JAG: The Violation Of JAG Part 3 - Harriet Gets Her Mouth Raped
Written by Dr Midnite ([email protected])
Edited and proofread by Emerald

"Well Harriet, I hope you are ready, because it is time for you to suck
your first cock I'm going to rape your mouth until I empty my balls down
your throat and fill your stomach with my cum. I wonder how many times your
husband asked you to suck his cock for him? Just think, if you would have
done it for him, your first blow job would have been given to somebody that
you love; and I am sure that he would have been a whole lot more gentler.
Now your first blow job is essentially the rape of your mouth."

"Before I rape your mouth, you are going to provide me with some foreplay.
First you're going to lick my balls, then you're going to take them in your
mouth and suck on them; after that you are going to stick your tongue as far
up my asshole as you can get it. You're going to lick and suck my asshole
until I am ready to shove my cock down your throat until your nose is buried
in my pubic hair. Just to let you know, I have excellent control over my
body; and if I decide to, it can take as long as a half an hour for me to
cum. Depending on how much stimulation your mouth and tongue provides to my
cock, and how enthusiastic you are about providing me with an orgasm; as
much as I would hate to do it, if I don't think that you are doing everything
you can do to make this blow job and enjoyable experience for me I will leave
my cock buried in your throat until you choke to death. Just think Harriet,
the last thing that you would see in your life is my pubic hair, and the last
thing that you would ever feel is my cum being pumped into your throat."

"Since you have never sucked a cock before, I am going to give you
instructions on the way that I want you to do it. First, if I feel your
teeth on my cock, I will stop and knock out every one of your fucking teeth.
Second, whenever my cock is being pulled out of your throat and into your
mouth, you are to suck on it as hard as you possibly can. Your tongue should
always be moving and licking my cock; we will start slowly as I want to enjoy
the sensation of slowly pushing my cock into your mouth and down your throat.
There are a couple of surprises for you that will add additional stimulation
to my enjoyment of using your mouth and throat. So let's get you in position
and get started on your first blow job. Before your stay here is over, you
will suck cock many times; but just like having your cherry popped, your
first blow job is special. Now go over and stand on the pad in front of that

Harriet walked over to the chair that BD had indicated and stood in front it;
BD walked over and positioned himself between the chair and Harriet.

"The first thing I am going to do is apply an anesthetic agent to your
throat, so that your gag reflex is suppressed. Open your mouth wide."

As Harriet opened her mouth, BD picked up a long cotton swab and coated the
tip with a thick gelatinous solution. Making sure not to touch the inside of
Harriet's mouth, he slid the swab into it until it reached the back of her
tongue. When he touched the swab to her tongue, Harriet gagged. BD coated the
back of Harriet's tongue, and the sides and roof of her mouth with the
solution. Harriet could feel that coated areas starting to grow slightly

BD pulled the swab from Harriet's mouth and said, "Hopefully the only place I
applied the agent to will suppress your ability to gag, I still want you to
feel your throat painfully stretched out as my cock head is pushed through
it. Now bitch remove my clothes; start with my shirt, then my shoes and
socks, then my pants, and then my underwear."

Harriet unbuttoned BD's shirt and removed it from him. As hard as it was for
her to kneel down because of her swollen stomach, she knelt down and untied
BD shoes, she pulled them off of his feet and then removed his socks. She
reached up and undid his belt. She unbuttoned and unzipped his pants, she
pulled his pants down over his hips and down his legs. As his pants slid down
his legs Harriet got her first glance at the bulge inside of BD's underwear.
From the size of the bulge, Harriet knew that she was in trouble; the bulge
was massive.

BD raised his legs up so that Harriet could remove his pants completely from
his legs. She reached up and grabbed his shorts and pulled them down. She
gasped as his cock sprang free. Since Harriet had only seen two other cocks
in her entire life; the one that had gotten her pregnant when she was
younger, and Bud's, she couldn't believe the size of the monster that hung
directly in front of her. It wasn't hard, but it had to be at least 10 inches
long and 1 1/2 inches around.

As she pulled BD's shorts down his legs, he said, "Now you understand why my
nickname is Big Dick. When I get hard; my cock is 14 inches long, and 2 1/2
inches around, and the widest part of the head is 3 inches around. So when I
told you that I was going to rape your throat, you can see that I was

Harriet finished removing BD's shorts.

When he was completely naked, BD said,"Turn around and lean back so that my
balls hang over your mouth."

Harriet got herself in position with BD's balls hanging directly over her

"Now Harriet, stick your tongue out. I'm going to lower myself down until my
balls come in contact with your tongue. Once they are in position, I want you
to start licking them; run your tongue around both of them until I tell you
to stop."

BD lowered himself down until his balls made contact with Harriet's tongue.
Harriet started to lick the balls hanging over her face. She ran her tongue
around both of them; BD groaned as Harriet's tongue made contact with his
nuts, the feel of her warm moist tongue on his balls was pure bliss for him.
He reached down and grabbed Harriet's ears and used them to guide her tongue
over his balls. Several times he squeezed her ears causing Harriet to scream,
he smiled as the vibrations from the screams were passed through Harriet's
tongue and onto his balls. BD forced Harriet to lick his balls for several
minutes until he grew tired of it.

He pulled his balls away from Harriet's tongue and said, "Lay down on the pad
on your back and open your mouth wide, because once you are in position, I am
going to kneel over you and lower my balls. Use your hands to place one of
them in your mouth, once it is there, start sucking on it, remember bitch I
had better not feel any teeth.

Harriet lay down on the pad and opened her mouth wide. BD knelt over her,
and then he lowered his balls down until they were directly over her mouth.
Harriet reached up with her left hand and maneuvered BD's right testicle into
her mouth, being careful not to let her teeth scrape it, she closed her lips
around it and started to gently suck on it, the feel of Harriet's virgin
mouth was extremely pleasurable for BD.

"Use your tongue to lick it while you are sucking it bitch." BD kept his ball
inside of Harriet's mouth for a couple of minutes, "I bet you never thought
you would be sucking on a testicle did you Harriet? Wait, don't answer that,
your mouth is full. The only problem is the other testicle is starting to
feel neglected, so I think it is time for you to change over and start
sucking on it."

Harriet removed BD's right testicle from her mouth and placed his left
testicle into it, she sucked on it and used her tongue on it as well. BD grew
tired of just having her suck on his balls, he leaned over and grabbed her
nipples in his hands; he squeezed his fingers together crushing Harriet's
tender nipples between his fingers, she screamed loudly from the pain.

BD smiled and said, "Damn bitch, that feels great having you suck my ball
while you scream, is quite pleasurable. Whatever you do, keep sucking and
using your tongue."

BD released Harriet's nipple and she quit screaming, BD waited a couple of
seconds and crushed her nipple again, causing her to scream again. BD kept
up the cycle of crushing and releasing her nipple for a couple of minutes.

"Now bitch, get the other ball in your mouth," ordered BD.

Harriet removed the testicle in her mouth and replaced it with the other one.
As soon as his ball was sucked into Harriet's mouth, BD crushed her nipple
again and the smile on his face got bigger as her screaming stimulated his
ball. BD forced Harriet to suck his balls for several minutes, alternating
them in and out of her mouth and squeezing her nipples to provide himself
with the added stimulation of her screams. The stimulation from Harriet's
mouth on his testicles caused BD's cock to grow rock hard, and soon he was
ready to move to the next stage of Harriet humiliation.

BD pulled his ball from Harriet's mouth he knelt down beside her and said,
"Now bitch, get up off the floor and kneel behind me with your face even with
my asshole."

Once Harriet was in the proper position, BD said, "Now start licking my ass
crack from the top to bottom, don't worry, my ass is clean."

Harriet suck on her tongue and pushed it in between BD's ass cheeks. Starting
at the top, she worked her way down his ass crack until her tongue came in
contact with his balls. BD reached back and grabbed Harriet's head, he
positioned her head so that her nose was touching his asshole. He pushed her
head forward so that her nose sunk into his asshole; Harriet had quickly
learned what BD liked, so she kept working her tongue on his balls. She was
kind of surprised because BD's asshole didn't stink; unknown to her he had
made sure that his asshole was very clean. Using her hair to keep her in
position BD proceeded to grind her nose into his asshole for a couple of

BD said, "OK bitch, now that your nose has loosened my asshole up, its time
to put your tongue to work." He released her hair and said, "Use your thumbs
to spread my asshole open, stick out your tongue and slide it is deep as you
can get it into my ass."

Harriet slid her thumbs into BD's asshole and opened it up; as she did this,
BD relaxed his anal sphincter allowing Harriet easy access to his asshole.
She pushed her tongue between her thumbs and up inside of BD, he moaned with
pleasure as Harriet's tongue pushed inside of him.

"OK bitch, get your mouth pushed up against my asshole. Start sucking on it
as you stroke your tongue in and out of my asshole, and wiggle your tongue
around. I hope all you girls can see the work that Harriet is doing on my
asshole, before you are released, every one of you are going to have your
tongues buried in my asshole for my pleasure. Harriet is fortunate because
I didn't have a chance to modify her tongue, but the rest of you are going
to get the same treatment that Major McKenzie got. I'm going to enjoy having
your long studded tongue's working my asshole over. Harriet, do you remember
that I told you that I had added a couple of surprises that will increase
your desire and your ability to stimulate me? Well here comes number one."

BD twisted a small knob on the remote in his hand, small electric shocks
flowed through the ring that was keeping Harriet's clit stretched out causing
it to twitch; Harriet moaned in pleasure, the vibrations of her moan passed
through her tongue and into BD's asshole causing him to moan in pleasure. BD
forced Harriet to suck and lick his asshole for a couple of minutes. The
stimulation of her clit had Harriet moaning the entire time, BD reached back
and grabbed Harriet by her ears and forced her face as deep into his ass
crack as he could get it, he twisted the dial on the remote-control
increasing the shocks flowing through Harriet's clit until the pleasurable
stimulation of her clit became painful and her moans of pleasure turned to
shrieks of pain. As BD continued to manipulate the remote-control, Harriet's
nipples and asshole started receiving strong electric shocks which caused her
to scream louder. With her face buried in his asshole, BD was enjoying the
stimulation that Harriet's screams were providing him.

Since the electric shocks were being delivered to the inside of Harriet's
clit, nipples, and asshole; the current necessary to cause her pain was
hardly noticeable by BD, it just added a slight pleasurable buzzing sensation
to his ass. BD forced Harriet to suck and lick his asshole for five minutes.
The only reason he quit was because he wanted to force her to suck his cock
and cum in her throat, and he knew that if she kept sucking his asshole, he
would squirt his load onto the ground; and as good as that would feel, he
wanted to blow his first load in over three years into Harriet's mouth. Using
her hair, BD pulled Harriet away from his asshole.

Without releasing her hair, BD walked across the room dragging Harriet behind
him, and sat down in a chair. He positioned Harriet in between his legs and
said, "Now bitch, it's time for you to use your mouth to provide me with the
pleasure I have been dreaming of for over three years. I decided when I
started to plot my revenge on JAG that you would be the first woman that I
used for my pleasure, the thought of you with your mouth wrapped around my
cock, and my balls resting on your chin, have kept me going. Actually you
being the first one worked out to your advantage as you can see, I have not
made the physical modifications to you that I'm going to make to the other
five females yet. The reason I being easier on you then the rest of them is
because I believe that Bud did the best job he could do as my defense lawyer,
but he did make several mistakes; so you have to be punished as well as the
rest of them. Now bitch, open your mouth wide and get my cock inside of it,
remember to use your tongue and to suck on it. You have two minutes to get
the entire 14 inches of my cock into your mouth and down your throat, if you
don't, this blow job transforms from something distasteful and mildly painful
to something distasteful and severely painful."

Harriet opened her mouth and covered her teeth with her lips, then she slid
the tip of BD's cock inside of it. She ran her tongue around the tip of BD's
cock and started to suck on it, she pushed her head forward working more and
more of BD's long cock into her mouth. When the head of BD's cock reached the
opening of her throat, she pulled her head back a couple of inches and then
pushed forward. She was unable to force her throat to expand enough to allow
the massive cock head to gain entrance. Harriet tried several more times to
force her throat to allow BD's cock to gain entrance, but she was unable to.

BD reached down and grabbed Harriet by the hair and said, "Well bitch, you
had your chance, and you failed. I believe you tried as hard as you could, so
I won't punish you for your failure; but my cock is going all the way down
your throat, so I am going to provide you with some assistance. Take a deep

Harriet sucked in a deep breath; BD placed his hands behind her head and
pulled her head toward him forcing his cock deeper into her mouth. When the
head of his cock reached the opening to her throat, he could feel it wrap
tightly around the tip, he pulled his cock back slightly and pushed it in a
little deeper. Harriet started to groan as the opening to her throat was
forced open. BD stroked his cock in and out of Harriet's mouth several times
sinking it a little deeper into her throat with each stroke. When the biggest
part of his cock head had pushed through the narrow opening of Harriet's
throat, he stopped and held her head in position.

"Well cunt, I changed my mind. I am going to punish you for failing to get my
cock into your throat without my help; I am going to keep the widest part of
my cock in the narrowest part of your throat for a minute. It must be really
painful having your throat stretched open by my cock. Feel free to scream if
you want to, but I would advise you to conserve you air; and just think, you
still have 6 inches of cock to go before your nose is buried in my pubic

Harriet groaned as the tight opening to her throat was painfully stretched
open. She knew that if BD pushed his cock any deeper into her throat she
would gain some release as the narrower part of his shaft would allow her
throat to close slightly. The minute seemed like an eternity to Harriet, and
with her air supply cut off, she soon started to feel like she was going to
suffocate. BD watched Harriet to make sure that she didn't pass out from the
lack of air; when her eyes started to glaze over, he pulled his cock out of
her throat and back until just the head was inside of her mouth.

"Take a break for a minute bitch, but make sure to use your tongue and suck
on my cock. The next time my cock goes all the way down your throat, I am not
going to stop until your nose is buried into my pubic hair."

BD leaned back in the chair and enjoyed the pleasure of having Harriet's
tongue working on the head of his cock, and the suction her mouth provided.
After a couple of minutes, BD decided that it was time for the entire 14
inches of his cock to be inside Harriet's mouth.

"OK, take a deep breath," BD ordered.

Once Harriet had taken a deep breath, BD placed his hands behind her head
slowly, but forcefully, pushed her head down his cock. It took almost a
minute for BD to obtain his goal of having Harriet's nose being tickled by
his pubic hair and the entire length of his cock buried in her mouth.

"Bitch, I think it is only proper that you thank me for helping you get my
cock into your mouth, don't you?"

BD heard a very muffled, "Yes Sir, thank you Master," come from Harriet's
cock stuffed mouth.

"Did you say something cunt? I didn't hear you?" asked BD.

"Yes Sir, thank you Master," Harriet repeated louder.

BD sighed as Harriet's thanks vibrated through the entire length of his cock,
"Bitch, you're going to have to talk louder. I still didn't hear you.

Harriet was becoming desperate as she could feel herself starting to
suffocate from the lack of air, she screamed, "Yes Sir, thank you Master!"

The vibrations around his cock felt so good that BD was tempted to force
Harriet to scream her thanks again, but he didn't as he was ready for some
serious face fucking.

"OK cunt, you're welcome. Now I am going to release your head; I want you to
slowly pull my cock out of your mouth until just the head is inside of it,
remember to apply suction and use your tongue as my cock is pulled out. Once
my cock head is in your mouth, take a couple of deep breaths and then push
your head down until my cock is buried in your throat. Keep it there for a
couple of seconds and allow your throat muscles to massage my cock; continue
to repeat the process and slowly build up speed with each stroke. Remember my
cock goes down your throat with every stroke. Also remember that the more
stimulation your tongue and mouth provides to my cock, the quicker I pump my
load of cum into your throat and mouth and we can get this over with."

Harriet pull her head back until just the tip of BD's cock remained in her
mouth; she stroked her tongue around the head of his cock and sucked on it
as hard as she could. She took a couple of deep breaths and slid her mouth
forward, forcing the massive head of BD's cock to slide through the opening
of her throat, painfully stretching it open. Fearing BD would punish her,
Harriet forced herself to continue sliding the long cock all the way into
her esophagus. When her nose was buried in her Master's pubic hair, she
worked the muscles in her throat massaging BD's cock at the same time. With
some difficulty, she stroked her tongue over the portion of the shaft that
was inside of her mouth. When her desire to breathe overcame her desire to
please BD, she pulled her nose away from his pubic hair and slowly withdrew
his cock from her throat and back into her mouth, making sure that she
sucked on it as hard as she could, using her tongue to provide further
stimulation to it.

As Harriet continued stroking BD's cock in and out of her mouth, she
increased the speed of her head. Within a couple of minutes, she was pushing
the long 14 inch cock in and out of her mouth as fast as she could. As
instructed, she paused for a couple of seconds every time that the head of
the cock was in her mouth, and used her tongue to twirl it around the head
of BD's cock; then she would rapidly push the entire length of BD's cock
down her throat and pause for a couple of seconds, allowing her throat
muscles to massage his cock.

BD was immersed in the pleasure that Harriet's mouth was providing to his
cock; before he went to the brig, he was used to getting sex on a regular
basis. Well, as much of a regular basis as a member of a navy seal team
could. And as much as he can hardly wait to empty the accumulation of three
long years without sex that had build up in his balls into Harriet's throat
and mouth, he wanted to enjoy the feeling of Harriet's mouth working on his
cock. He knew that if he allowed Harriet to continue working on his cock the
way that she was, he wasn't going to last much longer.

He reached out and grabbed her head and said, "Bitch, let me drive for a
while. Put your hand out."

Harriet extended her hand and BD placed the remote-control that controlled
the suction cup over her clit, the rings that were embedded in her nipples
and clit, the hardened gel that was within her uterus, and the 16 inch metal
rod that was buried in her asshole.

"Your moans of pleasure as you are stimulated towards an orgasm will provide
some very enjoyable additional stimulation to my cock, and your screams of
pain as you deny yourself the pleasure of an orgasm should be quite exquisite
as they vibrate through my cock. You are going to have to concentrate very
hard, because I expect you to continue to use your mouth and tongue and to
provide me with the maximum amount of pleasure that you possibly can. So
let's see how well that you can concentrate on the task in hand, or in your
case, task in mouth."

BD reached down and pushed the red button on the remote-control; holding
Harriet's head tightly in his hands, he pushed his cock into her mouth so
that she had room to breathe around it. Harriet concentrated on stroking
her tongue over the underside of BD's cock, she also sucked on it as hard
a she could; she was getting tired and wanted to get this over with as
soon as possible. It didn't take long before the stimulation of her body
caused Harriet to start to moan in pleasure. That's what BD was waiting
for; he slowly advanced his cock down Harriet's throat, pausing every inch
and allowing the vibrations of her moans of pleasure to add to his enjoyment.
It took almost a minute until he had her face mashed into his pubic hair.

BD would've loved to kept his cock buried in Harriet's throat and enjoy the
added stimulation of her moans of pleasure, but he was afraid that he would
suffocate her to death; and as he had plenty more ideas for the use and
abuse of her body, he slowly pulled his cock back out of her throat and
allowed her to breathe. Keeping a firm grasp on her head, he started to
rapidly stroke his cock and out of her mouth with short strokes, pulling it
back just far enough to allow her to breathe.

Harriet concentrated on making sure that she used her mouth and tongue to
provide BD with the maximum amount of pleasure that she possibly could. The
stimulation of her womb, asshole, clit, and nipples, were drawing her closer
and closer to an orgasm. The poor girl knew that she was not allowed to
orgasm without BD's permission, and she dreaded the fact that she was going
to have to use the remote-control to deny herself the pleasure of cumming.
BD continued to rabbit fuck Harriet's mouth using short rapid strokes. He
could tell that Harriet was getting close to having an orgasm by the movement
of her hips and the frequency and volume of the moans of pleasure coming from
her mouth.

When Harriet pushed the green button on the remote-control, BD smiled because
this is just what he had been looking forward to. He pulled his cock back
until just the head remained inside of Harriet's mouth; he waited until
Harriet took a deep breath in, then he thrust his hips forward hard, brutally
forcing his cock deep into Harriet's throat. Once his cock was in position,
he held onto the back of Harriet's head, grinding her nose into his pubic
bone; and as Harriet screamed as the most intimate parts of her body received
painful electric shocks, BD kept his cock buried in her throat and relished
the vibrations that flowed through the entire length of it. He had set the
remote-control to painfully shock Harriet for 60 seconds at a high level. He
figured that that was long enough, and strong enough, to stop her from having
an orgasm.

Sixty seconds seem like an eternity to Harriet. In addition to being shocked,
now her air supply was completely cut off, and her throat contracted around
BD's cock trying to force it out so that she could breathe. As incredible as
it may seem, she continued to stroke her tongue over the underside of BD's
cock. Just before she passed out, BD removed his cock from her throat and
allowed her to breathe.

BD held her head so that just the head of his cock remained in her mouth and
looked down at her, "Oops, I think I may have forced my cock down your throat
too hard, because now you have a bloody nose. I won't apologize. Remember,
you are here for one purpose and one purpose only: to provide me with
pleasure. And if you get a bloody nose because of it, that's too bad.
Besides, a bloody nose is a very small thing compared to what I had done, and
what I am going to do, to you. I should've told you this before we started,
but if I tell you now it will be fresh in your mind; in just a few minutes I
am going to empty my balls into your mouth. When I do, the first couple of
blasts of semen will be deep in your throat, then I am going to pull my cock
back into your mouth and fill it with cum. Don't swallow it until I tell you
to, I want you to get the full enjoyment from the taste. When I have pumped
enough cum into your mouth, I am going to pull my cock out and place the head
of it on top of your nose. I want you to lean your head back and masturbate
my cock, my balls are so full that I will probably cover your face with it.
I am going to hold both of your eyes open so that they get a sperm bath.
Whatever you do, don't fight me. Also, right now I want you to reach up with
your left hand and gently squeeze my testicles, be careful because if you
squeeze them to hard, I will amputate your hand."

Harriet reached up with her left hand and gently began to squeeze BD's balls.
The combination of the electrical shocks and suction of her clit started
Harriet moaning in pleasure again. BD started taking long slow deep strokes
in and out of her mouth. Keeping a firm grip on Harriet's head, he slowly
increased his speed until he was fucking Harriet's mouth as fast as he could.
He kept a close eye on the hand that Harriet was holding the remote-control
in, waiting for her to push the green button again. Harriet tried as hard a
she could to resist the stimulation of her body, the last thing she wanted to
do was push the green button to stop her orgasm; but she feared what BD would
do to her if she had an orgasm without his permission. She tried to
concentrate on sucking and licking BD's cock, hoping that it would distract
her from the pleasurable sensations flowing through her body, but all to soon
her hips started to buck in response to the stimulation. That was the
breaking point for her, because once her hips started moving, she knew that
she had to push the green button. Fortunately for her, BD's cock head was in
her mouth instead of her throat, and she was able to take a deep breath.

BD knew that it was time to maximize his pleasure again and as Harriet drew
in the breath, he slammed his cock down her throat again, mashing her nose
into his pubic bone. He kept a firm grip on her head as he ground his crotch
into her face, rotating his cock around inside of her throat. It was time
for him to conduct an experiment, he needed to know just how long he could
deprive Harriet of air before she passed out. He kept a careful watch on her
face waiting for her eyes to start to glaze over.

As her air supply was cut off, it was all Harriet could do to not crush BD's
testicles in her hand; she concentrated on gently massaging them. BD enjoyed
the stimulation of his cock caused by Harriet's screams and the spasms of her
throat. After having her air supply cut off for just over a minute, Harriet's
throat squeezed his cock even tighter. Harriet was terrified because she
remembered what BD had told her earlier that if she didn't satisfy him with
her enthusiasm at sucking his cock, that he would choke her to death with it;
she was afraid that that is what BD had decided to do.

At about a minute and 30 seconds, BD watched as Harriet's eyes started to
glaze over. He had to admit that much to her credit, Harriet was working on
his cock as hard as she possibly could, even though she was about to pass out
from lack of oxygen. Fifteen seconds later, Harriet's eyes started to roll
back in her head, and BD quickly pulled his cock out of her throat finally
allowing her to take a breath of air. BD released Harriet's head and grabbed
a fistful of her hair, using it, he held her head in position so that just
the tip of his cock remained inside of her mouth. Even though she was almost
unconscious, Harriet continued to suck and use her tongue to stimulate his
cock head; her hand never quit gently massaging his balls either.
Surprisingly enough, the most important thought in Harriet's mind was about
how badly she needed to cum.

Keeping a firm grip on Harriet's hair, BD enjoyed the ministrations of her
tongue and mouth. He was tempted to keep up the rape of Harriet's mouth for
another 20 minutes. "Harriet you don't know how enjoyable this is for me, I
could keep going like this all afternoon long. Do you think you can handle
me continuing to fuck your mouth for another hour, how about half an hour?"

BD smiled as the moan came from Harriet's throat as she heard BD's plans, as
much as he would enjoy continuing to rape Harriet's mouth, BD decided that
the next time she was denied an orgasm he would empty his balls into her
throat and mouth. As turned on as she was, it didn't take long for the
stimulation of her body to start Harriet moaning in pleasure again. That was
the cue that BD was waiting for, and he started to fuck her mouth again with
long rapid deep strokes making sure the entire length of his cock stroked in
and out of her mouth, enjoying the feeling of Harriet's tight, moist, warm,
mouth working on his cock.

Harriet was becoming desperate; she had almost reached the point of
exhaustion and didn't know how much longer she could continue. The muscles
in her neck and mouth were causing her intense pain as they were being
overworked, and as her throat was being rubbed raw, she started to cry. Even
though she was feeling intense discomfort, she could feel the stimulation of
her nipples, clit, asshole, and uterus, push her towards an orgasm. BD
decided that even though he was immensely enjoying raping Harriet's throat,
that it was time for him to cum and put an end to this; he still had a lot
that he needed to get done with before the day was over.

BD released Harriet's hair and said, "It's time for you to do all the work
now, so make sure that you put your best effort into pleasing me." BD leaned
his head back and allowed himself to become lost in the sensations of the
Harriet's mouth on his cock.

Harriet was putting everything that she possibly could into it; sucking and
licking and rapidly sliding her mouth up and down the entire length of her
Master's cock, hoping that if she did a good enough job in pleasing him he
would allow her to have an orgasm. Within a couple of minutes the stimulation
of her body caused Harriet to be placed in the dreaded situation of having to
painfully deny herself an orgasm. BD raised his head up and smiled at Harriet
as her finger moved towards the green button on the remote, he placed his
hands behind her head and waited until she reluctantly pushed the button;
once she pushed the button, BD slammed his cock down her throat cutting off
her air supply, with his cock deep in her throat BD relished the spasms and
vibrations that her screams of pain and choking caused until he can hold back
no more.

Harriet knew that she was about to receive her first load of cum as she could
feel BD's balls start to contract in her hand, and to her surprise, the shaft
and the head of his cock actually got bigger.

BD had always produced a large amount of semen whenever he had an orgasm, and
in preparation for the punishment of the women from JAG, he had been taking
several supplements which were supposed to increase the amount of semen he
produced as well as making it thicker. He also knew that that the taste of
semen could be influenced by the food then he ate and the beverages that he
drank, so over the past several weeks he had been eating foods that would
make his semen taste incredibly bad and spicy, and as it had been over three
years since he had had his last orgasm, he knew that Harriet was going to get
a massive amount of thick foul tasting cum pumped into her throat and mouth.

BD groaned as the first blast of cum raced from his balls through the long
shaft of his cock, and as Harriet's throat relaxed from one of its
contractions, blasted out through the head of his cock and down Harriet's
esophagus. The semen was so thick, that it slowly rolled down the passage to
her stomach. The first blast was followed by an even bigger second blast. BD
was so tempted to leave his cock buried in Harriet's throat until he emptied
his balls but he really wanted to add to her degradation, so he pulled his
cock back until the head of it was in Harriet's mouth.

Remembering her orders, Harriet placed her right hand around the shaft of
BD's cock and started to masturbate it while continuing to suck and lick the
head of his cock. As she gently continued to squeeze his balls, another blast
of semen pulsed from his cock and coated the inside of her mouth. It took a
few seconds for her taste buds to absorb the foul taste, and it was all she
could do to keep from swallowing to get the nasty tasting fluid out of her
mouth. As she continued to jerk on BD's shaft, he flooded her mouth with his
thick cum, causing her cheeks to bulge out as she forced herself to retain
the thick, gelatinous, nasty tasting fluid in her mouth.

Once he had finished filling Harriet's mouth with his cum, BD pulled his
cock out and placed it so that it lay on top of her nose. He reached down
and placed his hands over her eyes and pulled her eyelids opened. As Harriet
continued to jerk on his cock, he painted her face with his cum, and as it
rolled down off her nose and into her wide-open eyes, it started to burn.
Once he had finished covering her face, he placed the tip of his cock at the
opening to her left nostril and squirted some cum into her nose; he moved his
cock over to her right nostril and did the same thing. Finally he moved his
cock up into her hair and finished emptying his balls into it.

Harriet was absolutely amazed at how much cum BD had produced! Her face was
covered with it, her mouth was full of it, and she was having a difficult
time breathing because her nostrils were full of cum.

BD reached down and grabbed Harriet's hair. He tilted her head back to so
that he could admire the job that he had done on her face. He smiled and
said, "Open your mouth; I want to see how much cum is in there. You better
not have swallowed any of it."

Harriet opened her mouth and showed BD the mouth full of cum that she had

BD placed the end of his cock over her open mouth and said, "Squeeze my balls
just a little bit harder and keep jerking on my cock, I think I have just a
little bit more to add to your mouth."

As Harriet squeezed his balls and jerked on his shaft, a couple of small
dribbles of semen leaked out and into her mouth.

"OK Harriet, you can let go of my cock and balls now. Keep that cum and your
mouth until I tell you to swallow."

Harriet released BD's cock and balls and kept her head tilted back, now the
only thing that she could think of was the nasty taste in her mouth. BD sat
back and caught his breath, he forced Harriet to keep his cum in her mouth
for two minutes.

Finally he stood up and said, "Cunt, go ahead and swallow my cum."

As thick as the semen in her mouth was, Harriet had a difficult time
swallowing it; it was almost like trying to swallow Jell-O with out chewing
it. It took several efforts on her part to empty her mouth, and as the semen
rolled down her throat, she could feel it coating her esophagus.

BD said, "Harriet, I told you that if you did a good enough job sucking my
cock that I would allow you to have an orgasm. Well guess what? I wasn't
satisfied with the job that you did, so I will give you one more task to do
to make it right. If you complete this task successfully, then I will allow
you to cum. I bet you are thirsty, would you like something to drink?"

Despondently, Harriet hung her head; she had been hoping that BD would allow
her to orgasm, "Yes Master, I am."

BD replied, "Good. Remember earlier I told you that I had been working long
and hard on preparing a beverage for you with a one-of-a-kind flavor, and
that I wanted to make sure that I had a sufficient quantity of it for you?"

Harriet replied, "Yes Master, thank you."

BD smiled and said, "Would you like to know how I prepared this unique
beverage for you?"

Harriet nodded her head yes.

"It took me 12 long hours to make sure that I had a sufficient quantity of
this beverage for you, and I had to think long and hard about ingredients to
add to provide the unique flavor. Unfortunately, this beverage will be
provided to you at body temperature. When you are ready all you have to do
is ask me to give you something to drink."

The poor cum covered girl looked up at BD and asked, "Please Sir, May I had
something to drink?"

Harriet expected BD to move away from her to go get the beverage, instead he
said, "Open your mouth." He moved closer to her and placed the tip of his
cock inside of her mouth.

All of a sudden Harriet realized what the beverage was; she was going to have
to drink his urine!

BD pushed the head of his cock into her mouth and said, "Wrap your lips
tightly around my cock, make sure that you swallow every drop. The task that
you have to successfully complete to earn an orgasm is to act as my urinal.
If any of my piss leaks out of your mouth, instead of allowing you to have an
orgasm, I will take a whip to your cunt for the next 10 minutes. As I told
you earlier, my bladder is full. Wrap your hand around my cock, you can
control the speed that my piss flows into your mouth by squeezing on it. Take
your time, because I want you to enjoy the fine vintage that I have prepared
for you. Now hand me the remote-control."

Harriet gave the remote-control to BD, then she wrapped her hand around BD's
cock and tightly squeezed it. She could feel his cock expand as the urine
flowed into it, she relaxed her grip allowing the urine to flow into her
mouth. Up until now the worst taste that Harriet had ever had in her mouth
was BD's cum; as the warm urine filled her mouth and her taste buds became
saturated with the flavor of it, she almost spit it out. Fortunately for her,
she was able to control herself and started to swallow the urine instead.

Harriet had wondered to herself how far down her throat BD's cock had been,
now she found out as the acidic piss flowed from her mouth and down her
esophagus. Since her throat had been rubbed raw by the head of BD's cock,
the piss burned her throat as it went down and she could tell how far his
cock had gone by where the burning stopped.

As Harriet swallowed his piss, BD pushed the button on the remote-control
starting the stimulation of her body again. This provided Harriet additional
motivation to swallow every drop of the foul tasting urine, because she knew
that it she didn't the orgasm that she was being pulled towards, would be
painfully denied her.

BD casually commented as he was pissing into Harriet's mouth, "Did you know
that part of Seal training is expanding your bladder? Thanks to the Navy, I
can hold over a quart of urine in my bladder, so you have a lot to drink."

Harriet was finally able to coordinate the pressure on BD's cock and the
speed at which she was able to drink his urine so that there was a constant
flow from his bladder into her mouth, and down her throat into her stomach.
As her stomach filled with the piss flowing from BD's cock, Harriet started
to get lost in the feelings of the stimulation that were being applied to
her body.

She thought to herself, 'How much longer can he piss? My stomach is almost
full, I can't hold much more.'

It took three long minutes for BD drain his bladder into Harriet's mouth,
filling her stomach completely. When he was almost finished, BD had twisted
a small dial on the remote-control increasing the amount of suction that was
being applied to her clit.

As the last few drops of his piss dribbled from his cock into Harriet's
mouth, BD reached down and patted Harriet on the head and said, "Now that's
a good little bitch. You drank all of the piss that I have been saving up
for you, so I guess the task was satisfactorily completed and you can have
an orgasm. Keep my cock in your mouth, because I want you to taste and feel
my cock as you cum so that you will be reminded that I allowed you to have
some pleasure. Remember Harriet, I am allowing you to have an orgasm not
because I am pleased with the way that you sucked my cock, the blow job you
provided me was just OK; I am allowing you to cum because you did an
excellent job in drinking my piss. Is it humiliating for you to learn that
you are just an adequate cock sucker and an excellent urinal? The most
important thing for you to remember Harriet is, from now until I finally
release you your entire existence is dedicated to providing me with pleasure.

Harriet sighed in relief when she heard that she was going to be able to have
an orgasm, she could never remember wanting to have an orgasm so badly in her
life. She was surprised by the feeling of accomplishment that she got from
being a good urinal; unknown to her, she actually had a submissive streak in
her, and being humiliating like she was, had started to reinforce it.

So with BD's cock and the taste of urine in her mouth, and a stomach full of
piss and cum, Harriet was pushed towards an orgasm. The stimulation of her
clit, nipples, uterus, and asshole, soon pushed the frustrated woman over the
edge; causing her to experience the most intense and pleasurable orgasm she
had ever had in her life. To her surprise, when she came her pussy squirted
juice all over the floor. As she was coming down from her orgasm, BD kept his
cock in her mouth. He enjoyed the moans and groans that she had emitted as
she was coming.

BD could stand there all day long with his cock in Harriet's mouth, but he
decided it was time to move on to the next phase of Harriet's humiliation,
so he grabbed her by her hair and pulled her mouth off his cock. He forced
Harriet to look at him directly in the eyes and said, "Cunt, is there
anything that you would like to say to me?"

Harriet meekly replied, "Master, thank you very much for using my mouth to
provide you with pleasure. Thank you for being so considerate and thoughtful
in providing me with a large quantity of your thoughtfully foul flavored
urine, and thank you for forcing me to drink it, Master, thank you for
allowing me to have an orgasm; that was the most intense and pleasurable
experience that I have ever had in my life."


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