a black garter belt, a
black bra, and a pair of black dress shoes with 4 inch heels on them. About
this time Harriet, the sexy clothes that she was expected to wear, had her
starting to get concerned about what was going to happen to her.

Looking at the clock, Harriet realized she didn't have much time; so she
quickly got dressed in the clothes provided for her. No sooner had she
finished dressing, then the door opened. Harriet walked out of the bathroom
and into the center of the room where the other five females were caged.
Once in the center of the room she stopped in between the two rings and
placed her hands behind her head, holding her arms parallel to the floor.

Facing the cage that she had been locked in previously, she noticed that her
captor had been busy while she was preparing herself. The other 4 females in
the cage had been brought to the front of the cage and tied so that they were
kneeling and facing out of the cage and into the room. Their blindfolds had
been removed, but the gags were still in their mouths. Just out of the corner
of her eye, Harriet could see Lt. Col. Mackenzie kneeling on the floor and
the man sitting in a chair reading a book.

Harriet stood there for several minutes as the man continued to read, finally
he laid the book down on the floor, stood up, and walked over to where
Harriet was standing. The man stopped just in front of Harriet and slowly
looked at her.

Harriet looked the man directly in his eyes and said, "Master this slave
is ready to serve you anyway that you desire, so please use me for your

He knelt down and placed a leather strap around her right ankle, pulling it
tightly. He repeated the process on her left ankle. He growled, "Spread your
legs so that they are shoulder width apart."

Harriet quickly spread her legs apart. Once her legs were spread open, the
man took his left hand and placed it on the inside of Harriet right leg below
her knee. Harriet jumped when the man touched her.

"I didn't tell you before and I won't punish you for moving, but in the
future, if you move without permission from me, you will be punished," he
said as he slowly moved his hand up the inside of Harriet's leg, gently
massaging it as he went. He continued up Harriet's leg, pushing his hand
underneath her skirt until he reached her panty clad cunt. He moved his
hand so that it was covering Harriet's pussy and massaged it for a couple
of minutes.

Harriet was surprised as she felt her cunt start to grow moist; her nipples
were hardening, and her asshole had started to tingle. The man started to
move his hand down the inside of Harriet's left leg, continuing to gently
stroke it as he moved his hand down to her ankle. Slowly the man released
her ankle and stood up, "Cunt take your hands from the back of your head and
hold them straight out to your sides."

Harriet moved her arms so that they were straight out, quickly the man placed
leather straps around both of her wrists as he said, "Remember what I told
you about not moving unless I give you permission." Harriet nodded her head

The man placed his hands on the sides of Harriet's stomach and gently
squeezed. Slowly he worked his hands up to the sides of Harriet breasts; he
stood there stroking the sides of her breast for a couple of minutes, then
he started to work his hands over her breasts towards her nipples. Once his
hands covered her nipples he leaned in and quietly said to her, "Look at the
TV screen."

The TV screen came to life and Harriet could see Bud sitting in a chair
holding AJ. "A camera is recording everything that is happening in this room;
and the picture is being broadcast to Bud, so he can see everything that is
happening to you. Remember, any hesitation on your part to follow any order
that I give you will result in him and your son slowly suffocating to death.
When I step back and give you your first order we will see how willing you
are to obey."

The man released Harriet's breasts and stepped back, he smiled and said,
"Strip bitch. Take off every piece of clothing that you are wearing except
for the stockings, garter belt, and shoes."

Harriet groaned but quickly unbuttoned and removed the dress white jacket.
She moved her hands down to the skirt and unfastened it, letting it fall to
the floor. She moved her hands back up to her blouse and unbuttoned and
removed it. Reaching behind her, she unfastened her bra and pulled it off of
her chest. She then reached down and grabbed her panties, and slid them down
her legs. Harriet stood there clad only in the black stockings, garter belt,
and shoes; trying to use her hands and arms to cover her breasts and pussy.

The man said, "Bend over and pickup the clothes off of the floor. Take them
over to the case next to the wall; neatly fold them and place them in the
case. When you are done, come back over here and stand with your legs spread
shoulder width apart and your hands behind your head."

Harriet quickly bent over and picked up the clothes, she walked over to the
case, folded the clothes and placed them in the case. She returned to the
center of the room, spread her legs shoulder width apart, and placed her
hands behind her head. The man came over and stood next to Harriet.

He turned and faced the five kneeling females and said, "I'm sure that all
of you are wondering why you are here and what is going to happen to you.
You all remember me and what JAG did to me, for the two years that I spent
in prison wrongfully convicted of rape, I planned my revenge on the females
of JAG. It has taken me almost a year to finish my preparations. The money
that I received as a settlement in the lawsuit from the wrongful conviction
was just the start. It helped me to complete my plan. You know me as Petty
Officer Williams, but from now on you will address me as Master, or Sir; any
failure on your part to do so will result in swift and severe punishment.
Just to let you know, my nickname while I was on the Seal team was BD, which
is short for Big Dick. A nickname that you will find out I deserve."

"Besides you six females, I have captured one or two of the people that mean
the most do you. They are placed in different areas of the country; each 1
of them is in an airtight room similar to the room that Harriet's husband
and son are in. Any hesitation or disobedience on your part will result in
the ventilation system for the room that they are in being shut off. With
no airflow into the room, they will suffocate to death slowly. I also have
to input a code into a computer at random times during the day or the
ventilation will automatically turn off. So it is in your best interest to
make sure that nothing bad happens to me. Now that you know the situation,
it is time for my fun and revenge to start."

BD pulled a remote-control out of his pocket and pushed a button on it; a
metal bar lowered from the ceiling until it hung just over the top of
Harriet's head. He looked at Harriet and said, "Again, remember what I said
about not moving."

BD stepped forward and grabbed both of Harriet's breasts in his hands; he
gently started to massage and knead her ample tits. He moved his hands until
they covered Harriet's nipples and gently started to stroke and pull on them.
Harriet was surprised at how good it felt to have BD play with her tits; she
could feel her nipples grow harder than they had ever gotten before, and her
pussy lips started to swell.

BD said, "Are you starting to enjoy having me play with your tits, cunt? That
make up that you massaged into your nipples, cunt, and asshole has a chemical
in that causes increased blood flow to the parts of your body that you rubbed
it into. It also increases the sensitivity of the nerves, causing as you can
feel now an increase in pleasure; and soon you will find out, an increase in
pain. I wish I would have been able to capture you while you are in your
seventh or eighth month of your pregnancy, whipping your tits then would have
been so much fun."

BD removed his hands from Harriet's tits and slowly moved them down her body,
gently massaging her stomach. "Harriet, you must have worked really hard
keeping yourself in shape while you were pregnant," BD remarked. "There is
hardly a stretch mark on your stomach. Again, just think how much fun I would
have had whipping your abdomen while you were pregnant."

He slowly moved his hands down until they were between Harriet's legs. Using
his left hand, he gently stroked Harriet's labia, "Damn bitch, you have some
of the puffiest pussy lips I have ever seen. It's almost a shame that I have
decided not to rape your pussy. But don't worry; I will make good use of the
other two holes on your body. There is nothing I like more than a bald
beaver; with no hair to protect you from every blow that I apply to your
cunt, it will bring you lots of pain."

He spread her pussy lips apart and slowly pushed the middle finger of his
right hand into her cunt. He used his finger to frig her pussy until the
moisture started to flow out of her. Once he had Harriet's pussy nice and
wet, he pulled his finger up and gently stroked Harriet's clit until it
grew hard. BD said, "Yes, the clit; such a little thing to bring so much
pleasure, and as you will soon find out, so much pain."

Harriet was embarrassed because of the unwilling cooperation of her body.
Once her clit was nice and hard, BD forced two fingers inside of her.

"Squeeze your cunt tight around my fingers," ordered BD. Harriet tightened
her pussy around BD's fingers. As he continued to finger fuck Harriet's pussy
he smiled and said, "I'm surprised that your cunt is as tight as it is, you
must do Kegel exercises."

BD continued to stroke his fingers in and out of Harriet's tight cunt; he
moved his other hand over Harriet's clit and started to play with it. Harriet
thought to herself, "Oh my God, he is going to make me have an orgasm." BD
continued to play with Harriet until she was right on the brink of cumming.
Just before Harriet had her orgasm, BD stopped and grabbed Harriet's clit
between his fingers and crushed it. The pain of having her sensitive clit
crushed caused Harriet to jerk away from BD.

"Did I give you permission to move bitch? Of course not! Well I told you that
if you moved without permission you would be punished, and since it was your
clit that caused you to move, then it will be the part of your body that is

BD walked around behind Harriet, he pushed on her back and told her to bend
forward. When Harriet was bent over far enough to satisfy BD, he reached
between her legs and started to finger her pussy again. He allowed the juices
flowing from her cunt to thoroughly coat his fingers.

"OK bitch, take your hands from behind your head and reach down and spread
your ass cheeks apart, I want to inspect your asshole and see how good a job
you did off removing the hair."

Harriet reached down and spread her ass opened.

"Well you did a pretty good job, but you missed a few. Don't worry, I will
take care of them for you," said BD, reaching into a bag sitting next to
Harriet's foot, he pulled out a pair of needle nose pliers. He took the
pliers and grabbed a stray hair with them. Using the pliers, he jerked the
hair out. Harriet gave a cry of pain as the hair was jerked out of her ass.
Still using the pliers, BD quickly and painfully removed the remaining stray
hairs from around Harriet's asshole, causing her to cry every time he pulled
one out. While he was doing this, the pussy juice covering his fingers dried
out; so he reached back between Harriet's legs and started to stroke her
pussy again. He continued until his fingers were thoroughly covered with her
pussy juice. Once his fingers were thoroughly lubricated, he placed the tip
of his middle finger on Harriet's asshole; slowly he forced his finger into
her, applying gentle, but forceful pressure until his finger would go no
farther. He slowly and gently stroked his finger in and out of Harriet's
tight asshole, forcing it to open up.

As he was using his finger to open her up he said, "Although I'm not
surprised, I'm glad to see that your ass hole is virgin. I didn't figure
that you would let Bud put his little cock in there."

After he had used his finger to slightly open Harriet's asshole up, he pulled
his middle finger out until just the tip remained inside of her. He pulled
his index finger in close to his middle finger and slowly pushed both fingers
inside of Harriet's tight asshole. Harriet groaned as both fingers were
forced into her virgin ass. BD used both fingers to stroke her asshole for a
couple of minutes. Harriet was surprised; as her asshole grew used to the
fingers inside of it, it started to feel good, and a moan of pleasure escaped
her lips. BD pulled his fingers from Harriet's asshole; he reached up and
grabbed her by the hair and pulled her up until she was standing straight.

He walked in front of her and said, "Open your mouth."

Harriet opened her mouth and BD pushed the two fingers that had been buried
in her asshole into her mouth. "Suck on these bitch, and get them clean. Now
you can see what I meant when I told you that you would be glad that I had
you take those three enemas."

Harriet almost gagged as the fingers were forced into her mouth, but she
started to suck and lick on the fingers as she was ordered to.

"I am being nice to you. The first taste of asshole that I am giving to you
is from your own very clean ass. Notice I said your first taste, before you
are released you will be tasting a lot of asshole. Also notice that tangy
taste of your pussy on my fingers. I bet you never thought that you would be
tasting pussy, especially your own. Again, before I release you, you will be
tasting plenty of cunt." BD informed her as he pulled his fingers from
Harriet's mouth.

He grabbed her right hand, and using the leather strap around her wrist,
connected it to the metal bar hanging over her head. Then he grabbed her
left hand and connected it to the metal bar. BD leaned over and connected
a rope to her right ankle restraint, and then he did the same to her left
ankle. Taking the rope connected to her left ankle, he pulled it through
the ring embedded in the floor and pulled her leg out, and quickly he
moved over to the other leg and pulled it out stretching Harriet's legs
uncomfortably far apart.

BD ran his hands up the inside of Harriet's thighs making sure that she was
stretched far enough opened for his satisfaction. He stood up; and using the
remote-control in his hand, caused the metal bar over her head to rise,
pulling her arms up. The combination of having her legs spread so far apart
and having her hands pulled over her head stretched Harriet painfully.

BD said, "I spent 730 days in the brig. One of the first things I decided
that was for every day I spent in the brig, each one of you would receive 2
blows. Before you are released, each one of you will receive at least 1460
blows to your body with an implement of my choosing. I will apply a lot of
the blows to you myself, but you will be required to help me with your
punishment. Before you are released, each one of you will whip the other
females in this room. Also, it is your responsibility to keep count of the
number of blows that you have received. If your count is inaccurate or you
forget how many times you have been whipped, then we will start all over."

"Harriet, as of right now your comfortable, uncomplicated life has ended. In
just a minute, I am going to use a leather strap to beat the front and back
of your body from your neck down. I'm going to pay particular attention to
your tits, and cunt. Don't worry I do not intend to break the skin or cause
any permanent damage. Before we get started, I'm going to inject you with a
stimulant to keep you from losing consciousness; I want you to feel every one
of the blows that I deliver to your body. The injections will be given to you
in your nipples, and clit."

BD opened up the bag sitting next to Harriet and removed a large syringe
filled with a brown colored fluid. He attached a three-inch long needle to
the syringe; once the needle was attached; he used an alcohol wipe to clean
Harriet's nipples and clit. He grabbed Harriet's breast in his right hand,
and while firmly holding it, slowly pushed the needle into her nipple.
Harriet screamed as the needle was pushed deeply into her breast.

Slowly BD injected the contents of the syringe into her nipple. As the
chemical flowed into her nipple, it started to burn. After BD had injected
20 cc of the medication into Harriet's nipple, the medication flowing into
her breast started to make her breast grow warm. BD slowly pulled the needle
from Harriet's nipple; he released her breast and reached down between her

Using his fingers to pull her cunt lips apart, he slowly started to stroke
her clit, "I was just going to give you these injections into your nipples,
but because you pulled away from me, I am going to give you some of the
medication directly into your clit. While I am slowly pushing the needle
into your clit, I want you to think about what happens to you when you
disobey my orders."

Because of the chemical that Harriet had rubbed onto her clit earlier, the
sensitive little knob grew hard. Once BD was satisfied with the stiffness of
Harriet's clit, he squeezed it between his two fingers; holding it firmly,
he pushed the needle into it, slowly forcing the entire 3 inches of the
needle into it. Harriet screamed in pain as her poor, precious clit was
pierced by the needle. BD slowly pushed 10 cc of the medication into it. As
medication flowed into her clit, a burning sensation started to flow from
her clit up into her pussy.

"Don't worry; this isn't the only time that your clit will feel a needle in
it." BD removed the needle from Harriet's clit and roughly massaged it,
making sure that the medication was pushed inside of her. BD reached up and
grabbed Harriet's other breast; he placed the needle at the tip of her nipple
and slowly pushed it into her. Harriet, who had been continuously crying,
screamed as the nipple was pierced by the needle. Once BD had the needle
pushed all the way into Harriet's nipple, he injected the medication into
her. Again, Harriet's nipple started to burn and slowly the burning sensation
flowed into her breast.

Once BD was done injecting the medication into Harriet, he reached into the
bag and pulled out two big rubber bands, "You know Harriet, I never realized
how pale you are. Even after the shower with the harsh soap and rough sponge,
you are still almost as white as a ghost. I want to add some color to your

Taking one of the rubber bands in his hands, he opened it up and rolled it
over Harriet right tit. He pushed the band down until it came in contact with
Harriet's chest wall. He released the band, causing the rubber to tightly
compress Harriet's tit. Grabbing the other band, he repeated the process on
Harriet's left tit; it took a moment for Harriet to realize how much that
having her breast compressed by the rubber bands hurt. Harriet gave out one
of the loudest screams that BD had ever heard; she was sure that if it were
not for the stimulant flowed through her body she would have passed out.

"Remember that I said it was okay then I didn't get a chance to beat your
tits while you were pregnant? Well, those rubber bands around your tits, are
going to cause them to swell, and it will be almost like you are pregnant,"
BD said. "One final preparation and I will be ready to begin your beating. I
am going to enjoy listening to you scream while I whip you, but I want some
music to accompany your screams."

BD reached into the bag and pulled out a heavy bell with an alligator clamp
attached to it. He reached between Harriet legs and grabbed her hard clit
between his fingers; he opened the alligator clamp and brought it in between
Harriet's legs, positioning it over her clit. He released the clamp,
painfully crushing Harriet's clit between the jaws of the clamp. Harriet gave
out another loud scream as her clit was crushed.

"Don't worry, before I beat your pussy, I will take that clamp off. Of course
I need to attach it to some other part of your body, but between now and
then, I will decide where I want to place it."

BD walked off the side of the room and picked up a 4 foot long, 1 inch wide
leather strap. He walked back over behind Harriet and said, "I'm going to
start on your back. Remember, after every blow you must count it out loud."

BD stepped back, pulled his arm back and quickly brought the leather belt
forward across the top of Harriet's back just below her neck. Harriet had
never been as much as spanked her entire life, and being beaten with a
leather belt was quite a shock to her. She screamed as the belt made contact
with her, and the jerking of her body caused the little bell to ring.

Harriet quickly screamed, "1".

Slowly working from the neck down, BD covered Harriet's back with red
stripes. The belt was long enough, that as BD got lower, and the belt wrapped
around Harriet and struck her breasts. BD being the conscientious person that
he was moved, from side to side to make sure that Harriet's tits received an
equal amount of abuse. Gradually BD worked his way down the back of Harriet's
body, turning it a nice shade of red. Every blow that Harriet received caused
her to scream, and the jerking of her body caused the bell clamp attached to
her clit to ring.

BD stopped his whipping just before he reached Harriet's ass. He said, "I'm
going to enjoy beating your ass. It looks like it is nice and soft, but not
fat. Actually Harriet, I'm quite impressed with your body; of course it is
not as hard as Mac's but I didn't expect it to be."

BD stepped to one side and swung the leather strap, bringing it across the
top of Harriet's ass. Slowly he worked his way down her well rounded ass,
covering it with red stripes. By this time Harriet was unable to scream
anymore, and every time that she received a blow, she just moaned and
counted. BD smiled and thought to himself, `I bet she will start screaming
again when I whip her tits.'

BD continued working on Harriet's body until he reached the back of her
knees; when he was finished he stepped back to admire the job he done on
the restrained Naval Officer. She was a bright red from her neck down to
her knees.

BD said to, "Harriet open your mouth." When her mouth was opened, BD placed
the leather strap in it and said, "Bite down on the strap and hold it in your
mouth for me." Harriet bit down on the strap holding it tightly in her mouth.
BD stepped behind her and slowly ran his hands from her shoulders down to her
ass, enjoying the warmth that her abused body gave off.

"Just to let you know cunt, your back from your neck down to your knees, is
a very pleasant shade of red." BD placed his hands on both of Harriet's ass
cheeks and firmly massaged them, causing Harriet to squeal in pain. "And
you're counting skills are very impressive. Just to let you know, your count
so far has been accurate. Let's see if you can keep it up while I am beating
your tits and pussy."

BD reached up and grabbed the leather strap with his left hand and told
Harriet to open her mouth. He pulled the strap from her mouth and slowly
walked in front of her; taking his time, he carefully judged where the
first blow to the front of Harriet's body would go; he did not want to
hit her across the throat because that might cause permanent damage. He
swung the leather strap striking Harriet just below her neck; he slowly
worked his way down her chest, laying precise red stripes down the front
of her body.

BD had planned it so that the first blow to her breasts landed squarely
across the top of them. He was slowly working his way down her chest so he
could make sure that that her breasts were evenly covered. Harriet had been
carefully keeping count up until now; the pain of having her sensitive
breasts painfully beat made her miscount.

BD stopped the beating and said to Harriet, "Too bad Harriet, you were doing
so well keeping up the count. Did you think I was kidding when I told you
that if you lost count I would make you start from the beginning? Well guess
what, I wasn't, so now you have 1460 blows coming to you. The next time you
lose count I will add 100 blows to your total. Too bad for you that you lose
the 60 blows that I have already applied to your body, but it does make it so
much more fun for me. Now let's get started on your tits again."

BD stepped back and carefully swung the leather strap so that it landed
firmly across the top of Harriet's breasts; slowly he worked his way down her
breasts making sure that every inch of them received a blow from the leather
strap. When he got to her nipples, he applied a strong blow that squarely hit
both of them.

Harriet screamed, "7!"

BD stopped moving the belt down Harriet's body and applied 4 more blows
directly to her nipples. Harriet loudly screamed the count out with each
blow. After he was done whipping Harriet's nipples, BD slowly worked his
way down Harriet's breasts; the rubber straps wrapped around her breasts
had trapped blood in them and every time BD struck her breasts it sounded
like he was beating on a drum. Because of their weight Harriet's breast
hung down and BD was unable to get to the lower part of her breasts,
Harriet breathed a sigh of relief thinking that the bottom of her breasts
were going to be spared. BD smiled and thought to himself, `I will take
care of that later.'

Slowly BD worked the strap down Harriet's stomach over the front part of her
legs and down to her knees. He stepped back and stood admiring the view from
the front of Harriet's body which was now red from her neck to her knees.

BD said, "Harriett, I must admit that I did an excellent job. With the
exception of the bottom of your breasts and your pussy, you are red from your
neck down to your knees, front and back. I almost feel like a painter that
has almost completed his masterpiece. But I am not quite done; I need to
finish up your breasts and pussy."

BD picked up the remote-control and pushed another button on it, a metal
bar was lowered down until it touched the floor. BD bent over and released
Harriet ankles from the ropes that kept her legs spread so far apart, he
attached the leather restraints around Harriet ankles to the metal bar
lying on the floor keeping her legs spread wide open. Once Harriet was
firmly attached to the metal bar, BD stepped back and pushed the button on
the remote again. Slowly the metal bar attached to her legs started to rise
up towards the ceiling pulling her legs with it, soon Harriet found herself
hanging upside down with her legs spread so far opened that her pussy was
stretched open.

BD picked up his leather strap and walked around so that he was in front of
Harriet, "Now it's time for me to finish up your tits."

BD used the leather strap to beat the bottom of Harriet's tits; soon they
were as red as the rest of her body. Once BD was finished with Harriett's
tits, he reached out and released the clamp attached to her clit. Harriett
screamed as the blood flowing back into her clit brought additional pain.
BD bent over and attached the clamp with the bell on it to Harriet's right

He reached between Harriet legs and started to stroke her cunt, "I'm going
to play with your pussy until it gets nice and wet. I love the sound of
leather hitting moist pussy. I'm also going to use a different kind of whip
on your cunt. This one has 10, quarter inch strips of leather on it weighted
at the end. The thin strips should work themselves quite well down inside of
your spread open pussy, and if I get lucky I should be able to beat your clit
and asshole."

As much as she tried to resist, the manipulation of her cunt by BD's fingers
soon had Harriet's pussy nice and juicy. BD picked up his new whip and walked
behind Harriet so that he was facing her ass; he brought the whip up shoulder
height and swung it between Harriet legs so that it landed across her pussy,
causing each one of the 10 leather straps to bury themselves into the spread
open pink flesh.

Harriett, not wanting to lose count again, screamed, "42!"

BD quickly beat Harriet's pussy five more times, moving each time so that by
the time he was done, her cunt was completely covered with red stripes. BD
walked around Harriet and turned around so he was now facing her pussy; he
brought the whip down in between her legs. Some of the weighted tips landed
on Harriet's tightly puckered asshole, causing her to scream out her count
especially loud. BD beat Harriet's pussy five more times.

Once he was satisfied that Harriet's asshole, pussy, and tits were thoroughly
beaten and had turned a pleasing shade of red, he used the remote-control to
lower Harriet's feet back to the floor. He removed the bar attached to her
ankles and reattached them to the leather restraints bolted to the floor.
Again using the remote-control, he raised Harriet's arms up over her head
tightly stretching her out again.

BD stood in front of Harriet and said, "Open your mouth bitch." When
Harriet's mouth was opened, BD placed the whip in her mouth and said, "Here
cunt, hold this for me."

Harriet closed her mouth around the strands of the whip holding it firmly in
place. BD walked behind Harriet and spread her ass cheeks apart. He gently
stroked around Harriet's asshole; then he moved in front of Harriet and
knelt down and spread her pussy open, taking a careful look at it. When he
was done with his inspection of Harriet's pussy, BD pushed a button on the
remote-control, relaxing the tension on Harriet's body. He reached down and
disconnected Harriet ankle straps from the rings in the floor, and then he
stood up and disconnected Harriet's wrist straps from the metal bar.

He looked at Harriet and smiled and said, "Unfortunately for you, I am not
satisfied with the way that your ass and pussy look, so I am going to have
to do some more work on them. See that long narrow bench by the wall?"

Harriet looked over at the wall and saw a six-foot long bench, she nodded
her head yes.

"Go over and grab it and pull it over so that is positioned lengthwise
between the two metal rings embedded in the floor. Once you have it in
position, lie down on your stomach on the bench, and spread your tits
apart so that they hang down on each side of the bench."

Harriet, not being told to release the whip from her mouth, carried it with
her as she went to retrieve the bench and placed it in position. Once she
had positioned the bench between the two metal rings embedded in the floor,
she lay down on her stomach, positioning her breasts so that they hung down
on each side of the bench. When Harriet was in position, BD walked over and
reconnected her ankle straps to the metal rings embedded in the floor,
spreading her legs wide open.

Then he moved to Harriet's breasts. He attached a nipple clamp with a short
chain connected to it to her right breast, he leaned under the bench and
attached another nipple clamp to her left nipple, he made several adjustments
to the chain connected to the nipple clamps and soon Harriet's tits were
pulled tightly around the bench.

"Well Harriet I guess to do this properly I'm going to need your assistance.
Reach back with both of your hands and grab your ass cheeks; use your hands
to pull your ass open so that your asshole is fully exposed. Whatever you do,
don't move your hands away from your ass. I want it to be kept spread open
the entire time I am whipping it."

Harriet slowly reached back and spread her ass cheeks open until she could
spread them no farther. BD reached over and grabbed the whip that Harriet had
in her mouth. He then stepped behind Harriet and carefully aimed the whip; he
brought the whip forward rapidly and tips of all 10 of the leather straps on
the whip landed directly on Harriet's spread open asshole.

Harriet loudly screamed, "54!!"

BD beat the unfortunate girl's asshole nine more times. Harriet managed to
keep her composure so that she didn't lose count of her beating. BD leaned
over and slowly and gently rubbed Harriet's abused asshole, Harriet groaned
in pain as his fingers pushed in on the tight pucker of her ass.

"By the time I am ready to shove my cock into your asshole it should be nice
and swollen," BD remarked.

He was going to release Harriet and turn her over so that he could beat her
pussy, but seeing her swollen breasts tightly stretched around the bench was
too much of a temptation for him. He positioned himself so that he could whip
her tits, rapidly applying 10 blows from the whip to each breast, making sure
to swing the whip so that it wrapped around her breasts and made contact with
her clamped nipples each time. As painful as it was for her to concentrate,
Harriet made it a point to scream out the count with each blow. Each time BD
landed a below on Harriet's tits, the drum sound occurred from her swollen
breasts under the elastic bands.

When he was done beating Harriet's breasts, he quickly released her from her
restraints and turned her over on her back. Using the metal rings embedded in
the floor, he restrained her to the bench on her back with her legs spread
wide open. He attached a long chain to her breasts and pulled it around under
the bench, using the chain he adjusted it so that Harriet's breasts were
pulled apart.

Once he was satisfied that she was securely, restrained BD said to Harriet,
"Now cunt, reach down and spread your pussy open so that I can finish beating

Harriet reached down between her legs and spread her pussy open as far as
she could. BD positioned himself between Harriet's legs and placed a finger
between her pussy lips and started to stroke her clit. As much as she wanted
to, Harriet could not resist the feelings of arousal that having her clit
played with brought to her, and soon her pussy started to get moist. BD
played with her clit for several minutes making sure that the restrained
woman was very stimulated and the cunt juices covered her pussy. He stepped
back, and taking the whip in his right hand, swung it so that it landed
squarely on Harriet's spread open cunt. A couple of the strokes landed
directly on her clit and it took every bit of strength that Harriet could
muster to not bring her hands together over her pussy, of course as a reflex
reaction she tried to sit up causing the chain connected to both of her
breast to tighten and painfully and stretch her breasts further apart. She
screamed, "84!"

BD wanted Harriet to feel the maximum amount of pain from having her spread
open pussy beat, so he waited for a few seconds before he applied the next
blow. Slowly over the next several minutes, BD applied another 9 blows to
Harriet's cunt.

When he was finished beating her pussy he said, "Just to make it easier for
you, I'm going to beat your tits 6 more times so that the count will stop at
an even 100."

BD applied six more blows to Harriet's breasts, making sure that each blow
hit both of her clamped nipples. She couldn't believe how much pain she was
in. Every inch of her body from her neck down to her ankles glowed red; her
breasts were painfully swollen and she could feel her asshole and cunt start
to swell shut.

BD reached in between Harriet's legs and slowly stroked her pussy, "Well
Harriet, your pussy lips and clit should swell nicely but I don't want your
vagina to swell shut so hold on a second and I will be right back."

BD walked over to a refrigerator standing at the side of the room, he
opened the freezer and removed something from it. He walked back over to the
restrained girl and said, "This should keep your pussy from swelling shut."
He held a long necked beer bottle up in front of Harriet's eyes, "This bottle
of beer has been sitting in the freezer for several days."

He moved down between Harriet's spread legs and placed the narrow end of the
bottle with the top still on it at the opening of her pussy; he pushed the
bottle so that it slid inside of her cunt, Harriet screamed as the cold
bottle was forced inside of her. BD pushed the bottle inside of Harriet until
it would go no farther forcing her pussy to stretch open.

When BD was satisfied that he could get the bottle no farther into her cunt
he said to Harriet, "Reach down and placed your hands over the bottle. I want
you to hold it in place until I tell you to pull it out. I need to go prepare
some additional equipment, so it might be a while. If you let the bottle
slide out, I will take it and insert the wide end into you until the bottle
is buried completely inside of you, then I will sew your pussy shut to make
sure that the bottle stays there until I am ready to take it out; it might be
an hour or it might be the rest of the night depending on how I feel, so it
is to your advantage to make sure that the bottle stays in place."

Harriet reached down and placed her hands over the end of the bottle, she
concentrated on making sure that the bottle did not slide out. It took BD
several minutes to prepare the equipment for the next phase of Harriet's
punishment. While he was making the preparations, the ice cold bottle
buried in her cunt actually started to feel good to Harriet as it numbed
her swollen cunt.

When he was done, BD came back over to Harriet and said, "OK cunt, remove
the bottle from your pussy and sit is on the floor."

Harriet had a hard time removing the bottle from her pussy as it actually
swollen closed around the bottle. Slowly and painfully, she removed the
bottle from herself, once it was out BD released Harriet from her restraints
and ordered her to walk across the room.


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