JAG: The Violation Of JAG Part 2 - Harriet's Preparations Continue!
written by Dr. Midnite ([email protected])
edited by Emerald

BD leaned over and released Harriet's ankles from their restraints, then he
stood up and released her hands. He grabbed her by the hair; using her hair,
he dragged her to the center of the room in front of the other five caged
women. As he released her hair, he growled at Harriet, "Stand right here
bitch and don't move."

BD walked out of the room and soon returned pushing an OB/GYN table. He
positioned the table so that it was directly in front of the kneeling women.
Opening a drawer on the table, he removed a 1 inch wide silver metal collar
from it and placed the collar around Harriet's neck. Using a small wrench,
he locked the collar in place.

"Bitch, that collar will stay on you for the rest of the time that you are my
prisoner, and maybe longer depending on what your next owner decides, now go
lay down on table face up and place your feet into the stirrups," ordered BD.

Harriet quickly moved to the table and laid down on her back, she brought
her legs up and placed them in the stirrups. BD placed leather straps around
Harriet's legs: at the ankles, just above the knee's, and around her upper
thighs, securing her legs to the stirrups. When he was satisfied that
Harriet's legs were firmly restrained, BD use the stirrups to spread Harriet
legs wide open; then he pulled her legs up to her chest, forcing her pussy to
spread open.

BD left Harriet laying there with her cunt wide open, and walked over to a
refrigerator standing in the corner of the room. He opened the freezer and
removed a stainless steel OB/GYN speculum and a tube of lubricate, and then
walked back over to Harriet and laid the items on her stomach, causing her
to shriek from the cold. BD placed a head band with a bright light and small
camera attached to it around his head, and then placed a monitor in front of
Harriet eyes.

"I bet that you girls didn't know this, but before 9/11 I was almost finished
with my training as an OB/GYN doctor. I quit my training the day after 9/11
to join the Navy and become a Seal. Of course as a doctor I couldn't legally
or ethically perform the experiments or procedures that I am going to do to
you six captives. Harriet, I want you to be able to see what I am going to do
to your cunt. The little television camera attached to my head band will
broadcast everything to the monitor in front of your eyes, and you'll see
something that very few women ever get the chance to see, the inside of your

BD picked up the speculum and thoroughly coated it with the lubricant. "Cunt,
regardless of whether you want to or not, the speculum is going to be pushed
up into your pussy and your cunt will be spread wide open. You can make it
easier on yourself by relaxing as much as you can."

Harriet gave out a loud groan as BD pushed the speculum slowly between
her swollen pussy lips. With some difficulty because the cold metal made
Harriet's cunt want to tightly contract around it BD slowly forced the
speculum into Harriet's cunt until it would go no farther. He squeezed the
handles on the speculum forcing the restrained woman's pussy to spread wide

As he looked into the cunt that was spread open before him, BD said, "Now
Harriet, here is where it gets very interesting for me and very painful for
you, see that tight little O right there?"

Harriet looked at the TV monitor and saw what BD was talking about.

"I am going to insert a metal rod into your womb. To do that, I'm going to
have to overcome the strength of your cervix; in case you didn't know, your
cervix is a very strong muscle. Here, let me show you what I mean."

BD picked up a long metal rod; it was pointed at one end and gradually
expanded until it was 3 inches around, the other end had a rubber grip on it
with some wires attached to it. He pushed the metal rod into Harriet's cunt
until the point came in contact with her tightly closed cervix. He tried to
force the metal point into her but the tight muscles of her cervix resisted
the intrusion.

"See what I mean? Now I have two choices on how to defeat the muscle. The
first choice is to give you an injection directly into the cervix, of a
muscle relaxant. The second choice is to literally tire the muscle out. I
don't like the first choice, for two reasons. First the pain from the
injections only last a few seconds, second I want your cervix to be able
to tighten up around the metal rod as soon as it is inserted, so
unfortunately for you, I am going to tire the muscle out by applying
electrical stimulation directly to it."

BD checked the position of the stimulator and triggered it, sending a strong
electrical shock into Harriet's cervix. If it hadn't been for the fact that
she was firmly restrained to the OB/GYN table, Harriet would have bounced 3
feet straight up into the air. BD waited a minute before he shocked her
cervix again, causing Harriet to scream loudly and buck against her
restraints again. BD shocked her cervix twice more before he stopped, Harriet
sighed in relief because she thought that the torment of her cervix was

BD smiled and said, "Did you think we were done, bitch? We are just getting
started, and guess what? You are going to help! Reach between your legs and
place your hands around the rubber grip."

Harriet slowly moved her hands down, but apparently not fast enough for BD;
he triggered two more strong shocks directly to Harriet's cervix.

"Bitch, when I tell you to do something, I mean do it right now, no
hesitation is allowed!"

Harriet quickly wrapped her hands around the rubber grip on the muscle

"Again, there are two ways of opening up your womb Harriet. The first way
would involve applying strong electric shocks directly to your cervix until
it relaxed, but I don't want to do that because I'm afraid that it might
cause permanent damage. The second way is to apply continuous rapid shocks
until the muscles tire out. As the muscles tire, your cervix will open,
allowing the stimulator to slide deeper inside of you. You are going to slide
the stimulator inside you until it touches the back wall of your uterus. All
you have to do is apply pressure against the opening of your womb, and as the
muscles tire the stimulator will slide further and further inside of you. So
let's hurry up and get started, because all of the pain that I've applied to
your body today has made me horny as hell, and I can hardly wait to force my
cock into your mouth and down your throat and have you suck my dick until I
empty my balls into your throat and mouth. It's been three years since I have
had an orgasm, except of course for wet dreams, and my balls are full of

BD smiled at Harriet and said, "Since this is the first time for your virgin
mouth to be used, I figure that I'm going to break it in right, but before I
can do that I have to get your cunt ready. So let's get started, slowly push
the metal rod against your cervix, as the electrical shocks tire the muscles
out it will slide inside of you and open your uterus up."

After making sure that the pointed end of the metal rod was firmly against
the opening to Harriet's womb, BD flipped a switch on the rubber handle.
Rapid, mild electric shocks flowed from the point of the metal rod into the
tight muscle. BD said, "Apply slow gentle pressure on the rod, and as your
cervix opens, slide it inside of you until it rests against the back of your
womb. While you are preparing yourself, I am going to go sit down and relax
and drink another beer."

Harriet jumped as the mild electric shocks rapidly flowed into the opening of
her uterus. She could feel the muscle start to tire and slowly open; as the
muscle relaxed, the metal point slid through her cervix and into her womb.
Slowly over the next 10 minutes, Harriett managed to advance the metal rod
into her uterus until it was touching the back wall. Much to her surprise,
the electrical shocks flowing through her cunt had managed to make her very
stimulated. She could feel the juices flowing from her cunt; she couldn't
believe how moist she was, and her clit felt harder than it had ever been.

BD came back over to where Harriet was restrained; he placed a hand on the
rubber grip of the stimulator and pushed it making sure that it was firmly
against the back of Harriet's womb.

"Bitch you did a good job in placing the rod, but I can't believe how
stimulated you are. The pussy juice is just flowing out of you, and I bet
that you are close to having an orgasm, am I right?"

Harriet meekly replied, "Yes Master."

"Well we can't have that happening now can we. I mean, do you think that a
slave should cum before her Master does?"

"No Sir," replied Harriet.

"Just so you understand cunt, you and the other five women in this room are
my slaves. I control your bodies; you will eat, drink, sleep, piss, shit, or
whatever else I decide, whenever I decide to let you. Right now you are on
the verge of an orgasm, and if you have one without my permission, you will
be severely punished. So would you like me to stop you from having an

Harriet could feel an orgasm approaching, and not wanting to be subjected to
any more pain she meekly replied, "Please Master, stop me from having an

BD took a small metal rod and applied it directly to Harriet's clit. He
pushed a button at the base of the metal rod; Harriet shrieked in pain as a
high-intensity vibration was passed from the rod directly to her clit, it
was one the most painful things she had ever felt. BD kept the vibrating rod
firmly against Harriet's clitoris for almost a minute. With the lower part
of her body restrained, Harriet was unable to move to get away from the
painful vibrations. Of course the pain rudely jerked away the pleasurable
sensations that she was feeling.

Once he was sure that Harriet would not have an orgasm, BD pulled the metal
rod away from her clit and applied it to her right nipple. Harriet felt like
her nipple was going to explode! BD had fun chasing Harriet's bouncing tit
around the table with the pain stimulator, but just to be fair he moved it
to her left nipple so that it could feel some of the pain.

Once BD was satisfied that Harriet was not experiencing pleasurable feelings
at all, he pulled the pain stimulator away from her nipple and said, "This
metal rod passes high frequency sound vibrations to what ever part of your
body I apply it to. This is one of my favorite tools to use; it doesn't cause
any permanent damage nor does it leave any marks, but as you just felt, it is
very painful. Now that you no longer feel like having an orgasm, lets
continue getting you ready to suck my cock."

BD moved back in between her legs, he slid a long metal tube over the muscle
stimulator and pushed it up inside of Harriet's cunt. Because of the effects
of the muscle stimulator, he had no problem sliding the tube through her
cervix. Once the tube was in place, BD reached down and pulled the muscle
stimulator out of Harriet. Since the tube was hollow, BD had direct access to
Harriet's womb; he slid two long thick wires into the hollow tube and pushed
them forward until they were deep inside of Harriet's womb, then he picked up
a large can of liquid and poured it into the hollow tube. He picked up
another container of liquid and proceeded to empty it into the tube.

He placed both of his hands on Harriet's abdomen and started to shake it
around, mixing the chemicals inside of her womb. He reached down and grabbed
the hollow tube, quickly he pulled it out of Harriet's womb. She gave a sigh
of relief as her cervix closed and returned to its normal shape trapping the
two wires and the chemicals inside of her womb.

BD reached down and started to rub Harriet's abdomen. He said, "Harriet,
remember when I told you that I wished that I would have been able to capture
you while you were pregnant? Well, the chemicals that I just emptied into
your womb will make it almost as good for me; the two chemicals when mixed
together will turn into a gel and expand inside of you, causing your womb to
grow to the size it was when you were about seven months pregnant. I am going
to enjoy beating your swollen abdomen."

"Also, the chemicals once they are solidified are a good conductor of
electricity, sound, vibrations, hot, and cold. The two wires that are inside
of you are also good conductors of the same thing, and yes, before the night
is over, the inside of your womb will experience all of those sensations.
About now you should feel the inside of your womb growing warm as the
chemicals start to work."

Harriet's eyes popped open as the inside of her womb started to grow warm. BD
stepped back and said, "Just imagine ladies, how it is going to feel when I
do the same thing to the rest of you. In a way Harriet is lucky, since she
has been pregnant before, her womb is already stretched out. It won't be very
painful for her, just uncomfortable; but the rest of you bitches, will suffer
some pretty intense pain as your wombs fill and cause your abdomens to
expand. Now watch as Harriet's womb expands, and she goes from normal size to
be 7 months pregnant, in about 10 minutes."

Harriet groaned as the chemicals expanded inside of her, filling her womb
and causing it to expand. She watched as her abdomen grew in size, slowly
rounding out until she looked like she was seven months pregnant.

As Harriet's abdomen was swelling, BD walked over to where Major McKinsey was
restrained. Kneeling down next to her he said, "Just to let you know bitch,
that if I am not satisfied with your enthusiasm and participation in the rape
of your mouth and asshole, I am going to force a tube up your ass and into
your small intestine's and pour some of the same chemical inside of you. Just
imagine how painful it will be to have your small intestine and uterus
swollen at the same time."

BD walked back over and slowly ran his hands over Harriet's swollen stomach.
He enjoyed the feel of Harriet's pseudo pregnant stomach; since the chemical
hardened into a gel, and her stomach did indeed feel like he was rubbing the
belly of a seven month pregnant female.

He bent over and picked up his leather strap and smiled at Harriet and said,
"I wonder what is going to sound like when the strap makes contact with your
abdomen. I bet it sounds like a drum, what do you think? Well, let's find

BD stepped back and struck Harriet's abdomen right where the swelling
started, and sure enough, it sounded like a drum. Harriet screamed as the
pain flowed through her stomach. Slowly BD proceeded to beat Harriet's
rounded stomach. It took all of Harriet's concentration to make sure that
she didn't lose her count, as she screamed 120.

BD stopped beating her stomach. "Damn I'm impressed Harriet. I almost
expected you to lose your count as your swollen abdomen was abused, but you
managed to not miss a beat. I sure enjoyed that, although I'm sure that you
didn't. Just to let you know, I am done beating you for now. In just a few
minutes, I am going to rape your mouth. But before that, I need to get your
nipples and clit prepared."

BD reached down and removed the clamps from Harriet's nipples, causing her to
groan in pain as the feeling returned to them. BD picked up two narrow clear
plastic tubes and placed them over each of Harriet's nipples. He connected
rubber tubing to both of them, then reached down and turned on a suction
pump. Harriet's nipples were sucked inside of the clear plastic tubes, and as
the suction increased, they started to grow. Because the tubes were so
narrow, Harriet's nipples increased in length, but not in diameter. BD kept
up the suction until Harriet's nipples were painfully stretched out, growing
to almost three times their normal length. When BD was satisfied with the
length of Harriet's nipples, he turned the suction off.

"Harriet, I need your help again. Reach down and grab the suction cup on your
left nipple, pull it up so that your nipple is stretched out," ordered BD.

Harriet reached down and placed her fingers around the suction cup, she
pulled it up leaving a half-inch gap between the base of the suction cup and
her breast. BD placed a rubber coated wire clamp in the space that was
exposed, he released the clamp tightly constricting Harriet's nipple. The
pain of having her swollen nipple crushed by the clamp, caused her to scream.

BD said, "Ok Harriet, release your left nipple and do the same thing to your
right nipple."

Soon Harriet's right nipple was trapped just like her left one was. BD
reached up and pushed a release valve on the suction cup covering Harriet's
left nipple, the metal clamp around her nipple forced it to remain swollen.
Fortunately for Harriet, the tight clamps around her nipples caused them to
grow numb, and soon the pain was tolerable.

BD said, "I noticed that your ears are not pierced, would you like to tell me

Harriet meekly replied, "Sir, the reason that my ears are not pierced is
because I don't like the idea of mutilating my body just to add decorations
to it."

BD smiled and said, "Well Harriet, I got some bad news for you. I am going to
pierce both of your nipples and place permanent rings in them. I am also
going to pierce and ring your clit as well. The rings will cause your nipples
and clit to be permanently enlarged. It will also give me 3 more anchor
points to help restrain you in any way as I desire. It would be in your best
interest to remain completely still while I am puncturing your nipples and
clit and placing the rings in position."

BD reached down and picked up a bottle and a long tapered needle, he poured
some of the contents of the bottle onto Harriet exposed nipple. BD said, "We
don't want your nipples to get infected, so I am covering them with an

Once both of Harriet's nipples were covered with the antiseptic, BD placed
the bottle on the floor. He grabbed the tip of Harriet's left nipple in
between his index finger and thumb and tightly squeezed it, then he stretched
Harriet's nipple out and he placed the tip of the needle against the base of
the nipple and rapidly pushed it through until the tip came out the other
side. He placed a small piece of cork over the needle so that it would not
slide out. BD repeated the process on Harriet's right nipple. Harriet looked
at her pierced nipples, and tears rolled from her eyes.

BD positioned the monitor so that it was hanging directly over Harriet's
face. Then he turned the small video camera that he was wearing around his
head back on.

"Watch carefully," he said, as he moved down so that he was positioned
between Harriet's legs.

He reached out and started to stroke Harriet's clit until it grew hard, and
then he placed a suction cup over it and turned the power on. He watched as
Harriet's clit grew; because the suction cup was so narrow, her clit grew in
length until it was an inch and a half long. When BD was satisfied with the
length of Harriet's clit, he grabbed the suction cup and pulled on it,
stretching Harriet's clit out even farther. He slid a rubber coated metal
clamp over Harriet's clit and released it. Harriet screamed as the clamp bit
into her painfully swollen nub. BD pushed the release valve on the suction
cup and pulled it off the elongated clit.

"You know Harriet, it is absolutely amazing that such a small part of your
body can cause so much pleasure, and as soon you will find out, so much pain.
Actually, I am going to pierce your clit twice; once I place the ring through
both of the holes in your clit, it will be permanently stretched out. Believe
it or not, in the long run, having your clit stretched out will be quite an
enjoyable experience for you, because it will make your clit extremely
sensitive. Actually you should be thankful for the clamp I placed around the
base of your clit, having it so tightly constricted will reduce sensations."

BD moved so that he was straddling Harriet, and sat down on her stomach,
making sure that she couldn't move. "Damn Harriet that big, soft, round belly
of yours sure does make a nice seat," BD commented, as he coated Harriet's
clit with an antiseptic.

Then he placed a small tapered needle at the base of Harriet's clit just
above the clamp, he quickly pushed it through the swollen nub. Harriet's eyes
popped out of her head and she screamed as her clit was painfully abused. She
couldn't imagine how the pain could get any worse, but it did as BD pushed
the needle through her clit; it forced the hole to expand even farther. Her
tormentor placed a small piece of cork over the tip of the needle, keeping it
in place. BD picked up another small tapered needle and positioned it so that
it was just behind the head of Harriet's swollen gland; making sure that both
needles were aligned he quickly drove the needle through Harriet's clit

The unfortunate naval officer shrieked in pain as she watched her clit being
mutilated, she thought to herself, 'I can't believe that three of the most
pleasurable parts of my body to be touched are causing me so much pain.' BD
placed another small piece of cork over the needle, so that it stayed in
place. BD stood up and turned around, now he would straddle Harriet's body
so that he was facing her head.

"Now bitch, it's time to finish decorating your nipples. If you are wondering
why there is so little blood, it is because the needles were coated with a
drug that caused the blood vessels in your nipples to tightly constrict. It's
time for you to go to work again, and help me ring your nipples. We are going
to start with the left one, when I tell you to, I want you to grab the piece
of cork attached to the needle and use it to pull the needle the rest of the
way through your nipple. As you pull the needle through, I am going to slide
the ring through the hole. The rings are gold plated titanium; they are very
strong and very light weight. If I wanted to, I could hang you by your
nipples. Unfortunately I can't do that because the rings would rip out of
your nipples, and as much as the thought of listening to you scream as you
hang by your nipples appeals to me, I don't want to destroy your breasts.
They are also a good conductor of electricity, vibrations, heat, and cold."

BD reached down and picked up a 1 inch diameter ring, he placed a spreader
inside of it and spread it open. BD looked at all Harriet and said, "When I
say 'go', grab the cork and pull the needle the rest of the way through, it
will be painful because as the needle goes through, it will cause the hole
in your nipple to open up even farther. I recommend that you do it quickly
to minimize the pain."

BD positioned the ring next to the needle and said, "Go."

Harriet grabbed the cork between two fingers and rapidly pulled it through
her nipple, the pain of having the hole in her nipple stretched even farther
open caused her to scream. BD quickly pushed the open ring through the hole
in Harriet's nipple, once the ring was in proper position he removed the
spreader and allowed the two ends of the ring to come together.

"Before I permanently attach the ring in place, I am going to place the ring
in your right nipple. Remember, when I say 'go', grab the cork and pull the
needle all the way through it. Let's hurry up and get this done because I
don't know now much longer I can hold out; all of the pain I am providing to
you is getting me very horny and I can hardly wait to bury my cock in your
throat and rape it until I empty my balls into your throat and mouth."

Quickly the process was repeated on Harriet's right nipple, and soon both of
Harriet's swollen, pert, nipples were ringed. BD said, "Now comes the hard
part." BD held a small metal ball in front of Harriet's eyes, "this small
ball is the secret to making sure that you will never be able to take these
rings out of your nipples, see the small holes in it? When your nipple starts
to heal it is going to flow through the holes in the ball so that it becomes
a permanent part of your nipple, it is going to be very rewarding for me,
because every time you see the rings hanging from your nipples or feel them
rub up against a piece of clothing that you were wearing, you'll be reminded
of your stay with me. For the rest of your life you will remember how I
abused you."

The ends of the rings had fine threads on them, BD started on Harriet's left
nipple. He picked up the small metal ball with small holes all over it and 2
bigger holes on both sides and threaded both ends of the ring into the bigger
the holes. Making sure that the threaded ends of the ring were properly
positioned, he started to slowly rotate the ball; drawing the ends of the
ring together inside of it, he tightened it down until the ring would go no
farther into the ball. He rotated the ring until the ball was inside of
Harriet's nipple. The ball was big enough that it forced the piercing to
open slightly, once he was satisfied that the ball was properly inside of
Harriet's nipple, he rotated the ring again until the ball came out.

He picked up a small brush and dipped it into a container of fluid. Using the
brush, he coated the ball with the fluid, then he rotated the ball so that it
was back inside of the piercing. He gently squeezed Harriet's nipple making
sure that piercing was tightly pushed up against the metal ball.

"Cunt I need your help again. Reach down and gently squeeze your nipple so
that the hole stays in contact with the metal ball," ordered BD.

Harriet reached down and took her nipple in between her fingers and squeezed
it around the metal ball; while Harriet was maintaining pressure on her left
nipple, BD repeated the process on her right nipple. Without saying a word,
BD grabbed Harriet's right hand and placed it over her right nipple. Harriet
instinctively knew that her Master wanted her to do the same thing to her
right nipple that she was doing to her left nipple.

BD said, "You have to maintain pressure on your nipples for 10 minutes. I am
going to remove the clamps from your nipples. It is going to be very painful
as the blood flows back into your nipples and you start to get feeling back
in them; but whatever you do, keep the pressure on your nipples."

BD reached down and grabbed both clamps, he opened them up and removed them
from Harriet's nipples. As the circulation was returned to her nipples, the
swelling started to go down and her piercings were pulled tight around the
metal balls inside of them. Harriet gave a moan of pain as the feelings
returned to her nipples.

BD said, "I'm going to go check on Sarah. Remember, keep pressure on your

BD moved over to where Sarah was kneeling on the floor. He took the plastic
cover off of her tongue and grabbed it with the rubber coated metal clamp. He
carefully inspected the restrained woman's swollen tongue and said, "Well,
the tip is pointy enough, but it's not quite as long as I want it to be, so
I guess I will have to do some more work on it."

He placed a piece of wood under Sarah's tongue, using the clamp he secured
Sarah's tongue to the wood. He reached down and grabbed a thin needle, he
then placed the tip of the needle against the tip of Sarah's tongue and
slowly pushed it through, piercing her tongue. Needless to say, this brought
a scream of pain from Sarah.

BD looped a piece of wire around the needle on top of Sarah's tongue, then he
looped a piece of wire around the needle under Sarah's tongue, he connected
the two pieces of wire together and attached a small weight to the wire. He
picked up the syringe containing the growth hormone and injected it into
Sarah's tongue three more times. He picked up a piece of plastic and slid it
under Sarah's tongue, he brought the two ends of the plastic together and
tightened it around her tongue.

He said to Sarah, "That long tongue of yours is going to feel so good when it
is buried in my asshole, I hope you are paying close attention to what I am
doing to Harriet's nipples and clit, because I can guarantee you that what I
am going to do to your nipples and clit is going to be a lot more painful."

BD got up and walked back over to where Harriet was laying.

He said, "Ok, let's see if the rings are correctly attached now. Release your

Harriet let go of her nipples. BD reached down and grabbed the rings, and
then twisted them, trying to rotate the rings so that the metal balls would
come out of Harriet's nipples, but instead all it did was to painfully twist
Harriet's nipples.

BD said, "The liquid that I coated the metal balls with, was a combination
of surgical adhesive, and a drug which will cause your piercings to close
tightly around the metal balls. Once your nipples are completely healed, the
rings will become a part of you. Of course you could always remove the rings
later, but doing so will mutilate your nipples and clit, and I don't think
there is a plastic surgeon around that could repair them. Now that your
nipples are decorated, let's finish up with the decorations for your clit;
I can hardly wait to get it done so that I can sink my cock into your

BD turned back around and sat on Harriet's stomach again. He picked up two
small metal balls and coated them with the same liquid he had used on her
nipples. He reached down and grabbed the cork connected to the needle at the
base of Harriet's clit, he quickly pulled it out forcing the needle all the
way through. Harriet screamed as the hole in her clit was expanded by the
tapered needle. BD rapidly pushed one of the small metal balls into the hole
in Harriet's clit made by the needle.

Once he was satisfied that the ball was seated inside of Harriet's clit, he
repeated the process with the needle at the top of Harriet's clit. Once the
balls were seated inside of Harriet's clit, BD picked up a thin elongated
ring. He separated the ends of the ring and threaded one end of the ring
through the hole in the metal ball at the base of Harriet's clit. He then
carefully pulled it through and threaded it through the hole in the metal
ball at the top of Harriet's clit. Once BD was satisfied that the ring was
in proper position, he carefully coated both ends of it with a strong
adhesive and positioned the ring so that the joint rested inside of the
metal ball at the top of Harriet's clit. he reached down and picked up a
swab covered with the glue and growth hormone combination and liberally
applied it to both of the holes.

BD stood up, allowing Harriet to take a deep breath; he reached down and
removed the clamp around the base of Harriet's clit. Just like with her
nipples, when the clamp was released and blood flow was allowed to return to
her clit; the swelling went down, pulling the holes in her clit tight around
the metal balls, at the same time the metal ring kept her clit painfully
stretched out.

"I am going to allow you to lay here and recover from your modifications for
a few minutes. I need to work on Sarah some more. When I am done with her, I
will show you how your jewelry and your pseudo pregnant womb will motivate
you to provide me with the best blow job that you possibly can give me."

BD walked back over to where Sarah knelt. He carefully inspected her tongue
and said, "It's almost long enough. I think I need to add an inch to it and
it will be perfect. Also, I need to work on your lips; they are just a little
too thin for my taste. One of the things I look forward to is having your
nice fat lips tightly wrapped around my cock. When I get done modifying your
mouth, it will be perfect for cock sucking; and don't worry, over the next
several days you will be sucking plenty of cocks."

He leaned over and attached another weight to Sarah's tongue, then he picked
up a syringe with a thick needle on it. He wiped Sarah's top lip off with an
antiseptic wipe and held the needle up in front of Sarah's eyes and said,
"This syringe is filled with collagen. I am going to inject it into your top
lip to make it thicker. Unfortunately for you, I can't use a thin needle
because the collagen is very thick and it's going to hurt like hell when I
insert the needle into your lip, which I am going to do four times. But first
I need to place this mold over your lip so that it will be shaped properly."

BD reached down and grabbed Sarah's lip and pulled it out and slid a black
plastic mold over the top of it; once he was satisfied with the position of
the mold, he tightened small clamps on it holding it firmly in place. He
picked up the syringe and pushed it through a hole on the plastic mold, Sarah
screamed as the needle pierced her lip. As BD pushed the plunger of the
syringe down forcing the collagen into her, she could feel her lip growing
inside of the mold. BD repeated the process three more times.

He said, "When I am done raping Harriet's mouth, I will come back and do
the same thing to your bottom lip. After that your tongue should be at the
desired length, so I will place the studs into it. Before I rape Harriet's
asshole, I am going to work on your nipples and clit. But for now, I want
you to watch as Harriet sucks my cock; see if you can think of any way to
make it more enjoyable for me when I rape your mouth."

BD moved back over to Harriet and he said, "Now Harriet let me demonstrate
how your jewelry and pseudo pregnant womb are going to add to my enjoyment as
my shove my cock into your mouth and down your throat."

BD clipped some wires to the rings in Harriet's nipples, then he connected
some wires to the ring in Harriet's clit; he plugged the wires into a control
panel. He then connected the two wires that protruded from her cunt to the
control panel; lastly he placed a suction cup over Harriet's clit.

He picked up a long flexible rod and held it up in front of Harriet's eyes,
"Harriet I want you to guess where this metal rod is going. I will give you a
clue; it's going up inside of you."

Harriet meekly replied, "Please Sir, don't push that rod into my asshole."

BD smiled and said, "Good guess cunt. Of course that wasn't real hard since
your cunt is already full and you know that soon your mouth will be full of
my cock. This rod is 16 inches long, and as you will soon find out, it can
do some very interesting things. Fortunately it's only 1 inch around, so it
won't hurt very much when I shove it up your asshole. If you beg real well,
I will lubricate it before I force it into you."

It only took Harriet a few seconds before she started begging, "Please Sir,
don't shove that rod up my asshole without lubricating it, it will hurt too
much. Please don't. Please lubricate it. I am begging you please Master."

BD smiled and said, "Well since you did such a good job of begging, I will be
glad to lubricate it for you."

He picked up a large blue jar and dipped the metal rod into it making sure
that it was covered with the lubricant. When he was finished coating the
metal rod, he placed the jar on Harriet's chest just below her chin.

As he started to push the metal rod into Harriet's asshole, the smell of the
lubricate reached her nostrils. Harriet thought, 'that smells familiar. Wait
a minute, it smells like Vicks Vaporub. Surely he wouldn't use that to
lubricate the rod would he?'

Before he had used them, BD had kept the metal rod and the lubricant in the
refrigerator so that they were ice cold. Harriet's anal sphincter tightened
as BD pushed the rod into it. It took a while, but BD forced the entire 16
inch rod up Harriet's ass, the temperature of the rod caused her to contract
around it, pulling her anal passage tightly around the rod.

Once the rod was buried in Harriet's ass, BD looked at Harriet's face with a
big smile. He wanted to watch the look on Harriet's face as the lubricant
was absorbed by her. "Just to let you know Harriet, the lubricate may have
smelled like Vicks Vaporub. Actually the menthol content is about three times
as high, and any minute now you should be feeling the effects of it."

Harriet could feel a mild burning sensation start deep inside of her, quickly
if grew in intensity as her intestines absorbed the menthol. Within a couple
of minutes it felt like somebody was holding a blowtorch up inside of her
asshole, Harriet started to scream as the burning sensation inside of her
intensified. Another unfortunate consequence of the menthol lubricate was
that it caused the lining of her anal passage to swell, pulling it tightly
around the metal rod.

BD said, "The swelling will make it difficult for me to pull the rod out of
your asshole. At the same time, the swelling will make your ass so much
tighter around my cock when I shove it all the way inside of you."

Indeed Harriet could feel her anal passage grow tight around the metal rod.

"Now that you are wired up Harriet, let me demonstrate to you the control
that I have over your body. The key to the whole thing is this little
remote-control, I can use it to cause you pleasure, like this."

BD pushed a button on the remote-control and gave a slight twist to the
knob located on it, causing mild electric shocks to flow through Harriet's
nipples. The mild electrical stimulation of her nipple's actually felt
good to Harriet. BD pushed another button and the shocks started to cycle
back-and-forth between both nipples, the pleasure coming from her nipples
caused Harriet to groan with pleasure.

"The thing that is so amazing about the whole thing Harriet is that since the
wires are embedded into your body, it doesn't take much current to stimulate
you." BD pushed another button on the remote and a mild electric current
started to flow through Harriet's clit. "If I wanted to, cunt, I could force
you to have an orgasm. Using the remote-control, I can control your pleasure
or pain like a puppet. As a matter of fact, I have essentially made you my
slut puppet. How about a little more pleasure?"

BD pushed another button on the remote and the suction cup over Harriet's
clit started to apply gentle suction to it; he turned the button slightly,
applying more intense electric shocks to Harriet's clit, which caused it to
start to twitch inside of the suction cup. He pushed another button and the
long metal rod inside of Harriet's ass hole started to vibrate and apply
gentle electric shocks along the entire length of her anal passage; the
stimulation of her nipples, clit, and asshole made Harriet start to buck her
hips and back and forth like she was being fucked. BD had one more surprise
for Harriet, he pushed another button on the remote and the hardened gel
inside of her womb started to gently vibrate and send mild electrical shocks
throughout her abdominal area, the electric shocks caused Harriet's rounded
belly to twitch.

BD moved next to Harriet. Reaching down, he released the restraints around
her legs as he leaned over and whispered into her ear, "Don't you dare cum
without my permission, cunt."

BD stood back up and watched Harriet's face as the electrical shocks and the
vibrations in her stomach and asshole pleasured her, she was bucking her hips
up and down. BD smiled because he knew that soon she would be begging for an
orgasm, and he was right.

Harriet cried out, "Please Master, let me have an orgasm! I need one so bad!
Please Master let me cum."

BD leaned over and looked at Harriet directly in her eyes as he calmly
answered her, "Do you think it's right for a slave to enjoy the pleasure of
an orgasm before her Master does? And besides, you haven't done anything to
earn an orgasm yet. Maybe if you do a good job when I rape your throat, I
will allow you to have an orgasm. Remember, whatever you do, don't cum."

BD watched Harriet carefully seeing how far she could push herself before she
begged him to stop her from having an orgasm. He watched as she drew closer
and closer; he thought that she was going to disobey him, but finally Harriet
begged, "Please Sir, stop me from having an orgasm. I don't want to disobey

BD patted Harriet on the head like a dog and said, "Good girl."

He waited until the remote control indicated that the next electrical
shock would be delivered to Harriet's asshole, he twisted the knob on the
controller increasing the intensity of the electrical shocks half way.

Harriet had reached the point where she thought that there was no turning
back and thought that she was going to have an orgasm. The strong electric
shock that was delivered through the 16 inch long metal rod buried in her
ass quickly changed that, if felt like somebody had shoved a fist up her
asshole and was punching her intestines. During this, the suction cup over
her clit was increasing its suction, causing her clit to lengthen and
painfully stretch the ring through it.

Her nipples were the next victim of the painful shocks. Harriet felt like
somebody was twisting them and trying to tear them off. The shocks moved to
her clit, causing it to try and contract, which it was unable to do because
of the strong suction being applied to it. She felt like her clit was being
ripped out. Then the gelatinous mass inside of her womb started to deliver
strong electric shocks to the inside of her body, causing her womb to
contract; it almost felt like she was giving birth. The shock of having her
asshole electrocuted had taken her breath away, when she was finally able to
catch her breath, Harriet started to scream,

BD thought to himself, 'Good, I'm glad to see it works so well. Just think
what is going to feel like when my cock it is all the way down her throat
and she is trying to scream around it'.

He let the painful stimulation of Harriet's body continue for two minutes
before turning the intensity control down so that Harriet again was receiving
mild pleasurable stimulation. Harriet collapsed on the bench, and he knew
that if it had not been for the stimulant that he'd injected into her earlier
she would have passed out.

BD put the remote-control into Harriet's hand, placing her thumb over a red
button on the controller and said, "All this work has made me tired and
thirsty, so I am going to take a break. The stimulation of your nipples,
clit, asshole, and womb will continue while I am taking my break. Anytime
you feel like you are going to have an orgasm, all you have to do is hit the
button under your thumb, and your orgasm will be painfully stopped. Don't
worry, since the electricity is being delivered to you internally, there
isn't enough electricity flowing through you to cause any permanent damage;
it just hurts like hell. Also, each time you use the button, the intensity
and length of time that you receive the painful stimulation will increase,
so you probably should learn to exercise some self control. Before I take my
break, I need to go check on Sarah and see how the modification of her tongue
is going."

BD walked over to the restrained Major. He looked at her tongue and said,
"It's almost there Sarah, it just needs a little more length."

Mac groaned when she heard this, because she knew that whatever he did to
cause it to grow it longer was going to be painful for her; and sure enough,
BD attached another weight to the wire connected to her tongue causing her
to shriek in pain.

BD rubbed his finger across her tongue and said, "That tongue is going to
feel so good when it is buried in my asshole, and those soft lips of yours
are going to feel exquisite wrapped around the base of my cock. If you think
what I'm doing to Harriet is bad, wait until I start to work on you, I have
special plans for you bitch. I should be back in about 20 or 25 minutes,
after I get done raping Harriet's mouth. Then I will take the weights off of
your tongue and work on your lower lip. When I'm finished with your mouth,
I'm going to start on your nipples and tits."

Harriet started to scream again as she had to use the controller to stop
herself from having an orgasm.

BD waited until Harriet stopped screaming and said, "Sarah, I hope you have
better self control that Harriet does, because you're pain level is going to
start out higher than hers." BD walked over to the refrigerator and got a
beer, he went over to his chair and set down and slowly started to drink his

Harriet lay on the bench thinking to herself that she couldn't believe how
sexually stimulated she was. Unknown to her, the injection that the BD had
given her earlier also contained a powerful aphrodisiac and as BD had told
her earlier, the lengthening of her clit had indeed caused it to become more
sensitive. And unknown to either Harriet or BD, she actually had a submissive
streak in her and for the first time in her life, it was being nourished.

It didn't take long for the electrical stimulation, vibrations in her asshole
and womb, and the suction of her clit, to bring her close to another orgasm.
As much is she dreaded pushing the button on the controller again, she was
even more afraid of what BD would do to her if she had an orgasm without his
permission. Reluctantly she pushed the button, self inflicting painful
torture on herself. Three long minutes passed as the most intimate parts of
her body were painfully abused; if it wasn't for the fact that her stomach
was completely empty, Harriet knew that she would have thrown up all over
herself. In the back of her mind, she was glad that BD had not given her any
food for three days. After an eternity, the painful stimulation stopped, and
the pleasurable sensations were provided to Harriet's body.

BD left her alone long enough that Harriet was forced to inflict self torture
three more times. By the time she was finished, she was being shocked for
five minutes at 75% intensity. He spent the time drinking a couple of beers
and thinking about how good it was going to feel having Harriet scream like
that with his cock buried deep in her throat. By the time he let her stop,
Harriet had screamed herself hoarse, and it was all she could do to move. BD
knew that she was going to need some rest before he raped her mouth. He
walked over and took the controller from her hand and turned it off.

"Did you enjoy that cunt? If your moans and screams were any indication, you
got several minutes of pleasure as well as several minutes of pain. I'm going
to give you a few minutes to rest before I use your mouth as a receptacle for
my semen, but before I allow you to rest, I'm going to apply a moisturizing
gel to your mouth so that you have plenty of saliva in your mouth to
lubricate my cock. Open your mouth wide."

Harriet opened her mouth and BD picked up a bottle of gel sitting on the
floor. He positioned the bottle over her face and squeezed it so that it
filled her mouth with the gel.

"Don't swallow it, your mouth is dry enough that you should absorb most
of it. I know that you are thirsty, but to provide you with additional
motivation to put your best effort into sucking my cock, I am not going to
give you anything to drink until I have filled your stomach and mouth with
my cum. I have a special beverage for you to drink, I have put a lot of
effort into making sure that there is a sufficient quantity of it for you,
and I worked really hard making sure that it has an appropriate flavor. Now
close your mouth tightly, make sure that none of that gel leaks out."

As he filled her mouth with the gel, he continued his instructions, "I want
you to get up off the bench and follow me, all of the sweating that you have
been doing has made you stink. While I was taking my break, I prepared a bath
you. I'm going to let you soak in it for a while, and clean yourself up. Let
me disconnect the wires from your nipples, and remove the suction cup and
wires from your clit; the rod stays in your asshole until I decide take it
out. Also, the wires that go deep into your womb will have to stay there
until I am ready to pull the gelatin out of you, so instead of walking I want
you to crawl like a dog. You know, like a bitch; and in your case right now,
it looks and sounds like a bitch in heat. Damn cunt, look at all the pussy
juice that spilled out of you and onto the bench. If you didn't already have
your mouth full, I would make you lick the bench clean before I let you go
take your bath. Now I want you to climb off the bench and get down the floor
on all fours".

When BD filled her mouth with the moisturizing gel, Harriet was afraid that
it would taste bad; but much to her surprise, it had no taste at all, and as
BD had said, her dry mouth quickly absorbed the gel. She climbed off the
bench and knelt on her hands and knees waiting for BD's next command. Unknown
to her, he had picked up a large paddle.

He moved behind her and said, "See the tub against the far wall? When I tell
you to, I want you start crawling towards it." BD swung the paddle smacking
Harriet on her ass, "Move bitch!"

The pain of the paddle smacking her ass surprised Harriett; she started to
crawl towards the tub.

"Faster bitch!"

BD smacked Harriet with the paddle again causing her to move faster. It was
difficult for Harriet to crawl with her pseudo pregnant belly and swollen
breasts, but BD beating her ass was plenty of motivation as she crawled
across the room. She added each blow to her total count, by the time they
reached the tub it had risen to 140.

Harriet was amazed with BD's control; he had hit her 140 times and had never
broken the skin. When they reached the tub, Harriet was surprised by the
size of it; it was at least 6 feet long and 4 feet wide. While he was on his
break, BD had filled the tub with water and added bath oils and soap to it.

"Without standing up bitch, I want you to crawl into the tub."

Harriet slowly crawled into the tub, the water temperature was very hot and
it took her breath away as she adjusted to it. She leaned back against the
back of the tub, and relaxed as the warm water, soap, and oils soothed her
abused body.

BD placed a timer on the floor next to her and said, "Relax in the tub until
the timer goes off, then use the sponge to scrub your body and get the stink
off of it. When you are done cleaning yourself off, without standing up, get
out of the tub and go over to the showerhead next to the tub; pull on the
chain and rinse yourself off. Once all of the soap is off of you, use the
towel to dry yourself off. Then go over to table and fix your hair and
makeup, when you are finished, crawl over to me to it politely ask me to rape
your mouth."

As Harriet lay in the tub relaxing, BD walked over to the cage were the other
five women knelt. He opened the door and went inside, "Petty Officer Jennifer
Coates you are next to start getting prepared. I'm going to release the
straps binding you to the pole. Once you are free, stand up and walk out of
the cage and go stand in the center of the room." BD released the straps
binding Jennifer to the pole; he left the straps connecting her wrists behind
her back in place.

Quickly Jennifer stood up and moved out of the cage to the center of the

BD followed her out of the cage and when she was in place he asked, "Do you
remember shocked that the collar around your neck gave to you?"

Jennifer nodded her head yes, she couldn't talk because the gag was still in
her mouth.

"In a minute I am going to give you a command, if you don't want to feel the
shock collar again, you will follow the command without any hesitation. Just
to make it clear, if you fail to obey my orders, I will turn the shock collar
on and all six of you will receive shocks from them, only this time the
shocks will last twice as long and be twice as strong. Now turn around so I
can release your hands."

Jennifer turned around; as BD released her hands, he placed his hands on her
shoulders and turned her back around so that she was facing him, "Strip

Jennifer had already decided that she wanted to avoid the painful shocks from
the collar around her neck, so she quickly unbuttoned and removed her blouse,
followed by her bra. She knelt down and removed her shoes and socks. She
stood up and slid her pants and panties down her legs, and then stepped out
of them.

When she was done removing her clothes, BD said, "Quickly pick up all of your
clothes and take them to the shelf on the other side of the room, neatly fold
them and place them on the shelf. When you are done doing that, comeback and
stand right where you are standing now."

Jennifer bent over and picked up all of her clothes. She rapidly walked
across the room, folded them neatly, and placed them on the shelf. After
completing that task, she returned to stand in front of BD.

"Damn bitch, you sure have some nice tits! The uniform that the Navy makes
you wear sure covered up your body, I never realized that you looked this
good," BD said as he stood in front of Jennifer, admiring her body.

"Jennifer, I am going to make you the same offer that I made Major MacKenzie.
You have two choices, the first choice is to fight me, and all you have to do
is hit me one time before I hit you eight times. I know that before you
joined the Navy you are involved in some illegal activities, and ran with a
gang, so you probably think you are pretty tough. If you decide to fight me,
we will find out just how tough you are. If you win, I will immediately
release you and Mattie. The second choice is place your hands behind your
head so that your arms are parallel to the floor, spread your legs shoulder
width apart and say 'Master I am here to serve you, do with me as you wish'.
I will give you 30 seconds to make your decision; if you decide to fight me,
indicate that by moving to the mat; if you decide to obey me, assume the
position that I ordered you to and I'll remove the gag so that you can tell
me you are willing to be my slave."

Jennifer thought to herself, 'All I have to do is hit him one time; I should
be able to do that without any problem.' Having decided to fight BD, Jennifer
moved across the room to the mat.

BD followed her and said, "Good. I'm glad to see that you decided to fight
me. I will enjoy beating your tits and kicking your cunt. I will give you a
couple of minutes to stretch and warm up."

Once Jennifer was done getting ready to fight BD, he stepped in front of her
and waited for her to attack. Less than a minute and a half later, Jennifer
was lying on the floor with her hands covering her abused and sore breasts.
Because of the blow that she had received to her solar plexus and forehead,
she was unable to move as BD stepped between her legs and pulled his foot
back and kicked her in her spread open cunt. She was unable to scream as two
of BD's toes forced their way into her pussy; and to add to her humiliation,
BD wiggled his toes inside of her cunt. As he pulled his foot from her pussy,
he dragged his toenails across her clit, painfully scraping it.

Before she had a chance to recover, BD reached down and picked Jennifer up
off the floor by her hair and moved her to a pole that was facing Sarah.
He forced her to kneel and quickly attached the restraints on her wrists
together, trapping her arms behind her back. He attached a strong spring
loaded nipple clamp to her left nipple and then quickly repeated the process
on her right nipple.

Jennifer finally caught her breath, and as her nipples were crushed, she
screamed. BD attached a wire to the clamp on Jennifer's right nipple, he
passed it around the pole and attached it to the clamp on Jennifer's left
nipple. He positioned her breasts so that the pole passed in between them.
He pulled the wire tight so that Jennifer was held in position with her
breasts wrapped around the pole and her chin resting on top of the pole.
It didn't take BD long to get Jennifer prepared since he had had some
practice on Sarah. Soon Jennifer found herself in the same situation is
Sara; with an elongated tongue and her gag response removed.

When he was finished making the modifications to Jennifer's mouth and tongue,
he moved over to Sarah and said, "Since I'm here, I may as well start the
preparations on your tits, cunt."

He loosened the wire connecting Sarah's nipples together and pulled her away
from the pole. He placed a half-inch wide leather strap around the base of
Sarah's right breast and pulled it tight, he quickly repeated the process on
Sarah's left breast.

"That should cause your breasts to swell up real nice. Actually I'm doing you
a favor; by the time I get done raping Harriet's mouth your breasts should be
numb, and it won't be quite as painful for you when I inject your nipples
with the growth hormone. I just heard the timer go off and I want to be there
and watch Harriet as she crawls out of the tub and into the shower. She is in
for a big surprise when she pulls the chain to rinse herself off!"

BD walked back over and watched as Harriet crawled from the tub and into the
shower. He smiled as Harriet grabbed the chain and pulled on it. She shrieked
as her body was blasted with ice cold water.

BD said, "Make sure that you rinse all of the soap off of yourself. I am
going to go drink another beer while I wait for you to finish rinsing off and
fixing your hair and makeup."

Harriet forced herself to stay under the ice cold water until the soap was
completely rinsed from her body. By the time she was done, she was completely
covered with goose bumps. She dried herself off and moved over to the table
with the mirror and makeup on it and carefully applied the makeup, then she
fixed her hair. When she was finished preparing herself, Harriet got down on
the floor and slowly crawled across the room, knowing that in just a short
time her mouth would be filled with BD's cock.

She crawled over in front of BD, knelt on her knees, looked at him and said,
"Master please rape my mouth, fuck my mouth and throat until you are ready to
use me as a receptacle for your semen."


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